Solitary Great Dao

By The Country Outside The Mis

The actual situation serves as contrast the Time Immemorial day!( Third asked monthly ticket!)

The actual situation serves as contrast the Time Immemorial day!( Third asked monthly ticket!)

The masters and disciples recognize each other, immediately an all around applause piece.!

Idle cloud nods in secret secretly, shouts: „Gets on rooftop, choosing masters and disciples ceremony to end, starts next to do obeisance Ancestral Hall!”

Chose Great Assembly to finish on such disciple, all 11 disciples, had the master completely, that 13 Spiritual Master stood up, each other looked at each other one, instantaneous ten three Spiritual Master flew, Luo Li these selected disciple all along with flying, in controlling of Spiritual Master absorbed, leading them to be highest biggest Connecting Heaven Peak to fly to the airborne that place.

Luo Li in upper air Flight, he moves not to use actually, this is Hu Chan Spiritual Master is absorbing him in Flight, two people one after the other, in Hu Chan Spiritual Master behind Luo Li had not discovered that Hu Chan Spiritual Master uses any magic arts law Secret Art, has not controlled one's feelings the line, but like this leads him from the sky to soar.

On Hu Chan Spiritual Master does not have any Golden Core phenomenon, even the Golden Core domain could not feel, no wonder he is called Southern Chu first Golden Core Spiritual Master, the strength is outstanding!

Looks at the Hu Chan Spiritual Master back, in the Luo Li heart happy, since sees the day of him, Hu Chan Spiritual Master gives Luo Li to make the profound impression, especially he teaches the Luo Li Heaven and Earth Transcendence lock, is makes Luo Li benefit greatly, since then Luo Li mused, if he were the master were good, today finally comes true!

They leave that place immortal platform in Luo Li, above immortal platform, all Time Immemorial Sect disciples , the figure moves in abundance, the transmission leaves there, instantaneous that immortal platform nobody left,

Then the entire thousand zhang (3.33 m) immortal platform, time stops, solidifies/coagulates probably all of a sudden, is similar to the paper folding is the same, by a platform of enough thousand zhang (3.33 m) area, starts to rebate the reduction, in an instant, turned into one zhang (3.33 m) strange radiance of lotus flower shape, dances in the air in the sky.

Luo Li looks surprisedly incomparable, Hu Chan Spiritual Master sees his hesitation, Transmitted Sound said:

„ There is Lesser Thousand World, you look ordinary there, but time-honored, there is my Time Immemorial Sect sect-establishing Ancestral Master Time Immemorial, first Lesser Thousand World that establishes, founds our Time Immemorial Sect there!

His seven big disciple acknowledges as teacher there, resurgence Ancestral Master swallow Kuangtu, Wang Yangming of later generation, is there acknowledges as teacher, that feared that Time Immemorial Sect dozens great misfortune, Mountain Gate has changed two regions, it has preserved, can say that our Time Immemorial Sect disciple the place of basis all disciples acknowledge as teacher there, reach the sky in a single bound, therefore there is called to get on rooftop.

However that Lesser Thousand World the time of having was too remote, already for 120,000 years, in order to lets its forever exists, making the later generation innumerable Time Immemorial Sect disciples acknowledge as teacher to cross the threshold there, the inheritance continues, therefore except for every other three years a time receiving disciple ceremony, or the significant ancestor worship celebration, almost this Small World will seal up, avoids collapsing. ”

Luo Li nods cannot think that there looks ordinary incomparable, actually has such origin long history, in the own place of acknowledging as teacher for 130,000 years, countless heroes are the same with oneself, acknowledge as teacher to cross the threshold.

Luo Li cannot bear ask: „Senior...... No Master!”

„Master, what is Lesser Thousand World?”

Hu Chan Spiritual Master said: „you look at me Time Immemorial this piece of Heaven and Earth!”

Then, he stops Flight, making Luo Li look!

Luo Li looked at the past, first time he such clear looks at this airborne Time Immemorial Sect!

In Xuan Prefecture Great Earth, looks upwardly, is only the white clouds long red glowing sun is radiant, anything could not see that the present is in the sky, takes a quick look around, immediately entire Time Immemorial Sect, accepts pleasant!

This Time Immemorial Sect, the central place, is a peak, that peak soars to the heavens straightly, gets down on thickly thin, away 3000 zhang (3.33 m), direct impact Heaven and Earth, has ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) high!

Above that peak, cannot see the mountain peak peak, the peak hides in a sea of clouds, that sea of clouds endless, is similar to the sea, hangs upside down the sky, the entire sea of clouds probably comprised of the endless ray, the endless Colored Glass color/look, this sea of clouds covers the entire Xuan Prefecture Great Earth sky completely.

But beside that mountain peak, the probably float innumerable sunspots, carefully watches, probably is the golden buddhist monk pagodas, composes the strange battle formation, regarding mountain peak endless revolving!

Looks again to the mountain peak, above mountain peak, from top to bottom, by piece by piece endless forest coverage, vast, in that forest, often has the flame blowout, probably under the forest, in the mountain peak, is hiding the endless hot prison!

In this illusion, the innumerable luminous spots soar to shuttle back and forth there, before Luo Li saw this illusion, thinks that was Immortal Cultivation, Controlling Air Flight, the luminous spot that initiated, looks now, completely was not, these luminous spots, with just now ascended rooftop same Lesser Thousand World, ray that sends out.

Luo Li silly saying: „Is this our Time Immemorial Sect?”

Hu Chan Spiritual Master shakes the head saying: „No, what you see is only one of the we Time Immemorial Sect shapes!”

Then his middle hand, in that the electric light twinkle, touches both eyes of Luo Li, said: „You look again, this is Time Immemorial Sect another shape!”

Luo Li looks again, discovered impressively, any peak, sea of clouds, Jinta, forest and hot prison do not see completely. In the Luo Li present world is the strange world that fog winds around, underfoot is layer upon layer the white clouds, limitless, looks from afar.! The center of world is a huge airborne traditional Chinese roof-style, this traditional Chinese roof-style is the center of entire world, what is recent regarding this traditional Chinese roof-style is five similar traditional Chinese roof-styles, they compose the first echelon, the slow drifting revolves.

These five traditional Chinese roof-styles are the giant mountain peaks, breaks off in the middle, hangs upside down, the plane rushes, forms a giant platform, the building above this platform is dense, the scenery are innumerable.

The outside also 14 similar traditional Chinese roof-styles, regarding these five traditional Chinese roof-styles, compose the second echelon, they are also gathering round the central traditional Chinese roof-style to revolve to drift slowly.

Carefully is looking, that central five traditional Chinese roof-styles, are not the traditional Chinese roof-style appearances, some traditional Chinese roof-styles change to the boundless forest, a forest, the dancing in the air sky, the forest edge is the endless white fog.

Some traditional Chinese roof-styles change to the island, the giant island, the surroundings were surrounded by the sea, but that sea is the flame composition. Some change to the cliff, the high cliff, sets up the sky arrogantly, some change to piece of inner and outer city walls Cave Dwelling, strangest changed to a great ship, navigates in void

Outside that 14 traditional Chinese roof-styles, changes, changes to the giant plain, changes to the endless pavilion, changes to the palatial mountain ridge, some changed to the desert, Luo Li has gawked!

In looking at the past, there has any Wushan 14 ranges, they change to the luminous spot completely, original Gao Feng, sea of clouds, Jinta, forest and hot prison scene restore, that Wushan 14 ranges in one that this scene regarding innumerable luminous spot dances in the air.

Luo Li silly looks, quite a while has not responded!

Hu Chan Spiritual Master opens the mouth saying:

„ Time Immemorial, Time Immemorial, the meanings of all dimension spaces! Although my Time Immemorial Sect dominates world in the Time Immemorial seven methods, however our bones, the true deep meaning, is space Dao!

Before, when my Time Immemorial Sect is the Time Immemorial demon sect, our first archenemy, is similarly by space Dao set up the world has without a gap Emptiness Devil Sect, my sect once struggled hard with them for ten thousand years, caused once to be of Emptiness Devil Sect ten big demon sects, the thorough decline, is now they are Yuan Qi is not extensive!

Luo Li, when travelling, will be running into the Emptiness Devil Sect disciple in the future, must cut to kill, you do not cut to kill them, they will kill you, this is the death enmity that for several tens of thousands years the bloody battle forms, integrates in we two Merit Law, so long as is two disciples, is the dead enmity, is unable to melt! ”

Luo Li said: „Disciple understands!”

Hu Chan Spiritual Master continues saying: Mountain five ridges 14 peaks that „ you see, these flying traditional Chinese roof-styles, are our Time Immemorial Sect in this is at truly, genuine physical existence, sets up the base of world, they for reality! However they are also only our Time Immemorial Sect part!

Gao Feng, sea of clouds, Jinta, forest, hot prison wait/etc. sceneries that you see now, when is my Time Immemorial Sect innumerable cultivator, withering away, their Five Laws Holy Land, after experience collapse, the surviving part, according to the respective attribute, piled up, has formed together this mountain peak, sea of clouds, the flying tower, forest and hot prison, five big Heavenly Cave Heaven and Earth.

They are also our Time Immemorial Sect bases, they belong to dimension Heavenly Cave, they for empty!

This actual situation fusion, dimension influence reality, the reality molds the empty boundary, empty boundary manifestation Heaven and Earth, the genuine and fake, the mixture of truth and deceit, this is our true Time Immemorial Sect!

The fine real forest, hot island, hibernates the cliff, Zheng Yifu, Revolving Boat Valley and empty God deep pool, the Heaven Overturning peak, the benetnasch sea and day herd only original, Great Harmony Mountain and shape shade hole, Tranquil Heavens, Taihe Courtyard and spirit certainly desert!

In which Heaven Overturning peak, is your later homeland! You formally have not entered sect gate now, therefore you can only see at present the empty boundary, after you cross the threshold, looked again completely is different from the present. ”

Luo Li scruple saying: „Master, I do not understand, this entity is only a traditional Chinese roof-style, turned into various forests, islands and peak, original?”

Hu Chan Spiritual Master smiles, said: „ You have a look at your Storage Bag, the entity is a small bag, inside space so is why big, can have that many things?

In this likewise, why do you want to understand can like this? When you are skilled in the Time Immemorial Five Phases method to decide , to promote Nascent Soul, at that time you naturally understood! ”

Luo Li also asked: „ Master, the essence the fire and Turning Boat, one, hibernates, the empty God, Heaven Overturning, benetnasch and day herd, Datong and shape shade really and only, tranquil, Supreme Harmony, spirit certainly! Is this 14 lineage/vein?

You said that the five ridges 14 peaks, have been short of five probably? ”

Hu Chan Spiritual Master heaved a deep sigh, said: „ Yes, has been short of five lineage/vein!

When past Wang Yangming Ancestral Master resurgence Time Immemorial Sect, we were five 14 departments! However after difficult of Immortal Cultivation Luo, the blood puts together the Heavenly Dao sect, spatial demon revenge, North Star catastrophe.

Heaven and Earth is gradually different, Yuan Qi is thin, the past idea, no longer is suitable now, first is the dead sovereign, has the border two lineage/vein faith to cut off, then other three lineage/vein also dissipate, now on the remaining five nine departments. ”

Luo Li heaved a deep sigh, cannot think that Time Immemorial Sect looks at power and prestige to be incomparable, each family had the problem, unexpectedly and Spirit Butterfly Sect somewhat resembled, there is an inheritance to cut off.

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