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Three Mountains Five Peaks Ten Direction Heavens!

Three Mountains Five Peaks Ten Direction Heavens!

When the people obtain various advantage, that Hu Chan Spiritual Master no longer fled, distant looks at gloomy water Ancestral Master and waterfall fish Ancestral Master, suddenly the opens the mouth shouted:

„Waterfall fish and gloomy water, two Senior, I here!”

That gloomy water Ancestral Master and waterfall fish Ancestral Master discovered immediately the Hu Chan Spiritual Master true body, waterfall fish Ancestral Master shouted:

„Hu Chan, how you do not run away!”

Hu Chan Spiritual Master said with a smile: „ My Shen Hu Chan life, experience fights several thousands, has not escaped!

Two Senior, you refine six six True Yuan bottle gourds, offends superstitiously, violates Immortal Cultivation ten big Restriction Technique, I want the generation of day lines to punish, deliver you to start off! ”

Waterfall fish Ancestral Master shouted: „ Extremely arrogant, depends on you, several hundred years have not promoted the Golden Core boundary waste, but also want to kill us, dies!

The eyeful professions thousand lean the wave, one'ss heart's content a happy event song. The monstrous waves are dreadful! ”

Gloomy water Ancestral Master shouted in the one side: „Thousand waves of ten thousand Lang startled Heaven and Earth, does not pass to sea side Zhixin. Overwhelming!”

They simultaneously, their True Qi are in one, impressively is formidable jointly attacking Technique, along with their, in a flash, on them, endless supernatural power, manifestation layer upon layer monstrous waves.

This monstrous waves are illusory, the supernatural power, however above this sea, unexpectedly the absorption sea sea water, by the empty reality, in void, the shape becomes enlightened ocean waves, surging forward, continuous, is similar to the sea raging tide, goes toward the Hu Chan Spiritual Master bang!

What this magic arts are fearful, the wave, then immediately is together born turbulently the second wave, two waves fuse a body, again One Turn. The third wave also superimposes. A wave with one wave, a wave with a wave. The infinite overlay, is similar to the sea raging tide is the same!

This is the Thousand Wave Gate magic arts, so long as lets their, they can form this good wave, the infinite overlay, does not have to calculate, finally this strikes, infinite formidable!

In the past Thousand Wave Gate flew upwards Ancestral Master once by a person of strength. Stirs myriad monstrous waves, changes to the nihility Continent, therefore Thousand Wave Gate poetic title is thousand waves has the raging tide, overwhelming!

Sees this, Wang Wu cannot bear shout:

„This, this is the big law territory, Heaven and Earth wholeheartedly. In this territory, I for king, unmatched in the world!”

This is magic arts 7th Layer in 9th Layer boundary, the boundary of territory!

Two big Nascent Soul simultaneously, immediately raises this fearful monstrous waves, that monstrous waves go toward the Hu Chan Spiritual Master bang!

However Hu Chan Spiritual Master looks that this monstrous waves smile. He said:

„Come, come, since you can the monstrous waves be dreadful, overwhelming, that made me come to move the mountain reclamation. Breaks your this thousand heavy waves!”

He puts out a hand to shout to clear the way: „Three Mountains Five Peaks, listens to my verbal command! Three Mountains partly falls beyond the blue sky. In two water minute of Bailuzhou. Penglai gives me to come!”

In his top of head, presents an illusory mountain light shadow, this mountain enough hundred zhang (333 m), palatial tall and straight, pretty incomparable!

This celestial mountain, is really beautiful. But sees: The mountain truncates the green jade, blue cave cumulus cloud. Two cliffs divide the tiger to seclude dragon Pan, four sides has the call crane cry. towards looked at cloud to seal/confer Hilltop, the evening view date hangs forest Shao. The running water swish inundates, in the gorge called the jade pendant \; The flying spring waterfall, in the hole plays the Yao zither faintly. If not the companion practices, has old immortal elixir.

The endless green pines cypress is found in the ravine, if dream such as imaginary, nearly looked , then the green grass spreads out on the floor, shadowy, the curling white clouds float to swing in underfoot, is ordinary just like the wonderland.

This mountain appears, gradually by the empty reality, this reality is not the true reality, you look probably are the real mountain, is actually Yuan Qi!

The mountain just changed from, Hu Chan Spiritual Master makes an effort to lose, Explode! this great mountain, goes toward that endless ocean waves bang!

Then his another puts out a hand, shouted again: „Fangzheng and Yingzhou, give me presently!” Simultaneously presents three mountains in his top of head, abreast in row one row, by the empty reality!

Just now the Penglai celestial mountain, another appearance, situated in the center, in both sides impressively is two other great mountains, is the same palatial tall and straight, each mountain, is enough the hundred zhang (333 m), grand huge!

At this time that Penglai celestial mountain fell, center that thousand monstrous waves, the bang, the loud sound transmitted, mountain Penghai, the mountain bumped thousand heavy waves hardly! Meets the tough head-on with toughness completely, huge explosive sound resounds, resounds through Heaven and Earth!

That side gloomy water Ancestral Master and waterfall fish Ancestral Master looks at each other one, their two continue to use the law to decide, thousand overlapping waves continue to come, continue to superimpose, continue the bang to come, not in the least by the influence that just now that great mountain strikes!

Here just exploded, that side Hu Chan Spiritual Master top of head three mountains, changed from, then one flies , to continue to go toward that sea monstrous waves bang!

Then these time appeared in his top of head is five mountains, these five mountains, were just now different from that Three Mountains, they were Five Peaks: Mount Tai, Mount Hua, Southern Mount Heng, Northern Mount Heng and Mount Song!

The Hero of Dongyue Mount Tai, the danger of Huashan Mount Hua, the show of Nanyue Southern Mount Heng, the strange of Kitadake Northern Mount Heng, the loftiness of mountain Mount Song! Performs completely in these five illusory mountains!

Hu Chan Spiritual Master drinks greatly, ejects this five mountains, goes toward gloomy water Ancestral Master and waterfall fish Ancestral Master bang!

Then in his top of head , to continue to present this Three Mountains Five Peaks, or Three Mountains, either Five Peaks, crazy bang in the past!

Luo Li and the others looked in that Pangu World silly, simply has not looked at such fight, stimulated to movement the sea, formed the endless tsunami, while moved takes Three Mountains Five Peaks, threw mountain Gongdi!

All sorts of fights of Luo Li beforehand experience, fight the Myriad Beasts sect except for Time Immemorial Sect , compared with them, is the department of pediatrics, the game of child, looks complete scared!

Not only he, presents all people except for Qi Zhu Tian Du is so, dumbfounded, is this person?

This war, the place of thousand li (500 km), was affected completely, above the sea, thunders unceasingly, the monstrous waves tsunami, continuously, that Damingfu started True Yuan protective shield, covers the entire city, this blocks the tsunami that comes!

The fight frenziedly is conducted, gloomy water Ancestral Master and waterfall fish Ancestral Master their body, series, great mountain that but that wave facing throwing, pounded disintegrating, the ocean waves are in the final analysis giant, the area is enormous, the strength is scattered, that Mountain Peak unified whole, concentration of efforts, to expose surface, earth to subdue|grams water, suppresses the Thousand Wave Gate Supreme big method inborn!

Gloomy water Ancestral Master bellows, a fierce blowout blood, waterfall fish Ancestral Master is also follows, is a blood spurts Rise!

Their blood spouts, integrates in the sea, immediately with their monstrous waves fusions, this monstrous waves changes, probably lived was the same, an entire surrounding area hundred miles sea, listened to their good verbal command completely, used for them, their thousand wave raging tides immediately fierce several fold!

Sees this, Wang Wu cannot bear shout: „The 8th Layer boundary of magic arts, the boundary of spirit! law lives True Spirit, the unmatched in the world!”

This blood pours into the monstrous waves, that monstrous waves lived probably were the same, no longer before was, that type thundered to forward, but changed to a live person probably, understood the avoidance unexpectedly, that great mountain Honglai, the wave separated automatically, avoids this great mountain bombardment!

Hu Chan Spiritual Master Three Mountains Five Peaks, facing so the spiritual nature raging tide, gradually starts to be incapable, he not startled instead smiles, shouted loudly:

„ Good, good, good! Good blood reduction to work, a little meaning, such war, satisfies a craving!

In order to express me to your respect, please taste the big law that I refine most newly! ”

Then his bellows: „ Innate air/Qi, manifestation Samadhi, True Flame does not extinguish, burns the day to destroy, overshoots azure deep, below enters Nine Netherworlds, endless poor character, is shattered infinitely. The fire such as jade infant, in hundred Treasure Light, like the dust particle, spreads the photo thin with an improper method, the Liuhe octupole octopole, the inside and outside up and down, the True Flame junction shoots, valuable silk trap......

Three Mountains present, Five Peaks lives, Three Mountains Five Peaks Ten Direction Heavens, the sixth side Supreme Clarity Yuping Chicheng day! ”

As his bellowing, Tian Du Qi Zhu in Pangu World is excited, said:

„Master refine, master refine!”

„Cannot think that the master refine second side Heaven and Earth! Good, good!”

„Cannot think that the master refine, refine!”

Asking that Lu Zhou does not understand: „How is second side Heaven and Earth? Did not say that this is the sixth side Supreme Clarity Yuping Chicheng day?”

Tian Du replied: „Master has created Connecting Heaven Peak first day slightly had clear empty king Wutian, had this mentality, other Senior, have created four directions Heaven and Earth one after another, therefore Time Immemorial big method Connecting Heaven Peak, in Ten Direction Heavens, had five side heaven, now master has created sixth day the Supreme Clarity Yuping Chicheng day, may calculate that Great Dao had!”

Qi Zhu said: „ Time Immemorial Sect Secret Technique, after creating a law, is very difficult to leave the pattern, tries another method, because of this law, you inside story did not have, exhausted, the category of very difficult break off this first method.

Therefore what true is difficult, tries another method, connects the creation different second law, the three therapeutic methods, get rid of the front shackles, because only then grasps Heaven and Earth Great Dao, can have this sensibility, can create corresponding Secret Technique one after another! ”

Bai Youyou said: „Doesn't Senior Brother Tian Du, create All-Life Forest five continuously?”

Senior Brother Tian Du shows a faint smile, said: „My situation is special, did not keep a promise!”

In process that they spoke, in Hu Chan Spiritual Master top of head, Three Mountains Five Peaks also appeared, they started to fuse, change to a body!

Illusory Heaven and Earth gradually is born in Hu Chan Spiritual Master top of head, this side Heaven and Earth has the mountain to have the sea, has the tree to have the cloud, completely is a true world, enough thousand zhang (3.33 m), appear in Hu Chan Spiritual Master top of head!

And this side Heaven and Earth, the indistinct hot heat said that in that Heaven and Earth center, giant mountains, partly visible, whenever display of vigour and vitality or the setting sun in the western sky, the fog winding around mountainside, the multi-colored sunlight covers, brilliant!

This Heaven and Earth is not relatively illusory Heaven and Earth, but is the true vitality abundant place. By peaks and ridges embellishment bright color that the stance varies. Examines carefully, this Heaven and Earth unexpectedly is the baseless conjecture in the midair, if using eyesight, in indistinct cloud Qi outside Ninth Heaven, even seeks the shadow of pavilions.

Along with the appearance of this Heaven and Earth, above the entire sea, has the resonance to produce probably:

„With numerous mountain same colors, does not dare the flat land to pull out thousand ancient measures of length!”

„With numerous mountain same colors, does not dare the flat land to pull out thousand ancient measures of length!”

„With numerous mountain same colors, does not dare the flat land to pull out thousand ancient measures of length!”


This sound, resounds through Heaven and Earth, probably in congratulating this Supreme Clarity Yuping Chicheng day, presents among Heaven and Earth! Probably entire Heaven and Earth, is shouting for him, sang for him!( To be continued. If you like this work, welcome you to come the beginning to cast the recommendation ticket and monthly ticket, your support, is I biggest power. Mobile phone user welcome to m. reading.)

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