Solitary Great Dao

By The Country Outside The Mis

Completely clever deep True Immortal!( Before down! 810 ticket in addition!)

Completely clever deep True Immortal!( Before down! 810 ticket in addition!)

! Looks at Luo Li, Ghost Emperor opens the mouth saying: „ Human Race small cultivator, really! Fierce! However such offensive, how many say/way can you also send out?

We in this's Ghost Race, do not have to calculate, you cannot defend, we re-enter the world inevitably! Looks in you fierce brave share, I can change to my descendant you, making you Supreme Ghost Race! ”

Luo Li cold snort/hum, said: „Had been expelled Great Earth Ghost Race, wild!”

That Ghost Emperor laughs, said: „Dental cusp mouth advantage, good, how I have a look to meet you also to say this saying! Gives on me, having a look at him also to send out many to record such offensive!”

Immediately dozens Ghost King, invade, Luo Li visits them, heaved a deep sigh, was not getting rid, but put out a hand to put out a thing in the bosom, the mouth talked over gently:

„The spirit of palm living, urges soul Divine Lightning, air/Qi extinguishing, the imperial edict figure, the evil essence beheads, is born rapidly. Anxiously anxiously like law.”

Immediately radiance sends out together, expansion slowly, air/Qi erupts, probably one group of lightnings in opening slowly, a radiance along with incantation seepage of Luo Li slowly to Luo Li within the body, forms a protector.

Luo Li starts too clear air/Qi extinguishing Divine Lightning!

Then this Divine Lightning, flies fiercely to the hole, flies to that ten two Ghost Emperor, arrives at their top of head instantaneously, that Ghost Emperor sees this, pitiful yell:

„It is not good, Thunder Tribulation Divine Lightning......”

Then flashes, the entire black hole, does not know deep, innumerable evil spirits, completely in this flashes congeals, ten two Ghost Emperor, several hundred Ghost King, was congealed by this probably, silent.

Then in the luminous spot of that thunder and lightning, inside stores/conceals essence of start of a air/Qi, sends out the infinite explosion immediately.

This thunder not other appearing externally overbearing verve, silent, but has extinguishing the prestige, angrily, the myriad things are disillusioned, return to Chaos!

Sees only in the black hole the white light to flash except for Luo Li, all myriad things, innumerable evil spirits, Grand Asura Vestige outside that black hole completely is similar to dust same collapse flying in this light, that tyrannical incomparable ten two Ghost Emperor, in this Divine Lightning white light, collapse at the first blow, changes to the flying ash instantaneously.

Divine Lightning strikes, the white light dissipates, Luo Li is looking to all around except for oneself the place of standing, any black hole channel, anything constructs any Spirit Spring, any center Plaza, vanishes to disappear completely, above the entire ground, only has a number hundred zhang (333 m) deep big hole! Here space is very luckily big, otherwise a thunder gets down, entire underground Vestige, complete dissipation!

This is too clear air/Qi extinguishing Divine Lightning the prestige of thunder!

Luo Li sneers, looked that to four wild does not have other again, only then stand here, any ancient soul channel did not have! Any Ghost Race return world, has a dream to be the same!

This thunder gets down, something stay behind that is a round bead of place, gives Luo Li Ghost Bead to be the same with Gui Yan impressively, because this is Ghost Bead. Everywhere is, is shooting the strange ray.

Luo Li eye one bright, immediately starts to pick to take, but this thing the good thing, Gui Yan previous time to deliver one that is Wang Wu delivers opposite party returning a courtesy of 1st Rank Divine Sword, obviously is priceless.

One picks to take majority of Ghost Bead does not have Gui Yan to give Luo Li that quality to be good, that is the ghost that the Ghost King essence congeals.

Here majority are the ghost the ghost that essence congeals, this Ghost Bead everywhere is, Luo Li picks to take more than 30,000, Ghost Bead of that Ghost King boundary, Luo Li also has the harvest, picks to take two hundred Sixty seven!

However even more desirably 12 have Ghost Bead of fist size, this is, is equal to Nascent Soul boundary Ghost Bead that ten two Ghost Emperor congeal, Luo Li was extremely happy.

Except for these, in just now the Spirit Spring place, that Grand Asura statue is the smashing does not see, in that position, in the fragment of statue, a ray, often glitters.

Luo Li walks, one cleans up, immediately adopts Magical Device, a that Magical Device stone cup, this should be the origin of Spirit Spring probably, is connected to collect the air/Qi of Great Earth with this Great Earth land features, manifestation Spirit Spring.

Luo Li has inspected, this Magical Device is perfect, so long as can reconnect with the land features, will continue to drop the Spirit Spring water, Luo Li smiles, immediately gathers, ten thousand jin (0.5 kg) Spirit Spring water that although adopt, had carried off by that Sha Diming, but carry off the entire Spirit Spring collection pack, probably harvests is bigger!

In Luo Li reorganizes this harvest, black hole that then blasted out by Luo Li, in that underground, black air/Qi, the collection, the ground starts to rock slowly, Great Earth gradually was corroded presents a cave entrance, black hole must appear indistinctly!

Luo Li flashes instantaneously, arrives at outside that black hole, toward that black hole, spurts, Dragon Flame Time Immemorial hammer!

Black hole that the bang, that just took shape, crushes immediately, inside broadcasts a terrifying sound:

„Who is, is, is who wants to prevent me to re-enter the world!”

Luo Li smiles, said: „Is your father I! To re-enter the world, remember, your father, is impossible!”

That sound shouted: „Extremely arrogant......”

At this time Luo Li put out last too clear air/Qi extinguishing Divine Lightning, loafed in the hand, said: „ Is extremely arrogant, don't I know?

However I have it, such Divine Lightning my also 12, come, you try! ”

That sound interrupts immediately, vanishes without the shade!

At this moment, rumbling, behind the loud sound transmits in Luo Li, that Nine Netherworlds sect 12 fairy shapes, discovery underground unusual, appear here finally!

„Bang, bang and Explode!”

12 huge ghosts and gods great shapes, in this space, emerge out of thin air, instantaneous, endless pressure production, that black hole the gulf, is surrounded by innumerable supernatural power rune/symbol writing immediately, they appear, hence the Ghost Saint plot is shattered, is unable to return to the world through this secret passage again.

One breath, the remaining matters, gave nine Hell Ghost deep sects, no matter the matter of xin oneself, oneself can do has achieved!

Before long time, transmission under this place arrange/cloth, the innumerable nine Hell Ghost deep sect disciples transmits this, Wang Wu and the others , arrived here, this is the big event that Ghost Prefecture many years have not had, nine Hell Ghost deep sects extremely pay attention.

And also has Golden Core Spiritual Master, asked about the Luo Li situation, Luo Li reported truthfully, then passed through nine Hell Ghost deep sects to investigate, finally determined all that Luo Li said real, Luo Li prevents the hero of this catastrophe!

Hence Luo Li returns to side the Wang Wu people, Wang Wu visits him to nod, said: „Great! Time Immemorial Sect takes you as the honor!”

The Luo Li smile, said: „Good fortune does not fail in one's mission, has not lost face to Time Immemorial Sect!”

Saying that flatter liquor in teasing: „ Yes great! The Wyvern school of fish completely cut off by you, at least Thousand-Year can restore, then here Spirit Spring water collapses, Ghost Bead dissipates Brother Luo Li, are you Heaven's End Star of Misfortune?

Since old times handed down, Heaven's End Star of Misfortune, everywhere one visit, must have the root of trouble, earth-shaking! ”

Luo Li laughs, said: „When also assigns also I do not think!”

Thinks carefully, probably truly so, to Spirit Butterfly Sect the Spirit Butterfly Sect Distant Sky peak collapses, to the Heavenly Spider sect, by the Ruotong looting warehouse, to Chang Prefecture Continent, the Myriad Beasts sect attack, is really Heaven's End Star of Misfortune 7

Wang Wu said: „Are you Heaven's End Star of Misfortune, I do not know, but I know that Lu Zhou several must thank you! Original value ten jin (0.5 kg) Spirit Stone Spirit Spring water, hence becomes traditional music of which has been lost it seems like that the price will certainly rise dramatically, cannot do well will be one Spirit Stone one jin (0.5 kg), they have gained must thank you!”

This saying saying, Lu Zhou and the others were with smile on the face completely, happy incomparable Luo Li also smiled, that made the Grand Asura Spirit Spring water Magical Device, in own Storage Bag, when the time comes sought for Spirit Meridian, can obtain the endless Grand Asura Spirit Spring water, oneself gained were more!

When the people chatted, nine Hell Ghost deep sect Nascent Soul True Monarch gradually arrived at this!

He sees the people, opens the mouth saying: „Dense ten thousand clever nether world ways completely clever deep True Immortal!”

Dense ten thousand clever nether world ways, completely clever deep True Immortal! This is poetic title of nine Hell Ghost deep sects! They think that ten thousand ghost Dao, are extremely at finally finally, must be possible manifestation Ninth Heaven True Immortal!

Wang Wu and the others saw, immediately salutes, said: „myriad methods come forth with a breath, Time Immemorial shall break through Heaven and Earth! Pays a visit Yama Senior!”

That Nascent Soul True Monarch looks at Wang Wu, said: „You are small five, more than ten years do not see, good, good!”

Wang Wu said: „Disciple, in the past many thanks Yama Senior direction!”

Yama True Monarch nods, looked that said to Luo Li: „Are you called Luo Li?”

Luo Li salutes immediately, said: „Pays a visit Yama Senior, disciple Luo Li, was courteous!”

Yama True Monarch said: „ This time, my nine Hell Ghost deep sect thanked you! You have saved the Ghost Prefecture surely common people, you are our big heroes!

Has punished, must reward active! The school truth, cannot miss the slightest, therefore I represent nine Hell Ghost deep sects, rewards you, said that you want anything, we give you anything!

Rare book, Magical Artifact, Divine Sword, Medicinal Pill and Great Earth Spirit Meridian, Divine Lightning, clever servant and flying boat, so long as you want, said that we rewarded to you! ”

Luo Li thinks, to be honest, he does not know really wants any good!

Suddenly the forehead mark broadcasts a sound: „Wants Monster Suppressing Pagoda or the clever prison!”

Yama True Monarch looks to Wang Wu, faint smile, this Transmitted Sound was discovered by him!

This is Senior Brother Wang Wu Transmitted Sound, Luo Li said immediately: „Senior, I want Monster Suppressing Pagoda, if not, the clever prison is also good!”

Yama True Monarch said: „Ha, I know, your Time Immemorial Sect most likes is this Heavenly Cave Magical Artifact, once more is the Spirit of Heaven-Earth thing, I have brought to you!”

Then, he puts out a treasure, seven pagodas, the high ruler, all over the body is the black golden color, as if the mold manufacture by real pagoda, the tower floor has the gate, from two, each level opens four windows and doors, the tower has lotus leaf hook to play the part . The tower withstand/top is a bottle gourd shape, below has the lotus flower to assume the request, may examine carefully, that is actually one crowd of ugly Devil group portrait splicing, although is fine, makes the person look very much not comfortably.

Then he has given Luo Li, looks at Wang Wu saying: „This reward is good, our nine Hell Ghost deep sects are very bright!”

Wang Wu raises up the thumb saying: „Art, upholds justice!”

Yama True Monarch laughs, turns around to leave!

Wang Wu or the flatter liquor looks at the pagoda in Luo Li hand, two people both envy!

Luo Li also looks at this pagoda, does not know that this is any thing, he looks to Senior Brother Wang Wu, Wang Wu said:

„Luo Li, Luo Li, you had Air of Destiny! Your several also come to have a look, this is to one of our Time Immemorial Sect disciple most important several treasures!”

The people looked at the past, does not know that this was any thing!

Wang Wu starts to illustrate: „ This treasure is called Monster Suppressing Pagoda, is strongest Magical Artifact of nine Hell Ghost deep sects, is Heavenly Cave Magical Artifact, after this treasure refining up, you will have a dimension attached space, becomes piece of Heavenly Cave Heaven and Earth!

Nine Hell Ghost deep sects besides this Monster Suppressing Pagoda, Heavenly Cave Magical Artifact, called the making trouble prison!

Heavenly Cave Magical Artifact has many types, such as Pangu World and Violet Mansion, float the spatial world, Monster Refining Pot, Monster Suppressing Pagoda, False Image Space and spiritual soul mark, Great Expansion World, Dimensional Projection and Sky-Flying Divine Land, to melt the outer space and Qiankun (Heaven and Earth) Jade Book and Yuan Qi day island......

They have respectively wonderfully- with, such as the clever prison can detain, cultivation and refinement evil spirit Monster Suppressing Pagoda can catches Zhuayao Devil be strange, meanwhile can detain the refinement, melting the outer space can offer a sacrifice to refine Magical Device, saves the metal the Violet Mansion world can the Agricultural Planting elixir cultivation evil spirit, can say that each one is wonderful- with infinite! ”!

The flatter liquor said in the one side: „This Heavenly Cave Magical Artifact, regarding our Time Immemorial Sect disciple, is extremely important! You were sure to remember, this thing can obtain many, obtains many that fears to kill and torch, won't shrink from any crime, must obtain!”

Then he looked at around one puts forth magic arts quietly, camouflages all around, avoids other people hearing!

Wang Wu is also so, definite nobody listens secretly, serious saying:

„ Actually this should not say to you, but you are my Time Immemorial Sect key cultivation disciples, ahead of time told you!

Now what I say is the Time Immemorial Sect most basic secret, remember, cannot leak absolutely!

My Time Immemorial Sect cultivator why can supernatural power be infinite, why can True Qi be infinite, moreover does not depend upon the Spirit of Heaven-Earth air/Qi, reason that so , because we depend upon is own attached Time Immemorial space world!

Our Time Immemorial Sect Colored Glass sea, Connecting Heaven Peak and Golden Transcience slaughter, All-Life Forest and Myriad Imprisoning Flames, each law wants to cultivate must construct Heavenly Cave Heaven and Earth alone, this is called Five Laws Holy Land.

This is source of the air/Qi, then in this Heavenly Cave Heaven and Earth, absorbs Spiritual Qi that we want, wants many to have many, this Heavenly Cave Heaven and Earth is complete complete, Spiritual Qi that provides is the sufficient terrifying!

This is our Time Immemorial Sect most basic secret is our supernatural power is also infinite, True Qi infinite reason this is my Time Immemorial Sect, did not seek the Heaven and Earth reason, we depended on ourselves!

However this constructs Heavenly Cave Heaven and Earth, is extremely difficult, each Time Immemorial Sect genuine disciple, the Assembly of Sects and Gates help constructs Heavenly Cave Magical Artifact Beyond Heaven Immortal Mountain, remaining four Heavenly Cave Heaven and Earth, can only seek by us, this is also our Time Immemorial Sect cultivator, or Five Laws with cultivating, either single law Connecting Heaven reason!

Constructs Heavenly Cave Heaven and Earth, needs various types of Spirit of Heaven-Earth thing, the Five Phases wonderful thing must be complete, the core treasure must find, heavenly thunder Earth-Fire, Spirit Spring Spirit Earth Spirit Wind Spirit Fire, lacks one not to be good! Constructs Heavenly Cave Heaven and Earth, is extremely difficult.

But if you can be similar suppress tower, clever prison and Violet Mansion world and dimension administrative enclave this class Heavenly Cave Magical Artifact to be easy, can definitely construct perfect Heavenly Cave Heaven and Earth, changes to Five Laws Holy Land, can cultivation the Time Immemorial seven methods directly.

Therefore this Heavenly Cave Magical Artifact, is significant regarding our significance! Next is various types of Spirit of Heaven-Earth thing, misses, not lets off! ”

This saying said, the people did not live in the nod, Lu Zhou asked one suddenly: „But, but, kills and torches, can won't shrink from any crime, be punished by the gate in?”

Wang Wu laughs, said: „Before 40,000 eight Thousand-Year, my Time Immemorial Sect full title is great power galaxy Time Immemorial extinguishes the world Saint demon sect! Is one of the world 30 demon sects, with Daluo Devil Sect, is known as the space and time two demons! At that time my sect disciple, wants to kill kills, wants to do does, is the wicked world, is the true happiness!”

The people stare, Luo Li cannot bear ask: „That, wasn't that why now the demon sect?”

Wang Wu said: „ Road completely! Before 100,000 seven Thousand-Year, my Time Immemorial Sect is a Saint Everlasting Five Phases Time Immemorial sect, one of the world correct paths, but in the gate the disciple, forever is unable to break through the Nascent Soul boundary, enters the Divine Transformation boundary!

Poorly changes, changes passes, my Time Immemorial Sect under Zhongxing Ancestral Master swallow avid follower's leadership, a rejection sect, by fascinated, cultivates True Devil Bamboo Script, the birth complete Time Immemorial six legal codes, become one of the Supreme demon sects, not having the road to come to open.

Hence in the gate cultivator can break through the Nascent Soul boundary, produces Divine Transformation True Venerate!

However becomes demon sect in several tens of thousands years, the road completely, in the gate the worthy people of former times have not been able to break through the Divine Transformation boundary gradually, enters the Returning Void boundary, therefore head-family resurgence Ancestral Master Wang Yangming, abandons Supreme Devil Lord, fights Devil Lord Avatar, again roadless leads the way, asked oneself!

The rejection demon sect, creates the Time Immemorial seventh method, hence in the gate the disciple, can break through the Divine Transformation boundary, enters the Returning Void boundary!

My Time Immemorial Sect objective is diligently! Struggle! Breakthrough! Only depends on itself! That feared that the front is roadless, that oneself lead the way , to continue!

But our Time Immemorial Sect disciple, is unable to break through the Returning Void boundary, nobody flies upwards Immortal Realm, the world school, 100 eight Supreme Gate/visits, eight hundred Side Door, three thousand Unorthodox Way, have to fly upwards Ancestral Master to enter Immortal Realm, but does not have on our Time Immemorial Sect, therefore that feared that small Unorthodox Way Side Door, dares to ridicule our future is roadless!

This is we do not seek the reason of immortal, because of this Heaven and Earth, does not make us fly upwards, fetters us firmly! This did not strive, was not true did not strive, in the future, we must have the disciple, cut to break the fetter of this Heaven and Earth, opened the new path, flew upwards Immortal Realm, lived forever!

Because of our Time Immemorial Sect, nobody flies upwards, therefore we do not have Ancestral Master blessings to support, can only by oneself, because does not have, asked also white request, therefore that did not strive for! Did not ask Ancestral Master!

We become a lay priest fascinated, abandon the demon to abandon said, everywhere God-Devil was offended by us, seven big Divine Lord Dao Lord or Devil Lord, hate our bone to inter the body, therefore we do not have God-Devil to depend upon, therefore did not ask God-Devil!

Therefore we can only depend upon itself! Only can depend on itself, can only depend on the same side, diligently! Struggle! Breakthrough! Only can try hard, only asked oneself!

This is our Time Immemorial Sect, that feared that everywhere God-Devil spurns we, that feared that innumerable sect gate ridiculed us, that feared that Heaven and Earth fettered us, that feared the front to be roadless, we must depend upon itself, killed a road, has been our magnificence!

So, world world so! That feared that samsara thousand th, Time Immemorial read, the eternal life did not forget, the Time Immemorial disciple, will never give up! ”

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