Release that Man

By Dancing Water Sleeves

Chapter 386

Chapter 386

Ye Shuang quickly discovered the key to the problem.

There are significant differences in the angle of sight between men and women in different states, so when she gets up from the couch and notices a piece of furniture that is slightly shorter than the previous view, things are clearly placed in front of me.

The next step is an urgent analysis of the chaos.

"Why did it suddenly change?" At the beginning of the Han Dynasty, he calmly suppressed the roaring impulse and tried to keep restraint.

"I don't know, wait for me to think about it." The frosting of the spare men's pajamas in the room was a little messy, and I muttered every detail before: "I ate sugar before we went out today, so Not because there is no time to change the body fluids. Then the following is normal... There is no trauma when fighting, even if there is a male, there is no possibility that the blood gene level is greater than saliva... Jennifer kisses, But the skin doesn't matter?, genetic disorders...not right!...oh, I can't figure out why there is a problem."

I haven’t been able to find out the key points of my daily trip. The frost brother finally gave up, and the sad look turned to melancholy to Han Han: “Why do you think it is wrong?”

"It’s useless to give me a beautiful man." Han Chushun first came to the mouth to start the game, and then calmed down to help analyze: "According to the results you just sorted out, this day's event should not cause you. Variables with gender anomalies, but now there have been changes... except for those that are illogical and unverifiable. If your change is caused by a reasonable element, then the problem must appear on this element. ”

"I ate a lollipop." Ye Fen raised his hand first to show that he had no amnesia.

The only "elements" that cause gender conversion are only body fluid exchange, and since this time, the "elements" that maintain their gender status are only lollipops.

"Then look for the reason from the lollipop." Han Chu squeezed the bridge of the nose: "Take out the rest of your sugar."

Ye Shuang took out his remaining candy, and Han looked at it first, no problem, and then unpacked... The problem appeared.

"...Do you take the wrong medicine...I mean to eat the wrong sugar?" Han began to look at the eye cream in a complicated mood, raised a lollipop and shook it and showed it to the other side: "You maintain gender You should go to eat the candy that has been eaten in the male state, but you can see the sugar, even the edges and corners of the machine mold are sharp and sharp, obviously not the rounded state after being smashed."

Ye Shuang's face was hit, incredible: "Impossible, I have smashed those are placed in a refrigerator compartment alone. This is what I thought of going out before I came out specially, how could it be... and so on. ”

Han began to think about the attributes of the various members of the apartment, sighing: "...I probably understand where the problem is."

After the frost was half-smooth, Ye Hui said: "I understand."The two looked at each other and thought that the newcomer at home would like to eat snacks. But after eating the Korean snacks on the first day, they were warned by Ye Shuang. After that, they did not change their death. They couldn’t help but be afraid of being discovered by others. So, after stealing other people's snacks, I have to buy a similar snack to replenish it, pretending that the world is too peaceful...

there is only one truth!

Ye Shuang is simply unhappy: "He can buy it after he has finished eating it. Why don't you buy more in advance and eat your own?"

"Probably he still bought it, but there is no way to buy it enough, or he wants to change his taste or something... This is not a problem of storage, it is a personality problem." Han Chu also had a headache, and thought about it: " But these are not the main points. The point is how to fool the past?"

After waiting for the mixed-race thunder to be arrested, tonight should be the moment when Jennifer is scheduled to meet with a few people.

But I don't know what went wrong with the plan outside. So far, there has been no movement of the mixed blood thunder captured... So the reservation for this night was so disrupted, and the mistake was also allowed to escape the leaf cream. A thrilling scene that turned into a face in front of everyone.

Even so, this matter can only be concealed until the next morning. After the dawn of the day, even if the mixed blood is still missing, Jennifer may not come to see the situation of Han Chu and Ye Shuang who are being held.

What should I do then?

...the two will soon not have to worry about this issue.

Just after three in the morning, in the time when people are most likely to relax their psychological vigilance, Ye Huo, who was discussing with Han Han on the second day of the past, suddenly made a slight move, than a squeaking gesture to indicate that the early Han Dynasty did not speak out. .

Then Frost Brother stood up and took off his slippers. In the quiet eyes of Han, he walked silently toward the doorway, and bent his body to stick the ear on the door panel.

Because the room suddenly calmed down, coupled with the concentration of attention, this time without mentioning Ye Shuang, even Han Chu also noticed the slight movement from the door.

It was a small metal friction sound that was not obvious, but it was particularly noticeable at this time.

Then, with a light "click" to unlock the sound, Ye Shuang gently moved to the back of the door panel, then saw the door was quietly pushed open, the lights in the corridor leaked out from the door, a head I didn't intend to alarm anyone's exploration.

Ye Huo from vigilance to helplessness: "... Howard?"


The person who was about to sneak into the room was scared, slammed his neck and stunned his eyes and looked at the direction of the sound suddenly after looking at the door panel. Then he breathed a sigh of relief after seeing the frost brother, and then sighed again: why you?"


...good question, we are also want to ask this. ”

Knowing that it was his own, Ye Shuang was relieved. After quickly entering the scene, Howard, who did not know who it was, came to the room and was surprised to find that the bodyguards outside the door did not appear...but even if there were no corridors, It is probably not a good time to escape now.Unless the people in the whole house are asleep, as long as one person is awake, the terrain outside is destined to prevent Ye Shuang from leaving here. And as Howard came in with caution, this premise is clearly not true.

"How did you get in?"

After closing the door again, Frost brother took Howard back to the sofa and wondered Howard with Han.

Howard touched his new face, a little discouraged: "Why do you always recognize me? This will make me very disappointed with my dress."

"I have already explained this question to you, it is the skull comparison." Frost brother said with conviction that it was completely unscientific.

"...I don't want to say it, anyway, except for you and your partner, it seems that no one else can hinder my plan." Howard sat silent on the sofa, lazy like the bones were directly pulled the whole body They all fell into the sofa: "Hey, relax, look like you are a soldier... I remember that the guy who was locked up should be your partner, how can you change someone?"

Frost brother and Han Chu are in the right eye, righteous words: "Trade secrets. Otherwise you first talk about how you mixed in? This looks like a certain bodyguard of Miss Jennifer?"

"Sorry, this is my little secret." Howard turned his eyes blankly: "Well, I just came to see how the two are, since you seem to have a good time, there is energy in and out." If I do, then I will go back first. After all, those bodyguards will come back soon, and Jennifer will not be happy. There is suddenly more than one person in this room."

"Wait." Han Chu called people: "Do you want to tell us about Mr. Howard, what happened outside?"

"What?" Howard looked at his face: "The outside is calm, the world is peaceful, if you want to know this."

Han first looked at him with patience: "I mean, what happened outside that led to the bodyguards who guarded us to leave?"

"Oh, this? Of course I know." Howard nodded eight hundred times and then owed a very sloppy hand: "But why should I tell you?"

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