Release that Man

By Dancing Water Sleeves

Chapter 382 Last

Chapter 382 Last

"BOSS, the two people ran into the fruit forest, too many trees, we couldn't aim, and the speed was fast..."

The reporter was a bit incoherent. While competing with his companions, he grabbed the communicator report and his face was an incredible look that his eyes were about to come out: "Oh, my god! The princess is saving heroic." Knight! I think I probably need to make an appointment for an ophthalmology."

The communicator was silent for a while. Later, Jennifer’s sweet but dangerous voice was heard: “I think you need to make an appointment for the funeral parlour. If you say something that doesn’t know the nonsense... I can understand English. Say valuable information, understand?"

The girl who looks weak in front is holding a man who is at least 20KG heavier than her.

The girl is running at a speed of nearly 40 yards.

The girl is about to hold her male partner and get rid of them...

"..." Quickly filter all the information that can be considered useful in the mind, and finally a thousand words are combined into one sentence: "...we can't catch up with the goal!"

Jennifer’s answer is equally simple: “shooting, idiot!”


"They are going to shoot!"

Ye Huo’s arm holds a big man who is still not affected. He runs light and dexterous. The shuttle in the fruit tree is like pre-arranging the movement track. Not only is she not disturbed, but even Han Han did not touch it. To any leaf.

At the beginning of Han, looking at her with no expression, she did not want to discuss the issue of escape posture with her other side: "...How do you know?"

Ye Shuang stepped on a tree trunk next to it, and the unreasonable borrowing force plunged from the ground. He jumped over at least two meters in the air and then slammed the second tree that was optimistic in advance. If it alternated, it finally rushed into the canopy. Jumping through the branches: "I heard it."

After a pause, Ye Shuang squinted at the jump and smiled: "The voice on the phone, and the sound of the safety bolt being pulled open."

"..." Han heard it, but it wasn't what Ye Shuang heard. He heard the shots and the screams from the chasers.

"This violates science!!"

Yes, he also thinks this violates science.

Trying to ignore the unscientific scene at the moment, by the way, wipe out the heroine who is saved by the martial arts master hero in the brain, and Han Yang tries to keep calm: "This fruit forest is not big, just before I rushed in on the road." Looked at it, it is estimated that there are only about 20 acres. It takes only a few minutes to cross the line at your current speed. The outside is an empty belt. Even if it is temporarily free, as long as we have this forest, we will soon be caught. ""

In other words, it is the difference between death and death.

Han Chufu frowned and wanted to refute the insignificant move of the other person to escape with him, but after hesitated, he finally kept silent and changed to a question: "...What are you going to do?""I also think that light escape can't escape." After Frost opened the chasers some distance, they found a leafy trunk and put Han early down, and quickly looked at the environment: "But this place is used to conceal it." Yes, it is not completely hopeless to fight the ambush."

Han Chuyi silent, black face: "...I did not understand the wrong words, do you mean to fight back here?"

There is no other way to get rid of the current predicament.

For example, the simplest one, quickly igniting and then extinguishing, can produce smoke from nearby farmers.

For example, the most stupid one, immediately hid after the alarm, and waited for the rescue.

Of course, counterattack is not to say no, this is the most efficient and most valuable means of obtaining the greatest value, but the premise is that the person who confronts the most evil people with guns on the hand should not be a girl!

Even if Ye Shuang has already demonstrated his domineering side, Han Chu also disapproves of some of his intentional risks.

"I am very good!" Ye Shuang calmly stated.

Han was faceless.

"I can predict the ballistics and avoid them in time." Ye Shuang added chips.

Han was faceless.

Ye Shuang headaches licked the temple: "...Do you want me to tie you up first?"

It’s hard to make sure that she doesn’t eat her.

... So at the beginning of the Han Dynasty, only the teeth licked the leaf cream and jumped off the ground, and he could only block it through the leaves and watch the other party meet the first opponent ten meters away.

A shot of "砰", Ye Shuang really as quick as she said, as soon as she said, quickly approached like a lightning, bent down and an elbow hit the other side of the abdomen, KO.

The sound of the guns also provided information for others who were scattered in the fruit forest. At the height of the early Han Dynasty, it was easy to see other chasers who were rushing in other directions.

Ye Shuang probably also judged the position from the footsteps. He was hidden behind the tree, and when he was just running, he reached out and grabbed the other's neck. He fell into the rice bag and slammed the second person on the ground, and the other side hit the ground. Coma on the spot.

The toe kicked a small stone trapped in the mud, and it hit the third person's wrist and ejected it with a kick.

There are only two opponents in the fruit forest.

At the beginning of the Han Dynasty, he was nervously breathing, and until now he was slightly relieved.

However, this tone has not been completely finished, and the remaining two people have appeared together from different directions.

There are three people on the ground lying in the body personally, and the two people appearing at the same time, tacitly lifted

Pistols are aligned with the leaf cream.

Of course, Ye Shuang also saw it. Although this situation is urgent but it is not enough, there are so many trees around, even if there are no trees and three meat shields, let alone she has already paid the trophy of the defeated three people... It’s not necessarily faster to shoot faster.

However, just as Ye Shuang was just about to start, the sound of a heavy object in the distance suddenly hindered her response in the first time.

Immediately after she heard the gunshots, she also saw Han Chu who ran over and shot the gunman before the gunshot."Oh... well, but you can't do it." Ye Shuang is a bit stunned and wants to sing a few words. He just stumbled after saying this.

Han began to calmly turn around and looked behind the eye cream: "There is one."

After he had finished falling, the white shirt under the collarbone was quickly soaked with blood into a bright red.

Time seemed to be still, and Ye Shuang even reacted to the meaning of the early Han Dynasty until she felt a gunpoint aimed at her temple.

"Even if there is only one left, it seems that we won." The last survivor sneered.

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