Release that Man

By Dancing Water Sleeves

Chapter 374 Broken Leg

Chapter 374 Broken Leg

"There is still such a blackmail with the justice fighters, which always gives me the illusion of absorbing the people's fat."

After Han’s offer to trade the chip, he agreed to deliver the whole day after the translation, and then sent away the mixed blood mine. Ye Qi finally had time to take time to feel his chest and reflect on it.

"You said it was an illusion." Han began to despise his disease-free cockroaches, and then paused, and the corner of his mouth opened a small disdain of curvature: "Or for your conscience, I will laugh at this money?"

Ye Shuangzheng: "I thought about it again. The normal trading behavior is still not so pretentious. After all, we have to pay for the brain and labor, and the risks that everyone bears are not small..."

"Oh..." At the beginning of the Han Dynasty, I didn't know the leaf cream. When I turned my head, I took out Anthony, who was carrying a bag and wanted to go out to play. "Today delivery, the last day will be left. Don't worry about the problem, for example, the translation encounters a bottleneck, for example, who has a brain and suddenly wants to grab back the chip or something."

"What about me?" Anthony screamed angrily: "I haven't been out for a few days. The translation is the little boy's thing. It's something else to grab the chip."

At the beginning of the Han Dynasty, no matter how much: "The protest is invalid. You will keep the last day, and by the way, supervise and help Ak to quickly translate the last part!"

As Anthony's brain powder, Ah K couldn't bear to see the idol lost and looked like he was busy: "Han, who is fine, I can get it alone."

Han’s faint sentence blocked it: “If you have a problem, would you pay for this 4 million?”

It’s not that everyone dares to believe in your question. You dare not let everyone believe... As long as you are willing to take responsibility, everything will be fine. If you don’t have 4 million, shut up.

A K silently calculated his own deposits, and finally he could only wipe the tears and disappoint the big blue eyes that idols expected: "...I will continue to work."

Ye Shuang round: "Tony is still staying with us, I will make dumplings at noon."

You can't make up the pizza. I can't make up my lonely body... Anthony's flat mouth, the grievances of Han, who didn't want to change their minds, and finally can only pull their heads back and turn them back to the big dogs. On the body of the frost, the golden-haired head sorrowed and smashed the head of the scented leaf cream: "To eat beef stuffing."

"Champignon." Han Chu did not open the mouth.

Antonis: "..."

Ye Qiu sighed, and then rounded up: "How about the mushroom beef?"

No one has any opinions at all.


The chip translation work was not completed until midnight of the day. After a simple break, the next day, only the mixed blood mine called to inform the transaction.

It is reasonable to say that everyone's things are already busy. It is not a hassle to just sit and wait for the phone. However, after relaxing and relaxing, the atmosphere in the air is rarely a little nervous.

Only a footstep, the last moment should not have an accident?There are no other tasks to distract, and only a few people in the apartment are naturally a little annoyed. The possibility of various accidents was rehearsed and predicted by everyone, especially the camera near the apartment community. Under the pressure of Ye Shuang, Antonis had to expand the original surveillance range by another 50 meters. It is important to ensure that there are no conditions before the chip is traded.

That is 4 million! !

Just as Ye Shuang was suffering from a slight mild irritability, Howard called again to brush the presence, commonly known as death.

"Hello!" The voice of the dead fat man is still wretched, and there is an unpleasant smell when he is lazy. "You have found the buyer of the information? I really congratulate you... BUT! Although there are Antonis and My wife’s concern, some people won’t do too much for you, but don’t you really think about the buyer’s situation?”

After all, trading this kind of thing still needs to be established by both buyers and sellers.

At the time, Ye Shuang was "squeaky" in her heart, and couldn't help but swear: there is no good thing every time a fat man shows up or calls.

Taking a deep breath, Ye Fen gritted his teeth and asked: "Do you mean someone has moved our customers?"

"Who knows." Howard was arrogant and screaming, and it was clear that he was perfunctory: "I just talked about it casually, maybe I am nonsense?"

Next, I did not use Ye Qiu to continue to confirm the situation to the other party. Han’s mobile phone ringing sounded, and after receiving it, it should be two times. Then I put it down again: “Mr. Lei broke his leg and is now in the hospital. I hope we can take the chip. I used to look for him."


Considering the technical and combat factors, only Antonios, Han Chu and Ye Shuang are rushing to the hospital with the chip, so that one car can be settled, just to save the separation is not safe.

Everything goes well in the driving distance, and it may not be a good thing to do in the light of the day. After entering the hospital, I made another call at the beginning of the Han Dynasty to confirm the room number and the current state of the mixed blood mine, and then directly took the person to the elevator to go to the VIP layer.

Ye Shuang is certainly not idle. Although Han did not specifically order anything, her habitually already looked at the various patients and doctors and nurses on the road. The key is to see if there are any unnatural expressions on these faces, and it is worth Fortunately, at least on the surface, there seems to be no abnormality in this hospital.

“There will be no large-scale riots in this place.” Han Xiao noticed the leaf cream, and changed the dialect in the elevator with the English saying: “The public places like hospitals are too eye-catching, they are financial crimes. The horror organization, the courage is not big enough."

This communication method is really ecstasy. Apart from Ye Huo’s quick response and familiarity with many dialects and also knowing foreign languages, there is no other overseas passengers in the elevator who can understand.

"I just think that the other side should not only just want to break Mr. Lei's leg." Ye Shuang also mixed the language in his mouth: "If it is too naive to export gas, the real purpose is definitely to bring us out. after that.""Mr. Lei has already found the security company to protect himself. We only need to complete the transaction." Han Xiaoxiao: "And even if someone really intercepts the information from Mr. Lei, it doesn't matter, you think this thing I will Don't backup?"

"..." Selling information still has a file, this person is too... wit!

Ye Shuang silently sweated, no more buzzing.

Soon after, I arrived at the VIP ward. There was basically no casual person walking in the first floor. Even the nurses had to wear famous brands and change their faces.

Outside the ward of the mixed blood mine, two security guards wearing electric batons are standing outside the door.

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