Release that Man

By Dancing Water Sleeves

Chapter 366

Chapter 366

What can Luo Mingxin find to repair a computer?

Regardless of the technology or the relationship, he must be the only Antonis recommended by Ye Shuang.

"There is no need for maintenance on the computer that needs information?" Since Anthony is already in the chip, it is naturally not very enthusiastic to start a computer worker. He drums his baby face and has no passion to turn on the power. The expression is very boring: "The computer that can't be started is mostly a hardware problem. It is not expensive to buy one again. Oh, there is no system action? Probably the memory or motherboard problem."

Unplug the power supply and use a screwdriver to open the chassis with one hand and two hands. Although it still looks casual, it has to be said that Antonis’s action is still very neat and professional. At the very least, this efficiency is very good. Live people.

Of course, Antonis's other hand is used to shake hands, and the object he just spoke to is the leaf cream that was mentioned by the director. "Really, why should I come here specifically?" You can find someone at the repair station."

"I also feel weird." Ye Shuang's voice came from the other side of the microphone: "It is reasonable to say that we have already got the chip. You have also checked this computer. Now, in this case, there is no exploration value left in the crew. It is really no. It is necessary to damage the computer deliberately... unless there is anything we have not found?"

"Impossible." Anthony is very confident about himself: "Even if there is any information left, I don't think it will have any more important value."

At most, there are some duplicate data, or trivial information.

While chatting and fixing the computer, it didn't take much time. Antonis quickly confessed the broken computer of the crew, and the light and clever look was as simple as building a brick.

The director who had some thoughts on foreigners since the event of the props teacher was not at ease. He took a lunch and took a look at the lunch break, and of course the results were taken for granted. The director was not only quite satisfied with Antonis’s technique, but also had a rare oral temperature. Some, for the good mood of appreciation, I want to introduce Anthony to an electronic company that I know.

Yes, that's right! It is to introduce a job to an internationally renowned big hacker!

The director of my own crew is such a cow B!

... Luo Mingxin is speechless on one side, only a little bit left in his mind.

Anthony, who has always had a long-term eldership, was so excited that he teased the little old man. His face was not changed. He also asked about some welfare, vacation, insurance, and the possibility of handling a long-term visa. ... a baby face is very sincere, just like he will go to work.

After the lunch break, the crew started again. Anthony also waved his hand to say goodbye to the already very kind director. He whistled and walked out of the studio to prepare his bicycle. The foreign driver’s license was so hard, especially Antonis Golden Retriever. The blue eye is very eye-catching, even if you want to learn from Serif, you will not be able to drive off the car occasionally.The studio is in a film and television base more than ten miles away in Fengyuan City. Although it is not in the city, it is quite lively. Because of the great relationship between the film and television base, not only is Luo Mingxin’s crew working, but also other film crews. Also nearby.

The staff of these performing arts circles is a dial, the maintenance staff of the base itself is also a dial, and there are dragons who are dreaming of star dreams here, fans of the class, reporters who run the news, and so on.

Anthonys walked on the bicycle for about twenty minutes, and the road gradually became deserted. Not only the passers-by, but also the vehicles that came and went were rare to see.

In the big headphones, the rhythm of the rhythm is overflowing. When Antonis is riding the car and listening to the power, the corner of the eye inadvertently looks at the rearview mirror on the handlebar of the car. A body behind the car reveals the body and the gun is aiming. His man figure was so in his eyes.

The whistle was almost broken, Anthonys decisively pinched the handle, and the handlebar was twisted while tilting the upper body. The chest was almost close to the handle and slammed to the side. When the bicycle turned a corner, I didn’t know it was psychological. Still really a thousand, Antonis only felt a cold on the cheek, as if something had just been wiped past at a very fast speed.

No one was in the middle, and the people behind saw Antonis that he found it wrong. He also simply saw the pistol that had been scrapped after the launch. The wrist shook and the other hand was held in the palm of his hand.


It is hard to believe that Anthonys saw this scene.

These people even mass-produced plastic pistols?

It’s too late to think about it. From the current situation, it’s obviously not the opponent’s opponent regardless of speed or firepower. Anthony's brain was moving very fast at the crucial moment. When he took the opportunity to turn his small backpack behind his chest and hold it to the side, the whole body suddenly opened the bicycle and plunged into the grove next to the suburban road.

Fortunately, there is a forest farm! Antonis is overjoyed.

There is actually a forest farm in the trough! The two followers were furious.

"Fast chase!"

The two followers were dumbfounded and soon responded. There are too many trees in the forest, and the bullets can't turn, obviously there is no advantage. As for the car, of course, it is useless to open an excavator.

Anthony ran over the trees by the trees, and the figure was quite strong. The left and right jumps were almost invisible for a while. The latter two people rushed to stop, and they did not talk nonsense. They got out of the car and chased them in. They hadn’t had time to chase 50 meters. The tree fell on a shadow, and the people who walked behind were suddenly thrown to the ground. I was stunned on the temple when nothing happened.

The fist fainted.

When the front man quickly turned back, Antonis had pulled out one leg with both hands and supported the center of gravity with another leg to make a roundabout, and with a rotational acceleration, he pumped it.

The incoming person's arms crossed to block the hard hit on the chest, and the two steps of reversing the force and pulling a certain distance, and then the distorted hand puts the alert posture.Anthony is still smiling. After the kicking, he started to hold the ground and squatted in front of the people. The tone was very innocent and he screamed: "Wow, do you sneak?"

Come on: "..."

Antonis stood up from the ground and his voice was light: "No wonder I and my dears feel that something is wrong. So, you deliberately broke the computer, just to see who came over to check the situation?"

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