Release that Man

By Dancing Water Sleeves

Chapter 194 Han Chu

Chapter 194 Han Chu


Ye Shuang was already preparing to turn on the computer. After hearing the news, he showed a deep expression that made the responsible person feel suspenseful.

After a while, I noticed that the person in charge was a little embarrassed and mixed with a sorry look. Then I smiled and continued to open the computer without any sorrow. The way of life is natural: "This doesn't matter. Actually, I knew myself. The news was leaked out, but it was not clear before which way...but although the situation has been controlled, this accident is still your responsibility."

This sentence is not a lie. After New Year's Eve heard that his fame was well known by the upper stream, Ye Shuang had already noticed something was wrong.

Although it is not a secret to be a person in the circle, there are strict hierarchy barriers in the big circle.

Even if it is a public secret that prevails among celebrity sons and daughters, as long as you don't belong to this group of people, even if it is only a slight difference in gender or identity, you still can't know the inside story.

For example, who among the rich ladies will go to the foxes to specifically mention the name of Ye Shuang? ! At most, when I asked my husband and Xiaosan, I said, "I have already asked someone to investigate." And who is this person? ! There is no name in this sentence, and people who are concentrating on the outdoor room will not pay attention to these insignificant details.

Unless someone is voluntarily leaking for good or other reasons.

Therefore, the original leaf cream still has some unreasonable feelings. Who is so boring, specifically investigating the "staff" who helped the celebrities to collect evidence, that is, their own information, but until now, the listener took the initiative to talk, she immediately wanted to understand Those things that I didn't know before.

Putting down the truth of the late arrival, Ye Shuang skillfully opened the document and checked the information under the studio one by one: "Now don't say this first, please tell me the names of several people who have already left the partnership, and also the members of your studio. Current capabilities and employers..."


The normal sequence of one thing is the cause, the passage, and the result.

For example, the job-changing talents revealed the information of Ye Shuang, which caused some people to think about retaliation against her. This is the reason.

The next retaliatory person and Ye Shuang have a conflict, and the process of the game between the two sides is passed.

In the end, one party wins – or the other party succeeds in hitting Ye Shuang, or Ye Shuang is the perfect solution to the trouble. This is the result.

When Yao Zhixing received the wind and deliberately laid the position of the leaf frost in the upper circle, the game actually began. The two sides showed each other their own cards and the deterrence of the cards. Then Ye Xiaofeng’s violent Zhou Leliwei was another heavy Weight, and finally, the celebrity celebrity identity created by marketing...

If you want to describe the face, the most important card in the group that wants to avenge the leaf cream is Zhou Le, Yao Zhixing is the king, Zhou Le is a little king, their original plan details Ye Qiu is not clear. But it is probably to use the little king to drag or make himself a king.Leaf cream itself is A, she can single-pressure the vast majority of single-brand cards, but without the king's card, only one A can not do anything, she can only fight a few more The small card, then the 2 pressure officials that the other party may play... Unity is power, this is really not an empty talk that can only be applied in the old days.

However, what happened later was rather unexpected. The price of Ye Shuang was soaring in a series of things afterwards. First, the shock of force showed strength, and then the sudden rise of status increased the weight of the board. Finally, when everyone found out Ye Qiu is actually not an A and may be a pair of A bombings. Even Xiao Wang suddenly turned his back... So this game is ending inexplicably in advance, unless the other party draws other good cards, otherwise basic It is impossible to raise any more waves.

Therefore, after the "passing" has not yet had time to implement, it has been crushed by the "results" that have already been determined. After the "results" have settled, Ye Shuang has learned the "cause" from the responsible person...

To say that the threat is not there, after all, the other party has not been able to take it, but it has been taken, but the disgusting feeling of being kicked is quite strong.

Ye Shuang has noticed the previous personnel changes in the database, similar to the incident in which the squad collectively sells the intermediary and quits. So far, this is the case after taking over... This is a shame.

From the studio to the current latest data of the members there, after the talent pool was rearranged, Ye Shuang returned to the apartment with such a strong depression that could not be seen on the surface, but could never be ignored.

Just walked to the door of the house and prepared to enter the password to open the door. Waiting for the leaf frost to raise his hand, the door next door suddenly opened.

In the beginning of Han, one of his arms was hung on his arm, and the other two long fingers were still pulling the neckline of the shirt. It seemed that the neckline was too tight and he felt that breathing was not smooth. Just stepped out of the door and noticed that the leaf frost next door stood at the door. Han Han also paused, then stopped and nodded slightly: "just returned?"

"..." Ye Shuang blinked and felt that this sentence should be asked by himself: "When did Han Ge return to Shanlin?!"

She only went out to do something, and when she came back, she found that there were not many people next door, which was a bit surprising.

Han Xiao faintly responded: "I came home last night, there are some things to deal with here..." He said that he frowned slightly, seemingly carefully looking at the leaf cream: "What problem have you encountered?"

Leaf cream is somewhat unexpected.

When she was in the studio, she deliberately adjusted her expression.

Color, showing a pair of indifferent attitudes to the job-hopping event, but this does not mean that she really does not care.It’s okay before and outside the crowd, no one can see anything from her face, but when it’s about to return home, there’s no need to continue this camouflage. So Ye Shuang naturally relaxed some of it, probably because of this, the face was brought out a trace of unrecognized ... but even so, Han Chu's keenness still surprised Ye Qiu.

"Well..." Frowning and hesitating, Ye Shuang nodded. "There are some things to tell you. There are several original storage resources in the talent pool in Shanlin City that need to be deleted. The other party has changed jobs."

Han Chu looked at Ye Shuang, looked down at the wrist and looked at the scale pointer on the watch. Finally, he nodded and turned the door to the position of the door: "... Come in, let me have some time."

Invited to walk into the next room with the beginning of the Han Dynasty. Han began to hang the coat back on the coat rack, untied a button on the neckline, and then the cuffs were loosened and folded two folds, and turned into the open kitchen to find out A cup of coffee came, so that I had a cup of tea and I came back to each other. When I put down the cup, I sat down on the opposite side of the leaf cream. Then I took a cup of coffee that I had for myself and nodded to her: "Let’s say, why? ?"

Ye Shuang is not a man of temperament. Since things have already happened, there is no effect in concealing them. So I started from the New Year's Eve and briefly explained the disputes that occurred with a certain group in Shanlin City because of my daily business list last year. This, by the way, was replaced by the job-changing staff on the side of the studio, and the roles played by those people in it, and the methods that were later solved by themselves, were briefly described.

At the beginning of the Han Dynasty, he was quite a gentleman in the face of women. Although he felt that there was something that Ye Shuang did not need to introduce to himself in detail, he did not interrupt in the other's narrative process. He only silently sipped coffee.

After Ye Shuang finally explained all the things and the current situation, Han Chu finally put down the coffee in his hand, and the bottom of the cup gently slammed on the coffee table to make a crisp sound.

"So what do you think now?" Han Xiao frowned and tried to sum up: "Is it necessary to warn these people to betray the headhunting contract?! Still have to hold them legally responsible?"

"Can you still be held accountable?!" Ye Shuang squatted, she actually explained the work at the same time and confided by the way... To put it bluntly, it was to find someone to vent and vent, but I really didn't think about the responsibility.

To put it bluntly, if you really encounter a revenge machine conversation, Ye Shuang does not mind pushing the waves, but if you deliberately find someone to trouble, this seems a bit... redundant? !

For a few unrelated people who simply look down on the storm in front of her, how much time does she spend? !

"You can pursue legal responsibility, which is a violation of personal privacy. But I do not recommend that you do this." Han first nodded, and then followed up with negative suggestions.

Ye Shuang agreed: "I don't think it is necessary, but I want to hear your opinion."“I have never been able to pass through our working ideas with each other, but I think it will be more effective now. You have been working for a while, and you must be deeper and more aware.”

At the beginning of the Han Dynasty, he pulled out a few packets of snacks from the cupboard under the coffee table, then brought a large plate from the kitchen, teared open the bag and poured a whole bag of popcorn into it, pushing it into the middle of the coffee table and planning a serious talk: "What do you think is the focus of headhunting work?!"

"Intermediary talent." Ye Shuang consciously took the plate to eat popcorn, took the time to answer.

At the beginning of Han’s eyes, he pulled the plate back a little, and his long fingers picked up a stopper. “Yes, the intermediary talent... So what is your job?!”

“Customers need talents who can solve their own problems, and talents need to sell their own talents. And you don’t have to take care of other links as a headhunter, just concentrate on one thing...for those who don’t meet the right employees. Find the partner they want to find, and then sell the resources they have in their hands.” Han Chu did not use Ye Huo’s answer, and he began to explain:

“How hard is the customer’s dilemma is not related to you, whether the talent is stable or whether it can be signed for a long time does not matter to you. You only need to make assessments and mediation work, and sell the resources that are currently eligible in your hands... in principle I don't expect any outstanding talents to be my resources, so if anyone finds other developments, or does not want to continue working part-time for various reasons, it is just one less recommendation for us. The object is nothing more than the reason for the other person's job-hopping, or something despicable after the job-hopping, which has nothing to do with our work itself."

Any company will have job-hopping employees, and even big companies have the possibility of being smashed and sold by job-hopping employees. If there is a commercial dispute or embarrassment, if there is time and time, the company may find an old employee to fight the lawsuit. Awareness, but if it is only a personal problem or does not meet the principle of interest, then silence is the most common way to deal with it.

No one can live a little wronged for a lifetime, even if it is not a headhunter, as long as there is a certain management position, there are dozens or even hundreds of people in the hands, then no one can guarantee that these people will be loyal and good. Character... I don’t even have the strength to bear this. What are you still playing out? ! It’s better to go home early with your child.

Ye Shuang is not a perceptual girl who is more likely to be affected by emotions nowadays, so after listening to the words of Han Chu, there is no dissatisfaction and grievances: "I probably understand what you mean, this risk is everywhere, so

Since I have solved the trouble, there is no need to take these people over and over again. ! ”

"This is just my point of view, but if you feel resentful, it is okay to care about it. This is a private activity. I will not stop it." Han nodded and said the words again: "In addition, I think these people You also need to pay some responsibility for job hopping."Ye Shuang is instantly depressed, saying good gentleman style? !

At the beginning of Han, I saw that Ye Huo’s face was ugly. I thought about it. Some hesitantly pushed the snack plate over and saw Ye Shuang’s subconsciously picking up a popcorn. Then I opened it again: “I told you before, investigation. If you have more extramarital affairs, your position will be blurred in the outside world, but this is not the only bad thing."

Ye Shuang looked up at him. Han began to patiently explain: "If you look at the headhunter as another kind of agent, then the level of headhunting is also different. For example, a company, your ability can recruit office staff for them, then You are the talent market. You can recruit the department manager, then you are the headhunting consultant. If you can recruit the CEO for Apple, then you are the chief in this headhunting field. A red star with a value of 10 million will take the investment only. 5 million movies? No, even if he is short of money, it will not be possible, because it will make him fall down the value of the pile up. And the headhunter is the same..."

"Any occupation has a resume, you can be an ordinary staff member, then a team leader, then a department manager, and a final CEO. But you can't be a department manager first, then jump to another company to be a staff member... even if you are at ease However, the position that you are not easy to accumulate will be shaken.” After seeing the eye, Ye Huo soon ate most of the popcorn tray. Han’s frowning was inscrutable and hesitated for a while, then re-opened a bag of marshmallows. Hold it in your hand, slender two fingers into the bag, elegantly pull out a mouth and slowly chew, and say:

"Reducing the status of the identity is a bit. Another point is that everyone's time is limited. If you are obsessed with earning thousands of business and feel that it is a pity to give up the money, it means that you do not have enough. Time to discover may have tens of thousands or even tens of thousands of drawn orders... What is a high-level headhunter?! Senior headhunters represent the talents we have in our hands that are hard to imagine, but your focus is on the low-end, high-end People will be left cold by you."

"When you can't provide these people with enough part-time opportunities to satisfy them, the link between you and these people will slowly relax." Satisfied with a few marshmallows, Han Chu looked at Ye Shuang seriously. "The mediation with high-end talent is the market you should pay attention to. Why? It's very simple, because first, you can get more. Second, these more talented people will have a more sense of belonging to you, and Those who are dispensable can be found casually. Third, high-end talents pay more attention to credibility. Their business may have five or even six-digit rewards, so they will not risk losing their reputation. you.""So now let's see what happens when the people you said betray you. First, they have dug away from them the networks they couldn't have, enough for them to save themselves and save what they need." Secondly, they are just small pawns who are not valued. Even if they lose a reputation, they will not be concerned. Even if you sue them, they will lose thousands of dollars..." Han’s right hand takes out one A marshmallow, then spread the whole bag of the left hand to the distance: "Now ask questions, after betraying you, a marshmallow is their loss, a bag of marshmallow is their interest, then the reason you think they may continue to be loyal is what?!"

Unless it is a fantasy world of domineering side leakage, no one will be able to figure out such a simple formula.

Ye Shuang smiled and grabbed the hair: "I understand, what you mean is that the interests of betrayal are too great, and the loss of betrayal is too small..."

Therefore, betrayal is a matter of course. No one will be willing to offer unconditional dedication. The original pursuit of small people is to stabilize the cause. Since there are such good opportunities, why should people not seize it?

Ye Shuang thought about sighing: "I didn't open the situation before. I just thought of taking more money to maintain my living expenses. I really didn't expect these things to happen."

"It doesn't matter, this kind of thing has to be figured out by yourself." After Han Counselled his own agent, he began to tear open another bag of plum, and concentrated on choosing a full stuffed mouth: "In fact, you are very capable. I have noticed that logical thinking and memory, as well as various other auxiliary skills, as well as strong military values... But strong intelligence is not equal to the same strong calm, so it is a matter of course to go into the misunderstanding of strange fields. ""

Many people think that people with high IQ will not think about things or make low-level mistakes, but it is not. Logical processing is just a rational thinking, but people's words and deeds and certain decisions will still be disturbed by perceptual thinking. Especially with the role of environmental guiding factors, it is possible for people to make various choices.

A strong woman may also drink wine after falling out of love. Male elites may also be in the midst of provocation. Can you say that these people are not high IQ? Or do these people don't know how stupid this performance is? ! No, it’s just because people’s choice of words and deeds is something that has nothing to do with IQ.

Thinking of this, Han Chu even had a slight faint smile: "I originally planned to lose one or two senior talents. After you have figured out the rules, I will say these things... but fortunately, now it is only A few consumables let you understand."

"See it." Ye Xiao nodded: "I didn't pay attention when I didn't say it before. Now I think, I remember that there are several talents in the city of Shanlin who have been intervened in other cities... You let other agents help me maintain Business intermediary data here?!"

" Anyway

They are theirs, and they are not losing. "Hanchu admitted frankly: "If there is no high-quality business introduction for a long time, the talents in Shanlin City may not be willing to hang on a tree." ”Ye Shuang smiled: "Well, that is to thank you for helping me to stabilize people. Why don't I cook for dinner today?!"

Chatting with Han Chu, the original depressed mood is now completely gone. Now Ye Shuang is holding dividends, which is not so much about the daily business that was originally emergency. It has been no way to be dug up, and the follow-up troubles have actually been solved. In order not to have a little bit of interest, it is not worthwhile to spend time and energy on the temper.

Han Xiao quietly looked at Ye Shuang, then looked at the snack bag in his hand and thought for a while: "How about dinner?! I am not hungry now..."

It didn't take long for the Chinese meal to be cooked, and a few bags of snacks were thoroughly eaten.

"Night... Seven o'clock?!" Ye Shuang also looked at the time: "At the time, Tony almost got off work. By the way, you can call Yao Ge and Fang Mo, so that you can easily come back once and everyone doesn't know."

At the beginning of Han, he showed a faint smile, and he was covered with a layer of pleasant emotions: "This time I will not be blamed. I will live in Shanlin for the first half of the year."


Is your base camp not in Beijing? !

Although Ye Shuang did not say it, the expression of horror was very obvious.

At the beginning of the Han Dynasty, he spread his hand and lost his bag in his hand. He was quite helpless but had a smug smug. "No way, the things at home...somewhat complicated. Anyway, in general, I am now away. Home away from home."

"..." You are not leaving home all year round? !

Ye Shuang looked at the unexpected appearance of Han Fan’s appearance in an ordinary manner, and finally it was speechless.

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