Release that Man

By Dancing Water Sleeves

Chapter 150 Invitations

Chapter 150 Invitations

Anthonys' definition of Ye Shuang is "partner", but Ye Shuang feels that the relationship between the two is now more appropriate.

She didn't know what the determinants of Anthony's recognition of the partner were, but it was roughly inferred that it should be... there are enough abilities to break the rules, and not to stick to certain rules... such similar conditions.

Something like Anthony is somewhat similar to the current Ye Shuang. The two also have the ability to undermine the general rules of society, and in some respects far beyond the vast majority of people in this era.

For example, Anthony can simply invade any computer system. When almost all the shackles in this field become vulnerable in front of him, Anthony, who has the ability to rewrite the rules, naturally has rules that are generally followed in this field. Lost a sense of awe.


Within a few days, after Ye Shuang said that he had freed up time to hook up Xu Jian, Anthony, who had entered the company for a while, had already prepared for the design.

Yao Zhixing's garage is a row of famous cars. As a car enthusiast, this person's enthusiasm for collecting all kinds of favorite models is no less than that of girls collecting favorite dolls.

Ye Shuang greeted him in advance, borrowing a relatively low-key one on the same day, driving on the road and rushing past the high-speed section sent by Antonis.

"Do you see the position?" Anthony's cheerful voice came out of the Bluetooth headset. Ye Xue held the steering wheel and looked at the tablet. The red dot on behalf of Xu Jian was marking the distance of two kilometers.

"Looking is seeing, but how do you know that he will stop my car?!" Ye Shuang asked.

"This section is very remote. Generally, there are no vehicles passing by, and I control the traffic lights." Antonis couldn't be more proud. He couldn't wait to share his results: "It's just a mistake of one or two seconds. Enough to operate the traffic jam... and now the car features more and more, automatic braking, automatic oil replenishment, assisted driving, wireless reading and Bluetooth, the more 'smart' the more easily invaded, who called him I bought this year's new Toyota Prius?! That was the most vulnerable model, no one."

Oh? ! After the days of the dynasty, the culture has risen a lot. Now even the traffic jam culture of the Great Heaven is used.

Ye Shuang is almost speechless: "I have heard that the Toyota Prius wireless device, network system architecture and information physics system are easy to be invaded, but most people will not do this... you mean this highway now Only my car?!"

"Yes, he has to go to the logistics warehouse in the suburbs to deal with a little 'small' problem. Your direction is just like him. Alexander has no other choice. He can only stop your car."

It didn't take long for Antonis to finish this sentence. After a while, Ye Shuang saw a figure standing in front of a car parked on the side of the road. He was straightening his arm and seemed to be anxious to make a car stop.After waiting for a long time, I finally saw a car passing by. Xu Jane was simply surprised. He didn’t know what the hell was hit today. First, his car suddenly had various problems in the middle of the road. He continued to worry about accidentally getting on the car. Destroyed, then I want to stop a car, but I haven’t come over for a long time...

There is already a phone call in the mobile phone to urge it. The more troubled the logistics warehouse in the suburbs, the more the villagers are about to pull their sleeves into the warehouse to fight... the poor waters are out of the public. The local small police station couldn’t keep up with this big scene. However, some of the goods piled up in the warehouse still had problems. Xu Jiansheng was afraid that the exposure would not dare to make things big, but only rushed to solve it personally.

After leaf frost collected the tablet computer, it was very close to stop. He shook the window sunglasses and picked it up. Xu Jian hadn’t had time to surprise it. It looked like a bit familiar. ! But for a while, he couldn't remember where he had seen such a beautiful girl.

Not waiting for Jane to return to God, Ye Shuang is also a glimpse, and then reveals a surprise with a hesitant expression that seems to be somewhat uncertain: "You are... Xu Jian?!"

"Do you know me?" Xu Jian is really an accident.

With his current eyesight, he naturally recognizes that there are at least a million cars opened by beautiful women, but he can call out his former friends with his name. The high-ranking business celebrities who come and go now will only call him Alexander or nickname Alex... ...when did he have the old acquaintance of such a cow B? !

Ye Xiao smiled and glanced at the car behind Xu Jian, and asked with politeness: "Is the car out of trouble?"

"Oh, yes." Xu Jian remembered that he had to rush to the suburbs and was busy discussing: "I have to rush to the logistics warehouse near Hexi Village. I don't know if you are... Hey, I don't know if you are not convenient to take me. Cheng?"

"Come up." Ye Shuang was originally intended to intercept people. After making a slightly thoughtful expression, he naturally nodded quickly: "I don't have any urgent things anyway. Of course, I have to help the old classmates."

"..." So who are you? !

Xu Jian was more and more unable to figure out the clue, and he sneaked into the vice seat, and Ye Shuang looked at him like this and secretly shook his head and sighed.

Sure enough, when people grow up, they will change. Although Ye Huo’s appearance is much more refined than before, the outline is always unchanged. I used to be a lover before. I didn’t expect to have a face to face each other. It is not necessary for the predecessor to remember for himself, but how should I be more impressed than ordinary friends? !

After re-launching the car, Xu Jian first called the person to tow away his car parked on the highway, and then he hesitated to look at Ye Shuang and thought for a while, polite and polite: "Today is really trouble you, may I ask? you…


"I am Ye Shuang." Ye Shuang did not move, but also smiled and smiled more gently than Xu Jane, and then pretended not to see his face as surprised as a ghostly look, revealing the look of nostalgia: "It’s been a long time since I’ve been gone. I didn’t expect you to change so much now.”

Are you changing better?Xu Jian almost did not blurt out, but fortunately swallowed back in time, coughing a few times to adjust the expression: "Oh, really long time no see."

The atmosphere is too embarrassing, and the ex-girlfriend who wants to slag the scum has not been able to degrade from the sky to save himself, and the appearance has become so great. Driving a million cars is obviously a life-winning gesture... In contrast, the current situation Or the difference between the two people, more than 200,000 new cars rotten on the roadside Xu Jian really felt a deep sense of being crushed.

It is simply too hurting male self-esteem.

It’s a bit of a coldness to keep talking, so the two have a chat without a ride to recall college life. I have to say that Jane’s mood is a bit of a feeling. After all, the lush years are extremely special for everyone’s life, and only the friends in the student period are the most impurity-free and the most relaxing.

"...A lot of things are different after the society is out." Feeling with emotion, Xu Jian seems to think of a sigh: "There were always a lot of naive dreams, and I felt that I would not be as inactive as other people or my parents. But after I was really thrown into the furnace, I found out that I was not better than others, so I think about it now, or the life in the ivory tower is the most memorable."

Ye Shuang "噗嗤" smiled, hit the steering wheel and turn down the highway to enter the mountain road and crisply ridicule: "Actually, I see that you are also a successful career, is it not satisfied?!"

Successful career? ! Xu Jian returned from the lost memories, only to remember his current identity, unconsciously pushed the gold-rimmed glasses, and re-packed his mood and laughed: "It's still a bit of an achievement, but it is far worse than you." ”

"I just developed some cooperation in Jinghu City, but the achievements can't be talked about." Ye Shuangyu's unclear proficiency misleading: "And I mainly studied there, and friends in Jinghu City took care of them, so I gave it." Less convenient, but I came back to Shanlin City a while ago, and it is estimated that it will be redeveloped here. After all, it is a hometown."

Xu Jane feels a little comfort, re-development, and re-development has a sense of superiority. How can he say that he has already established a foothold here?

"If you need it, you can come to me for help." Xu Jian finally found his superior point, confidently smiled and said: "I didn't come back for a long time, but I still know some people."

Relying on the memories of the lush years, the intimate value was re-brushed to the level of friends, and the logistics warehouse that briefly went to the arrival also arrived. Ye Shuang had never seen anyone except Yao Zhixing’s friends, and he was not afraid to be recognized and of course followed the big party. The sports car stopped outside the warehouse and looked at Xu Jian and hurriedly rushed to deal with the villagers’ troubles.

Several supervisors were rushing at the door, and Xu Jian finally came over and reported the status quo.

After Xu Jian responded a few words, he was going to follow the people to appease the villagers. Ye Shuang took the opportunity to come forward and say goodbye: "If you still have things to deal with, I will go first. These people should have a car to send you back. What?"A few supervisors stunned, and then saw Xu Jian and then looked at Ye Shuang and looked at the sports car behind Ye Shuang. Who is this beauty? The way he is worth a lot.

Xu Jian’s strange pride has risen to his heart, and he can guess the envy of several people who are there.

Bai Fumei has wood!

"Today is really troublesome for you." Xu simply nodded and smiled in the eyes of the crowd, and the back of the crowd looked at Ye Frost a business card: "I will invite you to dinner on the weekend... By the way, call your brother together? ”

Ye Shuang is very face-to-face. What she wants is also misleading. So the action naturally pulls the business card into the jacket pocket and nods and laughs: "Then I will contact you again on the weekend."

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