Release that Man

By Dancing Water Sleeves

Chapter 124 Frost Girl and King

Chapter 124 Frost Girl and King

"Hey?! Yes, I am Ye Shuang."

"That's right." A female voice brought some repressed anger on the phone: "I suspect that my husband has a mistress outside, and he recently bought two properties inexplicably!"

"...this I suggest you find a private detective, I am not here..."

"Xiaoning's fox is also detected by you? I am out of five thousand, you help me find out who the slut is! But can't be found or stunned."

"But I am here..." is not an investigation agency is a headhunting agent...

"Eight thousand! If you don't recommend Mrs. Ann, I won't come to you, don't lions open." The woman is very hot: "I have asked the account number, now I will give you the money, and I will find out soon." Who is that little fox?"

Then the phone hangs up, Ye Shuang squeezes the phone for at least half a minute, still a little do not understand what is going on now.

Speaking of this fame, it is probably still passed down to her mother, because she had been greedy for the bounty and just got the fall of Xiaosan, so she took the edge of the relationship, so she probably caused some kind of deviation perception.

Originally, the headhunting agency was faced with high-end talents, but recently Ye Huo received a lot of text messages but all about extramarital affairs or family members’ investigation...

The so-called marginal entrustment is not a very illegal meaning. In Ye Shuang's view, it is "a barely able to relate to the content of the work, but it is not a formal business scope"... This means.

Han said that after this kind of business development, if the principle of compromise is repeated because of the bounty, it is easy to accidentally walk behind, and then degenerate from the headhunting agent into a third-rate detective.

However, Ye Shuang feels that there is nothing. Although there are not many people in Shanlin City, there are not many people. However, when they do not receive the intermediary talent list, it is normal to expand the business to fill the income gap. said that she wants to eat and make money, and the people who link the lower-level links also need income sources...

After a while, the mobile phone has an account entry information prompt, and Ye Shuang takes a look at the mobile phone, and sure enough, a 8,000 amount is transferred in.

Mosquitoes are small, but they can also get a 5,600. Ye Shuang thought about it or sent a message to Han began to explain it. He soon received an echo. The other party meant that Shanlin City would just toss the leaf cream... This is obvious It was already half a year after being played by Yao Zhixing, and it was already immune, and then it was threatened to grab the agent and simply abandoned it.

... Anyway, detective talents are also considered talents. This is indeed a kind of "intermediary".

So Ye Shuang was happy to send a message to the happy partner Lin. The other party was well-adapted. After talking a few words, he quickly decided that a computer expert in the studio would trace the account of the client and his phone, and after the phone hangs up, Ye Shuang also calmly decided to follow the investigation as an expansion business. It is a daily source of income when there is no big single bill. By the way, it is also avoided that Shanlin City talents can not get part-time jobs here...I watched a few of the hotel's large movies in my room and studied the muscles of the stars around the world. The next day, the cream girl went out with a small backpack and went to the largest bookstore address in Jinghu City, which she had checked in advance. The past.

The bookstore checkout counter can provide books for enquiries. Ye Shuang reported the name of the face master. He learned that the book published by the man only stored seven or eight books in the store, and the rest would probably be ordered online.

The book is in the E area on the second floor. After the leaf frost, thank you directly to the second floor. The number of people reading here is much less than that of the first floor, but the relative is also quieter.

Beside the bookshelf or the desk, or sitting or standing, someone holding their favorite books, just sit down and find a step in the neighborhood, sit down quietly, read some books, and occasionally take some notes... although you can buy them directly Going back, but have to say that everything is still about an atmosphere.

Reading in a bookstore is obviously more focused than going back to home. First, people around are doing this. The psychology of the crowd makes it easy for readers to integrate into this atmosphere and calm down and read with confidence.

Second, there are too many things after going home. For example, when I want to read a book, I have a phone call to go shopping. If I have just read a few paragraphs, I will hear that the family has turned on the TV in the living room...

Ye Shuang has no other arrangements anyway, plus the memory is good, so I originally planned to finish it in the bookstore.

Going to the E area, I found the publishing book of the master of the face on several large bookshelves. Ye Shuang took a stack of books and swept a nearby circle. He quickly selected a remote corner of the floor-to-ceiling windows... the light was good and the position was better. .

It does not affect the reading of the line of sight, and it is not easy to be disturbed in the corner, so that it will be interrupted by other people who are looking for books in the middle of watching.

This kind of worry is not necessary, because there are not many people interested in the psychology analysis books in the E area.

After all, this is not an easy-to-use skill. Knowing that theory does not mean mastering skills. For example, the most basic one of psychoanalysis is to observe the words, and then one is to make the words...

The former allows you to accurately analyze the other's psychology, while the latter can guide the opponent... It is necessary to emphasize that this is the abnormal perception that Ye Shuang himself summed up. In the books with normal views, there should be no similar words. Most of them, even if they appear, will have euphemistic rhetoric.

It can be seen from the above that people who are good at psychology may have excellent observation skills or have rich experience. Most of these people are already successful people in certain fields. They don't care and don't have time to read the summary on books... ... their intuition or experience has told them how to face things, even though they can't generalize their own publications.

And this

In contrast, people who are interested in psychology books probably only have some professionals who are not able to make their heads and are eager to make their heads. They do not have the talent in this aspect, so they will remain obscured. After understanding some furs, I felt that I had found a shortcut to success, but I never thought about how sad the qualifications I had not even realized in the past ten or twenty years.This kind of person probably thinks of psychology as a guidebook such as "How to Fudge Your Boss/Customer/Colleague/Thinking Girl". Imagine that one day I can cultivate Dacheng, make a face-lift, and then suddenly become a source of money from the wood. And eventually become a rising star in a social field...

The skills that need to be savvy are like this. Those who have this ability don’t have to look at it. Those who don’t have this ability can also look at it... Besides the specialists who specialize in this field, I’m afraid the readers who can really help this book. Not too much.

A little bit past, a stack of books piled at the foot of Ye Shuang has been turned over. The bright sunlight that sprinkled on the floor through the floor-to-ceiling windows slowly moved from the tip of the leaf frost to the beautifully squatted legs. The white skin in the sun was as delicate and tempting as the jade that would shine.

When Luo Mingxin entered the door, he noticed the legs. The king is also a man. It is more normal for a man to pay more attention when he sees the beautiful opposite sex.

Relished and looked at the two eyes, and then Luo Tianwang secretly admired that the recent outsiders are really Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, first come to a handsome handsome guy, and then a beautiful leg sister, this skin and body have a lot of first-line actresses than Up... The line of sight moved a little higher, and when I got to my face, I couldn’t see it. A hat that seemed familiar was directly covering the woman who looked down at the book and only showed a chin.

Where have you seen it? ! However, this hat seems to be a common road, and it can be bought at any time on the street.

Luo Tianwang was touching his chin, and he saw that the sister seemed to notice that his eyes were looking up.

Beautiful is beautiful, about 80 minutes, walking on the road can attract the opposite sex but it will not cause traffic accidents. Of course, it is rare that the other party has no makeup...

Luo Tianwang, who has a lot of experience in makeup, is rarely recognized when he leaves the street. Basically, he is a mature gentleman in the lens. He never thought that this person would use sunglasses earrings and a baseball cap when he was alone. Dressed in a street fashionista with burrow jeans.

Therefore, in the face of the girl's gaze, Luo Tianwang is quite calm, and a white tooth reveals a sunny smile and intends to turn around if nothing happens.

Then the sister made him amazed in a word.

"I didn't expect Luo Ge to like to dress up?!"


What is enchanting! ! !

Luo Tianwang almost turned back to lightning. He quickly looked around and found that the nearby readers stood very far, and no one cares about this seemingly ordinary greeting.

Luo Tianwang sighed and pulled the hat down again. He walked in two steps and made two steps. He screamed in front of the sister and lowered his voice: "You are?!"

When Ye Shuang turned around, the easiest thing to remember was the confusion between the two identities. Before and after, he and Luo Tianwang also knew each other. So when she greeted her, she didn’t care too much. She subconsciously tweeted, and then heard the female voice from her mouth. Only then will it react.

Seeing Luo Tianwang's frowning look like vigilance, Ye Shuang thought about it, put down his book and smiled: "I am of course a fan."

"...don't be kidding, where are you like fans?"Even if you are a sensible fan, seeing your idol is not excited and screaming, it will be at least nervous. However, Ye Huo’s current reaction is obviously to treat Luo Mingxin as a friend to be equal and natural, so that Luo Mingxin’s subconsciously began to recall whether he had such an acquaintance before...

"Then guess?" The leaf frost problem was thrown back. Anyway, the curiosity is that the other party is not himself. Why should she bother to excuse me? !

Luo Tianwang frowned: "Well, then you tell me at least, how do you recognize me?!"

Ye Shuang looked at him, and the answer made Luo Tianwang feel that he instantly fell into a different dimension: "Cranus comparison."


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