Rebirth of the Super Thief

By Origin Of A Tune



The broken star covered entirely jet black nighttime sky, the humidity of night fell from the sky slowly, humidity roaming in the air, created the intoxicant atmosphere.

Trades in the area besides to be good to equip, these contour graceful adorable smart-alecky equipment or the things have become the popular best-selling product.

The women shop * is most intense *.

Enable the journey of her body and mind happy shopping to make her remember very for a long time, for example buys pair of high-heeled shoes of admiring, a gentleman appointment of this experience even ratio and gentry demeanor is more unforgettable.

Bai Song returned to the stage prop shop, has spent the amortization funds and bosses of 50 silver has changed a price same person skin mask.

The uneven face, straight eyebrow appears calm, the profound look face has not blown the beard dregs only to increase several points of vicissitudes, resolutely over a 30 -year-old uncle's image.

Is good because of Bai Song is the person of that age, otherwise could not have controlled this vice- person skin mask, perhaps the behavior action on the whole is not having the issue, some details have not processed to be unavoidably doubtable.

Bai Song received the dagger, his equipment actually general, after receiving the special effect , a leisure installed to dress up seems like different from all ordinary players.

The Bai Song attention has placed the body of that purchase snake balls player, in secret investigates the surrounding environment, finally really he expects.

While looking at commodity, Bai Song had discovered the behavior has the person of obvious flaw, first what discovers is a pair of lover, the hand holds the hand is very indeed intimate.

However the woman instinct is to like shopping, although that woman also everywhere puts on airs looked everywhere that very much a thing has not actually bought. From man equipment appearance, likely is not the person who a thing cannot afford, this was unusual.

That received person Bai Song of snake balls to discover finally his place of suspiciousness, after Bai Song came, he again has not received the snake balls, has sold the medicament.

Others asked the price, he appeared perfunctory very much, naturally such odd person also had, but the matter left must have the monster unusual!

Moreover in secret, Bai Song had discovered has two squatting Thief in the shadow, the preliminary calculation altogether has five people.

The time somewhat grew, Bai Song to guarantee own authenticity was not seen through, but also has bought a small gadget, but this has gotten down certainly to be suspected.

At this time, these people unexpectedly received the communication news, then retreats in turn.

The direction that five people of retreating is various, Bai Song hesitant one followed to receive the person of snake balls, although in the heart had the guess, but Bai Song thinks under the verification.

Comes beforehand Bai Song to have three ideas \; first: The pure coincidence, some people need the snake balls, therefore purchased.

Second: Other Guild some people have projected on the blueprint of snake venom antidote, coming to here to purchase the snake balls, sends for monitoring to look that while convenient had other Guild people also to project on.

As for three...... Bai Song is going into hiding the personal appearance very carefully receives the person of snake balls with that person also was very in this period careful, but also looked for a lane to hide Sneaking especially.

After Bai Song Perception mentioned the six, the previous life blind feeling restored large scale, this degree of Sneaking wanted to evade tracing simply dream of a fool of Bai Song.

Bai Song has tracked him to meet with person, coming the front of person to have the symbol of Glorious Guild, after Bai Song looked, lets somebody cool off or calm down smiles no longer continues to trace.

The present situation third type without a doubt, Bai Song cannot help but has pondered, oneself so were careful, will be found why the clues?

Bai Song has taken up communication across the alley, found a name of blade to dial.

Puts through later Bai Song to say lightly: „Have previous time you said a person of thousand li(500 km) mouse?”

After the blade of communication that head listened, after sighing one, said: „What's wrong? Under suffered a loss in him?”

„Does he trace very fiercely?” Bai Song frowns, comes straight to the point asks directly.

„Great distance mouse, in the past game he is the fearful tracer, can evade his person to be few, the fellow enters each to play the first matter not to doubt Level-up, but is studies all skill about the tracing to seek for these tracing the skills.” Speaking of the expression of here blade to have a forced smile: „I take him not to have the means that the fellow has the talent above tracing...... Em, talent that goes against heaven's will very much.”

Hears here Bai Song cannot help but to knit the brows, this grade of character previous life he has not listened unexpectedly, it seems like previous life he received the limit of own status, the vision also had the upper limit.

These have not undergone the exposure to live the powerhouse in shadow, Bai Song thought that about them knew were too few, knows that Survived Alone is because Survived Alone is the stabber wins great reputation, moreover happen to have seen light that few people.

Like thousand li(500 km) mouse these people, only then these absolute high-level characters some qualifications know these matters, not in a level.

Under this is a blade is not willing to bow and scrape hands over one of the Bai Song reasons, is not a level person, although now is very fierce, the possibility that but falls from the sky is very big.

A blade cannot put aside the face actually, a while observes to think that Bai Song is not one is glad to the person under person, after he has done again such, a blade was worried after this person has joined him, will refuse to accept to teach.

Naturally, Bai Song must join his wish on own initiative, he very much welcome.

„Why doesn't Bai Cheng make that thousand li(500 km) mouse track you? By the ability of thousand li(500 km) mouse, that matter also not investigated purity that you do make?” Bai Song has approved the ability of thousand li(500 km) mouse, oneself carry Perception unable to see through him, a blade definitely cannot.

„Unworthy.” A blade lightly said: „Possibly Bai Cheng he does not think necessary.”

This old fox! Bai Song has criticized one, no wonder blade previous life can strength of make a comeback oneself, Bai Cheng, although has the scheme, but was too young.

Bai Song also thought one have misjudged, a blade looks for itself to come to set up a target to Bai Cheng completely, shares the Bai Cheng attention to use.

„Ha Ha.” A blade also knows one profited, hurries to report an information to give Bai Song: „Was right, now Bai Cheng the card could not pass in the difficult level second pass/test from the bottom now.”

Bai Song complied with one lightly, did not need a blade saying that Bai Song can also guess correctly, this was not any specially valuable information.

Response of Bai Song completely within an expectation of blade, but the following blade ejects an information: „Glory had seized specially good resources place the day before yesterday, my person brought the news saying that has soon developed the core, their elites roll now the card in Dungeon......”

The later blade has stopped, the mouth exudes the laughter that you understand me to understand everybody to understand to come out.

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