Rebirth of the Super Thief

By Origin Of A Tune



Is looking in the hand the gloomy non- light bangle, body instinct the tremor of a little, is good because of the Bai Song innermost feelings is tranquil enough, took in the backpack silently.

Heart Demon's Bracelet( God Equipment): Damaged, temporarily does not have Attributes.

Bai Song did not count on that now can wear, places in the backpack many one point of many one second on the danger that was exploded.

Takes down to place in backpack Spectral Cloak from the body, then Bai Song must shove open stone gate to exit, in the equipment this gadget must buckle 30 Strength, pushes the door when the time comes to push motionless.

After stone gate shoves open, Bai Song including the scene has not processed went out of the cave, this is really does not dare to stay for a long time.

A wisp of sunlight was similar to the good wine scatters generally in the hearts of Bai Song, the color of leaf became under the sunlight deep, Bai Song that moved restlessly the restless heart to return tranquilly.

Bai Song closes one's eyes the sound that he heard to spend, spent to be possible Bai Song to hear very much peacefully, all were such serene silently.

The Bai Song step is no longer flurried, for safe has not read City's Return Scroll, after all reads City's Return Scroll to have the fluctuation.

Waits for the Bai Song form to vanish in the woods of dense fog thoroughly, leads the talented person of mask to come out from a giant stone, looks the direction that Bai Song vanishes exudes a strange laughter.

That laughter meaning is unclear, the mood has many types, the laughter has many types.

„Wanbao crosses, only takes breakage Heart Demon's Bracelet, is really interesting.” The mask person same place is sitting, the meaning that has not gone to pursue, as if this is the victim with him is not connected general.


This time Bai Song, rides on the carriage, always thought at heart where has improper, but wants to come carefully, does not have what improper.

Perhaps, the only deficiency, trades with the shield heavily. Although Bai Song has thought over afterward the weight of bangle, with that shield weight roughly is almost, but is always the somewhat tiny difference.

Ascertains the Liu Jing site, Bai Song walks toward the village outside, outside the village Liu Jing is taking magic staff to pursue a rabbit to knock. First several levels of times, Mage practices the level blue quantity not to be insufficient, the skill small fireball in has not risen before intermediate, shoots the number to be slow, and Damages is also ordinary.

From the beginning Liu Jing regarding Bai Song said that knocks the matter of chicken with magic staff, has not believed that but after painful has knocked an entire level chicken Liu Jing believed finally.

Knocks the chicken to be painful, if must say that compared with knocking chicken also painful matter, that knocks the rabbit, because the rabbit runs the thief to be quick.

But when Bai Song to Liu Jing in front, although Liu Jing pursues the rabbit to be very painful, but the expression on face is still a lazily appearance \; „Did you finish?”

„Em, finished.” Bai Song smiled lightly, has made then also up the sentence: „What kind, knocks the chicken to be amusing.”

„.” Liu Jing is still a lazily appearance.

This fellow likes the dying brace.

Bai Song did not play his joke, the group to Liu Jing, has then aimed at the rabbit that Liu Jing pursued, the thin-bladed knife throws, accurate planting to the neck of rabbit on.

„Fierce.” Why Bai Song does not know, usually always an indifferent appearance, may in front of Liu Jing, could not bear show off under the skill.

„Generally.” Liu Jing shrivelled mouth, like cracking a joke, appearance that but thinks very much earnestly.

Perhaps is Liu Jing forever the so lazily disposition, makes Bai Song want to obtain surprised, but Liu Jing was really surprised, Bai Song will think that does not have the meaning.

Sometimes, the person is this kind of inexpensive creature.

First helps Liu Jing complete this to kill Quest of rabbit, after having handed over Quest, Bai Song leads him to leave this manor, Liu Jing asks: „Doesn't follow Quest?”

„Has rocket sat?” Bai Song asked Liu Jing one without reason.


Bai Song has thought slightly, he planned brings Liu Jing to go to behind the hill that wind elves to brush Experience, but after the destination, Bai Song surprised looks at front scene.

The Manshan earthen mound had been seized by the player, the wind elf is only 9 levels of strange, properly speaking, the large unit almost Level 10, why have some these many people Large expanse of brushed the wind elf now?

„Hello, did you hear? Over the two days the glory elite group captured Abandoned Mine, the risk level makes a connection.”

„The gentle breeze fragment that yes, wind elf place explodes, can be used to manufacture the wind resistant medicament, now a fragment is always expensive.”

„The additional oil brush, quickly seizes the chance to look for a wave of money.”

Bai Song hears here, taps head, oneself are really unqualified rebirth, during capturing Dungeon, what is most valuable?

Naturally can help to capture the Dungeon thing!

However is careful one to come, oneself do not have the qualification to store, the cycle of making money was too slow. The money of making must certainly first satisfy the realistic difficult position, the remaining money, the piece of work does not accomplish.

On the other hand, Bai Song earlier period busy matter was really too many did not have the thoughts to think of these . Moreover the harvest that obtained was much greater than money the significance.

At this time, a player by the wind elf skill attack hit, was flown Lao tall, then fell from the space.

„Originally this rides rocket, em... It is high.” Liu Jing looks at that player earnest saying.

Bai Song speechless: „Accidental accident.”

Since brushed the Experience place to be seized, Bai Song has to bring Liu Jing to go to the previous place, the Wind Sprout Village back side of the mountain cavern.

At this time communication has made a sound, looked is Spectral Fire.

„Hello, Brother Song, you now many levels.” Spectral Fire spooky [say / way].

„That... Level 8.” Bai Song also knows is a little embarrassed, after all complies with others matters, delayed because of other matters.

„Volume......” Spectral Fire one hear is at a loss for words for a while: „Wants, I look for two brothers in Guild, helping you speed up to practice the level the speed.”

The Spectral Fire speech is quite thorough, if said directly brings his Level-up, possibly changed individual somewhat a little not to be feeling well, speeds up practicing the level speed not to have a problem.

„Does not use, my Level-up, my quick Level 9, perhaps will have gathered as soon as possible tomorrow afternoon Level 10.” Bai Song returns to say.

Actually, Bai Song has not lain, Bai Song indeed on quick Level 9, when level also on difference 90% Experience......

Like this said that for mainly does not make Spectral Fire suspect own practicing level speed, the time that if a day is not can from 8 levels to 10 levels, Spectral Fire are not many thinks the person who unavoidable other know has the idea.

„Since promised others, you go to Level-up first.” Liu Jing stopped the footsteps suddenly: „Actually I thought that knocks rabbit is very amusing.”

Liu Jing in side, somewhat heard.

„Is amusing, with enough time, walks!” Bai Song bids good-bye is drawing the Liu Jing clothes that said that depends Strength to draw Liu Jing to walk hardly.

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