Power and Wealth

By Chang Yu

Chapter 1939 [Dong Xuebin is your husband? 】

Chapter 1939 [Dong Xuebin is your husband? 】

at night.

More than seven o'clock.

A box not far from the side.

Xie Huilan walked in front of him. Dong Xuebin was not willing to keep up with him. He really didn't want to see the leaders in the city, especially the municipal party secretary Qian Litao. This old thing has not been used by Dong Xuebin. The attitude has always been very poor. Dong Xuebin didn't want to see him even if he didn't even look at it. When Fang Wenping killed him to help solve the problem, Dong Xuebin was estimated to be still in suspension during this time, but after thinking about it, he went and went. I don’t want to see Qian Litao, but why is Qian Litao willing to see myself? One of the county party committee secretaries has repeatedly made the decision of the municipal party committee secretary faintly passed back through other means, making the city very passive, what can Dong Xuebin do to hide? It was not his Dong Xuebin that he was blinded.

"Let's go." Dong Xuebin figured it out, and his pace accelerated.

Xie Huilan looked back at him and smiled. "How come positive again?"

Dong Xuebin snorted and said: "Is this not for my wife and children?"

Xie Huilan smiled and said: "Yes, the mouth is quite sweet, and I will reward you with the reward of thanking you, huh, huh."


Box 3.

This is not a banquet hall. The place is not that big, just a big table, but the space in the room is still right, and the decoration is very particular.

There are ten people sitting in the house.

There are men and women, old and young.

Half of them are the accompanying personnel of Xia Xing City. Half of the cadres and staff of Baohong City, the two sides occupy half of the table, and the two seats are added to the main seat. One is the secretary of Baohong Municipal Party Committee. Li Tao sat down, and the other was empty, apparently the seat of Xie Huilan. Xie Shuji just went out. The atmosphere in the room didn't talk much. Look at the watch. Xie Shuji left for a while, and didn't know what to do, but they couldn't say it, but it was hard to ask. After all, a lesbian is a family.

"Come, eat and eat." The cadres of Baohong City greeted each other. "The first day of tomorrow will be visited. Where are you going to go? Is the trip fixed?"

A cadre in Xia Xing City: "The itinerary should not be fixed yet. Xie Shuji did not say it."

Baohong City Cadre Road: "Well, if you set a place, we will arrange a car here, go to the China Merchants Bureau, and go to the project site. Going down the county, there is still a need, even though we can To ensure that your visit is smooth, hehe."

The cadres of Xia Xing City smiled and said: "Thank you, but it is not an inspection. We are here to visit and study."

The cadres of the investment department of Baohong City laughed and said: "You are modest. I used to work in the investment promotion department in the south. The investment environment in Xia Xing City is much better than ours. Even if the investment results in these years have been consistent. However, the total amount of foreign investment is also a lot more than our city. You are coming this time. We are actually very welcome, and we want to learn from you."

The two sides held each other a few times.This kind of communication activity is a transitional event. Everyone knows clearly, not to mention any conflict of interests and politics. Naturally, hello, hello, everyone, and people. Nothing is wrong. Moreover, the reason why people in Baohong City are so friendly is that, like the investment cadres of Baohong City, it is true that the investment promotion results of Xia Xing City have been named by Jiangnan Province. The total amount of foreign investment in these years has been flat. Poor, even if Xia Xing City can no longer, then the annual total investment is estimated to be two or three times or more of Baohong City, the base is not the same, although Baohong City and Xia Xing City are both prefecture-level cities, one The level, the prefecture-level city is also divided into three or six, etc., like Xia Xing, a prefecture-level city that has its own airport, and a tourist city with a large coastal area, a large population, a large population, and a high average salary. Three Baohong City can't compare, don't blame the people in Baohong City for their kindness. The development scale and various conditions of Xia Xing City are high in Baohong City. It can be said that it is the big brother of Baohong City. It is.

The bottom gas is there.

Many attitudes will also have subtle changes.

In fact, people in Qian Litao and Baohong City do not understand how Xia Xing City chose them to do exchanges and study, let alone them. In fact, people in Xia Xing City are not clear. There are more coastal cities. It’s better to grab one more than Baohong City. Where can I communicate? And the distance is still close, there is no need to fly for so long, and some places can be reached by car. How come it is not far from the west and the area with limited economic development? Isn't this a far-sighted one? They don't know how Xie Shuji thinks about it, but also the secretary of the municipal party committee personally led the team? Anyway, this matter was written by Xie Shu, and none of them had the right to express their attitude.

Over there, Qian Litao sitting in the main seat looked at his watch.

Several cadres in Xia Xing City also took a look at the time. They also felt that Xie Shuji’s time was a bit long. I wondered if I would call Mr. Xie to ask if there was anything wrong.

At this time, the door opened.


"Xie Shuji."

The people in Xia Xing City got up slightly.

Xie Huilan smiled at Qian Litao. "Sorry, just a little bit of a delay, let everyone wait, haha."

Qian Litao smiled and said: "It doesn't matter to thank the secretary, sit down, the food just tasted almost, and then some dessert? Or what else do you want to eat?"

Xie Huilan said: "I am already full, but I dare not eat more. Just after giving birth, I have to keep my body."

Qian Litao smiled and said: "You are good enough now. If my lover is here today, I have to envy you. Fortunately, she did not let her come, huh, huh."

Xie Huilan said: "The money secretary is too much."

Later, Dong Xuebin then squeezed in and closed the door with his backhand.

When I saw Dong Xuebin, the people in Baohong City didn't know where they were, even if they hadn't seen him before, they hadn't seen it before on TV, and they all recognized it."Dong Shuji?" A cadre of Baohong City, Emei, knows how Xie Shuji has been going out for so long. It turned out to be a celebration feast in Jiaojing County. This is the city's site, and the next banquet hall was The people in Jiaolin County are covered, and they still know that Jiaolin County has made a great contribution in attracting investment. People in Baohong City know that the main reason why Xia Xing chose them to do the exchange is because of the focal point. The county's investment culture festival was held too successfully, and the two met and talked about them, and they were not surprised.

Qian Litao also looked at Dong Xuebin, and he did not see any attitude. "You have all known before? Thank you, Secretary, this is the county party secretary of the Jiaotong County, Comrade Dong Xuebin, the investment you mentioned before. The Cultural Festival is held in Jiaolin County. You will come to visit and exchange this time. At that time, you can let Comrade Dong Xuebin and Jiaolin County cooperate with you." After reading, I also looked at Dong Xuebin and Qian Litao’s eyes. However, it was in the hands of Dong Xuebin, and there was no wine glass. This made his expression slightly fixed. Generally, the lower-level dining table will definitely hold the wine, or else he will take a drink and mean a wine. Ah, Dong Xuebin’s hands are empty, nothing is left, this is a bit unconcerned, and the rules in the system are many.

Dong Xuebin did not agree. He knew that he did not take the glass and was not prepared to take it because the identity of his representative who appeared here was not the same as before.

Qian Litao said: "Xiao Dong, have you already known Xie Shuji?"

Dong Xuebin smiled and said: "It’s just that I have known the money secretary. We have known each other for many years."

In Xia Xing City, a cadre suddenly wiped the sweat and quickly stood up and respectfully screamed, "Director Dong."

Xie Huilan went to the main seat inside, and Dong Xuebin followed, and the man immediately opened his seat to Dong Xuebin. He recognized Dong Xuebin. He didn't want to recognize it. In the beginning, Dong Xuebin came to Xia Xing as a leading cadre of the Zhong-Ji-Committee. He was angry with the attitude of his wife Xie Huilan in the province. In the courtyard, a shackle was sent, and the provincial cadres in Jiangnan Province were scared away. Other people in Xia Xing City may not be present at the time, but he is clearly seen from the upper floor. How could he not know Dong? Xue Bin.



"this is……"

A lot of people have stunned and didn't understand what it means.

People in Xia Xing also know Dong Xuebin? Still so respectful? How do you see that his attitude towards Dong Xuebin is more humble than that of Qian Litao? Give back the seat? what does it mean? Do you have a county party secretary in Dong Xuebin really dare to sit in? Where is your location here? And what does Dong Xuebin just say? I met him early with Xie Shuji? Have you known for several years? Have you ever dealt with the two before?

Xie Huilan paused and saw the suspicious eyes of the people. Then he smiled and solved the mystery. He sat down with Dong Xuebin’s arm and said: “I probably didn’t make it clear before, but blame me, re-introduction, huh, huh, Dong Xuebin - my husband."


Your husband?

Dong Xuebin is your husband? ?Except for the cadre that I knew early in Xia Xing, everyone else was stunned!

I rely on them to understand why Dong Xuebin sat in this way. Why didn’t he have a glass of wine? The husband of the party secretary is the husband of the party secretary. The purpose of this banquet is to give Dong Xuebin’s wife a connection. Then Dong Xuebin certainly does not need to be a subordinate. To Qian Litao toast, and then people in Baohong City and Xia Xing City also understand why Xie Shuzhi insisted on coming to Baohong City for exchanges. The original people did not want to learn any investment experience. In fact, they came to see Dong Xuebin. People are reunited for a couple of people.

A lot of things are clear!

Everyone can't help but suck in the air!

This thorny county party secretary in Jiaolin County actually has such a beautiful city party secretary wife? What do the two people do not look like!

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