Power and Wealth

By Chang Yu

Chapter 1768 [One VS Sixty! 】 (one more)

Chapter 1768 [One VS Sixty! 】 (one more)

Was beaten!

Dong Xuebin was actually beaten!

How long has it been for this long time? He couldn't seem to remember it himself, and he didn't use back to avoid it. Instead, he smiled and moved his neck and head. The heart was filled with a long-lost excitement and excitement. He was very happy.

Fang Wenping came out with a black face, "Xiao Dong!"

The old policeman called: "Hurry back!"

Director Zhu is also an eyebrow, but I expected that there will be such a scene, and there is no sound.

Dong Xuebin raised his hand. "I am fine, Fang Dajie, you go back." So many people are there, Dong Xuebin did not call Fang Wenping's position, it was inconvenient, so he changed the name of Fang Dajie. As for the stick, it is exactly like Dong Xuebin said, he really is fine, don't say this kind of small wood stick, Dong Xuebin iron stick guns have been smashed, right, and grenade, what might be? That will not kill him, Dong Xuebin is still standing here, he? What can he do?

On the contrary, Dong Xuebin is very happy.

This stick is playing well! Playing very well!

This buddy also has a reason for legitimate defense!

In the distance, the people and the police who came out and dare not come out to join in the fun, looked at Dong Xuebin’s smiling face. I really don’t know what the grandson was thinking. Was it so happy? Still so happy with so many people around? sweat! Are you sick?

Dong Xuebin then laughed loudly: "Everyone has seen it, and they have all given me a certificate. It is not caused by me. The hand is not my first move. No matter what happens next, I will follow I don't care, I am just a defense. I have to do it!"

Everyone: "..."

“Is it still cool?” Those few-number-min-people are even more angry.

The strong man is also the stall owner. He felt the wooden stick that had just been broken on Dong Xuebin’s head. The tip was already a lot of wood scorpion. It was very sharp. He screamed and pointed at Dong Xuebin: "Little scorpion! Haven't convinced you yet? Good! You are looking for it! Be dead! Don't put you in the clothes. You still don't know who my son is! I told you today that I am Who!"


When the voice just fell, the Zhuanghan stall owner tied the stick with the stick. Now the broken stick is basically no different from the broken beer bottle. It is very sharp. He is facing Dong Xuebin’s stomach. If this is true, . It’s not a strange thing to have your stomach worn out!

A lot of people have been shocked!

"Be careful!"

"stop!"Several policemen hurriedly shouted, they had thought about letting Dong Xuebin suffer a loss and long memory. After being convinced, the money will be solved for those who are less-number-min-family, so that they have saved a lot of things. If there is a big problem, then the police will stop and let it go. After all, who is I don’t want to go out of my own police station, but the responsibility is everyone’s. However, Zhu’s director and several policemen did not expect that this Dong Xuebin was too arrogant. When he came up, he gave up his words and provoked the other party. He directly let the other party’s anger burst into a point where he couldn’t add any more. They are all too far away. It’s too late to block!

Want to make a living? ?

Director Zhu immediately said: "Call the ambulance!"

"Ambulance?" The policeman stunned.

"Call and talk again! Otherwise it is too late!" Zhu said.

When it was said that it was too late, the time they talked and blocked, the Zhuanghan stall owner had once again rushed to Dong Xuebin. The stick has already been tied up.

Dong Xuebin was a leisurely look. He didn't look at the sticks and big men who came over. Instead, he smiled and turned back to the police station of the police station. "How many ambulances are called, or not enough." He doesn't seem to look back and knows the situation there. With a casual hand, I grabbed the wrist of the brawny. Immediately after the wrist twisted, the hand of the strong man holding the stick went up!

Almost blink of an eye, this set of moves has been completed!

The next moment is the sound of the screams of the strong man. The voice is very sloppy, not so clear!

Dong Xuebin only looked back at him, and the broken stick that had to be tied to Dong Xuebin had already smashed into the chin of the strong man, and almost penetrated into his mouth!



Blood is constantly coming out!

The strong man turned his eyes and looked at it. At that time, he stunned his chin and stunned. He slammed into the ground and did not move. He no longer heard the sound.



"Old black!"

"Second brother!"

The atmosphere is breaking!

The people of the less-number-min-family exclaimed exclamations!

Dong Xuebin walked leisurely to the front of the strong man and said to him: "What did you say? Tell me who you are? OK, who are you? Tell me?" Dong Xuebin can see that Zhuang Han’s movements and eyes were clearly meant to kill Dong Xuebin, and with the previous extortion, Dong Xuebin knew that these people had reached the state of lawlessness, and naturally there was no politeness. The starter was extremely embarrassed. When he saw him, he was dizzy. Dong Xuebin also kicked and kicked him. He touched him a few times. "Wake up, wait for you to tell me!"


This is undoubtedly a provocation!

"Kill him!"


"Little bastard! You are dead!"

Fried pot, less-number-min-familyI rushed up dozens of people. The gangs were like crazy. They yelled wildly, and the sticks in their hands came. Some people even turned their daggers out of their clothes. These are all control knives. Actually dare to use it in the courtyard of the police station. It can be seen that the environment here is extremely unhealthy on many levels, and people who are disgusting can't stand it.

Dong Xuebin is too lazy to say anything, and he has nothing to do with them, because it is no longer necessary, are you not more than a fist?


Hey, look at who is big!

Brushing, the first person came, the three people first rushed to the front of Dong Xuebin, a bare-handed fist, the other two are holding sticks.

There are too many people, and they will be surrounded by this side.

The common people are pulling their arms and looking inside. The police are also shouting at the side to stop their hands.

But then, the three people who rushed up the first wave flew out without warning, and did not see how Dong Xuebin shot, the first person flew out, screaming, yelling, I couldn’t get up again. The second person was directly stunned by his own stick. His head fell silently, and he didn’t scream. He didn’t know how the stick ran to Dong Xuebin’s hand. The three people were the worst. This was the first time that they joined the Zhuanghan team after the conflict. For Dong Xuebin and Fang Wenping, a thin black and thin young man who had been stunned for a long time, Dong Xuebin recognized him and did not start. Said, a punch on the chin of the thin black youth, slamming, he slammed his chin, and shouted without shouting and fell to the ground and rolled out for several laps!

It is also a second.

It’s just like a blind eye.

There is no room for three people to fight back, and they are all gone!

A few policemen stunned, and Zhu’s manager stayed for a while. Did this kid really practice? Still have time to work? But what about you is also a double fist, four hands, you can't beat so many people! Other policemen thought so, but they quickly took it back!

The second wave of people arrived. Seeing Dong Xuebin playing three more people, obviously not an ordinary role, so everyone is also wary. This time, five people came up, almost attacking Dong Xuebin from all corners. Oh, the key to full rush!

Dong Xuebin looked at them without hesitation. He casually lifted his foot and looked very slow. However, he seemed to be unable to see his movements. The next second, the first person rushed to the other side. I felt that the abdomen had a pass, but I still didn’t understand what was going on. The man had already flew out and stumbled behind the row of people. Then Dong Xuebin turned his head and turned away, avoiding a dagger and avoiding it. At the same time, he also raised his hand and grabbed it. One press, one shot, and the jaw knife in the hand of the man was pinched into the man’s lap!




The sounds are all superimposed together!Looking at the blood of the earth and the people who fell down, Dong Xuebin didn't even look at his eyes. He was completely indifferent. He punched out another fist and flew a middle-aged man who wanted to attack him from the side! Really flying! Everyone Dong Xuebin did not keep his hands. Every time he punches every foot, there will always be a person who will vacate. If he has not vacated, he will have to go out with the ground for four or five meters to stop. Dong Xuebin can see the strength. ! He is very angry today, and he has not had the opportunity to do it for too long, so the whole talent is more exciting and has no meaning of mercy!

Someone is coming next to you!

Dong Xuebin didn't have to look back and slammed it. He grabbed the man's hair and touched it on the ground. The sound of the broken teeth caught the scream of the other party!




In a blink of an eye, Dong Xuebin has already dumped ten people at the foot!

The word for a blink of an eye may be a little vague, and it is accurate to say that it took more than ten seconds from the start to the present, too fast, and sometimes almost two or three people were stunned at the same time!

Fang Wenping saw this, but it was also a complex look.

The police and the busy people are not to mention, all of them are stupid!

Seeing, those who are less-number-min-people seem to have some guilty conscience. No way, they have already fallen ten people. They stopped at one time, left to look at the right, and they are all in their hearts. Hit the drum.

There is only one person in Dong Xuebin. There is only one person from beginning to end, but he is standing there one by one, but letting five or sixty people temporarily dare not go forward.

This picture is very shocking!

The policeman is a little dizzy, and he said that he is a tourist, and you can play too!


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