Power and Wealth

By Chang Yu

Chapter 1577 [Dumbless people! 】

Chapter 1577 [Dumbless people! 】

Municipal Party Committee.

The atmosphere suddenly stagnate.

The scene is also a bit silly.

Looking at the documents of Dong Xuebin's presence there, everyone knows that this will definitely not make a fake, and no one dares to make it. Even if there is a daring dare to take this kind of document to swindle and swindle, it will definitely not be a party secretary. Family members, the nature is different, so you don’t have to confirm the seal or other things on the certificate. Everyone knows that this is true. It’s really a middle-age---------- Member, this turning point is too big, and many people have been stunned!

At the level!

Even in the eighth monitoring room is the leader!

The first reaction of many people is that they are too talented to take people. Who can think of this ugly and young boy, who is actually a disciplinary officer at this level? The people in Xia Xing City also reacted afterwards. They were really stupid this time. Even though Xie’s secretary just transferred it, everyone is not very familiar with her background and various things. Ah, Xie Shuji, such a level of prefecture-level city party committee secretary, such a level of the face of the country and the slim and moving figure, how can you marry a mediocre generation, the object to gather people to group, level Not the same, the two are also difficult to become a couple!

Eyes are gone!

No wonder the secretary has been silent!

No wonder the secretary’s husband dares to stand up!

Criticizing provincial leaders? Blaming comrades from the province for inspection?

Just now everyone thinks that Dong Xuebin is daring to understand the sky and the earth, but now he knows his identity and work unit, but everyone is relieved. The Eighth Supervision Office of the People’s Liberation Committee is in charge of their Jiangnan Province. The right to monitor and supervise the punishment, let alone Dong Xuebin criticize and criticize them, even if he is looking for a leader to talk alone, the officials at the department level have to sit there and listen to the provincial level. If Dong Xuebin can get the above approval and get the documents and procedures, he is also qualified to ask questions or even subpoena. The power is not what their local cadres can imagine.

The mayor of Xia deeply looked at Xie Huilan.

Other city leaders looked at each other with surprise, and they all had their own ghosts.

Dong Xuebin paused and looked at the provincial-Ji-committee youth. "You can report to the provincial-Ji-committee. Anyway, I am going to go there in the next few days."The young man was sitting on the wax. A face was flushed. "No, I..." Where did he dare to report it, it was not to die, and even if he reported it, there was no reason at all. The Disciplinary Committee of the superior department of the people has guided and criticized their work. This is supposed to be, and no one can say anything. Even if Dong Xuebin speaks a bit too much, the youth report to the provincial-Ji-committee does not have a little meaning. - Ji-committee has to dare to accept, only heard of the Zhong-Ji-Commission investigation of the province-Ji-committee, have not heard that the provincial-Ji-committee can investigate the Zhong-Ji-committee! The youth has already regretted the words they have said and their attitude towards Dong Xuebin! He really wants to go up and say, "The big water rushed to the Dragon King Temple and the family didn't recognize the family." But he didn't have this face. Provincial leaders can not express their views.

Dong Xuebin looked at the week chief who had been jealous with him. "We are the director of Zhou, are I qualified to speak now?"

The director of Zhou has no choice but to give up his ancestors for the 18th generation. You are the leader of the middle school - the committee! You are not qualified to qualify! Director Zhou knows that the other party is beating himself. He is playing his own face. After all, he said that he did not have a copy of Dong Xuebin’s speech. However, the director of Zhou can only recognize it. He said: "I just didn't know that you were a comrade in the middle of the inspection. I thought you were a cadre's family, so..."

Jia deputy - province - long time has not spoken. It is also now. No snoring, just looked at Dong Xuebin. There is no change in his expression. It is difficult to see that he had heard that Xie Huilan had a good husband in Zhong-Ji-Ji, or a deputy-provincial-long-training martial arts.

People in the province are speechless.

Upstairs Xia Xing City, some low-level staff members saw the people in the province ate and said nothing, all of them were a bit dark, before being criticized by the people in the province, they also avenged.

Who knows that Dong Xuebin is unreasonable and continues to look at them: "Since I am qualified to speak now, then I will say a few more words. I am not actually inspecting this time. It is to understand the situation. I feel very dissatisfied with what I see now. The provincial inspection is appropriate, but what is the purpose, I think you should figure out that all the starting points should be to supervise the work of the local government to a higher level. In order to develop, for the common people, not to disturb the local government's work! Are you a little bit of an upside down? Two hours late! The things that have not been inspected for content have been said for half an hour! I am still saying that, I think you are not responsible for your work! It is disrespectful and irresponsible for local work!"

This time, no one interrupted Dong Xuebin.

Gao Jie looked at Dong Xuebin’s prestige and talked to the comrades in the province. She also smiled a bit. Before she was in the office, she saw that Dong Xuebin might be an official, but she did not expect a twenty. A person of five or six years old can be a leader at the level, or a middle-age-committee.Dong Xuebin slowly said: "I am not going to report this matter for the time being. It is actually not a big deal. It is just a side-effect that some of the problems are reflected. I don’t want sand in my eyes. Speaking up, I also hope that in dealing with this kind of problem in the future, there will be better and more flexible changes in the way you deal with. Of course, this is my suggestion and I will not listen to you."

Can they not listen?


I have to listen to it!

Jia deputy-provincial-long did not express his position. Zhou’s governor seemed to be soft. The people in the province did not have any momentum at the same time. It’s just like the comrades in Xia Xing’s refusal to refute the inspection teams in their province. It is good to refute the leadership of a Zhong-Ji-Chairman who came to the province for inspection.

one second……

Two seconds...

The scene is still very quiet.

Dong Xuebin saw no one snoring. Counting them was also almost the same. When he was dissipated, he was facing the youth of the province-Ji-Chair: "I will go to the province-Ji-Chair in the near future, I will check The property declaration of some cadres, let's get along with you."

Young people sing: "Good."

Dong Xuebin’s last words are obviously a little threatening!

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