Power and Wealth

By Chang Yu

Chapter 1529 [To be born! I have to be born! 】

Chapter 1529 [To be born! I have to be born! 】

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Morning, the capital.

The sun is still so full today, it is very hot.

Walking out of the villa, Dong Xuebin, who was awakened, wore a pair of swimming trunks and yawned and stretched slowly. He walked slowly to the poolside of the backyard. After doing a simple warm-up exercise, he plunged into the clear water. Inside, 噗通, Swim in the pool, and when they are tired, they don’t land, they sit on the steps below the pool water, and both hands go to the shore, and the head leans back, so it’s so squatting. The eyes are basking in the sun, and the leisure and comfort of a face is simply enjoyable and satisfying.

Still good at home.

Living in the dormitory family, I always feel awkward.

This is a villa near Xishan that Dong Xuebin had bought. Although he later gave it to his mother, the mother has been settled in Chenzhou City. It is not to be left to death. In the end, it was left to Dong Xuebin. I can see the hazy mountains in the fog. It is a place that is still suitable for living. It is especially suitable for old-age care. In the morning, swim and swim in the sun and see the mountain. I don’t mention it. Huilan will live in a few days. It’s just right to live here, it’s hard to get together, and of course you have to enjoy it.

a circle...

Two laps...

Three laps...

When Dong Xuebin was tired, he relied on smoking on the shore.

Suddenly, Xie Huilan’s lazy voice came from the upstairs window.

"Xiao Bin."


"My little husband?"

"I am downstairs? What happened?"

"Where is my little husband?"

"Oh, all said downstairs."

"Oh, come up, okay?"

"Well, you wait, I will come."

Dong Xuebin quickly smothered the cigarette butt on the shore. He was afraid that Huilan had anything to do. He did not care about rubbing the water on his body. He rushed into the villa and went upstairs.

Second floor.

In the master bedroom.

Dong Xuebin pushed the door in. I saw that Xie Huilan was touching her big belly and leaning her feet on the bed. She looked at her crescent-like eyes, and looked at him with a smile. She didn’t talk. She seemed to be lazy and didn’t want to say a word. Said, just pointing to the table. Dong Xuebin blinked. "Wake up so early? I thought you were sleeping a little longer, why? What?"

Xie Huilan smiled and said, "Give you a glass of water for Xie."

Dong Xuebin almost fainted. "Is this not right next to you?"

Xie Huilan said: "I know there, so I am referring to you."

"I am going, you took it when you move." Dong Xuebin was defeated by her.

"Your Xie sister is now a body to be born, more expensive, hehe, hurry up and wait." Xie Huilan naturally took the beckoning.

"得得!" Dong Xuebin served. The fart went to pour her water and then got it on the bed.

Xie Huilan picked up the problem again. "I don't want to drink the water overnight. I don't drink cold."Dong Xuebin rolled his eyes. "I just burned it when I got up. It’s warm, just drink it."

"Well, this is almost the same." Xie Huilan did not move, open his mouth. "Hey, thank you, thank you, tired, a finger is too lazy to move."

Dong Xuebin was speechless and went over to feed her. "Is this going down?"

Hey, Xie Huilan took a few mouthfuls. "Well, it performed well."

Dong Xuebin was angry and laughed: "You will call me, you are harder to serve than Lafayette."

"Hey." Xie Huilan said with a smile: "You still waited for Lafayette?"

"You have been waiting for Lafayette!" Dong Xuebin yelled at her. "What are you doing? Can't afford it?"

Xie Huilan yawned gracefully. "I think of it, but my stomach is too big. I can't move, and no one has convinced me to wear a dress."

"Oh, I am serving you, can't you?"

"Okay, yes, hehe."

"You are really welcome you."

"What kind of politeness with my little husband, Mom brought me the newly bought maternity dress? It should be in the trunk, you thank the sister wearing it, more spacious."

"Good, I will take it."

"Well, I will drink millet porridge soon, and I will not eat the eggs. If it is too greasy, I will eat boiled eggs. I want eggs and small eggs."

"Cheng, I will get it later, what else do you tell the elderly?"

"Well, it’s gone now, first." Xie Huilan was too expensive, "changing."

Dong Xuebin gave her clothes to Baba, then helped her get out of bed and down the stairs, held her on the sofa, turned on the TV for her, changed her news with the remote control, and finally took a sweat. Panting into the kitchen, I was busy in the morning and tired of him.

The two were the capital back last night.

In the two days in Chenzhou City, Dong Xuebin greeted the old friends all over the world to eat and socialize. Finally, he met with Yan Meixia and Qi Yuehua, and exchanged "feelings", which is equal to seeing. People have seen it. After a long time, they tasted the taste of Yan Meixia and Qi Yuehua. Dong Xuebin’s heart is very comfortable. The old friends and old colleagues in the dinner have complimented him and congratulated him. Dong Xuebin feels the happiest life. The moment is just like this, but the result is still not comfortable.

After serving for two days, after coming to Beijing to stay in the villa last night, Xie Huilan began the character of the lady, calling Dong Xuebin everywhere and tossing him. Dong Xuebin is depressed in his heart. When his mother is at home, Hui Lan is still very good at her lady. Yes, this time, Xiao Xiaoping is not here, and my wife is in the original shape!

Definitely intentional!

It must be that she and her other women were on the phone and she was guessed!This wife is too smart. Many times, Dong Xuebin has only helplessness and guilty conscience. What can I do? Can only wait on the line. However, Dong Xuebin did not complain. Although he complained about his mouth, he actually kept Huilan in his heart. He left for so long, his wife has been cared for by his mother and sister, and Dong Xuebin was pregnant during Huilan. Almost no one has fulfilled the responsibility of a husband. This is finally reunited with Huilan. He also wants to make up for it, so no matter what Huilan said, he will immediately go to work.

After breakfast, it’s eleven o'clock.

This is also lunch, and the two are also idle.

Xie Huilan, sitting on the sofa, was noble and made a speech. "My little husband? Help your Xie sister to go out and enjoy the sun."

“The backyard of the front yard?”

"Backyard, swimming pool, cool."

"Yes, then you look at the bottom of your feet."

"Oh, I don't have to look at it, you can watch it."

"I sweat, you really call me to the end."

"That is, huh, huh, your sister will be able to use you at this time. When I am born, your kid may not go anywhere."

"Getting you, you didn't call me when you were pregnant!"

Dong Xuebin felt that he was not like a courtier. He was a courtier. After he took his wife to the backyard and sunbathed, he took a puff and a fan to the wind. Now Xie Huilan is like a Wu Zetian. Jingui went to the house.

"Is it comfortable?"

"Well, let's make it."

"This is also called make-up? You see me sweat."

"It’s even better if the wind is a little bigger, huh, huh."

Dong Xuebin’s heart glimpsed, and said that when you have finished your child, you will finish the month and see how the buddy will find the scene. You will wait for me.

One p.m.

Dong Xuebin’s arms were sour, and she was fanning her for two hours. Later, she got a awning and moved over, and she was not idle.

"Okay, no fan." Xie Huilan spoke.

Dong Xuebin exhaled, and his arm was exhausted. "Go and give me a place, I will lie down."

Xie Huilan smiled and said, "Let's lie down after eating, and it's a little bit. It's time to have lunch."

Dong Xuebin said: "Don't you just finish eating early?"

"That is early, I am eating a lot now, I have to eat two people, and I can't fall for lunch, but it's simple. Oh, give you Xie Jie to get two vegetarian dishes. Your kid is getting better and better recently. It is worthy of praise, well, let's get it."

Dong Xuebin: "..."

Xie Huilan yelled at him, "That I got it myself."

"You can say it, okay, I will go to me." Dong Xuebin said.

Xie Huilan smiled and raised his chin. "Or my little husband is good, come, let your Xie sister kiss one."

Dong Xuebin’s boss reluctantly went to kiss her, but his heart was actually sweet. “You are confused for a while, just half an hour.”

Enter the house.

Dong Xuebin started cooking and cut the vegetables with one knife and one knife. He was very careful. "Hey, the expected date of birth is still seven or eight days. This is a bitter day. It is a big time."The dishes were all cooked, and I was about to cook the dishes. I suddenly heard some voices coming from the outside and listened to them. I heard the sounds. Dong Xuebin immediately shut the hood, and the kitchen was suddenly clean. I clearly heard the call of Huilan in the backyard.


"Well? Huilan?"

"Fast... Come! Fast!"

Dong Xuebin’s face changed, because he could hear that his wife’s voice was mixed with some painful voices. He knew that something was wrong. He hurriedly threw the iron pot in his hand and rushed out to the backyard. The next moment, the wife under the umbrella entered the line of sight. At this time, Xie Huilan squatted on her stomach and fell off the lounge chair. She called Dong Xuebin's name painfully. The lower body was water and the pants were wet.

Dong Xuebin exclaimed: "Hui Lan! What happened to you! What happened?"

He rushed up, Xie Huilan grabbed Dong Xuebin's wrist with force and bite his teeth: "Amniotic fluid... broken... fast! Medical... hospital!"

Dong Xuebin panicked, "Hey! I don't have a week before the birth date!"

Xie Huilan couldn’t say anything, it seemed to hurt, and her nails broke into the meat of Dong Xuebin. "Fast!"

Dong Xuebin was also anxious. He didn’t think much about it. He took the wife on the ground and took the car key in the villa. He shouted at Huilan and drove to the hospital. “You insist on it. Ah Huilan! It must be ok! You and your child must be fine!"


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