Power and Wealth

By Chang Yu

Chapter 1515 [Xiao Dong Goes Home]

Chapter 1515 [Xiao Dong Goes Home]

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Get up in the morning.

Dong Xuebin woke up. After coming down from the bed, he yawned and went to the living room to prepare for brushing his teeth. By the way, he called Mr. Jiang to get up, but he saw that the door of the master bedroom was not closed.


"Mr. Jiang?"

"Mr. Jiang, are you up?"

I called a few times and did not respond.

Dong Xuebin gave a slight glimpse, and could not help but stepped into the master bedroom, only to find that the bed was empty, the quilt was stacked, very neat, Jiang’s luggage was gone, the room was empty, only the table was A piece of paper pressed by the lamp was there.

Going up and seeing is the word of Teacher Jiang.

It says: The teacher left first, you go home early.

Dong Xuebin looked helpless and quickly made a phone call and passed.

"Hey, Teacher Jiang, what about you?" Dong Xuebin said.

The phone was a little messy. "Oh, the teacher went back to Beijing, and the long-distance car."

Dong Xuebin said: "Is getting on the bus? Hey, I said, I will send you back, you see you."

"You have sent the teacher all the way. I know that if I don't leave, you must send me back to Beijing. I am afraid that I will be too troublesome, so the teacher will go away by yourself. If you go back, there is still something to go to Beijing. Old trouble you o, OK, long-distance cars are open, and then polite is useless, huh, huh, thank you, and accompany the teacher to play everywhere, the teacher is also very happy to travel this time, for many years no So I feel so comfortable, go back and bring your mother a good time, have the opportunity to eat at the teacher's house."

"Oh, I am not in a hurry to go home, or you get off, I am driving to find you."

"I don't have a chance to meet in the future, no, right. It's a celebration of the 50th anniversary of our UN General Assembly. You can also participate."


"Well, this time it’s very grand, the school has been renovated."

"Isn't that all zhongyang leaders and business owners return to their hometown? I am going?"

"Not all leaders and bosses, huh, huh, you are talking about the celebration of Tsinghua University, our school is not a famous school, and the graduates of previous years are not so much."

"That, I will go when I have time."

"What are you busy with a small subject? Is there time to go? The teacher's invitation does not give face?"

"Oh, no, I said, shun, it’s awkward. When you celebrate, you call me. I am sure that I have to push the big things, huh, huh."

"Okay, is that all right?"

"Well, you pay attention to safety all the way."

Hanging up the phone, Dong Xuebin went to the bathroom to wash his teeth. After washing, he suddenly felt that there was nothing wrong with it. When Jiang went away, his mind was also a lot weaker. Look at the watch, it was less than eight in the morning, not Then I drove back to the car, so I sat down on the bed in the master bedroom, blinking, and I took off my shoes and went to bed, and the quilt swallowed.


How so sweet?When Dong Xuebin glanced, I remembered that this was the bed of Jiang’s bed. The mature smell of Jiang Min’s body was exuded in the quilt and on the pillow. Dong Xuebin’s face was hot and he quickly climbed out of the bed and thought of Teacher Jiang. It’s gone, it’s too hard to lie in, it doesn’t matter.

Hey, how good a teacher o.

Hey, the teacher is a good figure.

Dong Xuebin was embarrassed. She turned over a few times in the bed where she was lying. She felt very comfortable psychologically, had a warm feeling, and fell asleep unconsciously.

After a long while.

The phone rang.

Dong Xuebin was awakened, rubbed his eyes and touched his mobile phone. He saw his wife Xie Huilan and immediately picked it up. "Hey, Huilan."

"Not yet?"

"Get up, call, and sleep again."

"Oh, what's wrong? Where did your kid go?"

"West Mountain Province, if I am fast, I guess I will be able to go to Chenzhou City in the afternoon."

"I won't leave you a meal that night?"

"Leave o, I am still waiting to have dinner with my wife."

"I'm in a good mood o? You have been chanting for more than half a year, and this is being implemented, happy?"

"Come on, who makes me work hard." Dong Xuebin is very beautiful, sitting up from the bed and boasting: "Hui Lan, don't look at you into the system earlier than me, I am catching up with you now, Ah, right I will mention the first level later, and the buddy will soon be the deputy hall. The tricks will be level. You will have to slap on it when you call me again. I don’t want to wear small shoes for you. Haha."

"Hey, is this inflated?"

"Who will let you take the level to pressure me."

"Oh, then I guess you have to regret it."

"What do I regret?"

"You Xie sister is now taking over the traffic and public security. I will wait for the work to be implemented. In principle, after you thank the sister and gave birth to the child, I will finish the month. It must be a move. Go back to Beijing. I don't think so, I should still be in the place, maybe I have to change a city."

Dong Xuebin stunned: "O A? You have to mention you?"

It seems as if I can see the beautiful eyes of Xie Huilan's crescent-like smile on the phone. "You Xie sister also worked with the deputy mayor for a long time. You can mention, how can Xie Jie not mention? Oh, but specific Still not sure, I will discuss it with my family later."

"What position on that?"

"If it is a city similar to that of Chenzhou City, it is estimated to be the mayor. If it is a smaller prefecture-level city, it is possible to directly register it."


"How come?""You will gas me, you, I just got you, you will hit me, hey, I can't catch up with you in my life?" Dong Xuebin is not convinced, but in fact he is happy, he is Huilan is a couple of people, with the same temperament, Huilan Gaosheng where he has unhappy reason, and Huilan’s promotion is more natural than herself. She is also in her early thirties, and her working years are longer than Dong Xuebin. For many years, the qualifications are enough, and there are backgrounds. The ability to work is still very se. With the achievements of the previous earthquake, it is normal to break the level. Even Huilan’s promotion is better than Dong Xuebin’s promotion. It must be logical.

"Oh, your Xie sister actually said this, can you not be mobilized smoothly? It is the secretary who is the mayor. I have to talk about it again. There are many friends in our family, and there are many political enemies. You Xiejie’s age is Directly on the top of the prefecture-level city, it is estimated that it is not so smooth, many of them have to jump out."

"Afraid of them? Come to a buddy to destroy one!" Although Dong Xuebin is already a leader at the level, he can still speak like that before, very silky.

"I have done it, come back early."

"Well, I will leave now, wait for me."

"Well, go home, your Xie sister miss you, huh, huh."

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