Power and Wealth

By Chang Yu

Chapter 1511 [Sleep]

Chapter 1511 [Sleep]

Into the night.

It was raining outside the house.

The wind is fluttering, as if singing.

In a few flat cabins, Dong Xuebin in the bed and Jiang Min sitting under the bed were eating the nightingale, and the smell of milk also warmed the atmosphere.

"Is your child okay?"

"It's good, it's a bit early to talk about the object."

"Hey, it’s early to get married, it’s not a bad thing."

"What can be said about it? The children now have ideas."

"Children, don't like to listen to the words of the parents, what about your lover? How is your body?"

"Generally, the ailments are constant, so I didn't come out with us this time."

"Then you can pay more attention to your body. I see your eyes are quite deep?"

"Well, it’s also a bit presbyopia. If you look at something close, you have to wear reading glasses. If you look far, you have to take it off. It’s inevitable that you will deal with the number of books all day long."

Bell bell.


It was Mr. Jiang’s phone call. She went over and took out the phone in the bag. I picked it up. “Hey... um, it’s okay, I’m going to sleep... It’s raining, I just found the hotel... Is the kid okay? ...... um, don't hurry to go back, play on the road for a few days, go back and travel... I know, you just have to worry about it, I met a former student, just go back together... Yes, the child is quite Ok, give me a drive and invite me to dinner, huh, huh... OK, you go to bed with your child, rest assured."

When she hangs up, Dong Xuebin said: "Are your lover worried about you?"

Jiang Mindao: "Well, I don't trust me alone, I am afraid that I will be in trouble."

"Does this not me? You will let your lover put a hundred hearts." Dong Xuebin boasted: "I don't know if you have that skill, but if you have a gangster, don't say close to me, a few meters away. I can give him a nap, and it’s not a bad thing to kill a few."

Jiang Min smiled and said: "Well, the teacher is counting on you to protect."

Not much time. After the nightingale was finished, the two of them chatted a few words and Dong Xuebin saw that Jiang had yawned and seemed to be a little sleepy.

Dong Xuebin said: "It's almost ten o'clock, let's rest?"

Jiang Min nodded. "It is time to sleep. Every day I rest at this time."

Dong Xuebin climbed out of the bed and put on his bathrobe. "Then I went to the ground."

"Have you hit?" Jiang Min also stood up and looked at the space.

Dong Xuebin, who got out of bed, took the amount and said, "The place is barely strong enough."

"No? It's all water on the ground. It's still slamming the door, and there is a toilet over there." Jiang Min took a stroke and then shook his head slightly.

The room is small, half of the side has been occupied by the bed and the table, a little bit of space can not be vacated, there is only a little space on the side of the bed to the door. Putting a quilt is enough, and you can lie down, the environment is a bit poor, and the tide is too big.

Dong Xuebin said: "Erasing will do."

"Don't dry it up?" Jiang Min said: "Look at the crack in the door and go into the house. It's also a little rainy. You can't sleep like this."

"It’s okay to get together for a night."

"No, you listen to the teacher, bed.""Oh, what about it? I don't really care. I'm really skinny. If you can't take them, you have to take a few more quilts to lay them."

"How many quilts are useless, this is a wooden house, printed water."

"That won't work, you don't care, you sleep."

"You look at the insects on the ground, absolutely not, just sleep in bed."

"That's just a little bit of a place. You can't sleep either."

"Squeeze it. I can see it, it's enough to be sideways."

"Khan. Teacher Jiang, I can squat with the table."

"That won't be done, needless to say, listen to me, you sleep inside, I am fat, save you to squeeze the kid down, you go to bed first."



"That, that's all."

After smashing for a long time, Dong Xuebin did not marry her. She had to take off her shoes and sneak into the bed and lie down on the wooden wall.


"All right."

"That teacher turned off the light."

Oh, the light is off.

The air is quiet.

The house was also shrouded in moonlight.

Although Dong Xuebin is eyeing Jiang’s huge scary chest and mature figure, he really didn’t dare to have any thoughts on Mr. Jiang, so he just didn’t say a few words, but he really wanted to play the floor. Or make a make-up with the table, this time see Jiang's faint shadow in the moonlight slowly walked over, the meat buttocks snoring on the mattress, Dong Xuebin is also very embarrassed, always feel a little inappropriate, The body was also stiff, so it squeezed into the wallboard and faced her face.

Hey, hey.

A woman's hand patted the waiter's new thin quilt, then opened a corner, and the hot body wrapped in a bathrobe also went in.

Both of them are lying on the pillow.

"Well, where are you?" Dong Xuebin cares.

Jiang Min moved and adjusted for a while, "a little hanging."

The bed was small, it was the most common single bed. The two people were quite crowded, and now they are each covered with a quilt. The quilt that is squeezed together is also occupied.

So the space on the bed is even more cramped.

"Do you want me to sleep outside?"

"No, I try sideways, um, it's much better."

Jiang Min turned his back to Dong Xuebin and turned to the other side. Although the place was still crowded, it could not be lost after all.

"What is it?"

"Yes, sleep."

"Well, good night teacher Jiang."

"OK, good night."

With one hand in the moonlight, take off the glasses and put them on the table.

Dong Xuebin also closed his eyes, but the posture was a little twisted, how to sleep uncomfortable, and finally could not sleep, and opened his eyes. Teacher Jiang estimated that she did not sleep so crowdedly. She did not seem to fall asleep. Dong Xuebin could feel that she had moved a few more adjustments.

So narrow, the two of them will definitely stick, it is inevitable.Suddenly, a group of soft sticks on Dong Xuebin’s leg, so that he couldn’t help but squat. Looking down, it’s Chiang’s mother’s buttocks wrapped in quilts. The summer quilt is not too thick, and it feels very Obviously, it seems that his thighs are screaming into a large piece of fat. Dong Xuebin can almost feel the temperature of his hips under the face of Jiang. The heart suddenly feels itchy, and the normal physiological reaction has come. Dong Xuebin Quickly hammered his own brain, did not dare to think, the hips flickered and left his legs.

no way.

How to adjust also has to squeeze.

Dong Xuebin closed his eyes in the torment. He did not dare to think of Jiang’s mature body. He only hoped that he would not kick the ball out of bed at night.

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