Power and Wealth

By Chang Yu

Chapter 1483 [Two hundred million! 】

Chapter 1483 [Two hundred million! 】


The signing of the afternoon will be reopened.

The bus came back with the investors, and the few businessmen who had eaten alone did not appear again. It was estimated that they were dissatisfied with the project and left early.

"Dong County Magistrate."

"Mr. Secretary."

"How's it going?"

"Yes, I just signed another one."

“Oh? How much investment project?”

"The eight million is the company of Xu."

"Okay, okay, you are busy with you. I have signed up with the governor of Jiang to contact."

"Well, I have observed the situation on the domestic investor side, it may be saturated, maybe in the afternoon..."

"It doesn't matter, count the capital contribution. The current investment limit of the project has reached the county's expectations. You have done a good job. At night, I and the Jiang County magistrate personally gave you a feast!"

"Oh, then I went to the signing area."

"Go ahead, try to pull more."

"I try to see the progress of foreign businessmen."

After talking with Meng Rui, Dong Xuebin went back and waited while finishing the contract.

During the period, many investors also consulted, but in the end, because some preferential policies and terms did not talk about it, they were not signed.

half an hour……

One hour……

No one came for a long time.

Dong Xuebin looked at the watch and thought that the estimate would stop here. So I looked at the foreign merchants and wanted to find Zhang Longjuan from the crowd. I wanted Zhang to sign a contract with them and finally come to a **, but Zhang Jie also I don't know what to do, I haven't seen it. Then, Zhang Longjuan did not wait, Dong Xuebin, but they waited for a foreigner in the Zhang Jie investigation group - the big fat man named Matt, only to see him move his body and stand up and walk towards the signing area.


"Hey, old horse."

When Matt followed the translator, he said a few words to the translator and pulled out a contract.

The translator suddenly said to Dong Xuebin: "This is Matt's proposed contract. Let's take a look."

This is a pure English version of the contract, Dong Xuebin can not understand, immediately grabbed a translation next to him, one sentence for him.

About ten minutes, Dong Xuebin only finished reading, and he was somewhat uncertain. After apologizing, he got up and went to find Jiang Fangfang on the side of the desk. He whispered a few ears with her, Jiang Fangfang said. After a few words, Dong Xuebin called the legal counsel and exchanged with each other for about seven or eight minutes. Jiang Fangfang nodded. Dong Xuebin Yim, immediately went back to sit down and began to ask the men to make a copy. Version of the contract.

The contract was signed!

Matt won a 30 million project!

In this case, the total investment has risen again, hitting millions, and it will be a hundred million soon!

This is a small ** for the meeting, and let the county leaders and the comrades of the China Merchants Bureau regain their morale.

Already in the afternoon... Many investors have left the scene one after another. There are no other movements at the signing meeting. Everyone is idle.


Continue to wait.

After another half an hour, Dong Xuebin looked at the situation with a blink of an eye. This time, there was really no one, and even the consultation area was empty.At this time, Li Xiaona, the secretary of Jiang County’s magistrate, came up. “Dong County Magistrate, Governor Jiang asked me to ask if the signing date was over in advance?”

Dong Xuebin shook his hand. "Let's wait."

Li Xiaona said: "But everyone basically went back."

Dong Xuebin firmly said: "There are still."

Li Xiaona’s eyes stunned. “I know, then I said to the governor of Jiang.”

Li Xiaona conveyed Dong Xuebin's words back, Meng Rui and Jiang Fangfang heard it, and then no one said anything, nodded. The investment promotion county has already handed over to Dong Xuebin, but now Dong Xuebin has also produced his work results. Naturally, the county leaders did not intervene. What is Dong Xuebin’s opinion, they will Maximize satisfaction and consideration.

Zhang Longjuan did not know where to go, and finally came back.

Dong Xuebin couldn't help but glance at her and gave a wink.

Zhang Longjuan smiled and did not return to the seat. Instead, he walked directly to the signing area under the watchful eyes of everyone and sat in front of Dong Xuebin.

Zhang Longjuan is the representative of the investor. When she spoke, she was her. Under normal circumstances, this kind of investor representative will invest more or less in some meanings. Moreover, when Mr. Zhang spoke, he also praised Lishui County. I also waited to see how much Zhang had lost.

Zhang Longjuan’s first sentence made Dong Xuebin stunned.

Zhang Longjuan said: "The contract we talked about may be changed."

Dong Xuebin glanced, "Hey, um, where do you need to change?"

Zhang Longjuan smiled and said: "Let's talk about it alone, let people avoid it?"

"... OK." Dong Xuebin let the legal counsel and Zheng Dayou beside them leave.

When the person left, Zhang Longjuan smiled and said: "The electronic contract is still there. You change the amount of the project, do not invest 50 million, and change it to one hundred million."

“Ah?” Dong Xuebin said: “What are you doing?”

Zhang Longjuan said: "You have already invested about one hundred million yuan. You will give your kid a hundred million and make an integer."

"Oh, no."

"That's it."

"If you lose money?

, so much money..."

"One hundred million is still called money? You have more than a billion yuan to win back with the casino to the big sister. Ha, I’m going to make a contract. After signing the word, it’s not a big deal, even if it’s lost, it’s not enough money, and it’s not Will definitely pay for it, look down on your sister’s ability to do business?”

"That's not, can..."

"Do you sign without signing? There are so many nonsense."

"Take me the shares of the company, and count my personal money."

"You are not finished yet? Don't you sign the sister to go?"

"Oh, yes, I can thank you."

"You little boy is coming, haha, hurry."

The contract came out very quickly. Zhang Longjuan smiled and signed the word on it. Her handwriting was very generous and she was a bit wild and chic.

Dong Xuebin signed the words on the basis of resistance and excitement. He did not expect that Zhang Jie would have left so much money to give himself a political performance.After signing the contract, the two men shook hands, and then Dong Xuebin went out with the contract. “Zhang Zong just added the investment amount and prepared to invest 100 million yuan to carry out the project. The first batch of funds will be put in place next week. Thank you, Mr. Zhang, thank you for your trust in us."


Dong Xuebin took the lead in applause!

When everyone heard it, it suddenly became awkward!

what? Zhang Zong alone invested a hundred million? ?

More than all other investors have invested together! ?

Then calculate the total amount of the project that they recruited the business association, which has reached 100 million! Nearly two hundred million! !

A lot of people have been smashed by pies!


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