Power and Wealth

By Chang Yu

Chapter 1406 [Xiao Dong started] (three more!)

Chapter 1406 [Xiao Dong started] (three more!)


Inside the living room.

A bed under the quilt.

"So late this phone?" Jiang Fangfang asked.

Dong Xuebin, "The dormitory project is a stall."

Jiang Fangfang asked: "How far is it going?"

Dong Xuebin replied: "The location has been fixed, and the land has basically been discussed."

"The progress is quite fast, um, are you not busy these days? You have worked hard." Jiang Fangfang said.

"It’s not hard work, it’s just a lot of things, you can’t make up your mind, you’re not there, I can only do it myself, and I’m sure I can’t handle it. When you go to work the next day, check it out, I’ve been with them. Say, let them report the progress of the work to you. Some things that I have not dared to decide have to go to the future and take your mind. You must be more thoughtful than me." Dong Xuebin also took a flattering.

"You will be fine."

"Some things are not in my heart. After all, there is no such experience."

"You don't have to be too modest, um, then I will go and see it again."

"Right, I almost forgot, I will give you a massage for acupuncture points, but it is not good enough."

"It's not a big injury. If you are too tired, you should sleep first, and wait for it to slowly improve."

"Don't tell me, where is it, I will hit you, you don't care, and massage for a while is almost the same, to ensure that there is no bruise tomorrow."


"You are right to listen to the doctor."

"Well, listen to Dr. Dong."

After chatting and joking, the atmosphere was loose.

Dong Xuebin’s observation is still very careful. Seeing Jiang Fangfang moving his waist and arms from time to time, he asked: "Are you tired?"

Jiang Fangfang moved his waist again. "A posture has been a long time, a bit sour."

"That way, you lie flat, press the same." Dong Xuebin proposed.

"Let's lie flat? OK, but is it inconvenient for you?" Jiang Fangfang was injured in the left front waist. She is also lying on the left side of Dong Xuebin. If she is lying down, Dong Xuebin will have to cross her belly to press the wound.

"Then change the position?"

"Well, I am lying on your side."

"You don't move. I am going over."

Dong Xuebin took a quilt and took a leg from Jiang Fangfang with his legs. Jiang Jie also moved and moved. Dong Xuebin went to the left. After Jiang Fangfang lay down on the pillow that Dong Xuebin had laid down, he became a flat posture with his face facing the ceiling. Dong Xuebin also turned to the right and looked at Jiang Jie. He touched his hand and walked over the wound of Jiang Jie through the soft autumn clothes.

The front waist is also a sensitive position.

Dong Xuebin pressed and pressed his hands, and the hard bones and soft flesh of the meat spurred his fingers all the time.

The action under the quilt is still serious.

But if you look at it from above. The quilt that was moved on the waist of Jiang’s sister was a little embarrassed, and it felt like I didn’t do a good job.

One minute……

three minutes……

five minutes……

It’s almost eleven o'clock.Jiang Fangfang, who didn’t sleep with his eyes closed, suddenly said: “I feel much better, I haven’t hurten all the time. Is it that the blood is gone? You are also tired for a day. I’ve been called by me, and I’ve given my family a sticky glass. If you go too far to change the light bulb, if you are too troublesome, you should go to bed early."

"It's still a little bit, it's getting better."

"You are not sleepy?"

"Not sleepy."

"Well, I can't sleep either."

"Is you insomnia?"

"Frequently. Get used to it."

"Have you not taken sleeping pills recently?"

"No, so it is so insomnia."

"That is also better than sleeping pills for a few years. That is too ruinous." After a pause, Dong Xuebin pressed her hand on her waist and looked at her. "Would you like me to read something?"

Jiang Fangfang shook his head slightly. "Forget it, you can't always bother you."

"Is there any trouble with this, I will read the book, I will sleep after you sleep."

"It doesn't mean this. Once I get used to it, I can't let you come over and give me something tonight, it's not suitable."

"Nothing, my time is rich."

"That's too much trouble."

"The trouble is really not, but mainly because people are afraid of chewing their tongues."

If he ran to Jiang Fangfang every night, he couldn’t keep the fire.

Jiang Fangfang said: "Well, we have a clear conscience, but it is inevitable that others will say, I am a widow, and I have to pay attention to what I do."

"Right, the last time Pu Shuji’s lover said that he would introduce you to the object, and I will remember you."

"Thank you for her kindness, but I have come over for so many years. I am also very good. Let me live by myself, especially my mother, I can't find the object."

"Also, Aunt has always felt that your husband is still..."

"My mom is here, I will definitely bother you later."

"You don't have to be polite with me, just do it."

The watch on the wall suddenly tickles, and it is already eleven o'clock.

Jiang Fangfang has been talking to him with his eyes closed. There is no movement at this moment. I don't know if I am asleep. Anyway, my breathing is very well-proportioned.

Because she wants to massage her acupuncture points, and in a bed, Dong Xue

Bin is very close to her, almost the chest is fast attached to the left shoulder of Jiang Jie lying, the hand has not stopped, keep pressing her, but the nose smells the familiar femininity of Jiang Fangfang, Dong Xuebin It’s a bit of a feeling of ignorance. I felt too deep when I was called by the nest. I haven’t slowed it down yet.

Massage for half an hour.

Jiang Jie’s autumn clothes and the elastic bands of the long pants were heated by him.

Dong Xuebin bite his teeth and didn't know where the impulse came from. He suddenly couldn't stand it anymore. The touch on his hand, the body fragrance of Jiang's body, and the warmth of her body were too hooked. Dong Xuebin also took a moment. Run away all kinds of concerns in his mind, suddenly courageous, his hands did not press acupuncture points on her front waist, but moved deeply down, touched into Jiang's buttocks.


The softness of one hand!

Dong Xuebin feels that his heart is filled!

Jiang Fangfang didn't move the nest, and didn't blink, as if he really slept.Dong Xuebin’s courage was also a little bigger. She licked a few of her buttocks wrapped in her autumn trousers. The hand was touched and touched on it. Obviously, it has nothing to do with Chinese medicine massage. There are acupuncture points on the buttocks, even if there are That obviously has nothing to do with the bruise on the front waist.

Not treatment.

It is purely cheap.

Dong Xuebin has smashed her several times.

Suddenly, Jiang Fangfang actually spoke. "How do the county government work during these days of rest, probably tell me, save me from asking Xiaona the day after tomorrow."

Woke up?

Didn't fall asleep?

And this words...how do you seem to have no intention of pursuing?

Dong Xuebin’s hand suddenly slammed, and he didn’t dare to touch her again for a time.


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