Power and Wealth

By Chang Yu

Chapter 1386 [骂! 】

Chapter 1386 [骂! 】


It is dark.

The wind finally closed his mouth.

Outside Huilan’s ward, Dong Xuebin and Liao Yimin, who had just entered the hospital, pushed the door out of it, and several people in the education system in Chenzhou were still guarding it.

Dong Xuebin was busy: "I haven't eaten yet?"

"Nothing is the county magistrate, we are not hungry." A cadre.

"Why don't you be hungry after a busy day, here is me, everyone will go back." Dong Xuebin said.

Liao Yimin also said: "We can't help anything here, let's go, let's eat first."

Dong Xuebin said to everyone: "Thank you all today, I have worked hard." He paused. He said: "I just exchanged with Huilan. She has to raise some days. I can’t investigate these days. Huilan The meaning is to let everyone go back, Liao also knows, but I mean Huilan is also going with you. The ticket does not have to worry about me. I will call you to arrange it for you. It should be the plane tomorrow morning. Everyone went back to sleep and took a rest, then set off in the morning to go back to Zhangzhou."

Liao Yimin looked at him. "Are you going with us?"

Dong Xuebin said: "I have something to do with this. I will not leave now. Huilan will take care of you along the way. Thank you."

Li Zhixin has not cleaned up yet.

Dong Xuebin’s hatred has not been reported, and certainly will not go.

"Yes, what are you polite?" Liao Yimin said.

"This meal and accommodation in the evening is also mys." Dong Xuebin said: "You don't have to arrange for you in Chenggang County. You find a hotel."


Liao Yimin left with someone.

Dong Xuebin immediately called to book a ticket. He also had his own considerations. He did not want Huilan to be injured here. After all, medical conditions were limited here. Secondly, so many people were disabled. Dong Xuebin was also afraid of Chenggang County. People looking for trouble, it is impossible to say that this kind of thing. However, the face of Chenggang County has completely disappointed Dong Xuebin. A county leader is more disgusting than a county leader. What they do to Dong Xuebin will not be unexpected, or insurance is a little good, so simply let the people of Chenzhou City Go back as soon as possible.

All done well.

A nurse just passed the corridor.

Dong Xuebin stopped her. "How is the injured cadre?"

It has been two or three hours since the incident, and Dong Xuebin has not asked the situation of the gang.

The nurse sighed. Road: "It's very serious. It's life is saved. It can be a serious disability for the rest of the life. The broken limbs are not connected."

“Is life dangerous?”

"The time sent is not available."

Dong Xuebin snorted and let her go.

The nurse just turned around, the bell rang, and Dong Xuebin’s phone rang.

It is the number of Jiang Fangfang.

"Hey, Jiang County magistrate."

"I just heard about it here, what happened?"

"Hey. The wind blows down the construction materials and hurts a lot of people."

"Are you injured?"

"I am fine."

"That's good. What about your love?"

"Nothing big, I will go back when I settle her down."

"Don't worry. Let's accompany your lover first, and handle the things over there.""Well, thank you Jiang's county magistrate for remembering, my lover also asked me to ask you a good one." This Hui Luan apparently did not say, but, pleasing things.

Putting down the mobile phone, Dong Xuebin gently pushed the ward door open and saw Huilan fall asleep. She did not bother her to rest, but carefully closed the door and went upstairs to the direction of the intensive care unit. The county leaders and county cadres of Chenggang County have already come to the hospital for investigation. Now they have almost gone. Dong Xuebin did not go in, but just looked outside and looked at the patient on the bed. Everyone has had surgery, and now they are all in a coma, perhaps the relationship of general anesthesia. They are all closed. As for Zhou Wei and another injured cadre, Dong Xuebin did not see it. It is estimated that he is lying in other intensive care units.

I knew why it was so early?

Dong Xuebin did not have a little bit of sympathy for them. Since you have thought about killing the dead, you must have the consciousness of being killed!

There are two cadres in Chenggang County outside.

Dong Xuebin had never seen them, but they seemed to know Dong Xuebin. When he saw him, they stared at him and his eyes were a little cold.

"How are people?" Come here, Dong Xuebin naturally wants to ask.

One of the cadres said with an unreasonable voice that he was "stable" and said nothing.

Dong Xuebin looked at these two people, what is your attitude? After my lover has been hurt, your people are stunned with me! After your people have been injured, do you still look at me? You must know that in the eyes of everyone, Dong Xuebin rescued the wounded one by one! I did not expect this group of people to be this virtue! Still staring aggressively at yourself? paralysis! The two cadres at the department level are not counted! Still guilty with me? Dong Xuebin has never had a good face since he had been in Chenggang County! They seem to see who is not pleasing to the eye!

At this time, there was a rapid footstep behind.

A middle-aged man came, and it seems to be the leader of Chenggang County.

"Wang County Magistrate!"

"Wang County magistrate, are you here?"

The two cadres stood up very polite.

Dong Xuebin look at him, Wang County Chief? The deputy commander of the project? In charge of the deputy magistrate?

Wang deputy county magistrate went out to work in the afternoon, just came back, "week

Secretary, what about them? What about people? ”

A cadre sighed and pointed to the intensive care unit. "Old Li Lao Zhou is inside, Zhou Secretary is in the upstairs intensive care unit."

Wang deputy magistrate rushed through the glass and looked inside. Even though he had heard about the general situation here, when he saw a few people with broken arms and legs lying unconscious, he couldn’t help but squint. He is the deputy magistrate who is in charge of this piece. Many of these people are his subordinates. They don’t say that they will work in the future. If the situation is not good, it will be a lifelong embarrassment. Wang deputy magistrate is very distressed, whether it is emotional or In politics, he does not want these people to have an accident. His own people have gone on, and then they have changed to a group of people who know who it is. Zhou Secretary is also there, in order to do a good relationship with Li County Governor Wang deputy magistrate, but a lot of money in the Zhou Secretary!

This is good!

Such a heavy disability is tantamount to the political life of all of them!"Wang magistrate." The face was played, and Dong Xuebin glanced at him and said hello.

At the level, the two people are the same, but Dong Xuebin’s executive deputy magistrate’s authority and position are obviously higher than that of Wang’s deputy magistrate. However, the deputy magistrate may be mad at it, or it may be a hateful Dong Xuebin. That time, they beat their villagers and smashed their police. After looking at Dong Xuebin, Wang’s deputy head of the county was suddenly stunned. “I’ve been stunned in the afternoon! Who will let you go to the new county party compound? Ah? You Don't know if it's dangerous? Let so many people go with you? Look at the people you hurt yourself!"


court death!

Dong Xuebin burst into it when he heard it. He pointed at his nose and shouted: "I still fucking me up? Who are you? You didn't prepare yourself for prevention. I didn't fix the construction materials and almost killed my wife!" I almost killed your own people! You also pushed all the blame to me? You are pushing it clean! You fucking me to try again!"

Wang deputy magistrate said with anger: "What am I doing with you! Are you still awkward?"

"My mother is you!" Dong Xuebin annoyed: "I will bear you twice forbearing you twice! You have been licking me with you three times and five times? I am going to you - mom - my lover is almost yours. Killed! Where was your mother at the time? Now I am running out to cross me? Yo-Yo-Ye!"

"I am working outside in the afternoon! You..."

"My lover has made such a big thing! The children are almost gone! I have no right to be a husband to take a look at the scene? Grass! You mean that my lover is dead and die! You said it was an accident. It’s an accident! You said that you didn’t push people without pushing people! I don’t even have a look at the right? Go to your big-yee! You are also the deputy magistrate at this level? How do you go up? Dong Xue Bin pointed at his eyebrows: "If you want to say this, I will tell you today!"

The more people around you are surrounded.

The nurse doctor and the patient came out to see it.

What is Dong Xuebin’s mouth, he simply does not give the chance to speak to the surnamed king, saying: “Everyone is listening too! Don’t blame me for the surname of Wang today! You are blaming yourself! You can ask these people themselves. Some of them were saved! No one went up at the time! I took the lead and pulled people out from the inside! They could be sent to the hospital in time to dress up the wounds in time! I am so good to come and visit the situation! Now you guys These two cadres are black with me! Then you come up with me! I am your mother!"

A lot of patients have heard it and they are all picking up.

Several doctors and nurses also felt that the county magistrate was a bit unconcerned. Not to mention that Dong Xuebin saved people, he said that the identity of the people is also the deputy magistrate. You are also, you are reborn and you are with others. It is really It’s a bit indiscriminate and it’s over.

The deputy magistrate of Wang looked at the eyes of others and was also on fire.Dong Xuebin didn't wait for him to talk. "People's patience is limited! You have to talk nonsense with me! The last time I was with Jiang County was blocked by your villagers in your suburbs! What specific things inside you should understand! I Don't owe you! No one owes you anything! Less damn gives me a face! I want to lick my face and I am jealous with you! I will tell you clearly now! This is not over yet! My lover was overthrown in the afternoon. I haven't asked you a question yet! Don't worry! I have time! I hope that you are all ready for time!" Hum, Dong Xuebin said: "I finally advise you! If you don't take yourself as a person Others won't take you as a person!"

Wang deputy magistrate was stunned by his face!

Over there, the hospital leaders were alarmed. They were all from Chenggang County. Naturally, they were biased toward Wang’s deputy magistrate. When Wang’s deputy magistrate clearly saw Dong’s county magistrate, several people rushed to pull the frame.


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