Power and Wealth

By Chang Yu

Chapter 1193 [Communicate with the beautiful county magistrate! 】

Chapter 1193 [Communicate with the beautiful county magistrate! 】

at night.

Around seven o'clock.

It was half dark, and Dong Xuebin’s kitchen was lit with lights, and there was a sizzling of chopping vegetables. After a while, the pan also sizzled. Sitting in the wheelchair in the living room, Dong Xuebin looked at Jiang Fangfang, who was busy cooking behind the kitchen glass. He was a little warm and apologized. He thought about it, in the system, he could put down his body and give a subordinate to wash and wash his pants and cook. It is estimated that Jiang Fangfang is alone. Dong Xuebin knows that there is a reason why he grows like the death of Jiang’s county magistrate. Of course, there is also the instinct of Jiang County’s inferiority, the desirelessness of the character, the character’s personality, The sense of esteem is also relatively light.

Bell bell.

the phone is ringing.

Dong Xuebin picks up, "Hey, Xiao Yao."

Yao Cui said over there: "I am off work, go see you."

Dong Xuebin blinked at the kitchen. "I am fine here, don't come over."

"You can't do it alone. It's not convenient to cook anything. I used to go to the house and I will go home after dinner. I can't delay anything."

"...I have called takeaway."

"Ah? Have you finished eating?"

"Well, you go home and rest, I am good here."

"That... that's OK, if you have something, you can call me, I will rush over."

"Cheng, thank you old classmates for thinking, huh, huh, also bring your parents and children."

Dong Xuebin certainly can't let Yao Cui come over. The county magistrate is still at his house. He is still busy cooking. This kind of thing he and Jiang Fangfang know is enough. It is definitely impossible for the third person to know. Otherwise, the impact is not good. Dong Xuebin still understands these things, so even though he is an old classmate and current secretary who has a good relationship with him, Dong Xuebin has to make a rumor with her. no way.

five minutes……

ten minutes……

The kitchen door suddenly opened.

Jiang Fangfang came out with a plate, "cooked, eat."

Dong Xuebin immediately pushed the wheelchair over. "It’s hard for you to work hard."

Jiang Fangfang took out the dishes, cooked the rice, put the chopsticks on the table, and then gently removed the apron. "Eat. Try it."

"The dishes you make are definitely not worth picking."

“Drink something? Drink?”

"This... cough, my family has not finished drinking Maotai."

Dong Xuebin was not addicted to drinking before. He did not drink much, but he was unable to smoke or drink during his recent hospital stay. I am too embarrassed.

Jiang Fangfang yelled at him, "Don't drink it? Drinking is not good for your recovery."

Dong Xuebin said, "Would you like to drink a little? Just a little bit."

Jiang Fangfang paused and said: "Where is the wine?"

"Under the coffee table, I am in trouble, do you have some drinks?"

"I can't drink. I can drink a little with you, not much."

The wine is coming, not Maotai for eight years, even Dong Xuebin is such a rich master. That kind of wine is not easy to get, this bottle is just the ordinary Maotai that is usually sold everywhere. I have had some drinks before, and now there are still about eight or two drinks left. Jiang Fangfang took two cups and poured them two or two.Dong Xuebin was in a wheelchair and was a little short, but he was barely able to go to the table, so he extended the only right hand that could move freely. He raised the cup and said, "I will honor you first. I am here for one month in Lishui County. Thanks to your care these days."

"you are welcome."

"I did it, you are free."

Dong Xuebin drank a cup.

Jiang Fangfang did not hesitate, he drank a little slower than him, but he still drank a cup.

At the end, Jiang Fangfang once again filled the quilts of the two men with wine, and the Maotai bottle was empty. "I don't drink enough. I can't drink too much. I also respect you. Yesterday, I knew you were on the road." I only got hurt with people, thank you."

"it's nothing."

"Come, let's have a cup of it."

"Cheng, cheers."

Both of them didn't drink much this time, and they took a sip and finished.

Without other means, Dong Xuebin’s drink is two or two. He just had a cup and two stomachs, and he couldn’t drink too much.

a bite...

Three mouths...


The dish is also a little underground.

Eating and drinking, both of them have some drunkenness, this meal is very comfortable to eat.

Drinking, in fact, drinking is a feeling, half-halo is not dizzy, half drunk, not drunk, Dong Xuebin is more like, while eating the dishes made by Jiang County magistrate, while drinking Maotai, while aiming at the charming and full of Jiang Fangfang In the body, holding her two slender legs wrapped in flesh stockings under the table, is there something more enjoyable than this? At this moment, Dong Xuebin even forgot the pain of his fracture.

Jiang Fangfang gave him a chopsticks dish and put it in his bowl. "This time the matter has ended. You have to go to the central government for 50 million yuan. You have to go back to the city to get the money back, even one million more. This money will not only relieve us of financial pressure, but also play a decisive role in the development of our county. Although everyone has not said it, everyone knows that this is the credit of your county magistrate."

"No, no, everyone's efforts."

"You don't have to be humble. There are countless things in this matter."

"I am not modest, it is really everyone's credit. If there is no support from the county, I will not come to the grant, then say

Now, I am also a member of Lishui County. What I should do is. ”

"Do you have another drink? Is it okay?"

"Well, dry ginger sister."

"If you can't do it, don't drink too much."

"Okay, I understand."

After drinking, Jiang Fangfang looked at him without hesitation. "I am wondering about one thing now. How did you practice this skill?"

Dong Xuebin smiled bitterly. "You should have read my file. I used to be Guoan. Later, I entered the public security system. These departments require some training tasks every year. I learned a lot at that time. In fact, it is not a big deal. Child, yesterday was a good luck, and the villagers did not receive any professional training, otherwise I will be there, but in fact, everyone thinks so evil."

Jiang Fangfang said: "Can you be a whole body fracture?"

Dong Xuebin snorted and could not answer.Jiang Fangfang indulged for a moment and slowly said: "There is still a problem. If you want to say it, you don't want to say that you can't answer it. I am just curious."

"Cough, you ask."

"Is it really that Welling pushed you down from the Finance Bureau? With your skill, even if you are unprepared, you won't be pushed down by Welch?"

"Hey, this..." This is really asking about Dong Xuebin's embarrassing place.

Jiang Fangfang smiled lightly and said: "Nothing, I am asking."

Dong Xuebin hesitated, or said: "It doesn't matter if you tell me, at the time... well, I did deliberately drop the window."

Jiang Fangfang did not say anything.

Dong Xuebin smiled and said: "I will tell you this, then you know the attitude of the city at that time, and the director Wei, the nose is not the nose, the eyes are not the eyes, they took their money, they are still very The way of thinking, I think if things don't make a big deal, we are afraid that we can't get a penny, so we have to make a decision. The temper of my person should be seen these days. I admit that I was a little impulsive at the time. "The contact between these days, the relationship between the two is the leader and subordinates, but also a bit of a friend, so Dong Xuebin is slowly taking Jiang Fangfang as an outsider on the level of his heart, plus the last intentional crash and Zhang Wanshui. The wedding thing Jiang Fangfang and he also made mutual contributions, so there is nothing to say with Jiang Fangfang, Dong Xuebin trusts her very much.

Jiang Fangfang looked at him and said: "You never thought about what happened if you fell, what should I do then?"

Dong Xuebin smiled slightly. "I can't die."

"What if?"

"Oh, no, no."

"You are quite confident?"

"I am sure of this, otherwise I will not dare to jump down, and only on the third floor..." Dong Xuebin really wants to fall from the third floor and still die, then he should not mix, directly killing Anyone who knows him knows that this height is unlikely to cause fatal damage to him. The reason why Jiang Fangfang and Lishui County people were frightened at the time was mainly that they did not understand Dong Xuebin.

"After the time."

"I know."

Jiang Fangfang didn't say anything, lifted the cup and drank his own drink. Finally, I saw Dong Xuebin and said indifferently: "I actually have nothing to tell you."

Dong Xuebin blinked, "What?"

Dong Xuebin thinks that the two of them are really interesting. Is this an exchange of information? Every time you say one, I say one.

Jiang Fangfang's eyelids slowly hang down, then looked at his face and looked at it for a few seconds. He said: "I was married, my husband died, you know?"

Dong Xuebin, a move, my heart moved.

Jiang Fangfang continued: "My lover who died, when I was young, grew up with you... almost exactly the same." After that, not waiting for Dong Xuebin's reaction, Jiang Fangfang took out his wallet and took a photo from the back mezzanine. Handed it to him, "This is when my lover is twenty-three years old."

Dong Xuebin was sweating. He took it and looked at it. Pretending to be surprised: "So?"

Jiang Fangfang snorted. "So I was surprised to see you at first sight. I didn't think there were people in the world who looked like this."Dong Xuebin has never wanted to talk about this topic, but when Jiang Fangfang came up, he asked, "So you are so to me..."

I thought she would not answer.

But Jiang Fangfang doesn't matter: "Yes, every time I see you, I will think of my husband. I can't control you and I want to be nice to you. I don't know what happened to me."

Dong Xuebin coughed: "Jiang Jie, you drink too much."

Jiang Fangfang took another sip of wine, her eyelids were a little drooping, and some were heavy. She said plainly: "I know that I have drunk too much, otherwise I will not tell you these things. Well, actually, there is nothing to say. I have always been this person. What do you say, I don't want to marry you, for example, now, eating with you, drinking together, my heart will be very warm, very warm, very comfortable, I know that you are not him, but I can't control it."

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