Power and Wealth

By Chang Yu

Chapter 1065 [Select a secretary! 】

Chapter 1065 [Select a secretary! 】

the next day.

Early, clear skies.

The county party committee of Lishui County, Dong Xuebin walked in and walked in Dada, which was the first day of his official appointment. Many people greeted him cordially.

"Dong County Magistrate."

"Dong County Magistrate is here?"

"Dong County Magistrate, good morning."

There are staff members and cadres.

Dong Xuebin smiled and nodded with them, and returned one by one.


County government office building.

The third floor, the office of the deputy magistrate.

Today, he deliberately came a lot early, and most of them did not go to work.

When Dong Xuebin came in, he found that the house was very clean. It seemed to have been cleaned up, and there was no accident. He put the bag on the table and sat behind the desk, and turned it up with a few documents. The county party committee secretary is absent, the work division has not yet come down, and the county has not sent any tasks to Dong Xuebin for the time being. This is what Dong Xuebin hopes to see. He just came, he is not familiar with anything, and the relationship has not expanded. Even if he is working. Dong Xuebin was very careful to read a document and the information of Lishui County. He took the time to get acquainted with the environment as soon as possible. After the mission was really coming, he had to make sure that he could get started directly. Otherwise, Dong Xuebin’s age is already very telling people to gossip about the back, and the ability to work can’t keep up. What do other people think of him?

five minutes……

ten minutes……

Hey, the office door was suddenly knocked.

Dong Xuebin put the document aside, "Please come in."

The door opened. Ma Bin, director of the county government office, came in, "Dong county magistrate."

Dong Xuebin didn't look at him with saltiness. He said: "Is Ma Director, is there something?"

"I just want to ask your family's habits to live habits. Are you still missing something and electrical appliances? If necessary, I will immediately let people prepare." Ma Bin respectfully said. The things and specifications of the general family dormitory are unified. The county government office and the finance department can't get extra spare cash to set up the home appliances for the leaders. Although there is not much money for a home appliance, it is poor for Lishui County. For others, It is very difficult for them to count, but because Ma Bin felt that the county magistrate seemed to have an opinion on himself yesterday, he also proposed this point to ease the relationship. Even if the government office can't get the money, Ma Bin thinks that he has to pay for the Dong County magistrate.

Dong Xuebin smiled. "No, it's good."

See the county magistrate do not appreciate. Ma Bin didn't know what to say, and he sweated and stood there very awkwardly. "Dong County Magistrate, yesterday, actually..."

Dong Xuebin interrupted: "What happened yesterday?"

Ma Bin snorted. Busy: "Nothing is ok."

Dong Xuebin nodded and said indifferently: "Is there anything else?"I have to say that after so many years of beating, I have set aside for a long time at Xie Huilan. Dong Xuebin did grow a lot, if he changed Dong Xuebin's previous temper. When Ma Bin called Yao Cui last night, Dong Xuebin had to turn his face. He had to wear small shoes for him today. But now, Dong Xuebin did not do this. Instead, it was a kind of attitude that people could not see the mind. It was not painful, because Dong Xuebin knew that it was more to hang the horse than to shoot the table directly with him. Shocking, but also more leadership - these are learned from Huilan, changed the environment, Dong Xuebin feels that it is necessary to change the style of work. Of course, this is how Ma Bin did not take Yao Cui. If he really took advantage of Yao Cui’s cheapness, Dong Xuebin estimated that he had already passed away. This is why someone really angered him. What the consequences will not be considered, the gods have always been blasphemy, even if Dong Xuebin wants to change, I am afraid that it will not be changed for a while, he is such a person.

Ma Bin noticed Dong Xuebin's expression and saw him go down the order. Ma Bin went to the file and handed it to him. "The last thing is this. This is the resume of several deputy directors of the county government. The deputy magistrate generally does not have a correspondent and a secretary. Because the funds are not enough, many departments are streamlined, but in your case, it is customary to pick a deputy director of the government office to assist you."


In fact, let alone the deputy magistrate, according to the regulations, the county party secretary and the county magistrate are not qualified to have a full-time secretary. Although everyone usually calls the secretary secretary, in fact, even the secretary of the county magistrate does not hang the secretary’s title. It is generally the deputy director of the county government office, but it is just hanging there. Usually, the secretary of the county magistrate is mainly serving Jiang Fangfang, and basically will not intervene in the office.

As for the deputy magistrate, there are no secretaries, and many places are different.

But listening to Ma Bin’s meaning, the deputy magistrate of Lianshui County has no secretary, but Dong Xuebin is not an ordinary deputy magistrate, but an executive deputy, so naturally it is an exception.

Choose a secretary?

Who is better?

This is the first step after Dong Xuebin took office. It is also a very important step. He first came to see it. He is not familiar with the local situation. The secretary's candidate is very important. It is best to be a local person and work in the local government for many years. And to Dong Xuebin's temper, the age is not too big, the necessary maturity and stability are also available - well, in fact, he has already had a choice.

Turning over the files of several deputy directors of the government office, Dong Xuebin put the files together, "call the secretary department and let me give me a copy of the information files of the bottom staff."

Ma Bin glanced, "Okay, I will do it right away."

In a short while, a middle-aged woman walked in with a file and her expression was a little nervous. "Dong County Magistrate, I am Xiao Cai of the Secretary."

Xiao Cai?

This older sister is at least a teenager than Dong Xuebin. The name of Xiao Cai is a bit twisted.

Fortunately, Dong Xuebin has been accustomed to these before, in the organization, who is the leader who is the leader, has little to do with age.Dong Xuebin looked at her, "Cai Kechang, brought it?"

"All of them have been brought, you have to look over." Cai Kechang immediately handed the information to him with respect and respect. In fact, he was also playing drums. I didn't know that I had not offended the county magistrate yesterday. After the end, Cai Kechang and Ma Bin looked at each other and stood waiting next to them.

"Okay, let me see." Dong Xuebin turned up.

One copy...

Three copies...

Five copies...

At the end, Dong Xuebin took out a file and looked at it. He nodded slightly. "What about this comrade, Yao Cui, a secretary?"

Ma Bin blinked.

Cai Kechang heard no surprises. He said: "Comrade Yao Cui is active and serious in his work, and he is very enthusiastic. He is very enthusiastic about her colleagues who have difficulties. She can work hard and work hard, graduate from university, and the degree of education is in The county is also very high..." He said a lot of things, all of them are merits, and it is very exaggerated to justify Yao Cui as a fairy.

Dong Xuebin waved his hand, "Is there any shortcomings?"

Do you have to listen to the disadvantages? Cai Kechang hurriedly thought about it, but did not dare to say.

Or Ma Bin interjected, "To say the shortcomings, Comrade Yao Cui's biggest shortcoming is that the work is too hard, so I don't pay attention to the body. This is not, I fell ill yesterday."

Dong Xuebin was happy when he heard it. You said that the domestic language is more learned, and it is a shortcoming and shortcoming. Isn’t this still a boast?

"Then Yao Cui." Dong Xuebin took the board.

Ma Bin immediately said: "Okay, then I will contact the department as soon as possible."

Dong Xuebin sighed. "This comrade Yao Cui actually knows me. We were both college students and a class."

"Ah? Is that true?" Ma Bin pretended to know.

Cai Ke was a flatterer: "No wonder Xiaoya is so good, it turns out to be a classmate with you." This horse is really explicit. In fact, it is not good. Is it a good relationship with classmates? Dong Xuebin’s university is not Tsinghua University, the United Nations University, a third-rate university.

Ma Bindao: "Dong County Magistrate, then I asked Xiao Yao to report to you?"

Dong Xuebin waved his hand. "No, wait until the formalities are done."

Ma Bin Yi, said: "If you are quick, you can do it today. When you go back, I will contact the department, and then report it to a program."

The secretary of the deputy county magistrate is also mentioned, which means that the deputy director of the county government office is attached, where a post is attached and a sub-division is promoted. This is definitely a matter of going to the county organization department. The Standing Committee of the County Party Committee voted, but that is for other positions. The special position of the secretary, unless there is a big problem with Yao Cui, the Standing Committee is unlikely to fail.

Dong Xuebin took the board and things will be fixed.In fact, I just told them that Yao Cui is his old classmate. Dong Xuebin also has his own plans. Once this is a thing, I can’t help it. It’s better to say better than to say it late. The second is also the most crucial point. The secretary chosen is a woman. A male leader chooses a woman to be a secretary. It always makes people chew their tongues. Although it is not completely impossible, few people in the domestic system will do this. The secretary of the opposite sex always A little sensitive, it will make people think, their wives are not around, maybe there will be rumors and anecdotes in three days. However, in the case of Yao Cui, who is a college student, this sensitivity is much less, and it is not so noticeable. Because Dong Xuebin has just come to Lishui County unfamiliarly, he must always familiarize himself with local interpersonal relationships through the secretary. And the situation, since it happened to meet the old classmates here, then Dong Xuebin did not ask her to find someone? Yao Cui is definitely the most suitable candidate! The relationship between the two is there, and this is the entry point for anyone who can't find a problem!

With the relationship of classmates, Dong Xuebin found Yao Cui as a secretary and others could not pick too much trouble, so why didn't he find Yao Cui? Moreover, it can help her to make Yao Cui live a little better!

Two things in one fell swoop.

In fact, when I saw Yao Cui in Lishui County, Dong Xuebin already had this plan after hearing her work in the secretary department! (

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