Power and Wealth

By Chang Yu

Chapter 979 [Who are you? 】

Chapter 979 [Who are you? 】


Late, in the box.

Seeing that the topic touched the inspection team, Du Fu took a sip of alcohol and said: "How can the leaders in the city not be able to control, and the leaders of the Commission for Discipline Inspection have come, we have no choice but to receive, Then, with them inspecting the various departments in the end, you did not see it. The leaders of the three groups who visited this time did not give us a county. The noon county party secretary took many people from our county government office. In the past, I was greeted. I didn’t even stop the car, and I drove straight. I was at the scene. At that time, I wouldn’t mention it again. At that time, Sun’s face changed.”

One classmate, "So strong?"

Du Fu said: "Well, in the afternoon, we called several leaders of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, and we wanted to accompany them to inspect them, and then bring them with the road. If people don’t use them, they will return them."

“Where is it that provokes people?”

"Yeah, maybe it's not done well."

"I think we are very thoughtful." Du Fu shook his head. "I don't know, but who makes the family a leader of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, our county party secretary and county magistrate have to be politely greeted. All have to give face, we are even less afraid to say anything."

Dong Xuebin smiled and didn't interrupt.

The old Liu Dao who is doing business: "It's okay, I will see that your husband and wife can go to that step in the future. At that time, they will not be inspected, but will patrol others."

Pang Shuo said modestly: "Oh, we both. Early."

Du Fu said: "Yeah, this has to be slow and slow, and it's not that simple. There is still a little mistake in the middle, but it won't be. Otherwise. Hey. Don't say nothing."

Lao Liu said: "It is not easy to do anything now."

"Isn't it." One classmate said: "Wait, we are all thirty or forty years old. Only in the first place."

“Yes, especially civil servants, want to reach that level, at least ten years.”

"Come here, don't say this, drink the bar, it's not easy to get together, everyone will have a drink."

After drinking alcohol, one person suggested: "Yes. Everyone has not seen each other for more than a year. They all talk about what industry they are doing now? Pang Shuo Du Fu will not say it, they all know that they are officials. Hehe."

Pang Shuo smiled and said: "We are both small officials, not worth mentioning."

Lao Liu said: "I am going to open a small company now and do it for myself."

Another person said: "I am with a bank in Beijing."

“The bank is good, how much do you earn now?”

"Eighty-nine thousand. That's the way it is."

Everyone said it in a word, Dong Xuebin heard it, and I don’t know if it’s true or not, but these people are better at mixing. The minimum monthly salary is at least 5000. Of course, the place in Beijing. The salary is definitely higher than other places. I have to be rich here, but in general it is still good, um, but then again, if it is not well mixed, people who meet at the party will not be rushed. .

Finally, everyone finished, and it was Dong Xuebin’s turn."Xue Bin, what have you done recently?" A female student who had a good relationship with Dong Xuebin before.

Dong Xuebin is not easy to say, smiled and said: "I am busy, my salary is not as high as you are, more than 4,000." His salary is really more than 4,000, civil servants are high, but it is also divided into places, such as Beijing or At the ministries and commissions, the minimum civil servant salary is estimated to be similar to that of Dong Xuebin, but Dong Xuebin is in Beihe Province, which is in Zhangzhou City. Naturally, it cannot be compared with the capital and the central government.

"In fact, it will do."

"Well, more than four thousand is good."

Everyone comforted Dong Xuebin without saying anything.

Now in this material society, the classmates have gradually changed their taste. When everyone listens here, Dong Xuebin is the worst, and his mind is weak, and no one talks to him. Dong Xuebin is sitting very stable, drinking tea and drinking wine. He has not taken the attitude of others to his heart. He is no longer the age to be affirmed and praised by others. For these things, Dong Xuebin I have seen it a bit. He came here today to find a good memory when he went to school. That's it.

Suddenly, the box door opened.

I walked into a man in his thirties, not a waiter. Just look after them when they come in.

Everyone is saying that they are happy. When they see a person, Lao Liu can't help but frown: "What?"

Pang Shuo, immediately stood up with Du Fu, "Hey, Director Wang, how come you?"

Others can't see it. Dong Xuebin still read out from Pang Shuo's expressions. Can you make them look like this, is the director of the county party office or the county government office?

Director Wang Pang Shuo, faintly said: "The secretary has to eat with the leaders from the city, but today the box has been fixed, there is no place."

Pang Shuo suddenly understood that his face was a bit unsightly. "Is there a place for the presidential suite and other halls upstairs?"

Director Wang frowned. "The leaders in the city don't like Zhangyang very much. Those places don't work. I just looked at it. I know you here. You can see if you can make a place? Change another box?" He squinted at the table. "You are almost finished."

Du Fu blackened his face, but he couldn't say anything.

Pang Shuo is even more so, the director of the county party committee, this is the standing committee of the county party committee, is their leadership, let alone the county party secretary to speak, and their banquet is definitely the leadership of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, people

When it comes to this part, they have to go without leaving. In these people, none of Pang Shuo and Du Fu can be offended. In front of others, they are nothing at this level.

Director Wang stared at them: "You vacate the place?"

Pang Shuo had to bite his teeth: "Well, let's go."

"That line, I am sorry?" Director Wang was polite.

They ate well and were squeezed away by life. This is a disgusting thing. Some of their classmates are not very good, but everyone knows what the concept of the county party secretary is here. See Pang Shuo. Du Fu did not dare to say anything, and everyone would not say anything.Pang Shuo clenched his fist to everyone: "I am sorry today, or else come here first?"


"We also eaten well."

"Nothing, let's go."

Director Wang nodded with satisfaction and went back to inform the leader that the box was ready.

But at this moment, Dong Xuebin, who had been sitting in the corner, suddenly spoke up. His old god was sitting there and watching the director Wang said: "You let us go, let us go? Who are you?" !@#$%!

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