Power and Wealth

By Chang Yu

Chapter 934 [Who is better? 】

Chapter 934 [Who is better? 】

Chapter 934 [Who is better? 】

The waves in the sea are still there.

All the rescue boats are gathered together.

The boat was fixed by the rope tool, and Dong Xuebin also jumped off the yacht and took the fishing boat where Xie Hao was.

Xie Hao excitedly went up and gave Dong Xuebin a bear hug. "Sister husband! By! You can count it back! Just scared me to get out of the urine!"

Xie Jingdao: "Brother."

Sun Hao’s eyes are also weird, “Dong Ge.”

Dong Xuebin nodded with a smile. "Let everyone worry, sorry."

Xie Jing smiled bitterly: "I just scared me to death. If you have an accident, my sister must kill me."

Dong Xuebin said: "Not so serious, then I am not a good end? Oh..."

Both Xie Hao and Xie Jing know that Dong Xuebin is not an ordinary person. His vitality is very exaggerated. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about. When Dong Xuebin saw a small yacht, he dared to rush to hit the warship. They were really shocked, knowing that they still Underestimated Dong Xuebin's stinky temper, but also did not expect a yacht to be able to scare away the warships, which is no longer in the scope of conventional combat power.

Over there, a few people came up.

The rescued captain said: "Little brother, thank you for your help. What do you call it?"

Xie Haoyi smiled and said: "Tell you, my brother-in-law called..."

"The name is not worth mentioning." Dong Xuebin interrupted Xie Hao's words. "Just call me a little brother or a young man."

Xie Jing knows that Dong Xuebin does not want to be known about today's affairs. He also pulled Xie Hao a hand and gave him a look. They are all state cadres, and their status is really not good.

Several captains looked at each other and did not ask again.

However, there was a crew member who couldn’t help but said: "You are traveling... What is this ship? How strong is it so exaggerated?" He wants to say what your yacht is, but to the mouth and swallow Going back, yacht? Where can I call a yacht?

This is also a question that everyone wants to know. Everyone looks at it.

Dong Xuebin coughed: "The traits are reinforced."

Xie Jing’s grandsons are all stunned. Didn’t you hear that Wu’s yacht has been reinforced?

"It turned out to be like this." A captain looked at the yacht and said: "But I have seen this first... so special yacht."

Everyone nodded, but it wasn't. It was a change to the name of the aircraft carrier.

Dong Xuebin didn't want to elaborate on this question. "People are fine, let's go back."

The rescued captain was busy: "Let's go back together. We have to thank you on the shore."

"No." Dong Xuebin shook his hand: "It’s just a matter of raising your hand. We still have something to do. We will have to leave, and we will have a chance to see you later."

Several captains did not agree, and they had to invite Dong Xuebin to go to them.

Dong Xuebin really does not want to show up. After these people go back, there must be reporters waiting for interviews, and even the military rescue team, Dong Xuebin can not be mixed, this time he has done some in a rage Therefore, we must try to hide ourselves. Even Huilan’s second uncle, Dong Xuebin, cannot tell.Dong Xuebin declined their good intentions one by one. He thanked Xie Hao Xie Jing and others, and boarded the yacht one after another.

Everyone was filled with emotion, but they did not want to stay for a long time, and they had to give up.

In the distance, taking advantage of the departure of Dong Xuebin, the warships of a country are already saving people in the water. After waiting for everyone to be rescued, Dong Xuebin’s side has just finished his speech and left the area of ​​the rescue boat with a yacht. And the people on the warships once again watched the yacht move again, all of them were shocked!

"It's coming again!"

"Retreat first! Fast!"

These people have been scared by the yacht, there is no time to salvage the silent warships and helicopters, flustered and turned around, and ran out of the sea!

Seeing this, Dong Xuebin smiled coldly.

The people on the rescue boat are also welcoming!

"go away!"

"Never come!"

"Do you know that this is amazing?"

"Haha, deserve it, let you be arrogant!"


On the yacht.

Xie Jing finally asked: "Sister, this yacht is really reinforced? Why didn't you listen to Wu's father? And even if it is reinforced, there is no such thing?"

Dong Xuebin Hu Zhuangdao: "It is not reinforced. The main reason is that their warships are all damaged. They have been repaired before. You can't see clearly in that direction. I noticed when I was close, and then I was hurt. The place hit and some skills were used, which was successful."

"What skills?" Xie Jing was curious.

Dong Xuebin vaguely said: "In any case, the principle of physics."

Xie Jing seems to understand and understand.

"Hey, my brother-in-law is highly educated." Xie Haodao.

Dong Xuebin, Xiao Xiaohao, "I’ll say it first. Today’s things are not allowed to go everywhere. Xiao Jing Xiao Sun, I can rest assured, but you can’t be practical.”

Xie Hao said: "You can rest assured, you will not say if you let me say."

Dong Xuebin Yim, "Hui Lan knows it doesn't matter, but don't tell your parents, or your dad should talk to me, don't you understand?"

"Understand, understand, I am sure."

"That's it."

This time, the matter definitely has a great impact. After all, a country has destroyed a warship, not

Before the fishing boats did not know Dong Xuebin, Xie Hao Xie Jing would not say it, then there is no problem, even if a few people have doubts about this incident, it is also their own family, the problem is not big. Huh, finally solved a matter, and can play Huilan for a few days.

Dong Xuebin was in a relaxed mood and picked up a little song.


Sun Hao did not say anything from beginning to end.

Xie Jing looked at him and whispered: "What's wrong? What are you doing silly?"

Xie Haoxiao smiled and said: "It must have been shocked by my brother-in-law. I said that my brother-in-law is arrogant? You still don't believe it, now?"Sun Hao wiped the sweat. At this moment, there are still some heart-breaking memories left in my heart. At the beginning, Xie Hao Xie Jing was relieved of Dong Xuebin’s 100, and he said that the truth is not a serious thing, but he is now I really know Dong Xuebin's ability, knowing Xie Hao Xie Jing and even Xie Huilan why they trust Dong Xuebin's fighting power and tenacious vitality. Just a few times, who can't be dumbfounded?

Does the yacht hit the warship?

It’s a fantasy!

Can be born in front of their eyes to live! A small yacht is chasing the a** ship without any help! Still scared them away? This makes Sun Hao look at Dong Xuebin's line of sight once again changed! No wonder people are younger than themselves, but they are already in high positions early!

This guts, this ability, this can bear ... who is better? ?

No one can do it!


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