Power and Wealth

By Chang Yu

Chapter 905 [Twenty-one people! 】

Chapter 905 [Twenty-one people! 】

Chapter 905

The sea is still windy.

Several ships are swaying on the sea.

On the occasion of the crossfire between the warships and the pirates, Dong Xuebin raised his guns and fired three bullets. All of them hit the heads of three pirates and killed their guns. Some people even saw it, from the perspective of Dong Xuebin’s hiding position, the bullets will surely pass through the heads of several hostages. It is possible to hit the pirates at that subtle angle by rubbing their hair. Otherwise, it is impossible. Who wants it? Actually hit!

Once is luck.

Two times is luck.

Can be headshot for the third time, how could it be luck! ?

Everyone looked at Dong Xuebin’s muzzle of smoke, and everyone was in awe!

The big school thoughtfully indulged the next two, "Who is this?"

The officer is still amazed, "Captain, is it the people of our military?"

"I have not heard that the military has other departments to carry out this task?" The university said.

Another officer said: "This gun method, the method of killing pirates with a knife, will definitely not be an ordinary person!"

This is tantamount to nonsense. It’s really a normal person. I’m afraid I won’t even use a gun. Not to mention a AK47 that is not a sniper rifle, but also a very poor AK47 gun, but even a professional sniper. The gunmen can't do this. Even a few excellent snipers who have been temporarily transferred from other departments can't do this. Can a crew member on a common cargo ship do it? Of course not realistic!

These three shots really scared these soldiers.

They are not the same as the pirates, they are professionally and systematically trained. It is natural to know how much the pirate is hitting the pirate's head at that distance. I want to hit those pirates on the swaying sea breeze. Not realistic, let alone hit the head.

Dong Xuebin can do it!

This hand has shaken a lot of people!


On the cargo ship.

Niu Dazhen, they have already been shocked by a sweat.

Including the big cows, three of them have just noticed that there is a hot rubbing somewhere in the hair or cheeks, and now the head is still burning, then look at the position of Dong Xuebin’s shot, then look again. The three pirates who fell behind him, they understood that Dong Xuebin shot and killed several pirates, and the bullets swept past their heads, which made everyone have a snack, as long as the bullets were slightly offset by two centimeters. Even if it is a centimeter, the dead will be them!

For the first time, they thought, who is this little Dong?

What did Xiao Dong do before? How is the fighting power so fierce? ?




Dong Xuebin hid in the bunker and picked up a piece of debris, which was shot by the pirate bullets behind him. The bullets were like rain!

Because there were more pirates and bullets in the back, Dong Xuebin did not have the opportunity to turn back and fight back. After waiting for a while, the pirates did not rush up. Obviously, they were afraid of Dong Xuebin’s close combat ability. So Dong Xuebin’s side was also a little easier. Big on the hostage on the cargo ship: "All down!"

Niu Dawei heard it and said: "Yes! Your Majesty!"Several crew members did the same, but because the hands were tied, the movements of their knees were ugly, and they lay on the ground all night.

At this time, the two pirates in the cabin could not attend the boat, and the guns strode out in a fierce manner. One of them was the one who tied Dong Xuebin's head - a black pirate. The two were holding an ak47, one holding a pistol and looking angry.

The black pirate yelled, "%%¥¥#!"

The pirate next to him and his gun together, once again to kill the hostage demonstration!

But this time the two were more savvy, watching the three companions falling down on the ground, they simply hid behind several wooden boxes on the deck, and then began to aim!

Since the warships have already fired, they can’t take care of them now. The situation at the moment is not enough for them to think.

"Sniper! Shoot!" The big school immediately ordered!

The two pirates just hid, and the guns in the distance slammed two shots!

A bullet hit the box and picked up some sawdust. The other bullet didn't know where to fly. The pirates were safe and still didn't fall!

The two snipers looked ugly and felt a little shameful, but they were good, and the soldiers next to them knew that they had tried their best.

The pirates on the two cargo ships suddenly became angry, and the guns would kill the hostages as soon as they were on the shelves!

The big school said: "screening! Don't let them have a chance to shoot! Save the hostage!"

Hey! Another few shots! Unfortunately, the bullets still failed to hit! All are biased!

There is another wind at sea. Now is the biggest time for the storm. It is too difficult to hit the target!

But Dong Xuebin didn't know this. He didn't use the submachine gun at all, he didn't use the sniper rifle, and he didn't know the difficulty of slamming at sea. So the sniper on the warship was so unreliable, so much. The bullets didn't even touch the pirate's hair. He couldn't help but feel a bit sullen. He said that you are stupid, what about the gunshots? It’s not a shame! At the beginning, our Yantai County Public Security Bureau randomly pulled out a police officer, and the five or six bullets could also hit a nine-ring and ten-ring. You can be good, even one ring can't wipe the side? Is this still a sniper? Isn't this coming from a shame? Our grassroots policemen are stronger than you!

The layman looks at the fun.

Dong Xuebin is a pure amateur. Where does it know that wind and sway affect the bullet trajectory? He usually only shoots on land, or only uses a close-up pistol, never considered the wind speed, so he slammed the snipers in his heart.

I can't count on these soldiers!

Everything has to rely on myself!

Under the firepower of the two snipers, Dong Xuebin smashed two shots at the mouth of the two pirates hiding behind the box!

A pirate's face was stagnation, and the slammed down!

Another black pirate expression is stiff, but also hard to sprinkle the deck!

The two are still concentrated on the head, one on the nose and one on the right eye!

Don't look at the simple two shots, but Dong Xuebin doesn't know how many times to re-shoot with the back, which is hit!Seeing that the pirates fell, the two snipers looked shocked, "Captain! Hit the target!"

The big school did not bother them, silently watching the distance with a telescope, and said nothing.

While the two snipers were screaming at the gods, one of the officers next to them sighed: "Not that you hit, the pirates are falling to the west, and the direction of the trajectory is the east."

The sniper noticed that it was Dong Xuebin who shot again!

The two men's faces were red and white, very embarrassing, and the faces of the soldiers around them were somewhat complicated. An amateur was even more accurate than the elite guns in the army. This is a bit of a face.

The university was ordered again, "to cover the young man!"



The sniper did not accept it, and he did not add any more trouble. He tried to cover Dong Xuebin.

Now everyone knows that Dong Xuebin is the key to winning this battle. Can you save the hostages and see him all!

With the fire cover on the warships, the shooting of the pirates on the pirate main ship also had concerns. Dong Xuebin was a lot easier.

it's time!

Kill the remaining pirates first! Can't let them escape!

Dong Xuebin is not ready to let go today. These should be the full strength of the pirate leader. As long as they are killed, the pirates of other factions are not expected to avenge them. After all, the internal contradictions are also very big. So, there is no need to fear that there will be pirates in the future to retaliate against the merchant ships of the Republic. The band of the beard pirate leader must leave them today and cannot return to the mountains!

Sweeping the speedboats below, there is a pirate driving on each speedboat.

One of them was unsuccessful to escape, and three others were coming over to the pirate ship owner. It seemed that they were going to avoid the firepower of the warships, and the second was to join the leader.

The escaped ship is facing diagonally opposite Dong Xuebin. Dong Xuebin lifted the AK47 aiming and said that he pulled the trigger!


The speedboat was still flying fast, but the pirates on the boat had already fallen into the water.

Immediately afterwards, Dong Xuebin slammed the gun with one hand and jumped into the child. He made a roll in the cover of the body and escaped the bullet that was shot from the opposite side. He immediately raised the hand and opened the gun again!


A total of three shots!

The three speedboats that sailed over there were on time!

The three pirates on the speedboat fell down with horror!

After killing so many people in a row, the number of pirates is now only one place, plus the leader, they only have five people left!

The pirates yelled over there.



Listening to the voice, the pirates are a little panicked.

Suddenly, the bullets were killed and flew toward Dong Xuebin!

Dong Xuebin only had the last few left, and he walked slowly without hiding.

When the soldiers on the warships in the distance saw it, they were a little shocked. I didn’t expect Dong Xuebin to be so bold, and even went forward with the muzzle!

"Quick cover!"


The big school and the officers have ordered it!What makes them stunned again is that Dong Xuebin just moved his head and sideways, and he avoided all the bullets of the pirates. He stepped closer to the pirates, and the bullets did not even touch the skin of Dong Xuebin. Instead, It was Dong Xuebin who opened four shots on the way to the past!

Four more pirates have fallen!

There is only one bearded leader left in the pirate.

When Dong Xuebin wanted to shoot again, ak47 made a squeaking sound and the bullets were gone.

The pirate leader looked at the opportunity and was surprised to shoot the gun.

But Dong Xuebin threw away ak without hesitation, and he took out his third knife from the back waist, hiding sideways, his body flashing, and a knife was inserted into the heart of the pirate leader!


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