Power and Wealth

By Chang Yu

Chapter 888 [Xiao Yucheng star! 】

Chapter 888 [Xiao Yucheng star! 】

Chapter 888


Office of the Director.

After Dong Xuebin took his finger back, he wiped his fingertips and wiped the saliva of Luo Haiting on his finger. He felt that the atmosphere was a bit awkward, and he quickly opened the subject: "To Luo Sister, I just came. When I was in the unit, I was optimistic about many people talking about me, what happened?"

Luo Haiting smiled bitterly. "I can't say this."

"Talk." Dong Xuebin looked at her: "What else can you say?"

Luo Haiting hesitated and smiled and said: "I heard that anyway, everyone privately called you blasphemy."

Dong Xuebin was a shame, "Hey God?" I went, how did the nickname of the buddy come back?

Dong Xuebin thought it would be clear. It must be that Wan Sichao and Li Taibo had a few people who made themselves notorious again. Moreover, many people also estimated that they also worked in Yantai County and Nanshan District. The deeds of the time, have you said this? Dong Xuebin can't help but be depressed. Does the heart say that the title of this god is to follow the buddy for a lifetime? Where did I get where I was when I went there? This is good, after Yantai County and Nanshan District, their stigma has spread to the whole city!

Dong Xuebin reluctantly said: "I said how many people look at me in the morning."

Luo Haiting yelled at him. "Everyone is also a swarm of bees. You know, but all things in the organization are often exaggerated."

Dong Xuebin waved his hand, "I will blaspheme God, I am not the first time I have been called."

Luo Haiting couldn't help but have a moment. Just want to say something. The cry of the child suddenly came from the office. Luo Haiting glanced at it. Only then did she see the little baby on the sofa, and she was surprised: "Hey? Xuebin, this... ”

"I am a daughter." Dong Xuebin pulled out a pack of diapers from his home and walked over: "It may be urinating again, hey, she can't sleep for a moment."

"Let the big sister come."

"Don't be too troublesome."

"It's okay, I like children, huh, huh."

Luo Haiting took the diaper, went up and touched, and immediately changed the piece to the little one, saying: "How old is the child? What is the name?"

"Hundred days, screaming."

"Good name, it looks so cute."

"Oh, it's pretty cute, it looks like you."

“How do you look after your child? Now you can see your child tired.”

"It's tired, but isn't it hospitalized? She has no relatives here, so I entrusted it to me. Can't I throw the child alone?"

Luo Haiting seems to like Xiaoyan very much. She just played with her, and she played with her doll and teased her. "Small, don't you want it?"

Xiao Yan reached out and grabbed it, anxiously yelling.

Luo Haiting handed the doll to her, smiled and took a sip on her face. "You are so beautiful, let's go with the aunt, okay?"


"Is this promised? Can the aunt take you home?"

"Oh!"Xiao Yan loved to play, and was held by Luo Haiting. She danced and smacked Luo’s clothes and gave a giggling laughter.

Luo Haiting kissed her again. "You little guy, you really like it."

Dong Xuebin smiled and said: "She, she has never been afraid of being a stranger, and she is familiar with it."

Luo Haiting smiled and said: "I can see that this little baby is growing up. It is so beautiful. Whoever sees it all likes it, huh, huh, Xue Bin, if you look after your child is too tired, you can rest assured that you are a big sister. The child gave me the big sister to help you look after, my son was originally pulled by me alone, saying that if you don’t brag, the older sister can have experience in this respect."

Dong Xuebin said: "Oh, I really can't stare and trouble you again."

Luo Haiting played with her little girl and played for a long time.

In the morning, the director of the supervision room, with a particularly cute little baby, came to work in the Disciplinary Committee. If other people are surely unable to bring their children to the unit, after all, it will affect the work, and it will not be heard in the ears of the leaders. No one dares to do this, but Dong Xuebin is different. He is the leader of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, although the agency There are some rules in the leadership, but the leadership will always have some privilege of leadership, such as being late, such as leaving early, such as bringing a child to the unit, it will definitely not work on the staff side, but it is not a big deal in the leadership.


It was closed in the afternoon.

Dong Xuebin just returned from the meal and was about to brew milk powder to feed Xiaoxiao. The office door was knocked open. The director of the petition office was Liang Shuming.

“Director Liang?” Dong Xuebin smiled and said: “Is there something?”

Liang Xiaoxiao Yingying said: "I heard that you brought your daughter to the unit, and the little guy is very cute, huh, I am coming."

Dong Xuebin said: "Liang Dajie also likes children?"

"Whether it is like? I want to reproduce one dream, hey, this is Xiao Yan?" Liang Shu looked at the baby on the sofa, and suddenly liked it very much. "Director Dong, can I hold it?"

Dong Xuebin said: "Of course Cheng."

Liang Shuo carefully held the child in his arms, and he smiled. "It’s so cute. These big eyes, when you grow up, don’t know how many men to be lost.”

Oops, I am going to grab Liang Shu’s hair.

Liang Shuo quickly evaded, "Hey, dare to scratch the aunt? Small

naughty. ”

Dong Xuebin also got the bottle here. "The little guy should have dinner."

"I will come." Liang Hao volunteered to take the bottle and tried the temperature very carefully. "It's a bit hot, and it will cool down a few degrees."

Dong Xuebin humbly asks: "How much is appropriate?"

Liang Shudao said: "I don't think it's hot in winter, even if it's warm, it doesn't matter, but it can't be too hot, and the child can't stand it."

Dong Xuebin nodded and remembered it in his heart.


Dong Xuebin took his daughter out to bend and bend, and let the sun shine.This is good. Just as soon as I got out of the corridor, Xiaoyan was surrounded by many people. The cadres of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection also had staff members. Most of them were women. Everyone seemed to be fascinated by Xiao Xiao’s cuteness. To tease her to play, some may also take another shot of Dong Xuebin, and talk to the leader by chance.

But no matter what, seeing Xiao Yan so popular, Dong Xuebin is also extremely happy, with everyone chatting happily.

Xiao Yan is also broken, and he is playing with everyone.

At the end, taking advantage of her daughter’s tiredness, Dong Xuebin took her back to the office and reached for a little bit of a small brain. Dong Xuebin smiled and said: “You are so popular, you are a big star, huh, huh.”




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