Power and Wealth

By Chang Yu

Chapter 845 [Homeless Xiao Dong! 】

Chapter 845 [Homeless Xiao Dong! 】

in the afternoon.

The cold winds of winter plunged.

Dong Xuebin, who was smashed out of his home by the mother, went underground and looked at the Porsche and Land Rover under the building. He reached out and touched his mouth, but found that he did not bring the car key at all, let alone the key, Dong Xuebin just left. In a hurry, he was almost hit by Xiao Xiaoping. He didn't even look at the wallet and the documents in his pocket. He looked around and looked for it. Finally, Dong Xuebin only found a mobile phone and only took it. [Search for the latest updates at all]

Go back and get it?

Got it, my mom is so annoyed, Dong Xuebin can't go back, even if he goes in, he has to be beaten, at least the mother can't get rid of it before.

No penny, let me go where?

Dong Xuebin had no choice but to call Huilan.

Dududu, pass, Xie Huilan said: "Hey?"

"Hui Lan, I didn't bring my wallet. Can you help me throw some money from the window and get it?"

Xie Huilan just want to say something, but the head that killed Xiaoping’s angry voice was obviously heard. “Don’t give it to him! Don’t give it to him! Hungry, life and death! I should have never had him!”

Xie Huilan smiled bitterly: "Mom, Xiaobin, he also..."

"Nobody cares about him! Let him fend for himself! Otherwise, don't recognize me this mom!" The shouts on the phone shook the Dong Xuebin eardrums.

Xie Huilan said helplessly: "Have you heard?"

"Hear it, then, that's it, I think about it myself." Dong Xuebin was downcast.

Xie Huilan’s meal, “This Saturday, there are still two squads to go to work. If you can’t do it, go to the municipal party committee to make two lodges. Do you want me to say hello to you?”

"You don't have to, don't worry."

"Well, then pay more attention to yourself."

"Well, what's the first time to call me, don't marry me, don't make her too angry."

"You thank Xie sister, don't worry."

Yan Xiaoping said: "I still tell him so much nonsense! Hang up!"

Xie Huilan immediately said: "Well, I don't care about him, I don't care about him."

With a beep, the phone was unilaterally hanged up and no longer heard.

Dong Xuebin put his hand down on the mobile phone, and sighed with a long sigh. If this is blocked, don’t say it again. If he can’t afford money, what else can he do? There is no place to live. He has nothing to do with the relatives and friends who can live in the city. Even if he can live, it is not convenient. In that case, who still does not know that he was bombarded by his family? I was not allowed to enter the house and thought that I was a wife and a stricter. I asked my wife to go out to sweep the floor. Dong Xuebin was the best face, so he was not prepared to go to the municipal party committee and could not go.

There are a lot of street trips on weekends, coming and going.

Dong Xuebin walked alone in the street, and the feeling of homelessness suddenly hit his heart, making him feel bad.

Hey, hey, hey.

Who can't live, can you blame?

To say that it is not all his own troubles!Dong Xuebin had no place to go. He slid to Dada to the park in a residential area in the west. He looked around and sighed and sat on the stone chair in the small garden. He tightened the thin shirt on his body and was in the cold wind. Sitting in a thousand. He is in a terrible situation at the moment. He has no money and no clothes. He has frozen enough to freeze him. Look at the commissary opposite the store. He can’t afford to drink hot milk. It’s also a billionaire. At the deputy level of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, Dong Xuebin felt that he was so lost. He had a low head and was afraid of meeting the ripeness.

Ten minutes...half an hour...one hour...The sky is covered with clouds and the wind is up.

Dong Xuebin still remembers that the suffocating forecast said that there was rain here today. Seeing that the suffocation changed so quickly, he immediately touched out the mobile phone and passed the name of many names into his mind. Going home is still hospitalized! Luo Haiting? If you go to her house, it will not be easy to see it!虞美霞? She is now working with the bank, Saturday should be also a working day, and she and her now live with her parents! Go to your colleague? But if the relationship is generally explained to them, even if you don’t live there, it’s not convenient to borrow money. How do you look at yourself when you enter the home? There are too many gossips in the officialdom. He doesn't want to know everything, but it's not a face-lifting thing!

I thought about it for a long time, Dong Xuebin did not expect to go anywhere.

But when Dong Xuebin wants to call again, he can ask if he and Huilan can take the time to send him some money. When he looks at the phone, it is black, no electricity!

The house leaks all night rain!

Is this the old grandfather punishing himself? ?

It seems that I heard Dong Xuebin’s inner voice, and suddenly there was a lightning bolt in the sky. Then, the thunder and the raindrops ticking down the raindrops!

The rain is not big, but it is not small.

"It's raining!"

"Hurry home!"

"Oh, this suffocating!"

Dong Xuebin’s hair and clothes were a little wet, and the residents in the community ran home. He was embarrassed, but he could only run under a big tree to avoid the rain, but as the thunder became more and more intense, Dong Xuebin also felt that it was too dangerous to avoid rain under the trees. Dong Xuebin, who had already had a hard-hearted morning, was very uncomfortable. He licked the wet clothes. He bit his teeth and strode out of the neighborhood and walked down the street. He waited for three or four minutes on the roadside before he had a car. An empty taxi stopped in front of him.

In the car.

The driver asked, "Where is the young man going?"

Dong Xuebin hesitated, "Go to Nanshan District."

“Nanshan District? It’s a bit far away.” The driver is not willing to pull. “Or else you change the car? I rarely go there.”

Dong Xuebin smiled bitterly. "Master, I am bothering you. How do you let me take a taxi again? I have only met you for a while."

The driver thinks, reluctantly said: "That... well."

"Thank you." Dong Xuebin's wet hair, looking out of the window.

I just came back from Nanshan District in the morning, and I have to return to the original road in the afternoon. Hey, things are impermanent.

Nanshan District.

Because there was some traffic jam in the rain, the taxi arrived two hours later.Dong Xuebin pointed to the door of the old community in the previous era to stop the car. This is the leading family of the city of Chenzhou in the Nanshan District. Dong Xuebin once came to Xu Yan once and knew the road. The outside vehicles did not come and go. The card and the words allowed are not allowed to enter the community. The reason why I came to the city *** director Xu Yan, Dong Xuebin is also considered in many ways. Once he is too familiar with Xu Sister, he can say anything, even if he loses his sister, he will not laugh at him. Secondly, Xu Yan was divorced early. One stay was still in the Guoan department, which was free from the officialdom. It was convenient for him to come. There should be no gossip about it. Thirdly, Xu Yan’s age is not small, more than forty, Even if they were told by their mother and Hui Lan that they had found Xu Sister, they would have no doubts.

Well, in fact, I found a reason for a long while, mainly because Dong Xuebin thought about it. When this mood was not good, Dong Xuebin especially wanted to find a woman to talk. Xu Dajie seems to be half of his elders in Dong Xuebin. Rich in experience, nature is the most suitable selection.

Outside the community.

The taxi stopped.

Dong Xuebin said quickly: "You wait for me, Master, I will call the doorman."

The driver said strangely: "Would you like to go to another place?"

"No." Dong Xuebin was awkward. "I... I didn't bring my wallet when I went out. When I asked a friend to give you the money, I am embarrassed."

The driver glanced, "Hey, then you call."

Dong Xuebin slammed his head and opened the door. He drove down the car and went straight to the guard room. Once upon a time, Dong Xuebin didn’t blink his eyes. He didn’t look at the price when he bought anything. It’s spent on dozens of millions of flowers. But now, it’s even two or three hundred dollars. It’s up, hehe.

Fence doorway.

A guard blocked Dong Xuebin. "Who are you looking for?"

Dong Xuebin said: "I am looking for Director Xu Yanxu."

The doorman frowned. "I didn't get a notice here, I'm sorry, I can't let you in."

Dong Xuebin pointed to the guard room. "Would you help me to call Mr. Xu's home? I told her." Seeing him hesitating, Dong Xuebin continued: "Friend, I have been here many times. Today, the main reason is that the mobile phone has no power. Use a phone to use the head office?"

"Well, what do you call it?"

"My name is Dong."

The guard took Dong Xuebin into the guard room, then picked up the phone and dialed a number from the inside. It was passed after a while.

The guard was serious: "Director Xu, there is a comrade named Dong who is looking for you, you see..."

The voice of the middle-aged woman in the middle: "Son Dong? Xiao Dong? You give him a call."

When the guards handed the phone, Dong Xuebin picked up and said: "Old leader, my little Dong."

Xu Yan said faintly: "How come raining, I think of you, come to Xu Dajie? Didn't make a call before coming? Go, let's talk about it."

Dong Xuebin coughed: "I am this, I will not go for the time being."

Xu Yanyi, "Well? What happened?"Dong Xuebin is very embarrassed. "Why are you so embarrassed, can you lend me some money first? I took a taxi from Xiping District, coughing and coughing, coming out urgently, without a wallet, so..."

Xu Yanyi was happy, "Okay, I know."

"Thank you so much."

"You give the phone to the guard."

The guard took the line, "Director Xu."

Xu Yanwei said: "I don't have a wallet with my son. You are new to less than that? Is there any wealthy money on your side? First help me with my son, and I will give you the money."

Xu’s thousand sons? ?

The guard was busy: "Okay, no problem, no problem."

Hanging up the phone, the guards were obviously more polite to Dong Xuebin's expression. They turned out the wallet and went to the taxi with Dong Xuebin and put the money on the pad.

Dong Xuebin shook his hand and thanked him. "Comrade, I am bothering you."

The door guard said: "It doesn't matter, go ahead, Xu is waiting for you at home."

This is definitely unforgettable for Dong Xuebin, and he is rarely so cramped.


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