Power and Wealth

By Chang Yu

Chapter 833 [Save the plan! 】

Chapter 833 [Save the plan! 】

Chapter 833 Saving Plan!

That night.

The secretary of the district party committee, Qiu Yuehua, suffered from the late stage of cancer and suddenly made it known to everyone in Nanshan District. Everyone has one count, and they are all shocked.

"how come!"

"The secretary of Yuehua, she..."

"Lung cancer? This, this..."

"Oh, God is so beautiful."

It can be said that the dying of the secretary of Yuehua is even more sensational than the departure of Wang Anshi before the launch of the whole body. If the secretary of Yuehua really died, this is a great earthquake for the official residence of Nanshan District. For a time, many cadres They hurriedly called the second people's hospital in the district to confirm the truth of the news. Many leaders who had a good relationship with the secretary of Yuehua also rushed to the hospital again, but they were completely different from the mentality during the day when they went to the hospital. What happened to the car accident? There is also the possibility of surviving, but the late stage of cancer...

Everyone knows that Hao Yuehua can't do it!

Her life is only a month left!


More than ten o'clock.

At this time, the hospital was cold and clear, the rest of the patients were rested, the doctor and the nurse should also be off work after work, but today is different, the outside corridor is very noisy, come back and forth are footsteps In the hospital compound, a car from the Nanshan District Committee and the government's government was in and out. Qiu Yuehua was the leader of the Nanshan District. She had a great impact on cancer.

In a ward.

Dong Xuebin stood alone in front of the window and looked at the night sky for a long time.

It turned out that this is the reason why Yuehua has never planned to get married. It turns out that she has long known that she has had cancer for a long time. Dong Xuebin couldn’t imagine how Yu Yuehua came over in the past six months, knowing his death deadline, no more than this. What is more frightening, and Yu Yuehua not only did not show it on her face at all, but also did not reveal her own temperament. She also smashed herself and used her little time left. I continue to do things for the people in Nanshan District. No wonder that Yuehua is working every day except for work. She has devoted herself to almost no rest. The truth of the original incident is so cruel. She dedicated her last youth to her. The ordinary people, dedicated to the work, this is the perseverance and determination of Yuehua, so that Dong Xuebin is somewhat awe-inspiring, and his heart is quickly broken!

Moonlight is dying?

Absolutely not! Must be saved!

Dong Xuebin's eyes are unprecedentedly firm. Of course, he can't see the death of Yuehua. At this moment, Dong Xuebin never forgot his special ability, so that he has a hope to pull Yuehua back from the ghost gate!

"Doctor! Doctor!" Dong Xuebin loudly said to the outside: "Come on."

A moment later, a white doctor walked open the door of the ward. "Director Dong? Where is it uncomfortable?"

"I'm fine." Dong Xuebin moved the chair to him. "You sit, I am asking you something."

As soon as the doctor hesitated, he sat down and said, "You are welcome, you have something to ask."

Dong Xuebin looked at him and said: "It is about the secretary of Yuehua. Is she really only one month?"The doctor sighed slightly. "If there is no serious injury in this car accident, it should be about two months a month. But now the secretary of Yuehua has just finished a major operation. The physical condition is very poor. Our worst estimate is that the secretary of Yuehua may not support it. After two weeks, maybe this week too..."

Wen Yan, Dong Xuebin is more sinking in his heart. "When is her illness?"

The doctor said: "She was discovered when she was diagnosed half a year ago? It was already late in cancer."

"No, I mean, how long ago, when Yuehua remembered cancer?"

"Is the cancer early?" The doctor thought for a moment. "If you infer, it should be a year or two ago, but the initial symptoms of lung cancer are not obvious, just the symptoms of dry cough and some common diseases, so even if you come to the hospital for examination. It is not always possible to check it out, which delays the best treatment period."

More than a year ago?

Even if it is two years, time is up!

Dong Xuebin has accumulated so many days, although the remaining time is not 60 minutes, but there are always more than 40 minutes! If reverse can take the specified target back one day, then that is, two years of the year, as long as the reverse ten minutes is enough!


I can save her!

Dong Xuebin’s heart was a big fix, and a heart was a little slack, but in a blink of an eye he thought of a key question and couldn’t help but say: “Doctor, you said that the secretary of Yuehua does not smoke, and rarely drinks alcohol. How can you get lung cancer? What is the cause of this disease?" If you don't find the reason, even if Dong Xuebin retired the time of Qiu Yuehua back two years ago, then some days and months will still be the same, which is the same as Dong Xuebin's appendicitis to Wang Anshi. Almost, even if you return to the time, the disease will still occur, and the time is not omnipotent. For the disease, this is a cure for the disease. Dong Xuebin has to cure the roots.

"The cause of the disease?" The doctor smiled bitterly: "You can hardly do this for me. Nowadays, the medical profession can't explain the reason why cancer is coming systematically and scientifically. However, there are mainly a few points. In the case of lung cancer, the most important thing is smoking and drinking. Even if you don't smoke, second-hand smoke is a hazard. Then there is heredity. The elders and immediate family members in the family may have genes similar to cancer, and the work is overworked and the work schedule is unstable."

Dong Xuebin said: "If you keep rest and sleep, do not smoke second-hand smoke, can lung cancer be avoided?"

"That is not necessarily." Dafu said:

"I said, the cause of the disease is not yet a conclusion in the medical world."

"So what preventive measures are gone?""Well, that's not it." The doctor told him: "As the grape seeds that the common people often say, there is anti-cancer effect, and the best medicine known to fight cancer... is wild ginseng and meat ganoderma lucidum. It is the onset of cancer. These wild ginsengs have obvious effects on inhibiting cancer cells. If you take them for a long time, I think they should be able to prevent cancer. Well, the consumption is too high. The average person can't afford it. Now it's a little better. The wild ginseng has tens of thousands of thousands of appearances, and the meat and ganoderma is similar, and it is still priceless and difficult to buy."

"I know, thank you doctor."

"You're welcome, then I go back, there is something you call the nurse."

Wild ginseng and meat ganoderma lucidum?

Very expensive? Money has never been a problem for Dong Xuebin!

With the doctor's words, Dong Xuebin has a full grasp of saving Hao Yuehua!

paralysis! After the time of retreating Yuehua! I fucking to buy a few million meat Ganoderma lucidum for the moon to eat every day, eat snacks and stuff into the mouth! I don't believe she can get lung cancer again!

Dong Xuebin sent a message!


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