Power and Wealth

By Chang Yu

Chapter 742 [Mad! 】 (emergency monthly ticket!)

Chapter 742 [Mad! 】 (emergency monthly ticket!)

The district committee compound is quiet.

In addition to the sound of the flame burning, there is no other movement.

All the people who saw this scene held their breath and looked shocked at Dong Xuebin who was kneeling on the mat and the female subject in his hand. [Search for the latest updates at all]

one second……

Two seconds...

Three seconds...

"Ah!" The female officer suddenly rolled over and sat up, rubbing her eyes in confusion, looking down at her body. "I, I'm fine? I'm fine?"

It is actually alive!

I didn’t feel a little hurt! !

Everyone was shocked and a burst of cheers broke out!

"Good! Good!"



But when the female member stood up in the back of the painful pain, she found that Dong Xuebin was holding a dragging hand there, and a blood rushed out along Dong Xuebin’s arm. He was also a whole person. I kept my head down and could only hear the sound of his inhalation. There was a tremor in my voice and pain. It was obviously the result of the injury to the extreme. When the female member saw it, she did not understand that it was Dong Xuebin’s rescue. For her, Dong Xuebin lived with her hands and caught her from the height of the floor!

The female subject’s eye was hot at the time, “Director Dong!”

Dong Xuebin finally lifted the fork, "Go outside! Go!"

"Can...but you..."

"Hurry and go!"

The female member bite her teeth and rushed out to step outside.

Dong Xuebin looked down and saw the bloody arm that had been scratched and moved his fingers. The left hand must have cracked the bones, and the right hand could still hold it!

Dong Xuebin struggled to stand up from the ground and looked up and said: "Give me a jump!"

There was a glimpse of the scene. "Looking at Dong Xuebin, all the faces showed a touch of moving look!

Pick up people by hand? Pick up the people who fell on the sixth floor? Use your self-defeating body to relieve most of the impact of falling? What is this discouraged? How crazy is this? As long as a little careless, Dong Xuebin will also take his life! Even both hands may not be able to keep it from now on!

Everyone was shocked by Dong Xuebin.

Even Wang Anshi flashed an incredible look.

"Jump!" The huge pain made Dong Xuebin hoarse and hoarse. "Hurry up and jump for me! As long as I have a sigh of relief! I can take it!"

Everyone in the upstairs took a breath!

Hao Yuehua’s entire body was cold for a moment. She looked at Dong Xuebin with a black face and looked at his unwavering gaze. Qiu Yuehua almost squeezed a word from his teeth, “jump!”

Another female member licked his lips and jumped up with a red scorpion!

Twenty meters...

Ten meters...

Five meters...

The female staff in midair fell over with the big head down!

Dong Xuebin also made a fuss, and adjusted his foot to adjust the abandonment. He raised his hand and grabbed the waist of the female staff member. He used all his strength to adjust the direction of her body. The other one The hand also hugged her, and she fell to the ground with her!

"Ah!" The female screamer screamed.

Dong Xuebin did not even scream, and his head was cold and sweating.The female member called a loud voice, but when she calmed down, she stood up from the mat, and the thigh was hurt but she could still move.

On the other hand, Dong Xuebin, but can not stand even the station.

"Director Dong!" The female staff member burst into tears, "Director Dong!"

Dong Xuebin lifted himself up and ignored her, but looked at it. "Continue to jump! I can hold it!"

Mary outside slammed her mouth, and her tears couldn’t stop flowing!

Some female cadres next to me also cried out and didn't overdo it. I couldn't bear to see it.

Even the chief executive of the district chief Shen Fei, the secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission Wu Liang and the leaders of several district committees are also red, and no one has thought that Dong Xuebin would actually do this!

What is this willpower?

Everyone knows very well that Dong Xuebin is putting his life on it!

After two consecutive encounters, Dong Xuebin was actually no longer able to do it. He knew very well that now his two hands are difficult to move his fingers. It is definitely a number of fractures. He has different degrees of injuries in the waist and neck and cervical spine. The impact of the six floors is too strong.

The mouth is a second!

Dong Xuebin finally used the instructions!

The body suddenly loosened, and the injury on the arm returned to yesterday's time! All right!

However, the mental pain can't be eliminated. The sweat on Dong Xuebin's head is still running, and countless pains seem to surround him!

The third person jumped down!

When Dong Xuebin caught the moment, his arm broke again, and the blood stained the mat with a large piece!

The third person, Dong Xuebin, knew that it was a winning director of the district government office. The man saw Dong Xuebin squatting on the ground and sending me a hand, and hurriedly picked him up.

"Director Dong, how are you? How?"

Dong Xuebin barely smiled. "Good, very fast!" After all, Dong Xuebin looked up at the top of the building, his strength was already weak, and his voice was much smaller. "Jump!" But the tone was still unprecedented. It’s a bit trembled when people listen.

The fourth person is down!

The fifth person...

Sixth person...

The seventh person...

Now, there is only one person on the top of the building, she is letting everyone go first, but she stays at the end.

Dong Xuebin Yu Ting, smiled a bit, "Jump! Let's hurry!" Dong Xuebin can feel that his mental pain is accumulating more and more, and he can't hold on.

"Good!" Hao Yuehua breathes in and squats down!

call! The wind suddenly pressed down!

In the blink of an eye, it is only ten meters away from the ground!

At this time, another explosion occurred in the stairs, and the fire broke out with the big mouth open. The second wave of aftershocks finally came, the earth roared and swayed. The government-run building collapsed almost halfway through the same breath!


Dong Xuebin’s feet are shaking, and he’s already standing still!


"not good!"

Everyone exclaimed!

How can Dong Xuebin hurt Qi Yuehua? When he was in the first round, he opened a few cs!I saw Dong Xuebin, who was going to the end, squatting out, and reached out to pick up the body of Hao Yuehua, and went to the mat with her!


Dong Xuebin was dizzy at the time, life and death unknown!

Wang Anshi said: "Fast! Save people!"

A dozen people suddenly rushed up!

"Director Dong!"

"Hey District Chief!"

The man saved it!

Miracles are all saved!

Everyone was touched by the madness of Dong Xuebin. In the past, Dong Xuebin was a thorn, and he was offended everywhere. He didn’t talk about political wisdom. However, now everyone’s impression of Dong Xuebin has changed. The appearance of a dead person from a high altitude has been branded in the minds of many people!

What is this will? ?

*** is a madman!

Yes, everyone is awesome! Many people's faces are wet with tears!

, urgently ask for a monthly ticket"


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