Power and Wealth

By Chang Yu

Chapter 704 [earthquake popularization work! 】

Chapter 704 [earthquake popularization work! 】

on Monday.

Morning, cloudy.

When the people of Guangming Street Office went to work, they learned from the staff who worked overtime yesterday that the director of Director Dong’s Dafa Shenwei was passed down by word of mouth. [Search for the latest updates at all]

"Daddy, have you heard that?"

"Probably heard a bit, what about billboards?"

"Hah, you didn't see the expression of the owner of the winery, and didn't put us in the eye."

"There are all in the district to give us a cold palace. Who can put our streets in the eye? Right, then?"

"Later? There is a billboard for the health winery downstairs in my house. I was passing by yesterday and I was dismantling.

"Well? Why did you suddenly take it apart? Song Qingming himself looking for someone to dismantle? What is he drawing?"

"He doesn't figure out anything. Anyway, Director Dong didn't know what to use, and he cleaned up Song Qingming. He didn't have to tear it down."

"Is this really happening? I knew that I also worked overtime yesterday, but I can also watch the excitement."

"I was very addicted yesterday. The owner of the winery did not know how to be good. He didn't want to think about it. Is our director's face so good?"

Dong Xuebin came to work. He did not hear the opinions of the people, but he also knew what they were talking about with his feet.

When the factory’s notice was dismantled, Dong Xuebin once again showed everyone the fighting power in his struggle. This is a Liwei, and Dong Xuebin’s change is telling all the leading cadres who are uncomfortable with themselves. Tossing, do you want to do it with me? You should first measure the amount in your own heart, don't think that the buddy has provoked the party secretary Wang Anshi, whoever and anyone can go down with me!

I would like to see who is still arguing with me!

Who is the board, the buddy will pick up who! Don't push me hard!

Now Dong Xuebin is moving toward a road of "crossing the body and burying the wilderness", gradually deviating from the normal track of the system, and getting more and more embarrassing. However, he is also incapable of doing things. Dong Xuebin, who is in a political low, wants to step into the right path. Therefore, this earthquake has come to Dong Xuebin to pay such attention. Try to minimize the damage of the upcoming earthquake and try not to let it go. In the jurisdiction of the street, a common citizen was killed. This is not only for the safety of the people of the street, but also for Dong Xuebin’s own protection from the earthquake disaster, to retain the official position, and further, to jump out of the right circle of Nanshan District and change to a new environment. Glow your own political life.

Office of the Secretary.

As soon as he came in, Dong Xuebin called the party and government office. "Director Zhou, is the factory sign of the winery cleaned up?"

At the end of the phone, Zhou Yanru smiled and said: "I just sent someone to see it in the morning, and all of them were removed."

"Well, I know." Dong Xuebin said: "In the future, there will be applications for this and billboards. You can't be sloppy. You must first check the formalities and check the quality. Also, not only the winery." Other billboards already installed on the street, these days also have to do a comprehensive rectification and verification, once you find unqualified billboards, do not use nonsense to directly dismantle, and finally make a report, hand over the documents to the district. ”

"Understood, then I will bring someone to follow me.""Well, you can do it, I will give you peace of mind."

Hanging the line, Dong Xuebin finally completed one of the plans.

The Great Earthquake... The Great Earthquake... There are still more than 20 days, and the earthquake is imminent!

Dong Xuebin didn't have time to delay, and his eyes tightened. He immediately opened the computer and slammed the words, and found relevant information in the documents on the Internet and at hand. The following one was about the popularity of earthquake knowledge.

As is known to all, the moment of the earthquake, even if it is a magnitude 8 earthquake, a house or a wall, it will not collapse in the meantime. In the face of sudden danger, there will be some buffer time, maybe five seconds. Perhaps ten seconds, the oldest bungalows are not made of paper, and they all have a certain degree of earthquake resistance. Moreover, Dafeng County is the source of the magnitude 8 earthquake. In the Nanshan District, the earthquake will only be slightly smaller. Therefore, when the earthquake arrived, the response was the most important. Dong Xuebin saw a simple statistics and investigation from the previous data. The vast majority of people killed in the earthquake were caused by the earthquake. Did not find a suitable bunker, not fully prepared, which led to the tragedy, but if the earthquake can happen when everyone can do the most correct treatment through scientific methods, then I believe that most people can escape After a catastrophe, the importance of earthquake knowledge can be seen.

Dong Xuebin remembers that this and the common sense of the earthquake had been studied before he went to school, but he didn’t have much contact with it. After so many years, he forgot to clean it. At most, one or two points can be remembered. This is true for college students, let alone other people. I believe that everyone in this area is more or less lacking, so Dong Xuebin should focus on this aspect of work. If everyone is mastered, it is the most conservative estimate. Nearly a thousand people who were killed after the earthquake in Guangming Street can survive at least half. Just do it. But you have to find a head.

Dong Xuebin is not willing to bear the crime of spreading earthquake rumors. When he thought about it, he had an idea in his heart. He called the party and government office to inform the leaders of various communities and convene a community meeting.


Large meeting room.

Dong Xuebin was the last one, but he waited for him to follow the steps and went up the corridor. The confrontation suddenly came with a familiar figure, which was the party committee’s winning secretary.

When I saw Dong Xuebin, Yan Xinke looked at him deeply. "Director Dong, come and report to you."

Dong Xuebin smiled and said: "Dr. Secretary, huh, when did you come back?"

"The party school has graduated and just returned.

"Xin Xinke's tone is not hot or cold."

Dong Xuebin went up and patted his arm affectionately. "New Branch, you can count it back. The office can't leave you alone, just come back."

Yan Xinke was called a goose bump by his "new family".

Dong Xuebin smiled and said: "Walk away, just to abandon the community meeting, go together."Yan Xinke frowned, quite uncomfortable, not a little bit of how Dong Xuebin suddenly became so enthusiastic to him, this is not the bad idea of ​​the surname Dong? Fuxinke was alarmed.

When I walked into the conference room, people have arrived.

There are cadres in the street office, and the rest are the heads of the communities.

Dong Xuebin sat on the rostrum and touched the microphone. He didn't want to talk nonsense. After saying two simple opening remarks, he went straight to the theme: "Today, this meeting is mainly to arrange several tasks. Everyone knows the Wenchuan earthquake, Yushu. The earthquake, as well as several major earthquakes that have occurred frequently in Indonesia and abroad, have caused irreparable damage and trauma. People are homeless and people lose relatives and friends..." In the world, earthquakes, large or small, are almost Every day, Dong Xuebin used this lead, which is also a matter of course. He said the danger of the earthquake from beginning to end, and his tone was heavy.

When everyone listens, they all have different expressions.

After a lengthy discussion, Dong Xuebin glanced down. "In view of this, I feel that it is necessary to put the popularization of earthquake knowledge on the agenda. Natural disasters cannot prevent it, but prevent it in advance and make earthquake prevention and disaster reduction in advance. Preparing for work, this is what we can, it is necessary, and it is also preventive." One meal, Dong Xuebin said: "So from today, I have arranged several tasks, led by various community neighborhood committees, in each In the community jurisdiction, a large-scale earthquake knowledge popularization work is carried out. Well, my ugly words are first mentioned in the front. This task is to be a political task, and the responsible persons of the communities should personally bring people to go and go door to door to publicize the materials. If you send it down, neither the resident population nor the floating population can fall, and it must be implemented in every household and every person!"

Hearing the words, the quiet voices of the discussion suddenly sounded, and they considered the problems more realistic.

“Earthquake prevention? Popularization of knowledge?”

"This is not formalism."

"How come this suddenly? How much manpower and material resources are wasted?"

"Publicity brochure, one family, how much does it cost? Will not let the community out?"

The cadres of Fuxinke and Zhou Yanru and other street offices did not think how Dong Xuebin could make such a cold hand, it was too sudden, and it was inexplicable. What kind of earthquake prevention is good for the end? This and the matter are generally carried out in the streets after the earthquake bureau has been down. Obviously, there is no such instruction on the above, and even if there is, at most, it is done in the school, how to implement it to everyone? is this necessary? The annual funds of their street office can be a little bit of slap, where is there so much money?

Many people are quite vocal.However, Dong Xuebin made it clear that he had to make a statement. He did not ask anyone for advice. He said directly: "The brochure street will be responsible for printing and binding. This is the matter of Director Wang. You are responsible for catching up, and the information will come to me for a while. You look for the director of Zhou to discuss." He looked at Wang Yuling, "I will say it again, this propaganda work is to give top priority. Even if other things are temporarily put down, we must ensure that the publicity goes smoothly, and we must do it as soon as possible, without waiting. After all is printed, I will print one book and I will see progress tomorrow."

Wang Yuling blinked. "Yes, I must do it well."

Dong Xuebin nodded and took the microphone and said: "After going back, the communities will do a good job of division, and do a good job in this matter. If there is any problem, report it to me at the first time."

Everyone didn’t say anything, and they couldn’t say anything.

Even though it feels a little meaningless, the street instructions are down, and everyone can only do it.

Dong Xuebin looked at the bottom and satisfactorily nodded. "That's good, meet!"

Yan Xinke’s heart shook his head slightly, and he was puzzled. What kind of ghost is this Dong’s name? How do you think of one out? (

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