Power and Wealth

By Chang Yu

Chapter 631 [Huang Shizhong recognizes! 】

Chapter 631 [Huang Shizhong recognizes! 】

in the afternoon.

Gorgeous community, home.

In the bedroom in the south, Dong Xuebin backhanded the door and leaned back against the door panel while smoking and talking to Yan Keliang, the county magistrate of Yantai County.

“After school discussions, Huang Tingting and related students have been expelled from school.”

"Chengxian County, thank you, this time thanks to you."

"Small things, this, Huang Tingting's behavior is indeed excessive."

"Yeah, I think there is a question about the disciplinary system in our school. Friends are soft."

"Well, there are clear rules and regulations on the rules and regulations, but the implementation is always soft. The school sometimes considers the opportunity for students who have made mistakes to change, and sometimes because of external factors, they are so constrained that the final punishment results. Often, it is not linked to the regulations, and even one or two standards will be lightly punished or not punished. This is a problem. The day after tomorrow is the county magistrate’s office meeting. I will mention it later and strive to improve the system. This time, it is also a warning to the school."

Dong Xuebin smiled and said: "It’s still thoughtful for the county magistrate. Yes, when I was in the county, we didn’t have a good meal together. Is it free at night?”

Cheng Keliang joked: "If you are a director, I will be free."

"Oh, of course, I am a guest, then let's say so?"

"Okay, see you at night."

Cheng Keliang, he is the young and successful county magistrate who had launched an emotional offensive against Xie Huilan. Because of this, Dong Xuebin has never had a good face for him. During his tenure with Yantai County, Cheng Keliang did not have a friendly relationship with Dong Xuebin. People even had a conflict on their mouths. However, when Xie Huilan publicly declared his relationship with Dong Xuebin, Cheng Keliang was also dumbfounded. He did not express anything to Xie Huilan. The small conflicts between Cheng Keliang and Dong Xuebin were temporarily put on hold. Cheng Keliang had already stood Xie Huilan's team. He was a smart person. If he lost his career because of an impossible feeling, it would be worthwhile.

The first thing that Dong Xuebin got angry with was the Ke Keliang who was tagged with Xie. He was the head of the county who was in charge of culture and education. He was the leader of Huang Shizhong, just right, so one of the telephones, Dong Xuebin, called him. I didn’t expect that Cheng Keliang gave the face a lot of things, and let the two things go down. The relationship between the two people was alleviated. Dong Xuebin is not a person who can remember his life for a lifetime. Others respect him, he will naturally Dedicated to the people, so I also proposed the invitation of the dinner by the opportunity to release the suspicion.

There are no friends forever.

Of course there are no eternal enemies.

Hanging up the phone of Cheng Keliang, then the phone of a police officer of the Public Security Bureau called Dong Xuebin’s mobile phone. "Hey, Dong Bureau, my police bureau Xiao Wang Huang Shizhong has already withdrawn the report."

Dong Xuebin had some accidents. "Do you report it?"

"Yes, the other party said that it was private."

"Yeah, I got it."Dong Xuebin understood that Huang Shizhong was soft, and put the phone in his pocket. He unscrewed the bedroom door and went out to see the living room. Yan Meixia and Yan were still clinging together on the sofa. . After Dong Xuebin took the shackles and went home with Yan Meixia to make things simple, the crying of the mother and the daughter did not stop. After playing for such a long time, who would like to call this scene.

"It’s not good for the mother, it’s not good for the mother."

"Niang, I am fine, don't cry."

"Well, mother doesn't cry, does it hurt?"

"..." does not hurt. ”

Both the mother and the daughter are the kind of weak temper, and when the tears fall, they can’t stop.

Dong Xuebin went up and said with relief: "The little guy is fine. I took her to the hospital and saw it. I didn't break the skin. The doctor said that it would be good to raise a day or two."

Yan Meixia only took away her tears and bit her lip to see Dong Xuebin, "The snoring person"

"I want to tell you." Dong Xuebin is sitting on the sofa with their mothers." "Huang Tingting and the other two, the students who beat people have been expelled from the county, which is called evil." ”

Hey, "Open, fired? Isn't it left to see?"

"It was originally, but who told them not to know what to do, bullied my child and wanted to bite one.? Can your uncle agree?"

"Can Tingting her Chu..."

"His dad is a fart!" Dong Xuebin said: "If Huang Tingting dares to be so arrogant, then she must be responsible for her own actions, not only to expel, but also to apologize to my family, or else this is not finished. What is he Huang Shizhong? I have a way to clean up him! Hey, if anyone dares to bully you in the future, don't cry, don't show weakness, big mouth has fanned out! Manage their family with money or power, love who the mother and who Uncle has given you a hand, and the people who are at home have not been afraid of it! Do you understand?"

"Ah, um..."

"Of course, our family can't be bullied." When it comes to Dong Xuebin, he shakes his head and laughs, who is bullying, and what kind of character is it that will bully people?

Really said, hey, hey, someone ringed the doorbell.

Yan Meixia rushed to stand up, small steps to step on the slippers to open the door, screaming, the door opened "" Are you? ”

Standing outside is Huang Shizhong and Huang Tingting, Huang Ting's eyes are red, it seems to be crying, Huang Shizhong's face is a very awkward expression. "I am Tingting's father. ”


Huang Tingting?

Yan Meixia knew it, and her face was hateful. It was like a cute little tiger. Although it was weak, it was also short-lived.

Huang Shizhong is a family contact person recorded through the county.

Looking for it, I saw that Mei Meixia’s face is similar to that of her, and she knows who she is. “Are you a mother?” Looking inside, squatting, Dong Xue Bin is also, his eyes and nose are not seen to him.

Yan Meixia stood in front of the door and said hard: "What are you doing?"

Huang Shizhong has some bonfires, but I don’t know what to say.

Dong Xuebin’s eyes looked at him. “Hey, let’s come in.”"Yeah." Yan Meixia had to open the door to let go, and then quickly walked to the side of her daughter to pull the hand of her, for fear that Huang Shizhong would bully again.

Huang Shizhong came in and the room was silent.

Dong Xuebin yelled at him, "Secretary Huang, what is going on quickly, I have a date, I have to go out to eat."

Why did Huang Shizhong come from? Of course, I want to resolve the contradiction. Since I knew Dong Xuebin’s details, I knew that there was no way to take him to Daofa. Huang Shizhong seemed to have poured a cold water from head to toe. He suddenly woke up and he himself could not I don't admit that this time he did not go through the brain. The attitude of the headmaster, the attitude of the police station, and the attitude of the Public Security Bureau, he should have noticed that his daughter was beaten and stunned. Even Dong Xuebin’s bottom line was first made without first asking for it.

Now Huang Shizhong is extremely waxy, and it feels like he was grilled on the fire.

The county's prospective husband?

What is the savior of Cao Xupeng?

Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, Duan Zhengan’s son, who is a savior?

It is enough for Huang Shizhong to drink a pot from the inside. It is ridiculous that he still wants to take pressure on Dong Xuebin. Now he knows that Dong Xuebin and he are never unaware. If Huang Shizhong pays attention to his face at this time, he will not hold back Dong Xuebin without hesitation. Huang Shizhong knows that his official career is probably here, and he has offended so many county leaders. What kind of work does he still do? It is estimated that as long as he makes a little mistake, he may be taken out of the county. Even if he does not make mistakes, he will be marginalized in the future.

People have to bow their heads under the roof.

Huang Shizhong was also the one who took the release. After brewing for a while, he finally said: "The thing in the morning is that my daughter has been smashed and hurt. I am embarrassed. I am here to apologize to you." Huang Shizhong and Yan Yue look at the cockroach. "Hey, is it still painful?" Well, our family Tingting is one year younger than you, not sensible, and I am spoiled by me. Don't be familiar with her. ”

Depressed his head and did not speak.

Huang Shizhong touched and put a few bags on the coffee table. "Come, my uncle bought something for you, and it was a crime with you." The words are told by the aunt, but Huang Shizhong’s eyes have been watching. Dong Xuebin.

Dong Xuebin did not say anything, and smoked steadily.

Huang Shizhong saw his teeth and took his daughter.

Huang Tingting was smashed by her father before coming. She also knows that this time she met someone who her father can't afford. Her eyes are red, and she looks down on her voice: "Sister, sorry, all I am not good."

The scorpion was completely with her mother, and her heart was soft. When she saw Huang Tingting and her father and son, they hurriedly waved their hands and said, "Nothing, nothing."Huang Shizhong didn't feel okay. Since the body was put down, he simply said a long time with Yan and Yan Meixia. In fact, it was said to Dong Xuebin that Huang Shizhong’s attitude was obvious. He did not want Dong Xuebin. I removed the school’s punishment for Huang Tingting, but only wanted to ask for a peace of mind. I just wanted this thing to stop here. I can’t afford you. I think it’s okay, you don’t want to chase it.

Huang Tingting was also a well-behaved at this moment. She took a sip of a sigh, and the "sister" called, and personally gave three cups of tea to Yin Meixia and Dong Xuebin.

Reach out and not smile.

Dong Xuebin’s original condition was to leave the school to see the punishment and Huang Tingting’s apology. Now the school observation has become a more serious expulsion from school. Huang Tingting acknowledged the mistake. His father Huang Shizhong also apologized. In this case, Dong Xuebin did not. I pointed to his nose and swear, but his face still has to be given. In fact, Dong Xuebin is also depressed in his heart. He still wants to fight with Huang Shizhong for three hundred rounds. Who wants him to serve softly so quickly, so that Dong Xuebin’s big knife is so embarrassing to cut down, a pool of mud It’s boring to cut it.

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