Power and Wealth

By Chang Yu

Chapter 402 [Dong Xuebin, who is going out! 】

Chapter 402 [Dong Xuebin, who is going out! 】

Chapter 402 [Dong Xuebin, who is going out! 】

In the evening, the sky was gray.

Dong Xuebin drove with Xie Jing and Xie Hao to the home of the Beijing Municipal Committee. One kilometer, two kilometers, three kilometers, the more the face of the Xie Jing’s face turned out, the more his face, the father Xie Guoliang should have arrived now, Han Jing Probably also knows that Bodhisattva is like a theft. Xie Jing really can't imagine what it would be like after listening to it. Her breathing is more and more disordered, her mood is fluctuating, and she regrets it.

Bell ringing, Xie Jing’s cell phone rang.

Take it up and see, Xie Jie quickly gave a cry, "Dad, I am yelling at her... What... How come!?"

Xie Hao heard that it was wrong, and looked anxious. "What happened to the second sister?"

"Where is it now?" Xie Jing did not care for his younger brother. He asked a few words on the phone in a panic. At the end of the line, Xie Jing was loud: "Dong Ge! Turn quickly! Go to the 305 Military District Hospital! Fast! I am a big man... Daxie Hypertension is ill! The ambulance has just been sent away!"

Dong Xuebin’s face changed greatly, and he was busy with the steering wheel. He also ignored the traffic rules.

After forty minutes.

Military District Hospital.

When several people arrived, Han Jing’s condition was already controlled. Infusion in a single ward, Xie Guobang, secretary of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee, Xie Guoliang, Vice Minister of Finance, Xie Ran, Xie Hao’s mother, Ci Lifen, came. . When they arrived, Dong Xuebin quickly asked about the situation of Han Jing. After hearing that there was no danger to his life, Dong Xuebin and Xie Jing’s people were relieved. Xie Jing leaned against the wall and whispered and cried. stand up.

At this time, Xie Ran came out of the ward, "Xiao Jing."

"Brother..." Xie Jing sobbed: "It's all my fault, I..."

Xie Ran sighed, "Don't say this, let me go in."

When Xie Jing and Xie Hao entered the house, Dong Xuebin whispered to Xie Ran, "Is Hui Lan knowing?"

Xie Ran shook his head. "We just wanted to tell the big sister to come, but Daxie said that my older sister is busy with work, and we will not let us tell her about life and death. For Dong Ge, Daxie will let you in."

Nodded, Dong Xuebin greeted Xie Guobang and Xie Guoliang and immediately entered the ward.

I saw Xie Jing standing on the side of the bed and crying.

Maybe the body is still uncomfortable, Han Jing's face on the bed is not very good, some are gray, but at the moment she is a faint smile in the corner of her mouth, pulling Xie Jing's hand to let her sit down, softly: "Stupid Children, what kind of crying, how big are people? I thought it was like a child? Uh? Oh, you are okay, old, and the infusion will be discharged tomorrow, don't cry."

Xie Jing heard it, and sobbed even more. "Da, the Bodhisattva...I..."

Han Jing did not agree to touch her back. "It's all outside the body. If it's gone, it's gone. It means that Bodhisattva has nothing to do with you, no wonder you."


"Oh, how big is it, crying like a little cat, don't cry."

Xie Guoliang at the door couldn’t help but say: "Xunzi, Xiaojing this time...""Without your business, go." Han Jing picked up the "big bang" shelf and gave him a look. Then he smiled and pulled Xie Jing’s hand gently. "You have to cry again, you can be angry." Go, go back and wipe your eyes. This is not your fault. If your parents dare to take this matter and count you down, you will find a big cockroach and give them a small shoe, huh, huh..."

Wen Yan, Dong Xuebin can not help but awe, Han Jing does not care? How is it possible? If you really don’t think so, you can’t make such a serious illness after hearing Bodhisattva’s loss of Japan. Obviously, this incident has dealt a great blow to Han Jing, but Han Jing’s meaning in front of Xie Jing’s blame is No, but an understatement, in order to prevent Xie Jing too blame. The people of the famous family are really different. This kind of temperament alone is not comparable to that of ordinary people. Dong Xuebin can’t do it by himself. It’s a deeper understanding of Mrs. Han’s, and I know why Han Jing’s surname is in Xie’s family. The status is so high, not only Xie Guoliang and the juniors respect her, even Xie Laozi also gave her the ancestral treasure, this is not only the relationship of Xie Guobang, the eldest son, it seems that Mrs. Han’s personal charm is indeed unusual.

"Xiao Bin is also here?" Han Jing looked at him.

Dong Xuebin took a step forward, "Aunt."

Han Jing smiled and nodded, and moved the wrist with the hanging needle. "Also let you all come to see me, thank you, my aunt is fine, rest assured, yes, don't tell Huilan."

What can Dong Xuebin say? Had to nod and promised.

The next moment, Xie Huilan’s phone call was on Dong Xuebin’s mobile phone.

"My mother is sick? How is it?"

"Is the infusion, the doctor said that there is no danger, how do you know?" After saying this, Dong Xuebin also felt that he was a bit silly. Xie Huilan’s root was in the capital. Here, he lost his cultural relics and was an emergency car. People, it is already making a lot of noise, Xie Huilan can not receive the news, there will always be someone to tell her.

Han Jing smashed him, "Is it Huilan? Call me, I told her."

Dong Xuebin handed the phone over.

After a few words, Han Jing hung up the phone and said with a smile: "Hui Lan has to come back, already in the car, hey, all said nothing, this child."

Xie Jing didn't cry at this moment, biting his teeth: "Da, I know how important Bodhisattva is to you. I will immediately think of ways to let the Xinhua News Agency go abroad to contact, and I will see the newspaper!"

Han Jing slowly said: "Your uncle has contacted, the museum does not cooperate."

"I try again, anyway..."

How did Han Jing not want to bring things back? For her, this statue of Bodhisattva is not a tens of millions of artifacts, but the identity of Xie’s father, the family heirloom of Xie’s family. She also clearly remembers that after the wedding, the old Bodhisattva statue was handed to her. Those words that have been said, Xie Lao did not give this bodhisattva to the eldest son, nor to the second son, but to her, Han Jing. This impression has been deeply branded in Han Jing’s heart. Since then, Han It is more important to see the Bodhisattva image than her life, and to worship at home every day.

But now it is gone?

And it has flowed to Japan?When Han Jing heard the news, the whole person’s brain was stunned!

In the beginning, Xie Laozi joined the anti-Japanese team to protect the Buddha statue and protected the Bodhisattva for decades. But now, as a younger generation, Han Jing has lost the heirloom that Xie Lao used to fight back. Still lost to Japan? Han Jing thinks she will have no face to see her in the future!

Half an hour ago in the hospital, Han Jinggang and other patients were in a stable condition and came to the mobile phone with her husband. They called Xie Lao, shivered and shouted "Dad," and told him about it.

Han Jing really wants to listen to Xie Laojiao for his meal.

Thanks to the old man, but he only said "I know it" and hung up the phone.

Han Jing knew that Xie Lao was disappointed with himself. At that moment, her heart was stunned and almost cried. But her husband is next to him, Guo Liang and Xie Ran are also there. Han Jing is deeply inhaled, and she resists not letting her emotions appear on her face. She is the big sister of her family. Even if the sky falls, she can't cry.

Dong Xuebin also knew that Mrs. Han was holding on, and she pulled a Xie Hao and Xie Jing. "Let Han relax, let's not bother."

Xie Jing nodded, and after Han Jing covered the quilt, they and Dong Xuebin went out of the ward.

Outside, Xie Guobang and Xie Guoliang are no longer there. Xie Hao’s mother, Ci Lifen, said that they went to call and contact the museum.

Xie Jing’s face was stunned, and he also touched the phone and called it to the society. He wanted to put pressure on the Japanese side.

Half an hour has passed...

An hour has passed...

However, the news returned by many parties is the same. The National Museum refused to return the Bodhisattva image, and Dong Xiangbin and Xie Jing were angry. The meaning of the other party’s words was not even recognized by the Bodhisattva as a stolen thing. The meaning seems to be the cultural relics unearthed in their own country. There is no hint of returning. The attitude is very tough. The pressure of Xinhua News Agency and the embassy has not worked!

The thief did not know how to do it, and sold 100,000 national second-class artifacts!

However, the Japanese National Museum obviously does not understand, it seems that they also know the huge historical value and economic value of this thing, so they do not recognize it!


Dong Xuebin is annoyed!

After negotiating for so long, the pressure of releasing such a big pressure has not yet received results. Everyone knows that things are basically coming back.

Xie Guobang and Xie Guoliang did not say anything.

Xie Jing resentfully hammered his arm, did the Bodhisattva image give them in vain! ?

When Xie Huilan arrived by car, Xie Guobang had already left, and the unit had something.

In the ward, Han Jingqiang said with a smile and Xie Huilan, blaming her for running around. But no one except the Han Jing in the house laughed, the atmosphere was very depressed, and it was a bit breathless. Finally, Han Jing took Xie Huilan's hand and smiled: "Mom is fine, go back, Xiaobin, Xiaojing, Xiaohao, you all go back, things are not gone, don't worry about it." ”

Xie Huilan blinked and blinked. "I am looking for someone?"

"Useless, forget it." Han Jingdao.

Xie Huilan sighed, and after hearing something falling to Japan, she knew that she would not come back.Dong Xuebin’s life is the most uncomfortable for women. Seeing the expressions of Huilan Xiaojing and Mrs. Han, he really can’t go on, this is a small Japanese! Bullying to the buddy's head? paralysis! Is it normal to go back? Don't you not return the Bodhisattva image? Row! My buddy is going out today!

In his heart, he pressed the fire, and his greetings did not hit. He turned to the hospital and went to the hospital. He took the phone and hit the phone of Xu Yan, deputy director of the West China National Security Bureau. He opened the door and could not attend the road. "Secretary Xu, I am a little anxious here. Can you help me with my passport as soon as possible? I have to fly to Japan to do something today."

"At night? So urgent?"

"Yes, I need some yen."

Silence for about five seconds, Xu Yan said: "Well, I am looking for someone to do it for you, wait for the news!"

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