Power and Wealth

By Chang Yu

Chapter 396 [pretending! 】

Chapter 396 [pretending! 】

Chapter 396 [pretending! 】

Tea house box.

The tense atmosphere was picked up by Dong Xuebin in one sentence.

A pair of middle-aged couples and a college student who were called to ask questions were surprised to see Dong Xuebin. He said that this person is sick. He told you that the people are the people of the provincial government office. Are you still so horizontal? Isn't this looking for someone to pack you up? Where is Guoan? The power of killing and killing is in your hand, and you can't help you with a little trick to give you a spy hat. In this year, there are so many people who are bold!

"Xiao Bin." Yan Meixia worried about the urgency.

Comforting to pat her hand, Dong Xuebin looked at the monk.

The head blinked and cold, and the documents were taken out of his arms and shook in front of his eyes.

Dong Xuebin’s eye was fast, and he hadn’t waited for him to take it back and grabbed the document and grabbed it in his hand.

The head and the two men were furious. "Are you looking for death? Ah?"

Just glanced at it, Dong Xuebin smiled. He slammed his hand and threw the document directly on the face of his head. He snorted. "I think you are looking for death! Also his mother Guoan? If you are not good, you pretend to be posing." Is this? I am impatient? Ah? Get a fake fake document to fool me!?"

The first look of the head, "What are you talking about!"

Middle-aged couples and college students have a glimpse of their eyes, their eyes are suspicious, fake?

Yan Meixia relied on his arm. "Xiao Bin, this...what they pretend?"

Dong Xuebin sneered: "I said how the people of Guoan might find you for no reason, numb, daring fat! What kind of document number does this fuck? What do you mean by the opening letter of Guoan number? Ah? That is Area code! What is your name? 780? Which area? Is there a security mark for the document? The anti-counterfeiting of the national emblem? The English police word on the reverse side? The shit does not return the documents of his mother Guoan? You fooled the three-year-old child. Hey!"

The head angered: "I haven't seen it before!"

Dong Xuebin said with a smile: "I haven't seen it? My mother worked with Guoan for a year! I don't know what the national security documents look like. OK, you guys! Got it to the buddies?" If the average person is still not allowed to be really I have been stunned, Guoan’s documents have not been seen by anyone, but when Dong Xuebin was in Beijing, he was also an office deputy director. They were all officially numbered. Can you still know what the national security documents are? This is not a nonsense! His own documents have been in his arms for almost a year! Haven't seen others before, have you ever seen yourself?

When the monk heard this person and Guoan did, the expression suddenly panicked.

But the head of the head is still strong: "Who are you? Which unit?"

Dong Xuebin rolled up his sleeves. "My buddy is not with Guoan now. Now I am working for China Merchants. My name is Dong Xuebin. I remember it!"

China Merchants?

Dong Xuebin?

As soon as I heard this, I took a sigh of relief and was astonished!They are indeed not national security. The fake documents are purely for the purpose of defrauding money. In the past, they all searched for targets on the Internet. If the other party’s mobile phone is more valuable, it would sweetly put people in the house. Come out to the restaurant to eat, on the way pretend that the phone has no electricity, borrow the other mobile phone to the bathroom to call, and then never return, and then sell the phone. Later, everyone’s vigilance was getting higher and higher. It was not so easy for them to defraud. They had to do a fake national security document, change the soup without changing the medicine, pretend to investigate the case but confiscated the other’s mobile phone and wallet. I tried it all the time and didn't think I had a hard time today.

Dong Xuebin!

More loud names!

Look at the looks of this person in front of you, is it the same as in the rumors! ?

This monk is a bit of a relationship with the Tao, and this earth-shattering name has certainly been heard, and more than once! Now I have mixed up with Yantai County and I don’t know the name of God. Dong Xuebin has long been notorious. Everyone knows that at least dozens of lives have been burned on the hand. Nine prisoners have let him die. Later, I heard that I went to the field to check the cultural relics and killed it. A dozen gangsters, plus scattered and scattered, they do not know, dozens of people are absolutely not exaggerated, this is a murderer who does not blink!

Seeing that the face of the people has changed greatly, the middle-aged couple and the university students next to them understand that they are fooled. But now they are even more afraid. The other side has three people, and they are all physically and physically strong. ? Two middle-aged women, a middle-aged man with no fighting power, a student, and a thin-minded China Merchants cadre, the strength gap is very obvious. Everyone is frightened and warned. The matter will be revealed, will the other party kill and kill?

Dong Xuebin has saved his sleeves and guarded his sister. He is ready to go to war. He plans to block the opponent's attack for the first time. He must first protect several hostages.

Everyone is on the verge of enemies!

Dong Xuebin is not clear, his name is really stinking.

Just when Dong Xuebin thought that the other party would fight to death, the head shouted, "It’s a god! Run separately!"

call! call! call!

The three are like frightened deer! Panic and push the door and run! Don't go back!

"I am a grassy grandfather! How come you met him!"


Others don't know the fighting power of God, can they still know? Don't say they are stunned! It’s just five times more estimates and it’s impossible to deal with others!

Smell the wind - this idiom best describes the current situation.

The middle-aged couple and college students obviously didn't expect it to be such a situation, and they were a little embarrassed.

I rely on it, Dong Xuebin is also depressed, and my heart says you are jealous.

As for the buddy, the buddy still hasn’t done it yet. He immediately took out his mobile phone and called the vice captain of Feng. “Old Feng, out of the mission, there are three swindlers who faked the national security staff in the teahouse on the west side of the Huamei Community. You cut it."

This is a credit, and Feng’s vice captain should immediately go down.Dong Xuebin went back and said: "Several people will stay first. After a while, the police will come. You may want to record the pen. Yes, the mobile phone and the wallet are all collected. Don't give it to others easily. It is the duty, but it also scores clear objects, and more vigilance." Although he has not served in the Public Security Bureau, Dong Xuebin still talks with the taste of the Public Security Bureau and is used to it.

The middle-aged couple and the college student hurriedly thanked him. The look of Dong Xuebin’s eyes changed a bit. He said that he is a fucking man. How do you report the name and run away? Dong Xuebin? This name is a bit familiar?

Dong Xuebin pulled the arm of Mei Xia, "Go, go home."

Yan Meixia snorted, gently looking at Dong Xuebin's side face, stupidly let him pull away, down the upstairs of the black Toyota.

In the car.

Yan Meixia licks her lips. "Xiao Bin, I have trouble for you again. It is me... I am too stupid." This time, she really has some anger, she is always so stupid, every time Xiaobin got into trouble, if he didn't call him in advance, he must have suffered a loss this time.

"It’s a criminal." Dong Xuebin said with a smile: "Don't blame you for being fooled. Didn't I be stifled at first?"

Yan Meixia was low and low. Just Dong Xuebin just slammed the name and scared the other party. This made Mei Meixia look obsessed with his gaze.

Dong Xuebin is very proud. "How do you look at me like this? Your eyes are not right."

Yan Meixia’s face was hot and she sneaked away from her eyes. “No, I, I didn’t look at you.”

Dong Xuebin was happy, pinching her chin and letting her head toward herself. "Is this still not recognized? I saw it, and I will show it to you."

Yan Meixia waved her hand: "I, I really didn't see it."

Dong Xuebin loves to tease his big sister. Every time he feels fun, but when he thinks that his sister-in-law is also in his thirties, he has to give someone a face, and he will let go of his cough and cough. "Let's go, The rest of the matter was handed over to the police. They went home to eat. I haven’t tasted your craft for a long time, and my stomach is called, huh, huh.” A look at her, today’s Yan Meixia wore a light-colored jumpsuit. Long skirts, meat stockings, laced black high heels, um, more and more will dress up. Dong Xuebin was so irritated on her thigh that he could touch the steering wheel.

Yan Meixia was red and red, and did not dare to scream.


Colorful community.

Home, living room.

Going home, Xiao Yan seems to be looking for a classmate, and has not returned yet.

Dong Xuebin comfortably leaned back on the sofa, tilted his legs and touched the cigarettes. Yan Meixia is taking off her coat, seeing it, and quickly picking up a lighter from the bag and picking it up to give him a cigarette. He immediately took him a pair of cotton slippers and bent over to take off his shoes and change shoes, and brewed a cup of hot tea. Put it, finally pick up the ashtray on the coffee table, take Dong Xuebin to sit down, and owe the body, and put the ashtray in front of Dong Xuebin to pick him up.

Dong Xuebin is embarrassed to say: "You are still so polite, no, you are resting with you."Yan Meixia shook her head and held her ashtray with her mouth still closed. She had no culture, her brain was not smart, and she could do nothing, so she could only express her feelings in this way.

Dong Xuebin glared at her, her eyes were very warm. "I missed me?"

Yan Meixia’s face was hot and low, and she was bungee jumping.

"Ask you." Dong Xuebin was afraid that she was tired and didn't smoke. She smothered the cigarette butt her, and put her mouth in her ear: "I don't want to want me?"

Yan Meixia was silent for a few seconds, and her face was red and her face was nowhere to be seen. "Well."

“How much do you think?”


"Say it."

Yan Meixia's face is thin, and I can't stand this. I haven't said anything for a long time.

Dong Xuebin deliberately raised his face. "You don't say I can go!"

"Don't!" Yan Meixia hurriedly grabbed his arm. "I, I and I both miss you." I can't say it alone, so I have to pull my daughter.

The familiar figure was so tempting, Dong Xuebin was so hot, "I miss you too."

When the two people want to do something unsatisfactory, the doorbell rings!

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