Power and Wealth

By Chang Yu

Chapter 213 Gambler Xiao Dong

Chapter 213 Gambler Xiao Dong

Chapter 213 Gambler Xiao Dong

In the evening, Chu Feng of Dong Xuebin who had eaten dinner returned to the suite.

Just entering the door, ringing the bell, the fixed phone on the table rang.

"Hey, sir, are you ready?" The voice was the shuffled staff when playing the golden flower.

Dong Xuebin annihilated the smoke and said: "Well, when will it start?"

"It's already open, wait a moment, I used to take you there."

After a while, the girl knocked on the door. After a few words with Dong Xuebin and Chu Feng, they took the two people out of the suite and went to the depths of the Jindi Mountain Villa. They turned a few bends and returned. After a compound, the final few people stopped in front of the two doors like the high-end conference hall. Two staff members wearing suits stood at the door. The girls said something to them, and the two staff members began to search. The body of Dong Xuebin and Chu Feng may be afraid of taking any gambling tools or camera, and the mobile phone is not allowed to take it here. It looks very cautious.

After a while, a man in a suit nodded. "You can enter."

Another man who searched Chu Chufeng also said: "I have no problem here."

The door opened, revealing a very lively scene. Dong Xuebin saw a few men and women staring at a small table at the first sight after entering, and screaming, the crash of the three dice gradually Stopped, revealing the numbers above, some people laughed excitedly, some people sullenly slap their heads, and on the other side, there are quite a few single rooms, about six or seven, estimated to be mahjong or playing with gold flowers, betting The amount should not be comparable to those outside the small field.

Annoyed, cursing, and excitement, one after another in the hall, a very exciting atmosphere.

Chu Feng swallowed, "Boss, which one do we play?"

Dong Xuebin did not think about it, looked around, "Well, take a look at the roulette first."

Chu Feng is a little nervous. There are still 20,000 left in the body of Director Xiao Dong. There are thousands of hands in his own hands. Can you really win hundreds of thousands of dollars? From the point of view of the skills of playing the golden flower before, the gambling technique of Director Xiao Dong may not be good enough. Is this white coming? Chu Feng knows that Director Dong’s plan has certain feasibility, but the biggest question is how to win the hundreds of thousands of gambling funds. Even if the real master comes, it is too difficult to win so much!

Roulette is a project that many casinos have.

Dong Xuebin has never played this. I don’t know if this is an American roulette or a European roulette. There are many small lattices on the roulette. There are more than thirty figures on the top. There are two colors in front of each number, Dong Xuebin. Probably also understand that this kind of roulette should be able to bet odd and even or red and black, the odds of 80% is one to one, and then you can buy numbers even more, single numbers can also be bought, buy two or three, buy The first three paragraphs are also OK. As long as the above ball finally stops in the range of your bet, you can take the money.

There is a dealer on the roulette table, and his hands are crossed in front of the abdomen and quietly waiting for the person to bet.

Dong Xuebin looked up and asked: "Is there a limit on the amount of bets? How much is the cap?"

The dealer smiled. "Sir, we have no restrictions here. It is enough to bet."Dong Xuebin aimed at the odds under the eyes. Well, the minimum odds are to buy colors and singles and doubles. They are all one to one. The biggest odds are to buy a single number, and the odds are one to thirty-five. After thinking about it, Dong Xuebin threw out 5,000 yuan and threw it on the table, ready to explore the water first. "...number 5, buy five thousand." It is not like a regular casino, there are chips, but it is cash. .

A few young people and middle-aged people next to him are Dong Xuebin, and there are not many people who dare to buy a single number.

Chu Feng smiled hard and came up with five thousand, or a single number. Isn’t this a way to send money?

Generally, mad gamblers rarely buy a single number. After all, there are more than 30 children. It is almost impossible to think that the ball falls on the number you specify. Otherwise, the odds will not be one. Thirty-five, everyone loves to buy a single pair or color. If you want to play a little bigger, you can buy the first three paragraphs. That is the odds of one to two. Basically no one will buy a single number, how much is the money? Not enough to lose.

After this round of betting, the dealer began to turn the roulette.

After a few seconds, under the gaze of everyone, the dealer put a small ball, hey, the ball bounced slightly in the space in front of the number, the roulette turned, turned, and came The slower and slower, the end of the roulette finally stopped, and the ball slid to Dada's position.

"Oh! And his mother is not in the middle!"

"Haha, I am in the middle!"

The dealer began to liquidate and win, take the money away, and lose some of them to the winner.

Chu Feng complained: "The boss..."

Dong Xuebin waved his hand and took a breath, ready to officially begin.

Oh, a lot of money was thrown on the table, and many people made a bet.

The dealer smiled and said: "Is there still a bet? Didn't it start?"

"Wait." Dong Xuebin said a little bit, throwing out 10,000 yuan, "number 7, ten thousand."

Chu Feng’s heart sighs and is a single number. How can this chance win? What does Secretary Dong think?

The roulette began to turn...

Five seconds...

Ten seconds...

Twenty seconds...

Under the gaze of the crowd, oh, the ball moved over the number 32 and went to the number fifteen adjacent to it!

Dong Xuebin's eyes must be, back two minutes!

The picture is back! A hot and dry atmosphere is coming!

The wheel is back to the point where it has not yet turned

At the time, everyone threw money to bet.

Looking at Dong Xuebin's several people, the dealer smiled and said: "Is there still a bet? Didn't it start?"

"Wait." Dong Xuebin tried to make the same expression and tone as before, and threw out 10,000 yuan. "Number 15, 10,000." Because of the small butterfly effect, Dong Xuebin’s expression is very May affect the strength of the dealer to turn the wheel and the time to put the ball, then the result will change, back is useless, but as long as Dong Xuebin keeps the same look, just change the number of the previous bet, it should be The result of the small ball cannot be affected in the general direction.

The dealer turns the wheel.

Thirty seconds...

Sixty seconds...

Eighty seconds...The rotation speed of the wheel gradually slowed down, the ball appeared in the position of the number 17, and then it reached the number 32. Dong Xuebin clearly noticed that this and the previous rotation had a slight change, almost no in 32. On the stop, the ball immediately appeared on the ground of the number 15, and finally stopped there. Dong Xuebin was relieved, the butterfly effect was there, but it didn't change too much.

Seeing the number 15, the dealer stunned.

A few people on the side also looked at Dong Xuebin enviously, and this is a good luck.

Chu Feng took a breath, excitedly licked his fist, 15, really 15! This time it was a big luck!

Dong Xuebin smiled slightly. "I won, right?"

"Congratulations, please wait a moment." The dealer smashed Dong Xuebin, went to the distance to take a box, and took out 350,000 to him.

Chu Feng really didn’t expect Dong’s luck to be so good. The almost impossible number also gave him a middle, 350,000. With this gambling fund, basically even if the task is completed, according to the plan, he should go out and take the mobile phone. Calling Director Liang to let him send someone to take a gamble, but when Chu Feng is waiting for Dong Xuebin to give him a wink, who knows that Director Dong actually does not look at him and continues to bet!

What is the meaning of Chu Feng? Director Dong still wants to play?

Of course, Dong Xuebin will continue, only 300,000 yuan. This money can’t get rid of Jindi Mountain Villa. Since it’s coming, it’s a big one. He can’t stay in this trouble. He must once set the Jindi Mountain Villa to death. Let him have the opportunity to turn over, the hatred of Mei Xia, the hate of Zhou Mei, the embarrassment of the folks, today is the time to liquidate!

"Please bet." The dealer smiled.

Dong Xuebin did not want to take the money, "50,000, the number 14."

In the next situation, Dong Xuebin did not use back, and lost five or six games in a row, leaving only 100,000 pieces in his hand! It’s not that Dong Xuebin doesn’t want to win, but that too many victories will inevitably make others suspicious.

Chu Feng is more and more aware of the colder, and it’s hard to win more than 300,000 in a blink of an eye. This...

Finally arrived in the seventh inning.

Dong Xuebin took a deep breath and pushed all the remaining money to the front. "100,000 are bought, the number is 8!"

The dealer and the players around him have become accustomed to the madness of Dong Xuebin, and everyone else has also made a bet.

The roulette begins!

The ball swayed in the plaid.

After a minute, the roulette slowed down and the ball finally stopped at the number 33!

Back two minutes!

Time has passed! I returned to the moment two minutes ago!

"Please bet." The dealer is still the kind of faint smile.

Dong Xuebin pushed the money, "100,000 are bought, the number is 33."

However, this time the butterfly effect finally showed some deviations. It may be that the dealer’s mentality has changed. After a minute, the ball has not fallen to the position of 33, but falls to the side of 33. In a grid, the number there is 17.

Do not say anything, Dong Xuebin meditation: back two minutes!

Time to retreat!

"Please bet." The official said.Dong Xuebin’s heart pushed the money with a hint of hesitation. “100,000 are bought, the number...17!”

The roulette turned.

Chu Feng watched the small ball closely, and the sweat was unconsciously printed from the forehead. This is the last 100,000 pieces. If the loss is over, the plan to deal with the Jindi Mountain Villa will be completely ruined. What happened? How to build a plan based on luck? This risk is too great?

But when the ball stopped, Chu Feng couldn't believe his eyes!

17! !

It is the number 17! !

The face of the dealer has finally changed, brushing to look at Dong Xuebin!

Dong Xuebin smiled, "I won... 3.5 million? This is really a big win!"

Three hundred and five thousand? ?

When I heard this voice, everyone around me was a glimpse. For a moment, the argument suddenly spread! Since the opening of the casino, no one has won more than a million, but 3.5 million has never been, which is equivalent to the day of the casino! !

Dong Xuebin looked at the dealer. "Can you give me money?"

"Sorry, we need to prepare." The dealer hesitated, turned and went to the counter over there to make a phone call.

Chu Feng carefully looked at the director Dong's calm and calm look, took a breath of air, luck? coincidence? Did it happen to go to those numbers? The previous Chu Feng always thought so, but now he doesn't think so. How can there be such a fucking thing in the world? Are you betting on a single number twice? This is impossible! There is no chance in one thousandth! Chu Feng noticed at this moment that Director Dong chose the right number.

In those two cases, there were already no money in my hands. I was so desperate to crush everyone, and then combined with the confident words of Director Dong in front of Jindi Villa, Chu Feng had reason to believe that Dong The Secretary knows what numbers will be on the roulette! !

is it possible? ?

Chu Feng does not believe it, but the facts are in front of him. He does not believe and believes! Chu Feng secretly stunned, the more he contacted Director Xiao Dong, the more he felt that Director Dong was too fucking god, as if there was nothing he could not do! Fighting and fighting is a master! Gun shooting is an expert! Now even gambling technology is also...

at the same time.

Ma Dakai’s boss on the bright side of Jindi Mountain Villa is also the person in charge of the casino. In an office in Jindi Mountain Villa, he is talking to Qian Fei on the phone. When discussing how to deal with the new director of the Public Security Bureau, Ma Dakai certainly knows gold. The Emperor Villa is not clean, so this matter is extremely heart-warming. If the Public Security Bureau really has a leadership to seize the murder case or other cases, it is not afraid of Jindi Villa, but the pressure and sense of crisis will always disappear. Off, always have to be prepared everywhere, which greatly affects the business of Jindi Mountain Villa.

"It’s too bad to start, you can’t make things bigger.” Qian Fei hated.

Ma Dakai said: "The last time Mei Meixia had already beaten the surname Dong, it is estimated that he will not toss it anymore?"Qian Fei vomited. "Not necessarily, take a few more hands and look at it. If he is a member of Dong, if you don't know how to lift it, don't blame me for being polite!" Suddenly, Qian Feidao: "How about the mountain?" Is there nothing wrong with the casino?"

Ma Dakai smiled and said: "How could something go wrong?"

"Be careful, other things are good to say, the evidence of the destruction is ruined. Even if someone wants to move us, there is no way to go through the formal channels, but the casino is the only weakness of the villa. There must be no mistakes, if it is true. People got gambling, the village is finished, my father can't help, know?"

"With me, you can rest assured."

Both Ma Dakai and Qian Fei know that the casino is the lifeblood of Jindi Mountain Villa. The income of the normal operation of the villa is not as much as that of the casino for one week. Therefore, Ma Dakai has spent a lot of time in this regard, whether it is the construction of the villa or the selection of the casino. The site has been carefully calculated. Even if the police have killed the gate, Ma Dakai has the means to transfer all the gambling gambling equipment within a few minutes, and no trace will be left to the police.

The bell rings, the bell rings, and the desk phone rings.

When Ma Dakai said something to Qian Fei, he hung up the phone and raised his hand to pick up the line over there. "Hey."

“Mr. Ma, someone just played a roulette and selected a single number and won 3.5 million.”

Ma Dakai’s face changed slightly. “Three hundred and five thousand? How did he play? Didn’t cheating?”

The dealer fast said: "There should be no, he is a single number chosen every time, it may be luck, um, do you say this money?"

Ma Dakai was silent for a moment. "Write down his room number and give him money, but the roulette should not be used again today. Find an excuse to say that there is a problem with the roulette. Look for a few people to overhaul it in the past." The reputation of the casino cannot be lost, if No money, no one dared to come here after that, but 3.5 million, Ma Dakai can not be willing to pay for it, he is ready to wait for the person to leave and then find someone to get the money back!

In the casino hall.

The dealer was struggling to carry a thick big box, and he placed it in front of Dong Xuebin. "This is 3.5 million. You can order it." Since it is a casino, naturally it will prepare a lot of cash. But paying so much, there is not much money in the casino.

Dong Xuebin said with satisfaction, look at Chu Feng.

Chu Feng immediately met, and some of the worshipers looked at Director Dong and walked over to open the box and began counting money.

Soon, Chu Feng said: "The boss, exactly 3.5 million."

Dong Xuebin smiled and said: "Girl, then continue?"

The dealer smiled bitterly: "Sorry, the roulette has just had a problem. I have called people to renovate."

A few people who just played the roulette suddenly complained. Everyone was like a mirror. The casino is afraid that the person will win again.

Dong Xuebin spread his hand and didn't care. He pushed his hand and pushed the sunglasses, and even pushed it twice.

Chu Feng’s eyes glimpsed. This is the secret code that he and Dong Commissioner had previously set. Seeing Dong Xuebin’s sneak peek at the table where he played the dice, Chu Feng found an excuse to sue with Dong Xuebin. One person went out of the casino, returned to the suite on the original road, and secretly made a phone call in the bathroom."Hey, Secretary Liang, I am Xiao Chu from Huitian Township Police Station."

Liang Chengpeng, who received the phone, just finished the meal and heard a word. He said that the policeman of a police station would dare to call me?

Chu Feng hurriedly said: "This is the case. Director Dong and I are at Jindi Mountain Villa. Director Dong told me to tell you, please call some people to gamble."

"Catch gambling? Xiaodong is doing well?"

"Yes, it's no problem."

"What about gambling?"

"The gambling money is also controlled!"

Liang Chengpeng must have a look, "Well, I will let people go immediately!" He did not know how Dong Xuebin controlled the gambling funds of Jindi Mountain Villa, but he did not want to edit this essay, so Liang Chengpeng did not ask much, immediately gave a personal Called and let him quickly rush to Jindi Villa!

The team leader was the deputy captain of the criminal police team. He heard it from Liang Chengpeng’s tone. Director Liang attached great importance to this matter, so Vice Captain Feng immediately called a dozen criminal police officers. These are all absolutely trustworthy. People, who would never have a relationship with Jindi Mountain Villa or Director Hu, Director Zhao, took the team. Feng’s vice captain rushed to the door of Jindi Mountain Villa in twenty minutes.

When the foreman of the villa saw the police coming, he stumbled and hurried to the person who called the casino behind!

Deputy Captain Feng did not delay with the outside and ordered: "Crash in! Someone blocked the permission to shoot!"

A group of criminal police officers will take it in their hands and fly quickly into the villa. They just walked down the hall. The Chu Feng, who washed the hair dye on the hair, took off the sunglasses and greeted them. He whispered quickly in front of Feng’s vice captain. One sentence. Deputy Feng, the captain of the team, got the news of Director Liang. After confirming the identity of Chu Feng, Vice Captain Feng commanded the criminal police to keep up with Chu Feng and went straight to the casino under his lead.

The casino has been messed up.

"The police are coming! Go back the door and go out! Fast!" Several Jindi Villa staff immediately opened a small door behind to prevent the gambling staff from evacuating. The casino staff looked hurried but not too flustered. Obviously this It’s not the first time.

In just one minute, the gambling staff went clean.

At the same time, several suit men went to do gambling, and several dealers went to gamble. There were small carts in the casino. The roulette and the money-filled boxes were placed on the top, and they could be pushed away. The trolley Obviously it was prepared for this time. Soon, the casino was empty.

After more than two minutes, Ding Dang, the casino gate was opened by Feng Vice Captain and Chu Feng!

No one! There are only a few tables that are twisted and twisted!

"Give me a search!" Feng’s captain’s face sank and paralyzed, and he knew that there would be no gains this time!

The criminal policemen dispersed themselves, and some went out to search for gambling equipment.

Behind, a gloomy Ma Dakai walked up quickly. "Captain Feng, what do you mean by this? Ah?"

Deputy Feng Feng said: "Catch gambling!"

Ma Dakai sneered: "We are doing business seriously, don't you filthy people? Can you gamble? How can there be gambling? Where?"

In the past, several criminals came back depressed, "Feng team, did not find gambling and gambling."Ma Dakai’s heart disdain, the gambling money was transported to the front, and the gambling tools were hidden deep and could not be found. The police came in for a few minutes, enough for them to do a lot of things, even when the casino was established, Ma Dakai and Qian Fei also trained these people, running one by one faster than rabbits!

Vice-President Feng is very difficult to look at, and he looks to Chu Feng: "Little Chu!"

Chu Feng was a bit puzzled, and said that Director Dong went there.

Ma Dakai waved his hand, "Everyone! Please come back! We have no casino here!"

"Oh, who said no?" Suddenly, a yellow-haired youth came out from the back door of the hall. The young man wore a big sunglasses and smiled.

Ma Dakai screamed, "Who are you?"

Except for Chu Feng, who knew that it was Director Xiao Dong, no one else recognized it.

Dong Xuebin is in a very comfortable mood. "Who am I? Who are you talking about? I just gambled here."

Feng Vice Captain Ma Dakai and a few criminal police officers are a bit dumbfounded, relying on, have seen sincere, have not seen such sincerity, gambling, you still do not hurry to run? Why are you still coming back when you ran? are you crazy? Rao is the vice captain of Feng, who has seen all kinds of people, and has never seen such a person who has been laughing at the net!

Ma Dakai stared at him: "Kids! Nonsense!"

Deputy Feng Feng said: "You just really gambled here? What about other people?"

Dong Xuebin reluctantly said: "All ran."

Vice-President Feng frowned, even if there was a witness, it didn't make much use. He couldn't find a gambling tool and couldn't find a gambling fund. It was all in vain.

Ma Dakai looked at Dong Xuebin with a cold eyes, threatening the meaning of Shi Dong.

Dong Xuebin’s pretending suspicion: “Hey, this is the manager of the horse? Manager Ma, what are you doing for me?”

Ma Dakai angered: "We have never had a casino in our villa! Where are you gambling? Ah? Kid! Be careful, I will tell you!"

Dong Xuebin grinned. "I said Ma manager, this is what you are wrong. Let's be honest. I just played the roulette here. How do you squint and say something? You are also forty. A few years old, dishonesty is not a good comrade."

Looking at Director Dong is teasing him, Chu Feng almost laughed.

Ma Dakai’s lungs are exploding, and when does he count down? ?

Vice-President Feng also felt that this young woman in sunglasses was a little crazy, as if the spirit was not normal. How did we catch the gambling and caught you, are you so happy?

Looking at the table, Dong Xuebin smiled. "Okay, time is almost the same, don't be stinky with you, old Feng, catch people!"

Old von? ?

Feng Vice Captain almost vomited blood, old Feng? Are you calling me? ?

Seeing that no one listened to himself, Dong Xuebin took a little bit of depression and picked up the yellow hair. He dyed a hair, how can he not recognize it?

Vice Captain Feng was shocked: "Director Dong!"

A group of criminal policemen glimpsed together, and Ma Dakai called a sullen face!

Dong Xuebin smiled and said: "Old Feng, grab people, I just contacted the top, and now I should be surrounded by the armed police. Today, who the mother does not want to run!"Ma Dakai shouted: "Catch people? There is no casino at all! Who are you arresting! Who gives you the power? Ah?"

Dong Xuebin looked at him. "Mr. Ma, you are too dishonest, no casino? Come, you open your eyes and see what this is." Dong Xuebin, standing at the back door, pulled a hand and a roulette was thrown by him. On the ground, there are a lot of dice and playing cards on it. "Is this a gambling tool?"

Before, at the casino

When the staff and other people evacuated, Dong Xuebin quietly kept up with them. In the panic, no one would pay attention to Dong Xuebin, and many gamblers also ran together. Finally, Dong Xuebin saw several people. The place where the gambling tools are hidden is a very hidden room. There is a hidden door under the red carpet. In addition to these, there are many other gambling tools. Dong Xuebin stunned the two suit men with back, which brought the gambling tools. Otherwise, if the police come to search, they will not find the secret door for a lifetime.

Ma Dakai’s face changed greatly. “...this is what we rent, just like chess, for family entertainment!”

Dong Xuebin was too lazy to talk nonsense with him. He raised his hand and took out a big box from behind him. He threw it on the ground, revealing a bundle of 10,000 pieces inside. "This is 3.5 million, all from your casino. Win, you will not know what this is called? Oh, this is called gambling!"

Ma Dakai was paralyzed. I didn’t expect that the person who won more than three million is Dong Xuebin!

Ma Dakai immediately argued: "This is not our money! You are framed!"

Dong Xuebin said: "Don't dying, there are fingerprints on the money, and there are also boxes on the box. If you check it, you will understand everything. Feng Captain, the gambling gambling funds are all in place, let Xiao Chu take you to recognize people later. I have just taken all the gamblers and staff, and maybe I can find other gambling money too!"

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