Power and Wealth

By Chang Yu

Chapter 4 must be admitted

Chapter 4 must be admitted

Chapter 4 must be admitted (this chapter is free

The next day.


The summer sun is covered by clouds, a bit cloudy, and the misty air is much cooler than the previous days.

Just got a bed, thinking that my underwear and socks are still at home, Dong Xuebin was uncomfortable, and hurried to the side 302 pressed her doorbell. After all, she is a woman who secretly loves her. Dong Xuebin wants to show her best side to her. But her underwear and stinky socks are so embarrassing. Hey, I knew that I had to grab it last night. I hope that you can I haven't washed it yet.

Hey, the door is open. "Hey, it’s Xiaobin. I’m going to work, let’s go.”

The cockroach is a person living, the home is fragrant, it is the unique taste of the woman's boudoir, the small living room is cleaned up, and a few glasses are wiped clean. When he entered the house sideways, Dong Xuebin touched his nose very embarrassedly. His face was hot: "That, my clothes..."

Yongzheng bent his knees on the ground and bent his feet on the fleshy stockings that were squeezed by high-heeled shoes. When he heard his words, he smiled and took down the bathroom. He said, "The clothes are hanging from the bathroom. It was washed yesterday. It may not have dried up. , how? Urgently wear? Then give you a hair dryer to roast?" She squat low on one leg, the other leg is slightly higher, and a black hollow in the middle of the ol skirt is very fascinating.

Dong Xuebin’s face is hotter. "Oh, no need, I take it back to dry it, thank you."

He glanced at him. "Is it polite? Saying thank you is what I told you."

She rubbed shoes at the toilet door, Dong Xuebin went into the bathroom and took clothes. Her t-shirt and trousers were hung on a shelf with several towels. The metal railings on the back, the underwear and socks were hung there. Dong Xuebin quickly stepped forward and quickly pulled the clothes off the hangers and hugged them in his arms. He thought about the pictures of the soft hands that had been smashed on his underwear. Excited and shameful, anyway, the mood is not too complicated.

After a little distraction, when Dong Xuebin wanted to take his clothes home, he suddenly found a piece of flesh-colored lace-trimmed briefs in his arms. I relied on it and got it wrong. This is not my own underwear. It is awkward. Dong Xuebin gave his head a slap, and shivered and slammed his underwear in his hand, trying to put it back on the metal shelf, but the tidal touch of the briefs made Dong Xuebin’s heart linger, hesitating. At one point, he carefully squeezed it, both excitedly and nervously taking the elastic band and curiously looked inside.

This is the underwear.

So lovely!

Just as Dong Xuebin was fascinated, outside the toilet, a head came in and explored, "Hurry up, take it, go to work..." After half a word, I didn't say it. I saw the color of the color held by Dong Xuebin at a glance. Briefs, the face will be red.

Dong Xuebin almost fainted to the ground, reflexively throwing his underwear on the washing machine, "Hey! No! Really not!"

Look at him, no words.Finished! Dong Xuebin felt that his good image in his heart was completely ruined. It is difficult to argue: "Not like that! I! I just got it wrong! I..." I couldn’t explain it at all. He suddenly remembered whether he could The time of retreat has not yet had time to test, and immediately shouted "back!"

The picture flies!

The next moment, Dong Xuebin only saw his hand stretched in the air, unconsciously trying to grab the flesh-colored briefs on the metal frame.

It was the time period a minute ago!

It has become! Time has returned!

The hand hurriedly braked, Dong Xuebin completely relieved, and took his clothes and walked out of the bathroom. "Hey, I, I went back."

I laughed and laughed. "When there are dirty clothes, I will take it to you. Don't be polite."

Call, it’s dangerous.

After returning home, Dong Xuebin tried several times back, but it didn't work!

It seems that this ability to return to the past is really once a day!

Developed, you must be developed!

Breakfast is the porridge of rice leftover yesterday, an egg, a dish of cucumber pickles. Because during this time, the price of eggs in the vegetable market has increased a lot. Dong Xuebin and his mother have not been willing to eat it for many days. They swallowed and spit dryly. Sitting opposite the mother, he carefully peeled off the egg shell and took a bite. Chew slowly.

"You Xu Aunt may come to the house after a while." The mother looked up. "What is your civil service exam review?"

"Tang Xuebin's mood suddenly sighed and sighed. "But hope is not big, you know, I have not been very good at learning." The reason why I didn't find a job after graduating from college, preparing for civil servants is the most important thing. One reason, however, is that Dong Xuebin’s UN General Assembly is a relatively general school in Beijing. His grades are more general in schools. In general, the probability of being admitted to a civil servant is very small. Hey, it should be said that it is impossible.

"I don't get in the way, I can't test it this time. If I can't, I will find a class first." The mother touched her son's hand. "It will always be admitted."

In the face of the expectation of the mother, the pressure on the shoulders of Dong Xuebin was in vain. "I... I will try my best."

Hey, civil servants, civil servants.

Now that the competition in the system is so cruel, can he really squeeze in from the shackles? It’s not very likely to think about it. Not only does he hope that he will be embarrassed, Dong Xuebin’s university classmates, even a few people with excellent results and a very strong brain, can’t get it, it’s a pass to the two levels of the written test, and the position for the exam. People generally only accept one person, you will ponder it, then

Is it really difficult to pick one in the real world?

Hey, someone knocked at the door.

Mom and Dad quickly grabbed Dong Xuebin and opened the door to welcome him. There are two people standing outside the door. One is a middle-aged woman in her forties, and the other is a young man with glasses at the age of twenty-six and six. They are neighbor Xu Ayi and her son Xiaodong. Later, they are also very proud. The middle-aged man with a big belly walked down the fourth floor.

When the mother saw it, she immediately greeted the man with enthusiasm. "Xu Kechang, go to work?"Dong Xuebin also said: "Xu Kechang, Xu Ayi."

Xu Kechang took the official shelf a little bit, and did not even talk to Dong Xuebin and his mother and son, continue to go downstairs.

Xu Ayi and the later Xu Keke said: "My son is going to take the exam. You will come back early at night. Let's go out and eat."

Xu Kechang and Xu Ayi are two couples. I heard that they had done it in the first half of the year. Now they have become a small head with the customs. The deputy department is still at the level of the department. Anyway, the North Port is a good mix. However, Dong Xuebin's impression of their family is not very good, especially this Xu Kechang, who was used to being used by the former group, his eyes are on the top of his head, never look at people with positive eyes.

After the mother brought Xu Ayi and Xiaodong into the house, Dong Xuebin also heard neighbors and Xu Kechang downstairs.

"Hey, Xu Kechang, is it so early today?"

"Xu Ke, thank you for your help in the past, I am pleased to ask a customer today?"

There is a taste of the knot in the words.

Dong Xuebin couldn’t help but feel very emotional. Hey, it’s good to be an official. You can also get a civil servant.

Close the door back to the house, in the living room, the mother took out the best tea in the house, and distressedly brewed two cups for Xu Ayi, but this "good tea" is only for Dong Xuebin's family. Auntie and Xiaodong certainly didn't look at their eyes. After a taste, Xu Ayi frowned and put down the cup. He didn't take another drink. "Xiao Ping, I heard that your son is also taking the exam in the 15th? Have you got the baseline? ”

The mother took Dong Xuebin and sat down and sighed: "I hope it is not big, hey, Xiaodong should be fine?"

Xiaodong pushed the glasses frame, and looked at the review materials with boring look, did not speak, and was as proud as his father.

Xu Ayi proudly smiled: "Small East has of course passed. Last year, the national examination was sloppy. The topic did not play his level. This year, I seriously reviewed the previous ones. It is still no problem to test the top ones." Xu Ayi stunned the voice and smiled. "I will tell you that Xiaodong and his dad have already greeted the customs. As long as Xiaodong has passed the interview score, it will be released."

"That's really good, your son has a good life." The mother's envious eyes blinked and sat closer to Xu Ayi. "If you look at Xiaodong, if you are not busy, let him teach Xiaobin to do his homework?" ”

Xiaodong was very disgusted with the mother's glaring at him. When he heard this, he immediately turned his head in a stiff tone: "Mom, I don't have time."

Dong Xuebin saw that his mother was topped up, and the fire came up. "Do you think I have time?"

The mother was in a hurry and took the elbow and arched Dong Xuebin. "Why, you don't understand a little polite!"

The atmosphere is condensed, Xu Ayi sings and laughs: "In fact, your family Xiaobin does not have to rush to test civil servants. You see that the current college graduates are all going out to work for a few years to accumulate experience and then go to the exam. Still a little higher, or even the society has not been exposed to how to take the exam? You see that several recent graduates have been admitted to civil servants? One thousandth is not!"

Mom laughed twice and didn't answer.

Dong Xuebin said that you are cursing me? Do you know that I can't get it?He counted it, and Xu Ayi was shown with his son.

Half an hour later, Xu Ayi left with Xiaodong’s words. Before going out, Xiaodong looked at Dong Xuebin coldly and looked back at it contemptuously. In his opinion, Dong Xuebin’s family was too poor and no one was there. I don’t want to say that the civil service exam is a problem. Even if I find a job, I am afraid that it is a problem. It is the kind of person who is destined to live at the bottom of the society for a lifetime. It is really not worthy of dealing with him.

in the afternoon.

The mother went back to the house to take a nap, and Dong Xuebin wrote a picture in the living room with a test of the previous year's test questions and made a final sprint review. I can see it for a long while, but he couldn’t see it anymore. It’s just because Dong Xuebin felt that even if he played at a super level, he couldn’t reach the threshold of the civil servant’s benchmark. It’s a waste of effort to review it.

The subtle voice suddenly floated into the ear.

It seems to be in the house, it is not clear.

Dong Xuebin followed the sound to the bedroom door and walked over and gently unscrewed the door handle, opening a gap.

I saw my mother holding the black and white photo of Dad, sipping her nose and wiping her tears with her cuffs, crying silently. "Why can her son enter the organ, my son can't? Hehe, you can be sure I have to bless our son’s exam, as long as the son can enter the institution, I... I will live for a few years."

"...Mom!" Dong Xuebin's eyelids swept away and strode over.

When the mother saw her crying and was stunned by her son, she couldn’t help but look old. She hurriedly wiped her eyes and smiled: "Mom is fine, nothing."

Standing in front of his mother, Dong Xuebin’s heart sighed and said: “You can rest assured that this civil servant will definitely be admitted, and death will be admitted.” The mother’s bitter look provoked Dong Xuebin’s fighting spirit and lived. In one breath, the Buddha fights for a fragrant incense. Why is it that the aunts are all official, the sons are all civil servants, and they can only be a flat-headed person, even the mother who eats better and wears the warmest. Can't do anything?


Two shoulders licking one head, who is worse than anyone else!

This civil servant, he must be admitted!

This time, he just wants to give himself and his mother a sigh of relief! !

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