Immortal Demon Respect 32

Immortal Demon Respect 32

Li Luo is in the secret of the darkness of the darkness,

Although there is no way,

And Chu Wuyi has never come to see him.

But fortunately, there is also a small seven that allows him to play the game of the Star World as before.

And you can also use code words in your head.

Or face a piece that is always black,

It is a normal person who will be mentally disordered.

Time has passed unknowingly for four months.

The cave house has been opened recently. Li Luo asked the system Xiaoqi, and learned that Chu Wuzhen had successfully entered the cave house, could not help but breathe a sigh of relief in his heart. At least this episode,

Still running according to the original trajectory, after that, Wu will not be able to get the best fit for his current body in the cave.

this day,

Lelo is still the same as usual.

Prepare to enter the game account that Xiaoqi gave him, and he has already played more than 20 levels.

Go shopping in a future world of life games.

Just when he opened the game,

When I am preparing to log in to the account,

Xiaoqi suddenly stopped him.

"The host is big, wait,

Don't enter the game first,

somebody is coming. ”

What, someone is coming? It’s almost four months, don’t talk about people,

Even a fly did not appear in front of him.

Surrounded by a very dark darkness, there is no living thing except him, as if no one remembers that he was locked up here.

And now Xiaoqi actually said to him, is someone coming over?

This person must not be Chu Wuyi. After all, he is still looking for opportunities in the cave house.

So, who is this person who is coming now?

Li Luo couldn't help but open his eyes and looked at the still dark front, which is the direction of the door.

I didn’t let Li Luo wait for a long time. After only half a cup of tea, there was a slight noise from the door of his cell. Then the firm door was slowly opened in front of him. The inconspicuous light also came in at this time.

Although the light difference was not obvious, Li Luo, who had been in the dark for a long time, couldn’t help but blink his eyes. Only then did he see a slender and slender figure in the door of the cell.

"Respect," the slender figure hurriedly approached, the voice was very charming, with a hint of eagerness, and obviously cared about him very much. "Great, really, you. This will save you from going out." The face of the person is also like a voice, the birth is very charming and moving, between every move, the charm is natural.

Li Luo looked at the glamorous woman who hadtily walked in front of her. In the brain, she suddenly flashed a character's setting - the right magic under Yuntian's seat, the red dragonfly.

Hung Hom was originally a little girl who was almost sold to the brothel by her family. She was saved by Yun Tianheng unintentionally. Yun Tianheng originally took a fancy to her special physique, so she would save her. However, since then, Hung Hom has seen Yun Tianheng as his savior, and he is loyal to him.Li Luo also wrote in the original book that after Chu Wuzhen killed Yun Tianheng, the Xuan Ming Palace was in chaos, and everyone was rushing to be the master of the Xuan Ming Palace, but only the Red Dragonfly worked hard to summon the man. Continue to chase and kill Chu, and in the end, naturally it can only be used to eliminate jade.

At the time of writing the death of Hung Hom, there were still many readers who gave him a bad review in his article, saying that he would rather write a beautiful woman to death than to put this beauty into the man's harem.

Closer to home, now that Hung Hom is coming, is to help him escape?

But he doesn't want to escape.

The red dragonfly pulled up the hand of Li Luo who was still sitting on the ground. "I can’t wait for a long time," he said. Walking outside the Xuan Ming prison.

Before Li Luo had not had time to say anything, he heard another louder sound outside.

After Hung Hom heard these voices, his face was changed. She did not expect that it would be discovered so soon.

Sure enough, when the red dragonfly took Li Luo out of his cell, he saw that two people were facing each other, while the one facing the red dragonfly should be the one who was taken by the red dragonfly and the other side. When the people saw Li Luo, they suddenly blasted the pot. They did not think that the former Mozun Yun Tianheng would actually be here.

Apparently they didn't know that Li Luo was innocently shut into the mystery of Chuan.

Now when I saw Li Luo, I suddenly became more excited. Some of them said: "No wonder you can't take it anymore. It turns out that your master is locked here. We will treat you now. All the rebel parties have seized or killed them, and they will reward us when they come back."

Obviously everyone else is like this person, and I think so in my heart. After he was in charge of the entire Xuan Mong Palace, Chu Wuzheng had always been very rewarding and penalized. There was no sentiment in the penalty, so that everyone would not dare to disobey him, and rewarding was also a person who was rewarded by everyone. Generous.

So they looked at the eyes of Li Luo and Hung Hom, as if they were looking at two magic weapons that would shine.

Li Luo looked at the scene in front of him and found that the opposite crowd did not have the two people who put him into the prison that day, and he was crying in his heart.

Now even if he doesn't want to leave, he is estimated to have to leave with Hung Hom, or else he may not be able to keep his life. God knows the opposite.

After those who caught him, what would happen to him.

Hung Hom sneered at those people, although the tone is still uncontrollable with a charming, but her dawn looks at the people who have long been eager to try, there is no slightest feeling, "you group, before They are all respected, and now they are only temporarily lost. When you turn your head, you will be a dog with no innocence, and you will be disgusted with him. This kind of attitude is really disgusting."

"You--" A lot of people were black on the opposite side. "When we wait, we will cramp your little girl and tear your mouth and see how you marry us."The smile on the red dragonfly is even more beautiful. "Oh, let's just rely on you?" In the short walk of her cell, the dark cell was unknowingly filled with a layer of pale pink smoke. It quickly enveloped all people.

After a short period of time, within the dimly hidden dungeons, there were countless people’s screams.


Chu Wushao shunned the huge dragon-shaped phantom attack, the dragon phantom saw his own attack did not hit Chu Wusong, suddenly angry screaming in the sky, the entire huge dragon flickering, lingering With a dazzling golden light, he continued to attack toward Chu.

Chu Wushao holds a big sword shining in Ling Ling's cold light. His whole person is like a big sword. It is like this big sword, and it is full of fierce breath. He looked at the dragon phantas that rushed toward him with no expression. The big sword made a few swords of desire for the frozen air, and then he did not sneak away, snarling the giant mouth to the dragon. This lifted the sword and greeted it.

When he was about to be swallowed into the belly by the dragon, Chu had no flash in the purple light, and the big sword was surrounded by a layer of purple air. Then Chu Wushen and his hands were hand-held, holding a big sword toward the dragon. His Majesty, suddenly, a sword like the wind of the mountains and the sea, split the air, and smashed toward the dragon.

The dragon's faucet was smashed by the unstoppable sword, and the dragon body could not withstand the fragmentation of the general segment. After a while, it was turned into the golden color wrapped in the small box in front. The fog is only a few points lighter than the golden color that I saw before.

Chu Wushao took the big sword back into his own sea of ​​air, and the big sword screamed. It seemed that he was dissatisfied with himself and soon came out, and he had to go back. But in the end, it was still stunned by Chu Wu’s income in the sea of ​​Dantian, which was suspended there.

Chu Wushen went to the small box placed under the statue of the owner of the main hall, and reached out to open the box. The golden mist protected outside the box did not obstruct the innocent movements. The four of them spread out and let Chu go smoothly. Opened the box.

I saw a velvet-like broken corner lying quietly in a small box with only two palms. This is the secret treasure that Chu Wuzheng most wants to get now - the most important material in the secret recipe, the Dragon's Horn.

Chu did not care to take the dragon's horn inside the small box and looked at it. He found that there was no problem. When he wanted to put the dragon's horn back, his movement paused and he saw that he had just picked up the dragon's horn. The box, the box, seems to have a mezzanine.

Chu Wuyi opened the mezzanine, and there was a gold-rimmed silk reel lying quietly inside.

Chu Wuwu unfolded the scroll and saw that the expression on his face could not help but change. He did not think that this time he would find this thing in order to get the secret of the Dragon's Horn.

This scroll is naturally what Li Luo hopes Chu can get, and it is most suitable for the practice of Chu Wushen.After Chu had no choice but to collect both of these things, he carefully examined the hall. After discovering nothing else, he turned and passed the transmission array in the hall and returned to the outside.

At this time, there are two people outside who are playing.

Two of them were the ones who had been asked to take away Li Luo before he was innocent.

After the innocent participation of Chu, the battle was quickly divided. The four or five monks who had been besieging the innocent Chu had seen it and had long been afraid of Chu’s incomparable combat power. Unintentional fighting, and soon after the defeat, left.

"No heart, no dust, thank you for helping."

"No problem, now the time is almost the same, I also got the things I need. We will go to the transfer point now, waiting to be sent out of the cave."


After the innocent and simple treatment of the two, Chu had no two of them, driving the flying instruments and rushing toward the transfer point.

At this time, he still didn't know that Li Luo, who had been innocently shut in the Xuan Ming solitude, had been robbed of "jailbreak" more than half a month ago.

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