Return to university 4

Return to university 4

After everyone’s pre-singing and screaming and robbing the microphone,

The atmosphere inside the box has become more and more high.

Then a class looks pretty,

The girl with very cheerful personality was pushed a few times by a few girls next to her,

Holding a microphone with a red face

Said: "Next, let's play a game,

It doesn't mean anything to sing all the time. ”

The girl’s popularity in the class is also very good.

There are several boys who should be there immediately.

Then someone asked: "What game?"

"It's a combination of the king's game and the truth-telling adventure. Design the number sign based on the number of people who want to play the "king game."

The person who draws the largest number is the "king"; the "king" takes a number, and the person who is drawn the number can choose the truth or the big adventure. If you choose the truth, you must answer the question of [king].

Can't tell lies,

Choosing a big adventure will let the king decide what to risk. Of course, if neither is chosen, you can use a beer to pay off the debt. ”

When everyone listens,

I feel very interesting,

So I agreed to the girl’s proposal.

But the final beer is taking into account the safety of girls.

The girls were replaced by two drinks.

Originally there were only ten girls in their class.

And all of them are growing well.

Therefore, no one objected.

Then a boy called the waiter to ring in, let the waiter take a few sheets of paper and a pen, plus three boxes of beer and a box of orange juice.

There are still thirty-two cups coming over.

Everyone consciously put a cup in front of themselves.

Before the sinking, there was no objection to playing the game. The slender fingers took a glass cup and placed it on the small bar next to him.

Because of family reasons, his alcohol consumption is better than anyone in the private room. Beer is actually no different from drinking water for him, but he will not drink if it is not necessary.

After the girls took the paper and wrote the content, they tore 32 pieces, then folded all the paper into almost the same size, and after grabbing the order, they took a piece from the leftmost girl. After the table, hold the pile of paper while walking and let others take turns.

Just playing for almost ten rounds, Li Luo’s luck today is obviously extremely bad. He has been drawn three times in only ten times, and then his character is more embarrassing, and he is taking him, when [King] is a boy. Not as subtle as a girl, so he didn't choose either, and he drank three beers at once.

The amount of Liluo was not good. He was only given three cups, and his head was a little dizzy. After playing for a few more rounds and drinking a cup, his entire eyes were already fascinated.

The big eyes were drunk with water vapor, and the white cheeks also had a red layer on the cheeks. The original pale lips were also reddish in a hue and looked like a pink toed.

The new round has begun again.

After the distribution of the paper group, all the people started the paper-cutting group."Yeah, I got [King]." A girl with a pair of ponytails and a handsome girl smiled and showed the paper in her hand. Then she seemed to think about it and asked, "Who is the sixth?"

Li Luo slowly looked at the paper ball in his hand, but the messy head and the confused eyes made him completely unable to see the paper ball in his hand, or a boy on the side inadvertently saw it, and then "噗"There was a laugh," "Luo Luo."

When I heard the name of Li Luo, everyone suddenly laughed for a while. The girl couldn’t help but laugh. Then she looked at the fascinating look of Li Luo. Some smiled and asked: "Xiaoluo, you are going to Choose a big adventure or a big adventure?"

"Big... big adventure." Li Luo's voice was also softened by alcohol, and he can't completely think about it now, subconsciously choosing one of them.

The girl turned her eyes and smiled more sweetly. "That would let Xiaoluo go to the person who reported the number below me to do something." Talking about the girl taking out his mobile phone After watching it, I couldn’t help but cover my mouth and laughed. Then she went to Li Luo and opened a short video on her mobile phone. Then she said, “When I report a number, whether it is male or female, You have to sit on the man's lap and twist like this for three minutes."

The next boy looked at it curiously, only to see the video above, a voluptuous woman wearing a pair of umbilical leather pants was holding a thin steel tube with both hands, and the slender waist was very attractive. With.

Such an action, if done by a girl, must be very attractive, but replaced by a man, the boy next to it is completely unimaginable. At that time, he immediately sneered out, "Gu Yu, you are too dark, actually let Li Luo do this."

"How, can't you?" Gu Yu picked up his eyebrows and said, dissatisfied with his mouth.

"Where you are, you are [king], you are right." The boy resolutely raised his hand to make a surrender. "But you have to look at Li Luo and he would like to do this."

"Xiaoluo, you follow the action on this video, will you do this afterwards?" Gu Yu blinked and said.

Now Li Luo’s brain will not think at all, and if he hears Gu’s words, he will stay alone.


Gu Yu endured the urge to reach out and let his face watch the video for a few minutes, then asked, "Xiao Luo, do you remember the action?"

Li Luo nodded in a confused way, "Well", it was simply a coincidence.

The boy next to him also played a big heart. "The female dancer on the video is waist-shouldered, and you should be exposed to Li Luo."

Everyone was amused again, and then someone yelled at the boy who tied Li Luo’s T-shirt and tied it up.

In the face of the man, the boy did not have any scruples, immediately went up to Li Luo's T-shirt to the top of the waist, and then tied a knot to fix.Suddenly, Li Luo also had soft meat, but the waist that looked very slim was exposed in the eyes of everyone.

Li Luoyi was still tossed by others. Gu Yu looked at Li Luo, who was like a little white rabbit in front of him. He almost gave up the mischief, but after turning around and coughing a few times, she looked around. The person inside the box said: "Who is the 12th? The person who is going to take a big adventure is decided to be the lucky one on the 12th."

Everyone laughed for a while, but no one responded. Gu Yu asked again. When everyone was facing each other, a slender palm slowly lifted up, and the low and magnetic voice sounded, "I am. ""

Everyone looked in the direction of the sound, and suddenly they were all dumb.

The person who raised his hand turned out to be -- swearing!

Gu Yu saw that on the 12th, he was stunned and couldn't help but stunned. The people in this box, except for squatting, she was playing with no pressure.

However, if it is sorrowful, Gu Yu is also admiring him like other girls, but the temperament of the whole body makes people afraid to make fun of him casually.

Li Luo didn't know anything about it. He staggered and stood up, his eyes fainted and walked toward the sinking direction.

As soon as he walked to the side of Shen Shen, his feet seemed to be stunned by something, and then his body slammed into the sullen arms.

Everyone: "..."

Li Luo snorted in the sullen arms, then grabbed the squatting arm and climbed up, then sat naturally on the squatting legs.

Everyone: "..."

Because I was stunned for a while in the sullen arms, Li Luowu's black and supple hair was a little messy, and the hair became more and more fluffy because of the mess, plus the face that still had a little baby fat. The more it looks like a harmless little animal. The big eyes were covered with a layer of water mist, and they looked at the handsome young people in front of them.

Looking at Li Luo in front of me, I don’t know why, my heart seems to be brushed by a small brush, and it feels itchy.

Li Luo licked his head and seemed to be thinking about what to do next. Then he held out his two hands and surrounded the sullen neck without thinking.

Everyone: "..." Help!

Then Li Luo was ringing his neck and slightly swaying his waist. His body is very flexible. Although it was a fascinating video, it also recorded the action for six or seven points. Although he was not enchanting like the female dancer in the video, the action was There is no difference, and his face is full of innocent and sullen expressions, and sitting on his lap is a bit tempting, letting the itch in his heart The feeling has increased several times.

靳 戟 戟 戟 戟 黎 黎 黎 黎 黎 黎 黎 黎 黎 黎 黎 黎 黎 黎 黎 黎 黎 黎 黎 黎 黎 黎 黎 黎 黎 黎 黎 黎 黎 黎 黎 黎I don't know how long it took, Li Luo suddenly opened a big smile at the squatting, then bowed his head, and snorted in the sullen mouth.

Everyone: "..."

Gu Yu couldn't help but reach out and grabbed his face. The last female dancer in the video had a kiss in front of him, but it was a kiss, not a real kiss! ! ! ! She can't bear to watch it anymore.

He only felt that his lips had a soft mass, and then the more and more itch in his heart could no longer be suppressed at this time, full of his heart.

After Li Luozhen was finished, he yawned and his body tilted backwards.

As soon as he was stunned, he reached out and took Li Luo’s waist and pulled him back into his arms. Li Luo took advantage of the sullen shoulders and made a small breath of breath with his eyes closed. He had already fallen asleep by the shackles.

He looked at the person in his arms and felt a little dumbfounded. At the same time, he was uncontrollably overflowing with a softness that he did not notice.

靳 戟 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉Now, you continue, I will take him back to the bedroom first."

After that, he didn’t wait for other people to answer, and he took him out when he was holding Li Luo.

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