Immortal Demon 1

Li Luo closed his eyes,

Then took a deep breath,

Put your hand on the door handle,

Press down.

After opening the door,

Immediately, a dazzling white light came in. Li Luo is under this white light,

I couldn't help but slightly closed my eyes. When he opened his eyes,

The scene in front of him has been replaced by another scene.

This is a very quaint room.

The decoration is also very elegant.

Li Luo looked down at his costume and saw his body wearing a white robe and a white jade belt around his waist.

The thin, tough waist is outlined, and a large silver-gray gauze is placed over the outside of the robe.

Li Luo is trying to visit this room, and then let Xiao Qi send him the story of the story. But at this time,

A piece of paper floated in front of him,

Li Luo curiously reached out and touched a voice that belonged to the youth.

"Uncle Shi,

Let me inform you,

Can participate in the selection of the martial art. ”

The martial art selection? what? Li Luo is confused,

It is not clear at all how to answer.

[The host is big,

You can return to him a ‘good’ word. When he takes you to the main hall,

I will send you the outline of the story. Xiaoqi said in Li Luo’s mind.

Li Luo listened to Xiao Qi’s words and did not do too many inquiries. He said directly: “Good.”

[This room was banned by your body before,

You pick up the fan that you put on the table first,

Then take three steps, swing the fan, and meditate on ‘breaking’. ] Xiaoqi continues to prompt.

After Li Luo took it, a figure appeared in the back of the wooden door.

When Li Luo opened the door, he went out. He saw a young man with a handsome green shirt standing outside the door. After seeing Li Luo coming out, he bowed respectfully toward him. "Uncle Shi."

"Well," Li Luo nodded indifferently, then went on, "Go."

[In your sleeve, there is a leaf-shaped implement, you take it out and throw it into the air, then meditation 'Teng'. Then it will grow bigger and float in the air, you can sit up with this person in front of you. ]

After Li Luo took it, there was an emerald green boat in the air.

The young man behind Li Luo saw this small boat and his eyes lit up immediately. He is still only a disciple who has just entered the inner door. Now he only has a base period, and the instruments he touches are relatively low-level. Like the level of Li Luo, the use of the best instruments.

Li Luo took the disciple and sat directly on the color of the boat like a transparent jade. After the order was issued according to Xiao Qi’s instructions, he sat on the emerald green boat in a meditation posture and closed slightly. I have my own eyes.

The disciple wearing the green shirt saw Li Luo close his eyes, and he tried to lower his breathing as much as possible so that he would not affect Li Luo.But he didn't know that Li Luo, who looked cold on the face, had already sunk into his mind.

[Xiao Qi, send me the outline of the story of this world. ]

[Okay, I just got ready, the host is big, please pay attention to receive ~] Xiao Qi's voice just fell, a light spot appeared in Li Luo's mind.

Li Luo’s thoughts only touched the light spot slightly, and all the plots, like the same lengthy scroll, were displayed in front of him.

Li Luo roughly looked at the outline of the story, and suddenly realized that he was wearing a book, this book is still his novel, is his fourth novel "Xian Dao Demon".

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