Holy Sorcerer 31

After entering inside,

The space inside is more spacious.

All the people are now gathered in the arena.

A place similar to an indoor square.

There are countless magic lights floating on the ceiling.

It’s like a star in the sky,

Illuminate the entire space.

Elvis holds the name of Lero at the location of the St. Helier Academy of Magic.

Just wait for the flow chart of the game to come out.

Because the three schools add up to more than 5,000 people,

So it took a lot of time to sort the game.

After waiting for an hour, a huge magic light curtain appeared in front of all the students. This magic light curtain can be seen very clearly even by the students standing at the end of the crowd.

Wait until all the students have checked their game order.

And without any objections, the school where the students are located will give each of them a list of matches that are exactly the same as the ones above.

Students can take it back and see for themselves.

Elvis is actually not interested in his own game.

For him, it doesn't matter who the opponent is. So he is not as nervous as other students,

I am afraid that I will meet an opponent I can’t deal with tomorrow.

I lost directly on the first day. But waiting quietly,

Waiting for the teacher to send the scroll.

Li Luo turned his left head around boring,

Then he saw a long figure in the corner of his eye.

This is a teenager who seems to be only sixteen or seven years old.

He has a dark green hair.

A pair of green eyes, white skin like porcelain, face lines are different from Elvis's depth,

It seems a bit soft,

But not female, the whole face looks beautiful and unusual, and Elvis is comparable.

Li Luo looked at it for a while before he decided that the boy with a protagonist's face should be the one after the match, the follower of the man who met, a rare talented teenager - West Zell.

Cesare is a friend of St. Helier's School of Magic, the first-year leader of the Cardenas School of Magic. Now he is about to break through the four-star barrier and enter the five-star intermediate magician.

In the final semi-final match, Cesare almost let the man break the strength of the five-level strength, but fortunately the man still insisted on not revealing his strength, and finally let Sizel win.

Li Luo suddenly remembered that when he wrote the article before, in order to allow a little more sister to look at the text, he had a bit of awkwardness in portraying the relationship between Cesare and the man.

And in describing the appearance of Cesare, if Elvis is the sun that can burn the eye, then he is a bright moon hanging in the sky in the dark night.

Just as Li Luo stared at Cesare, Sizel, who was not far away, seemed to notice his sight and turned his face. The green phoenix also looked in the direction of Li Luo.Li Luo immediately shrank his small head and buried his face in Elvis's arms, avoiding the sight of Sizel. He didn't think that Cesare's feelings would be so sensitive. He just stared at him for a little longer, and he found out.

Elvis saw the body of Li Luo more brought to his arms, and then asked Li Luo: [What? Is your body uncomfortable? ]

[No, nothing. Li Luo immediately replied. He can't always say that after seeing the male friend's friend, the result is that the family has discovered it. In order to hide the sight of others, is this the case?

But anyway, he is now a cat, but even if it is discovered, nothing?

When Lero thought of it, he immediately took his head out of Elvis's arms. When he looked at the direction of discovering Cesare again, there was no such figure.

Elvis stood in the square for about an hour with Lero, and then took them to the mentor to let them line up to collect the scrolls.

Those who have received the reel can leave on their own, as long as they come over here tomorrow morning to participate in the competition.

Elvis still maintains an indisputable stance, and as other people ran past the queue, he slowly walked behind the people in the queue.

So, when Elvis received the scroll, the students of St. Helier's School of Magic had already gone far.


Because the number of participants was too many, the first promotion was divided into three days. Elvis was taken out on the first day and needed to participate in the competition the next day.

So on that day, Elvis took Lilo out to eat and drink in the city of Yale, and there was no sense of tension in the game.

The next day, Elvis looked at his schedule and turned to Li Luo. "You don't have to go with me today. Today I am in this game, and it is the first game, I am. It is estimated that I will be back in an hour."

There is no objection to Li Luo. For Elvis, the first game is estimated to be solved in just ten minutes or so.

Of course, if his real strength, maybe his opponent has not yet shot, he has already won.


On the third day of the afternoon, the first promotion was finally over, and the rest of the time was about the second qualifying round of about 20 games.

Elvis was once again in the air, because Yale City had been visited by him and Lelo, Elvis did not go out this day, sitting in the room to study the half-old bell, and the quaint Bracelet.

The former predecessor who became a sacred magician only mentioned the magic wand that he left behind, but did not say how to combine these three things into the magic wand. Elvis could only explore on his own, but he tried a lot of methods he knew, and the two things lay quietly on the ground without any reaction.

Elvis put away the two things, and a blue disappointment in the blue eyes, it seems that I can only try again after getting the third item.Li Luo naturally knew that Elvis’s attempt was not discovered at all. He sat next to Elvis and watched Elvis without any gains. He reloaded the two things, some guilty. I was biased towards my own eyes.

Then in the evening, when Elvis overwhelmed his lover, he found that he was particularly sturdy tonight, even before he had to make him stupid. A few sentences hesitated and agreed.

Although I don't know why, Elvis is naturally unlikely to refuse such a good welfare for himself. Everything will wait until I have finished eating it.

But when he went over and over, he washed and cleaned the small hairy group that he had sent to his mouth. The man who had been eaten and dried by him had already slept.

When Elvis cleaned up the bed, he put Li Luo, who had been in the bathroom and cleaned it up, and put it back on the bed. After he slid himself into the bed, the people who had not consciously gathered in the bed automatically rolled up. In his arms. Then the lips licked a few times, and the brow furrow stretched out, and the more he slept.

Elvis looked at Lilo, who was quiet in his arms and closed his eyes. He reached out and opened his long silver hair that blocked his eyebrows. Then he lowered his head and kissed him gently on his smooth forehead. Only reached out to Li Luo’s waist and slept with Li Luo.


With the increasing number of players in the promotion, the rest of the people began to participate in several games a day.

At this time, the various colleges also discussed the opening of foreign participation opportunities.

Those who have long been waiting for the game in Yale City, have long been waiting for a long time before. After the news was released, even the last-class seats were snapped up within a few minutes. Those who are late are all regretting that they are moving too slowly, and then they start to inquire about the time of the next sale. They are ready to grab the seats at the first time.

Students in the college can come and watch the game for free at any time. Students who have the competition can leave a person with the best position to observe.

When Elvis participated in the competition, it was natural to reserve a best location for Li Luo.

The people sitting around Leroy looked at a fluffy kitten occupying the best position in a viewing angle, almost scratching the heart and trying to replace the kitten.

But before they sat down, they had already seen the owner of the cat, and they all realized the cold air that the cat owner had released, and the gas field that was much stronger than himself. Even if I look at the position where I sit in that position, the small hairs that occupy only a quarter of the site are strange, and I dare not grab the position with it.

Then I saw the powerful combat ability of the owner of the kitten. I didn’t even dare to have this idea afterwards. Who would dare to provoke the pet of a human being like a humanoid killer?After that, as long as there is a place where Li Luo appeared, the best position, even if Li Luo went out and swayed back, he would still be empty for him, and no one dared to grab it.

In this way, the game was going on for half a month and finally reached the semi-final.

Because there are only twenty people left, now Elvis has to participate in almost three games every day. In order to meet his own current level four magician settings, the time spent on daily battles has also increased a lot.

Today, Elvis’ opponent in the second game is Sizel.

Li Luoqi sat on the special seat that Elvis chose for him. He stood on the playing field. Two teenagers with handsome looks were standing against each other. The two front claws couldn’t help but move forward. under.

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