The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Yun Fu Ri

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Once forced to be bound by the system, Li Luo passed the daily routine that was always pushed down by the male master. Whether he is dressed as a male master or a master or opponent, but in the end was forced by the male owner. After wearing a few worlds. Li Luo (a face of blood): The system you come out, Nima, why these goddess, the good goddess does not love, have to base with me ah ah! System: ... _(:_"∠)_, asked me, I am also Phuket. #八一八The man who does not love the goddess loves to stir up the base # #男主 always loves me how to do, online, etc., very anxious # 1V1, the main subject. Discussed with the editor, about to enter V next Monday, please continue to support, what? Thanks to the cover made by the Duke of the Friends of the T, what? 收藏~ Collection of the column of the cloud, after the new text has long known (づ ̄ 3 ̄) づ ~:, after the poke, click "collect this author", you can complete the adoption ~ thank you A collection of little angels O (∩_∩) O~~

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