Saint of the Confucian way Eternal flame

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In this world, scholars can grasp the might of the world. The talented can attack with a poem, a word can extinguish armies, writings can suppress all under heaven. County Level Imperial Examination scholars write military tactics on paper, Province Level Imperial Examination scholars speak like a written book and Imperial Palace Level Examination civil scholars fight battles with words. There are the esteemed Sages who by denouncing with word and pen, can condemn men to death, can judge the Son of Heaven as tyrannical and can rival countries. At this moment, there is no flourishing Tang Dynasty poetry and no golden age Song Dynasty prose, with no innovation in writing a century has passed without the rise of a new Sage. An unknown outsider and the child of a poor family, broke through a new path for himself, holding his family heirloom poetry book, with his writing surpassed the writings of Sages, he set foot on the Path of the Highest Sages!


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