The Returner

By 라엘

Returner Chapter 564

Returner Chapter 564

[565] 4. I have not failed yet (5).

Barabbas cried like an animal. Not only his silent voice, but now his appearance was no stranger to animals.

No, it was a monster, a monster made of hatred, rather than an animal.


Lee Ji-hyeok, who was thrown up in the air, groaned.

'What the hell is this?'

It was the feeling that the consciousness flashed very much at the moment when the body hit. Instantly lost control of the body was now coming back.

'It's a nonsense level.'

The power that Barbarossa had until he abandoned everything was beyond the imagination of Lee Ji-hyeok. I could not understand how pure physical force could create such an impact force.

How was that body created?

I do not understand, but I am thinking. It was time to think, not to think now.

But Barbács did not allow him to move.

"Lee Ji-hyuk!"

Whenever the wings of a barbachee flap once, a storm strikes. It was not a simple investigation. Whenever the wing was really wielded, a storm was blowing on the other side.

And with the rebound that caused the storm, Barbabe was moving so fast and intensely that it was swarming with fear. I think it is impossible to fight against the air.

Choi opened his mouth without knowing himself.

What is this

Although it is not so much different from the general public, it can be said that it is a magic man. Especially, his strength is the most emphasized by him. It was Lee Ji-hyeok's idea that it would be useless to pour any kind of attack if the enemy could not keep track of how it moved.

But I can not chase.

Obviously, it was impossible to capture Barbache and Lee Ji-hee's movements with his eyes.

Storms and roar burst.

Something that is white appears where it should not. The fuselage that appears at the other end instantly causes an explosion of the wind, revealing its clean image in the opposite sky, and then disappearing again.

So it is not possible to support or assist.

"Fuyu, you are trembling."

Alpha trembled.

"Do you see something?"

"Afraid not."

Alpha shook his head decisively.

"That can not be done with the eyes of a man. What a dragon should look like. "

As soon as the words of Alpha were over, Choi Jeonghoon turned to Apeldrieche. However, Apeldrieche also only hung his head.

"It's impossible."

“…What in the world……

A fight that can not be seen with the eyes of a dragon.

What the hell are they doing?

"The dimensions are different. They have gone to a level that can not be considered a living thing now. "

That was the moment.

Quaian! Quaian!

In the air, a huge explosion of light began to explode.

"What, what?"



"In the middle of it, I'm buffing myself and erasing it. If you erase it, erase it, you erase it … Hundreds of times per second. The magic bursts out of that reaction. "

“…What is this? "

The struggle of the realm was unfolding.

"I'll ask one."


"Who are the two of them physically stronger?"

"Of course, Barbache. Overall, Lee Ji-hyeong is stronger, but if you fight only one flesh now, you can not defeat Barbache. "


Choi Jeonghoon gleamed his eyes.

"Please connect with Dior Le 12. Right Now."


I did not do the Apeldriebs now. He is firmly aware that moving as he wants is beneficial to the whole.

Go ahead.

"Pour sacred power. Throughout this land. "

The answer of Dior II was heard.

"But Barbara will also be affected."

While he was answering, Dior 12 had no trouble.

The situation is that the king must refrain from attacking because he will be damaged by the divine power.

There have been a lot of priests since the time of Berap, but Dior Le 12 will be the only one who suffers this absurd case.

Common sense was overturned, and enemy forces and friendly forces were blurred.

"I'm scolding you."

Apeldrische said in a calm tone.


"In his body, Barbarossa is superior to Lee Ji-hyuk. And now, hanging on that one, Barbázeca is walking on the blade. If you spray the divine power there now, the flesh is weaker, and the hindrance is greater. "

Dior 12 nodded. I do not know what you mean, but if that is the case with Apeldrieche.

Diore 12 yelled.

"Divine power in this land! The grace of Latrell! And here is the grace of all gods who defend Berap! "


"For Berap!"

When Dior Le 12's call was over, the priests spoke out prayerfully. The castles of the castle also began to pray next to the clergy to add a little strength.

The sky seemed to be open to the left and right.

The location of Lee Ji-hyeok could not be specified, so a gleam of light poured into every place visible.

"It's a local debuff."


"Afraid not." The answer is yes. "

Apeldričhe turned his head again with his firm face.

'The idea itself is different from ours.'

It is Lee Ji-hyeok moving at a speed that can not be pursued by the eyes. I knew I had to attack, but I could not sense how to attack. However, Choi Jeonghun was finding the most appropriate response at that moment.

As far as the group is concerned, he is more intelligent than the dragon.

"Please move the dragons."

"In what way?"

"Gravity weighted. I raise gravity all over the area. It may be subtle, but it will help. "

Apeldrieche nodded.

Choi Jeonghoon was telling what she thought she had to do when the divine power fell.

"I've already ordered."

Exactly at the moment when Choi's words dropped, he teleported. The confirmation is over.

The dragons began to consolidate the gravity of the area at once.


Lee Ji-hyeok's face was distorted.

"These are … … "

The body was delicately causing delays. The pouring divine power and weighted gravity are making his body heavy. If it were usual, this sort of disturbance would not have had any effect on him.

But this delicate delay was fatal in dealing with that Barbara who moves at such a pace that it can not be pursued by Lee. I see it with my eyes, I feel my skin before I see it with my eyes, and my reaction to my body slows down a bit. Thanks to… … .


For the first time, Barbache 's fist, which hit the face, blew Lee' s back like a bullet.

"Yes, it is tongue."

Flying faster than the bouncing speed, Bharbassa pursued Lee Ji-hee lifting both hands and striking hard.


With the sound of a bomb popping, Lee Ji-hyeok's body falls to the floor.

Koo Woong!

Whether it was swirling and digging into the floor, Lee Ji-hyeok's body was not satisfied enough to leave a crater, and he dug into the floor and into the floor.

Also, Barbache did not release Lee Ji-hyeok. As it was digging on the floor, Barbázeca grabbed the head of Lee Ji-hyeok and went down and down.

Excessive physical abilities pierced through hard rocks and dirt as if they were cotton candy.

Quad break! Quad break!

Barbabe, who had run underground for a long time, kicked up the body of Lee Ji-hyeok.

Koo Woo-woo!

The ground flips over.

With Lee Ji-hyeok, the entire ground surfaced like an island floating in the sky in a legend.

It's not exactly what happened, but it's just bouncing.

"Ah, ah!"

Choi Jung-hoon fainted on the floor, but Seo-yeong quickly held him and flew back.

"Damn, what scale … … "

The continental shakes in a punching room, and a mass of land like a thorn in the kicked room rises to the sky.

With him … … .


Barbache jumped in the air and kicked Lee Ji-hyeok's body.

The body of Lee Ji-hyeok, which was blown to the bottom at an angle, was caught on the floor surrounded by red blood.

At the same time the floor is upside down.

The floor was unable to exert any lowering power at all. The body of Lee Ji-hyeok pushed the floor up to the end of the horizon as if the shell rolled up like clay-covered mud.


It just seemed like the continent cracked.

A huge valley descended from the floor to a few tens of meters.

Choi Jung – hoon sighed as he watched the scene.

"I was a little more dangerous than I was before."

It was the most dangerous moment in the battle until Lee Ji-hyeok's workforce sucked everything in the world. It was also a moment when Lee Ji-hyeok's power was strong.

But strangely, I could not believe the sight I see now.

Who can believe that the body and the body meet, and that kind of sight comes out.

Literally, if they kept fighting like this, North America seemed to fly away.

“…Where are you going to be, those crazy ones? "

I do not have any nuclear weapons left now, but even if I had to blow the nucleus, I was worried about scratching them.

And when I saw it objectively. "Are you leading?"

Barbácia was driving it perfectly. It is funny to cheer on the devil, but it is still beneficial for them to be promoted by Barbarossa now.

But Apeldrieche was cold.

"Afraid not."


"The power of Barbácia is certainly enormous. I did not know if I could do that. "

“…What is that? "

It seemed to speak positive but it was something negative. Apeldrijche answered coldly to Choi Jung-hoon, who looked at him with uneasy eyes.

"But what Barbabese lost is not just his lifespan."


Choi Jeonghoon turned his head and looked at the barbache. The appearance of Barbáše flapping his wings in the air was unquestionable.

Daman, Daman and Diu



Choi Jung-hoon's face was distorted.

It was a surprise.

Though there were enormous things going on, it was short enough to say that the moment when Barbache and Lee Ji-hyeop confronted each other. By the way, in the appearance of barbache, the already tired color was strong.

"Why is it already?"

It was hard to understand as Choi Jung-hoon remembers the appearance of the devils who woke up jingling and woke up again no matter how damaged they were.

Even before the mutation, Bharbassi, the lower body was flying and did not fight.

"It all looks like explosive power. I lost my stamina. Huh … I would not have been able to fight that monster if I did not do it that way. "

"Then what should I do?"

"I'm wrong."


“…There is nothing I can do now. Barbácia will no longer be able to prevent this. "

Choi Jeonghoon's face was in despair.


At the moment, the end of the horizon burst.

I wanted to have a clear explosion that I could see with my own eyes, and Lee Ji-hyeok showed up on their heads in a flash.

With an angry face.

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