The Returner

By 라엘

Returner Chapter 489

Returner Chapter 489

[490] 3. (5) It raises the body.

I waited for someone to come in.

I was thrilled to see him here.

Mother or Yuyuan.

The expectation was not wrong, and it was the mother who opened the door.

"Have not you slept yet?"

Yes, I can,

"Why have not you slept yet? I go to bed early. "

"I can not sleep well."

My mother sighed and sat on the sofa across the bed of Lee Ji – hyeok.

"Why did not my mom come to sleep tonight?"

"I can not sleep well."

"But I'll sleep a little."

My mother laughed faintly.

"I do not know what will happen to my son tomorrow, will my mother sleep?"


Lee answered with an awkward face.

"What am I going to do?"

"Do not lie to your mother."

“…It's not. "

Park sungdeok said with a firm face.

"I have to go to fight again tomorrow?"

“…….”"I heard. You say you are not as strong as before? Do you still have to go to fight? "

Lee scraped his head.

"On, that … … "

What should I say?

"It's true that I'm a little weak, but they are so incompetent that I do not get what happens if I fall. You know, you're a son of a mother. "

My mother stood silently without answer. In the eyes of Lee Kyu-hyeok himself without knowing his head bowed.

The child goes out to the limbs, and which parents can accept it.

'I did not do the act once.'

Lee Ji-hyuk sighed deeply while watching Park Seon-deok, who had an uneasy face. It's a family that I met again in a few thousand years, and now it's time to split up.

It is Park Sun-duk who is worried about me because of the fact that Lee Ji-hye Lee must go back to the battlefield. How hard will it be if Lee Ji-hyeok finds that his body is now time-bound.

Lee rolled his mouth.

"Oh, do not worry too much, Mom. Have you ever seen anything I can not handle properly? It will not be any better this time. Then you can go back to Korea and earn some money with your money. "

"It's easy, man. How do you win those things? "

"If you win, you end up together. What's wrong with you? It is not unfair to die all together. I am dying to live on the other person. "

"Like Nolbu."

“…My mother gave birth to this. "

"Do not be ridiculous. When you were a kid, you were very nice and cute. Big and strange. "

"Then your mother grew up!"

"Do you hold your mouth?"

Lee Ji-hyeong extended his mouth.

The world was too harsh for those who discuss facts.

“…Mom is like that. I can understand why you should go out and do it, but I do not get it. "


"Just because you are a little ordinary, I do not want to go out in front of you."

Lee Ji-hyeok chewed his lips firmly.

This is what he often thinks about recently.

At that time, Vera would not feel the burden if he did not go pro but now he will feel uneasy.

The burden of the world's destiny depends on him, and his anxiety that his life is not much left.

If it had not been a tempered mental, it would have already collapsed several times already.

"What can I do?"

Lee Ji – hyeok shrugged his shoulders.

"There is a situation. It's not a situation that I do not want to do. "

“…Even so. "

"If you have to do anything, you should laugh. So it will not be easy for you. So do not worry too much about your mother. If you think that your mother is so worried, my mind is not easy. "


At the end of Lee Ji-hyeok Park Sun-deok nodded his head.

I still do not get convinced, but she will not change her choice. It should not be different. Then she knew that she had to lighten the heart of her son to the battlefield.

"Ji Hyuk ah."

Yes. it is.

"Mom, you can not even do it now, even if it is okay to shake your hand."

"Oh, Mom. Then you die. "


Park 's eyes did not shake.

"It's okay, though."

“…….”Lee did not say anything. I just look at Park Sun – duk.

Park Seon-deok looked at him silently and woke up quietly.


Yes, I can,

"The son she knows is not a very strong person."

“…….”"I do not like to go to school, I hate trying hard, and I'm about to live with a rough life, and my son is going to do something with a cramp."

"Uh, Mom. Stop the fact. "

"My sons have become unbearable and dissatisfied because they seem to have become more reliable these days."


"If the cost of returning to my son was originally destruction, my mother would be happy to accept it. You know what I mean? "

Yes, I can,

"Yes, go to bed."

Park Sun – duk got up and went out of the room.

"Is this a cheer?"

A low laugh came out.


Park Jae-deok came out of the room and Lee was right.

"Did you hear that?"

Yes, I can,

"Do you have something to say?"


'Do you have a word to say' Are you dissatisfied? 'I do not think it is because Lee is sensitive.

What? Did you say you could not? "

"No, Mom."

Lee did not say anything.

But I had to be careful. If you really let go of Lee Ji-keun thanks to Park Sang-deok's words, it would seem that the world would become hell.

Although he is a child, Lee Ji – hyeok has long since left his hands. He is not someone who can move in the opinion of the surrounding people.

"Do not worry, bi. Because your brother is not someone to play with your hands. "

"Mom, what's wrong?"

Park sangdeok sighed.

"It's like you're a tree frog, so it's your brother to do it if you do not."

I was sure to agree with that. Lee Ji-hyeok has been since childhood.

"So you told me to do it harder?"

Park 's eyes were slightly sharpened.

"Mom, are you angry?"

“…Huh. Sorry, Mom. "

Park Sang – deck said with a low sigh.

"Even if a man is strong in burden, who will overcome the burden."

"That's right."

"But if you see what people around you are saying, Ji-hyeok overcomes the burden of course, and of course, I think I should do my best to do the best."


Christopher, Choi Jung Hoon, and all the other people now thought Lee Ji Hye was a constant. At the beginning of the past, Lee Ji-hyeong was afraid of what to do.

The evaluation of human beings changes through experience. In the end, it was true that Lee Ji-hyeon solved all the worst situations, and it was true that he did his best as he went back.

So everyone now believes Lee Ji-hyeok.


"If everyone tells you that you do your best and you will solve it, will he be strong?"

“…I am burdened because I am burdened. "

Really? If you do, your brother should. I am from a ship, but what would be great for your brother? "

"But you can not help it."

"I can not help it … … "

Park sangdeok sighed.

"Someone has to tell me it 's okay. You do not have to solve this and save everyone. "

Lee looked at Park Sun – duk.

"Well, I'll be comfortable."


It was a difficult story. It was not easy for Lee to understand these things.

"So you think you're comfortable?"

"I do not know. I just want to. "


"So, please do not get caught up in front of your room. Go in and sleep. "

"I can not sleep well, Mom."

What? How many people live in your world without worrying like you do not sleep? "

"Mom is!"

Lee yelled at the sound.

"That's right."

"I have some worries!"

Lee asked his mouth all the time.

Lee Ji-hyeok is the one who wants to come back. But now that I have come back, I realized that now. It is really time to decide everything.

It was one of the few who knew that the fate of mankind was soon determined.

"If there is nothing I can do, I should cheer."

Park sungdeok said in a solid voice.

"I pray that you do well."

"Huh. I will, Mom. "

Park Seon – duk turned his head slowly and looked at Lee 's visit.

'Jihyeah, be strong.'

She will not know how hard and burdensome her son is. What she can do now is to understand as much as possible.

*** "It is a pleasure to meet you."

At the end of Christopher Lee Ji-hyeok laughed.

"It's weird since when we were like this."

"Now you have." I think it's been a long time? "

"That's strange."

Christopher or Choi Jeonghoon or his head wrapped around his head for a while, now look like a living father, and there was no humor.

Since when was he a trusted human being.

"What about the situation?"

"Of course it is the worst."

At the end of Christopher 's words, Lee Kye – ryou distorted his face.

"Are there any more novel expressions?"

"Was it at the end of the cliff? Is it just before the tsunami? "

“…That's Okay."

Let's hope.

Christopher said with a firm face.

"It's not just saying, it's not really that good. This time, I have been able to capture two of the devotees, but the number of devotees we have identified so far is at least 30. "

“…Is not it wrong? "

"I only mentioned the number of confirmed cases. I do not know how much more. "

"Why are these babies bothering here? I leave that wide circle. "

Lee Ji-hyeok took a deep breath.

I did not want to hear what you said today.

"But there is hope. Once the gap between the power is obviously reduced. "

"Did you see where the bollards are located?"

"That's good … … "


When Lee Ji-hyeok looked at the face that the spirit could not help, Christopher turned his head.

Even if you know where it is, Teleport will not be able to drive those basic skills.

"And today is the third day Barbabee promised."

“…Has he come and gone? "

"Yes. And within three days I promised to neutralize humanity. Today is the day. "


Lee Ji-hyeok nodded his head.

"Well, today's work is going to blow up, right?"

"Maybe not?"


Lee Ji-hyeong asked a cigarette in his mouth.

I do not know if he was the other person, but Barbácé was the one who was to keep his words. So I will not give up today.

"The fate of mankind is determined …" … "

I could not help but silence all those heavy words.

"Well, I'll finish it neatly anyway, it's nice."

I smiled at Lee's mouth.

"Let's discuss the countermeasures."

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