The Returner

By 라엘

Returner Chapter 361

Returner Chapter 361

The Returner Vol. 15 (12) 3. Let's stop (2) "This is a little awkward … … "

Lee looked down at his clothes and made a subtle look.

I was always wearing a sweat suit and wearing a suit. Every time I raise my shoulders, I get a feeling that it hurts.

I tried to rebel against wearing another, but I was forced to kneel before my mother 's ridiculous smash and Lee' s nagging.

It may have been bleeding from the ears that heard a little more nagging.

"And why do you like this motherfucker like your mother?"

I do not think it was violent at first, but now I lift my hand and push down the back of a person.

Although it is still a patriarchy, it does not need to resemble such thing.

Then how are you going to get married?

'Do you have to do that too?'

Choi Jung – hoon 's feelings were Lee Ji – hyeok, who put the candidates in the candidates without thinking.

Hmm …

Lee Ji-hyeon, who had looked at himself in a large mirror installed on the roadside, shrugged his shoulders feeling awkward.

"Well, it's good to see you."

Although I am familiar with training suits, I can not deny that what I see now seems to be about 1% better than usual.

"It's inconvenient, though."

It was Lee Ji-hyeon who was troubled between appearance and convenience.

I do not think there are clothes that are cool and easy to wear.


When the beep sounded, Lee Ji – hyeok heard the phone without delay.


– Uh, Chihyeon. I'm Changhyuk, when are you arriving?

"Are you going now?"

― ……Really?


– No, I had an hour or so late. I do not want to see you.

"Huh. Come on. Do not worry, wait. "

– Yeah, yeah.

Lee stopped the phone and asked for a cigarette.

"You can not go because you want to come here."

Lee Ji-hyeok whistled and walked to the promised place.


Yes, I can,

At the end of Choi Chang-hyuk, the faces of the men were slightly white.


“…There is no reason not to come. "

"Yes, but … … "

It was alumni society that Lee Ji-hye started in the beginning, and it was no longer coming. I know all about it, but I have not forgotten my last expectation.

"It's better to sell it first, so come early."

I know, right?

As the voice began to grow bigger, the women began to laugh at the men.

"Hey, are you so frightened?"

"What is he?"

"Leave it. What do women know? "

"You guys are really strange. Actually, it was not that he was teasing children or anything like that. Even so, everyone is now an adult, and what is so scary that I'm happy? "

At that end, Choi Chang – hyuk laughed.

"It's an adult."

"I would not worry if he was the one who kept it in the first place."

"What do women know?"

“…What did Ji Hyeok do to you? "

Choi Chang – hyuk sighs and opens his mouth.

"Lee Ji-hye, just like a non-lineage monster in the school to say that."

"Good non-monster monster."

Choi Choi looked up at me.

Lee Ji-hyeok, which he remembered, was not a child who did something remarkable in school. Just sleeping in the corner, sleeping, sleeping again … … .

'It's a big eye.'

I tried to sleep naturally too much, but I thought that I only remember what I was sleeping in the back seat.

"Is not there anything you have avoided?"


Choi Chang-hyeok made a beckoning and called someone.

"Kwon Suk Ah."

Yes. it is.

A child called Kwon Seok heard his head.

"It was the reason why Ji Hyeok had to stretch his back in front of us for a year because of the best back foot in our class. Thanks to that, I can not bend my back now. "

“…….”"You know that? Jonghyuk Ah. "

“…Do not."

"My Jong Hyuk Lee is living in a cup when he is a cup, but I have to go through the wall several times a day, and now I'm working as a pro pakur."


Park Jonghyuk stole his eyes.

“…Do you think there are two other victims? Ji Hyeok started his homework assignment, and Ji Hyeok was in charge of water and even Ji Hyeok was in charge of music selection. "

The optimist seemed to understand that he could not understand.

"Are you all the big boys that Ji Hyeok did? Why were you doing that? Just take a day to be angry. "

The men burst into laughter. One child was half-tearing and pointing at the best.

"I do not really know anything."

What is it? What?

"Do not you know why we did not have a break in our school?"


"In the first grade, the third graders called the men and told them to take the money."

What is it? Was there such a thing? "

Really? By the way, Iljin is gone that day. "


"The only thing that I took with me was Geohyuk."

“…….”Park Jonghyuk shook his head.

"I came to the classroom at lunch time, but I got a guy who was sleeping on the back at the end, so I just wanted to see him."


"I dragged him to the gym and asked him to collect the money, but he said with a smile. How much do you want to kick? "

“…….”"And the third graders had to spit out ten times. I've been eating well for a while and lived well with it. "

Choi Choi scratched his head like he could not understand.

"But it's Iljin, and you give it to me?"


Choi Chang-hyeok helped Choi's understanding.

"If you are naive, you will be naive. I gave it to the hospital after I was admitted. "

Yes. it is.

"It took you ten days to fit that?"

"Huh. At that time, my third grader, Min-Chul Lee, was hanging up to the end and was taken to the hospital. "

"Rice, you went to the hospital? But did not you get sued? "

Choi Chang – hyuk shook his head.

"There is no trauma, but what is the charge?"

"Is there no trauma? Right? "

"One of the good things about Lee is that it hurts to make a real tear, it really hurts to die, and if you get hit, it will not hurt."

“…Well, such … … "

Choi Chang-hyuk opened his mouth as if it were horrible.

"I do not know people who did not really see how right they were at that time. I feel bad that I go to the break time, I eat the food, and it tastes bad, I get it out in the morning, I get cold, I fall asleep. "

"What are you going to do?"

"So you're an asshole."

“…….”"You are saying that because Ji Hyeok is not in the third grade class and can not beat his brothers. There are not any kids in my class who have been hit by Ji Hyeok, but if Ji Hyeok comes up with a story, there is reason to play. I think it's like that, but if you like it, can you treat it casually? "

"Why did not I know?"

"No one has spoken."


“…If you are like that, you can say that?

"I can not."

Really? So no one said. "

The best friend opened her mouth.

Then, in the middle of nowhere, they did not know at all.

"I do not even say if my brothers are bothered. Do you remember that you were called "Yonggyeonggi" among our alumni? "


"Of course you can not remember. When she was in the break, she walked past the hallway. She said, "Watch out, you are a motherfucker."

Yes, I can,

"He was really careful. I was careful of the real thing. So when I go down the road, I hit the shoulder once, and I will be careful of it. "

I was wondering what the hell was going on, but it was the best I could dare to ask.

"You are a sequel to school. We could not breathe. "

"Hey, you got that giggling, goose bumps. It is also said that it has been threatened by private life after it has gone to the other school after the graduation from the president.

"No way, I'm a high school student … … "

"Since middle school, high school students and college students who beat everything, and high school students, the degree of the teacher is comparable."

“…I do not know what this is about. "

"So roughly speaking!"

Choi Chang – hyeok opened his eyes and opened his mouth.

"Unlike what you think, Lee is a moving bomb from our perspective! It was a misunderstanding once and then a week, a week, a week, and a week! "

Park Jonghyuk added.

"The only advantage is that we do not take money. It's not that I did not take the money, but the gangs in the neighborhood took the money out of it, and I took the money away from them. "

"If you really like Iljin, I would try to report it, but I do not do illegal things."

"Well, then you can not just touch it?"

Park Jonghyuk was ridiculed.

"Can you live with only water?"

Yes. it is.

"Do you know how hard it is for a person to live a decent life? What kind of person Lee Ji-hyeok is … The biker is passing in front of the house, it's noisy, I'm chasing after the bike rally, I'm the one who crushed all of the bikes. "

"Do you leave it alone?"

"If I do not keep it?"

“…….”"If we are human beings with common sense, we do not live here either. It's not a problem because the common sense does not work. It's not easy to live with his personality. "


Choi was forced to nod his head. I do not know what you're talking about, but it seemed like they knew it was hard for them.

“…I did not say what I wanted to say in front of you. "

Choi Chang-hyuk sighed.

"I thought I would graduate now and never see it again.

"Then you can not see it. If you do not do homecoming, that's it. "

“…Then what do you do when you meet the road? Do you know how timid he is? I can not be relieved until I leave the Korean land. It's better to break through the front … "…Is it true that the story I am hearing now is happening in reality?

Choi was laughing.

I do not know It was popular among the women depending on the geohyuk. It looks like it looks fine. Even if you are good-looking, you will be able to … … "

"Things crazy."

Choi Chang – hyeok shook my head.

If you go through Lee Ji-hye, those thoughts will be cheap, but you can not show Lee Ji-hyuk in her school days.

"So what does Leechhyuk do these days?"

"You said you were capable?"

"Well, then I will make money. The ability to earn more than professionally. "

"You've already succeeded at that age."

Choi Chang-hyuk distorted his face.

"Hey, I'm working my life, and know when to die? If you hook up, it's all over. "

"Do not you say that?"

"What's worse? Captains, honest, they work with their lives. "

The mood cooled slightly.

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