The Returner

By 라엘

Returner Chapter 305

Returner Chapter 305

The Returner 13 (Issue 5) 1. So, do you want to see me now? (5) "I told you not to come."

"I'm curious."

"What do you mean?"

"I am a North Korean."

“…….”Hey, Lee Ji Hyeok. You can not make the same person look like a zoo monkey.

Why is not the alien living in North Korea, why look at people with such eyes?


"Hey, what's up with this kid?"

The reaction of Lee Ji – hyeok 's eyes and the reaction of the North Korean soldiers was not favorable.

"No, it's … … "

Jung In-soo could feel the clogging of words. Explaining the object of Lee Ji-hyeong to the North Koreans was nothing more than explaining the Antarctic to the people of the tropical climate.

It is not an area that can be understood at first.

"Lee Ji-hyeok, you'll be in there in a minute. North Koreans can see a lot when they get to Pyongyang. "

“…I'm bored …

No, you saw the North Koreans then.

"Then you saw the power."

"I do not feel like a guy who is strangely capable."

“…….”That's empathy.

Sometimes I do not feel like you're a person.

"Anyway, I'll solve it for a while."

"Well, okay."

Lee Ji-hyeok nodded his head and went inside.



Jung In-suu stroked his hand roughly and made a slight impression.

Come to think of it… … .

'Where did the lead vehicle go?'

There was a vehicle that was guiding the road ahead. It was obvious that I was driving from the front until a while ago … … .

'Did you pass first?'


If the lead vehicle that exists to guide the vehicle behind is passing through the checkpoint alone, it is not meaningless to go ahead.

'You're feeding.'

Jung In-soo gently grinded it.

This was supposed to feed the fuck. It was something that could not have happened without it.

'Do you look up?'

Even if you call me Lee Ji-chang without any other reason and stand next to him, things will go out of control. But it was not possible to think why he was here.

What we can not understand is the attitude of the North Korean Workers' Party.

They must have Lee Ji-hyuk and NDF.

But why do you have trouble in this way?

Even if it is in a closed society called North Korea, there must be at least a reason.

If I say this way, I will go back because I'm in a bad mood.

"Do not take the time, all the people in the car."

"Are you going down?"

"Are you deaf?"

Jung In – soo 's legs fell slightly to the side.

If he came out this way, he could no longer protect them.

I think that the most important thing he should do now is to make sure Lee Ji Kyoung does not feel bad.

"What is your rank?"

"What is it?"

"I would say that I am a colonel of the Republic of Korea. We are now on our way to fulfill the mission at the request of the Korean Workers' Party. But where do you dare to come from behind and come out forcefully? Let's protest the party formally. "

“…Is the working party? "

The soldiers' faces were embarrassed.

"Did not you pass a car in the future?"

"Yes, I did."

"The car is our leading vehicle. There is something wrong now, but we are now heading to Pyongyang at the request of the party. I am in a hurry, but do you think that you will be safe even if you make your time delayed unnecessarily? "

The eyes of the soldiers were shaken.

'Do not you know?'

Sooner or later you will tell me ahead of time, and you will get hurt when you do your work. It would be a calculation that you would be able to escape by sacrificing those things when you are behind the scenes.

It was a very mean and irritating piece of work, but the problem was that this punchy piece of work was done.

'Even if you break through the force, they will not be safe.'

At any rate, their mission is to take the lead.

They will monitor and check them. But even ten of my throats are going to pass through dozens of South Koreans who do not even know it.

"Does it matter?"

“…What do you mean? "

"Please contact the person in charge. I'll be told to let it pass. It's not something you can be responsible for anyway. "

"Wait a moment."

The soldiers glanced at them with uncertain eyes and headed into the headquarters.

Still, they were guarding the road, so they had radio equipment. It would have been painful if it did not.

The soldiers kept wrestling with the radio equipment for a long time.

'I'll drive.'

Jung In – soo shook his head.

At one time, the overvaluation of North Korean troops had shaken Korea. When soldiers with poisonous and evil things talked about the overvaluation and fear of North Korean special forces and special groups.

But after a little bit of time, a simple conclusion came out.

After all, a soldier is a good fight if you eat well, and you have to pay for training.

It was impossible to cultivate elite sickness in a country that lacked basic food. Now, Jung In-su realized that fact.

However, as soon as Korea 's Tang Dynasty is said to be a unit, it will be dimmed immediately.

If Jung In-soo was in charge, he would show hell for ten days.

However, these are some of the things that can be said to be an elite disease that protects these important gates.

'After a war, you can push it up in a flash.'

It would be best if I did not go to war, but Chung In-soo, a born-again soldier, could not help thinking about that part.

The soldier who wrestled for a long time came out to come to Chung In-soo.

"What is it?"

"Are you going to play this kid now?"

Get off!

The muzzle was pointed at the head of Jung In-su.

"Hey, Mr.!"

Park Sung – chan got up from his seat.


Everyone who had noticed the situation rose from the bumblebee.

"Sit down."

Special forces agents have calmed NDFs.

"You do not see the gun on his head right now, right?"

care cream Do not be discouraged. "

"If your captain is in danger, how will you if we let you dry?"

When Park Sung – chan 's temper was out, the crew answered with a faceless expression.

"Our mission is to bring you safely to Pyongyang."

"No, it's dangerous now."

"If you think of the Colonel, please sit down. What the Colonel wants as a soldier is fulfillment of mission. If we fail in the mission of protecting civilians, there is no more disgrace. "

"Come on."

Park Sung-chan sat in the seat with his head rolling.

His words were nothing wrong.

"And do not worry. He is able to suppress it with his bare hands. "


"Do not think that the position of the captain of the defense is just a place to be given. It is an army that has encountered the most battles since the founding of the Republic of Korea. He is the chief of the unit. "

“Umm . . .

Park looked at Chung In-su with uneasy eyes.

"What are you doing?"

Jung In-su watched the soldier with his stout eyes.

"There is no such thing in the top line! Where did you come from, kitten? Did you look stupid? "

Chung In-su pulled out his tongue.

I decided to give a fuck.

"Gun down."

"Straight from the horse … … "

"Get the gun down!"

When Jung In-soo set fire to his eyes, the soldier jumped and stepped back slightly.

It is already five years since I have been in constant battle with a monster. In the history of Korea, nobody would have experienced more battles.

One of the soldiers of such white polished abilities could not bear the momentum that the first soldier could give.

"Where do you get the gun from? You want to try it? "

"He, it is not … … "

"These cubs."

When Jung In – su got angry, the soldiers around him started to wonder about it.

"Call Labor. I will not let this go. I do not know what kind of child it is, but a Korean soldier seems to be naughty? The beggars helped me, so I came to help. Where are you fucking? "

“…….”"Hey, you motherfucker! Sexy baby Call your supervisor! "

"He, it … … "

"I want to radio!"

When Jung In – soo got out strong, the soldiers began to shrink.

They also had heads and did not know what the bus meant to be here.

However, unless there is an instruction at the top, it is forced to follow the manual.

"I say to you, I do not have anything to say to you. Do not hold time and do not solve the problem! "

The soldiers began to look for ways to cope with each other.

Choi Jung – hoon admired the sight.

'I will.'

It is obvious that the North Koreans are burdened on our part, but they are also burdened on their part.

I do not want to see each other as a fantasy species like Lee Hyeok – hye, but it 's true that I do not want to be tied up.

In addition, if Jung In-soo is true now, they will not be able to escape the camp if they are in trouble, of course.


At that time, a man walked away from the base.

"These sisters are all crazy. What are you doing now? "

"Great, chief, these guys are a little bit uncomfortable."


A man called the captain looked around Jung In-soo.

The look of the man who recognized that the vehicle was not seen at a glance in North Korea was hardened.

"What are you?"

"Before that, is not it politely to introduce you from there?"

Etiquette You said yes? "

Chung In-su watched from the rank of the company. If you look at the medicine cabinet, it looks like a major.

"Are you a korean character in a conversation?"


"What if the South Koreans are making a loud noise in the glorious territory of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea? Tie them all together and send them up. "

Jung In-soo's face became hollow.

'Is it crazy?'


Are you sending them to the diplomatic request?

Although North Korea is a closed country, it never happened.

'Is not it baseline pressure? What is really twisted? "

There was no way I could do this if I was in control.

"Please wait a moment. The lead vehicle has passed. You should contact them. "

"Leading vehicle?"


"I do not know what you say, but I do not know that. Do you have a pass or pass? "

“…….”Is there anything like that?

"Please press. These cubs are big ones. "

"I'm making a mistake now."

"What's going on?"

Get off! Get off!

At the same time, a muzzle was pointed at everywhere. Jung In-su's face hardened hard.

'Not good … … . '

I did not think it was dangerous to have trouble with North Korea. These are not enough people to stop. They will not be able to handle any NDF agents.

But the problem was not that it was not good for them to have trouble. Their aim is not to take advantage of their relationship with North Korea, but to prevent monsters from collapsing.

"Follow me carefully."

When the siege started to tighten, Jung In – soo grabbed his fist tightly.

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