The Returner

By 라엘

Returner Chapter 186

Returner Chapter 186

The Returner Volume 8 (Episode 11) 3. Do I look good? (1) "Flocking!"

Kim Dae-hyun looked at the zombies with his eyes that were urgent.

The zombies, which had been so quietly so far, suddenly started to move as if they had been switched on, and then they started pounding towards the barricades at a fairly rapid pace.

In the meantime, zombies that can not properly use their legs fell on the floor and were quickly trampled.


It is not the case that he did something wrong, but it was not pleasant to see people dying in front of him.

"Why suddenly!"

No, it was a strange thing until now.

That's what I should have done, because the barricad was pushed back and the lull was just for a while.

"How do I do this?"

As I screamed at the smart watch on my wrist, I heard Ayyun 's cold voice.

– Leave the front to the barricade, cut it slowly from the back and purify it.

"But that's not easy, because it's not easy! Can you hold on to this? "

One million people, unconscious zombies rushing to one side, were making Kim Dae-hyun's conversation cool, even though he thought he had undergone a bitter war.

If you do not want them to be treated, you can not panic. They should be terrifying. Should you overpower them without hurting them?

Can I do that?

– It is not something Kim Dae Hyun should care about.

What's this irresponsible again?

– Do what you can do now. I do what I have to do. Do not even worry about other things not to do it yourself. If you are so worried, it is best to do what you do now and to ease the burden.


It was not wrong.

Thanks to the cold remarks of Seo Aoyong, Kim Dae – hyun, who was out of the momentary confusion, looked at the zombies with his cold eyes.

"I have to believe."

I'm not doing it alone.

And if the hard work happens, there will be a nogari over there, a human who will be forgotten.

I have the last bolt!

Kim Dae-hyun believed so and ran forward.

By the way,

Can I really help you? That man?

The subtle suspicion was Kim Dae-hyun, a realistic person who could not afford to leave.

Bloody hell!

Ludra and Spitfire were struggling.

"Damn it, do not you just wipe it off?"

Spitfire Yun Hyuk Gyu gave a sigh of relief to Ludra.

"I will be guilty of such a foreign affair. If I am President, I will solve everything by throwing you neatly. Then you should probably be about 10,000 years old and you have to jerk off in jail with black guys. "

"What is that," he said?

"Do I have to explain it in words? I

"No, I do not think you'll hear it."

Somehow, the spine, no, the lower part of the back of the spine was a feeling of coming.

That should not happen.

"But this is frankly so hard!"

It was a very difficult order to push the zombies apart so that they would not be hurt by those specializing in the attack system.

It is comforting that the risk is not so high, but I can not say that the danger is not totally absurd.

It has not yet been proven that those who returned to the zombies and then returned to the people have completely recovered their past.

I believe in the words of a woman named Rooabel.

In addition, the person who guarantees the woman's words was also the cause of the rapid decline in credibility.

Frankly speaking, the latter may be the cause of the bigger than the e … … .

The human being pushed them into hell to solve the situation, and then walked out of the way.

It is more frightening to think that the humanity I have experienced so far has seen the bottom of human beings, but more than that.

"Let's hurry. We do not like performance the best. What are you going to hear later? You do not want to see a witch wise in front of us and yell that you are the most useless? "

"A terrible sound."

Still, they are called S class in Korea, but I could not see it.


Spitfire 's firepot was shot toward the floor.

Koo Woong!

The floor is wavey, vibrates and bursts halfway.

When zombies failed to balance, Ludra crushed zombies more and more with strong winds.

"It's inefficient, but it can not help it."

If it 's slow, you can push it steadily and slowly.

If there 's only one thing I can do, I should do it.

Spitfire laughed and looked at his colleagues at the same time.

"I'm not the only one."

Except for that guy.

“Oh, By the way,

Yes. it is.

Spitfire turned his head to Ludra's embarrassed voice.

"There was a hole in it?"

Yes. it is.

When I saw where Ludra was pointing, I saw zombies piercing through the gaps of the armored car.


Should not I do that?

"What should I do?"

Spitfire lifted his wrist again to his mouth. I do not think he's doing it.

"Look, I think I'm out there."

– Do not worry.

Of course you will.

"Ah yes. Well, I see. "

Ludra got his head.

What did he say

"I'll do it."

“…Then what? "

Spitfire continued to do what he was doing with nervousness from an open barricade.

But one question did not catch his head.

I do not think he does.

I'm thinking of it, but I'm going to … … .

"In the first place, was it good enough to make the situation and judge the situation?"

“…….”It was Spitfire who regretted asking what was wrong when he saw Ludra turning his head without an answer.

"Lee Ji-hyeok, once there, please stop somehow!"

When Choi shouted all of a sudden, Lee Ji – hyeok broke his head sideways and said in a sad voice.

"I'm off duty."

"Off duty?"

In the midst of this global catastrophe is an offense.

"Firefighters are on fire, but have you seen other offends?"

"Afraid not."

"Of course it is not!"

"It's a firefighter, is not it?"


"Because you are great people, you are returning home and going to rescue people."

"What is that?"

"Do I look good?"

“……”And, this … … .

What should I say?

Now I think it 's right to answer' yes ', but when I say so, the conscience in my heart says,' Oh, man. I can not do it ', and I feel like my head is getting wrinkled.

I have been lying like a lie in my seat, but this is the first time I have lied to feel the remorse of conscience.

"Oh, perhaps?"

"Wow, a politician would do very well. I will sponsor it, do not you think you can enter the political world? "

Just swear?

No, that's a shame, is not it?

I think it would be easier for me to eat it with a sigh like a garbage without a conscience.

It is very dirty that I feel a bit strange in this way.

"It's not the time to joke!"

"I'm not kidding, too?"

"No offense! Who decides it? "

"The manager."

“…….”Only when this is the manager, only in this case.

Usually she is a woman, an outrageous old woman.

By the way, what did you say to Seo Ayyung, Lee Yi-kyung?

"What did the manager say?"

"This time, I'll show you how to solve without me, no matter what happens, but never touch the corner of the cola to eat, you said to eat?"


Yes, I can,

Wow, what do you mean by that?

By the way, I do not think that Ayumi's speech was originally … No, it was originally me.

I think that if I had to say so, I did not have any objection to it.

"But how do I handle it? My boss is talking to me like that! Would you be responsible if Choi Jung-hoon was to be a prisoner of command disobedience? "

"We do not have chants."

"Then it will be a prison! A prison! Jair I am weak and I will not breathe and die. I'm scared. "

“…It's obviously a place to feed, feed, and clothe before … Did not you go out and relax for a few years? "

"Is it me? when?"

I want to see Lee Ji-hyeok coming back with his lustrous eyes. I wanted to blow his eyeball out of his cock, but he could avoid the disaster because of his patience for Lee Ji-yeong.

"No, I will not be doing this, but somehow I will! Lee Ji Hyeok! "

"Why are you doing this to me again?"

Lee Ji-hyeok moaned and said.

"What I do in Dora … … "


"Uh, right. It is not any thing box raccoon, and when it comes to work, come and do this, please! Is not it a shame for big adults? Let's do our own thing! "

'I did not find it!

Choi Jung Hoon hit his heart.

I have seen these two eyes clearly that there was a mistake on the way up there a little while ago, or that it was really going to be solved without my own self.

I'm looking for a class.

No, it's not a nag.

It was a ghastly thing to get out of it, but that person felt like enjoying the situation itself.

"Personality real … … "

What is it? What did you say? "



Choi sighs from the bottom of his heart and struggles to find the best way to solve this situation.

Once this is done, you have to calm the human heart.

I am not a nanny and I have a sense of skepticism about whether I should do this, but what can I do?

It is Lee Ji-hyeok who has to deal with.

"I have to stop it! I feel bad, I'll apologize for it! Let's just stop it! EXAMPLES

Wow… Look at the class that makes you angry. Oh, people in the neighborhood! "

"Okay, it's just real!"

I beg your pardon?


Choi Jung – hoon sighed as he looked at the sky.

Why am I a competitor?

If I had a little bit of ability, I would have rushed to try to beat one of them. It was impossible even for a weak public.

"I'm not bothering you."


Choi Jeonghun seems to be like that, but I looked at Hyeok.

"I'm not bothering you … I will not go because I can not go. "


"I was able to improve my skills and skills, but I could not use it properly because of the damn monster. Now is the time to realize how powerful they are. If you keep on doing so, you will not be able to do anything without me in the future, but is it good? "

"That does not work."

Of course not. So, NDF will never be able to escape from Lee Ji-hyeok's influence forever.

"You have to do it when you are less risky. Or maybe you'll have to really take your life to realize it later. "

Choi Jung – hoon nodded at Lee 's serious words.

This person sometimes seems to penetrate the essence.

That is one of the reasons why I will make this person difficult.

But one thing is … … .

"Lee Ji Hyeok."


"It's really bothering you, is not it?"

“…….”Why is there no answer?


Lee Ji-hyeong did not meet Choi Jeong-hoon until the end.

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