The Returner

By 라엘

Returner Chapter 152

Returner Chapter 152

The Returner Volume 7 (Episode 1) 1. So let's have a little fun (2) I was not feeling well.

I have not seen the master for a while now, and I wanted to see something like that.

I lived in control over the previous decades, but then I was just afraid.

Recently, however, they have been getting closer and closer to each other.


I sat down and sniffed.


What is this smell?

He stood up and struck his tail.

I smell of Lee Ji Kyung in front of me!

He struck his tail and ran forward.


When the chain hanging from his neck fell on his back, he twisted his neck once and quickly cut it off.

The solid chain is torn like a plastic.

It's huge!

After he passed the street and folded into the alley, he found Lee Ji – hyeok and jumped it up.

It's hot.

However, Lee Ji-hyeok was cold.

Lee Ji-hyeon, who lifted the back of the stomach and lifted the stomach in the air, frowned.

"What are you? Why are you so dirty? "


Although he had a headache, Lee Ji – hyeok looked at him with a grim look.

"It's a real dog. Whew.

Lee Ji – hyeok turned his head back and told Apeldrieche, who was following him.

"Suck her."


Apeldrieppe summoned the spirits of the water and began to wash the eyes.


Although he was frightened and struggling, he did not let it go, but he made a huge droplet of water and swallowed it.

Come on!

As the water boiled, air bubbles hit the eyes.

Not in the middle of the night … I came to see the owner and suddenly drowned, but I could hear the sound in the water.

Come on!

As soon as water was poured in the ball of water and tears were shed, the water disappeared, and the spirit of the wind appeared and began to dry.

"It's also easy."

But I'm looking at this strangely, and it feels like something's coming back in my head. … .



"I think I'm a little strange … … "


"Have I ever been to that?"

Apeldrieche slumped his head.

"It was so dirty at the time of Mr. Jihyuk's rebellion in the past that I washed it a few times."

“…….”"It was so cute, how much it smelled when I did it once."

“…Thank you. "

Did you clothe your clothes?

I want to ask, but I did not have the courage to ask.

So, what about wearing clothes, and what if not? The race is different.

Because the race is different … … .

"You do not know what human rights are, this lizard!"

"As a dragon, I can not care about human rights. I'm not an animal conservationist. "

"Is man an animal?"

"Is there a difference between human beings trying to protect animals or dragons trying to protect people? It embraces inferior being than love. "

"Uh … … "

That's right, I feel bad!

Lee Ji – hyeok grabbed it and glared at Apeldrieche, and turned his head to Ozzie.


It is absolutely precious to see that the miscarriage has been dilapidated.

Lee Ji – hyuk picked up a broken eyelid in one arm.

“…….”Ozzy, who is so good and dead right away, paces her head outward.

“Umm . . .

Lee Ji – hyeok has turned this eclipse, but the eclipse is just the opposite.

"Did you hit me?"

There was no answer.

"No, you … … "

You'll be there anyway.

It's a male!

But can you beat this thing? There's a face!

I turned around the washing machine! Pitch!

"Do not you think that you are such a real dog these days?"


"Of course, it is not bad to be like a dog, but since you are so dog like auger, I am confused whether I should treat you as a dog or as an auger."

At the moment, Apeldrieche 's expression hardened slightly.

What was that?

I just listen to it, but why do I feel so submissive?

The feeling of Apeldriće felt the same thing, and his eyebrows began to rise.

It's awesome!

"This is crazy! It's rebellion! "

A saggy eagle bowed his head.

I die from sickness, I call this man the master … … .

What was all that time I waited for?

The eyes were wet with moisture.

Choi Jung-hoon, "If you see me crying auger," I would have lamented, but fortunately there was no Choi Jeong-hoon.

"I fed it and gave it to me, but now I come and grow up to my master!"

Lee Ji-hyeok turned away from me and turned his head.

Apeldrieche felt that he was sympathetic to augur for the first time in his life.

For her, stopping is a consuming item that is a good … … .

At the moment, Apeldrieche frowned slightly.

It is a little disagreeable to eat auger, or a long humanoid type.

'I should come back once to the body.'

It was not good to be too sympathetic to human emotions. Because she is a dragon.

When we think in terms of human, there was a lot of room for problems. But returning to the main body consumes a lot of mana. First of all, I have to go to suppress the side effect.

What is it? Oh why do you do that? "

In the meantime, Lee Ji-hyeong was still nagging.

Looking at the scene, Apeldrieche was able to understand more deeply about human being.

"Unlike dragons, humans are deeply influenced by the nature of their parents."

Park Jae-deok, who threw Lee Ji-hyeok and nagged it, and Lee Ji-hyeok, who tries to obsess overlook, seem to overlap.

'A similar character is formed by the influence of parents in the process of genes and personality formation.'

Lee Ji-hyeok was seen by Park Seon-deok, who was standing in front of him.

This is a very interesting sight.

"This is what he says! Is not it the kind of grace you have to pay back for a lifetime if I have saved you? But there is no conscience. Do you dare show it to me? You want to mess with me? Huh…Do not logaround Ogre.

Do not do it, it does not look real.

Apeldričhe felt that the favor he had with him was a little dull.

"Stop and go."

Yes. it is.

Lee Ji-hye Lee, who saw Apeldrić's distressed expression, carried osigi on his shoulder.

"I'm just here to see you today! I am good because I am good, I am good! "

All good people in the world are all frozen to death.

Apeldričhe relaxed with a sigh.

Lee Ji – hyeok 's shoulder on the shoulder looked at the sight and sigh.

It was the first time that auger and dragons sympathized after the foundation of the world.

In the eyes of Lee Ji-hyeok, who opened the door to NDF, Choi Jeong-hoon, who was wearing a tumbler for nursing tongs, was seen.

As soon as he came back, Choi Jung-hoon, who was frustrated with the accumulated work, was handling the papers at a crazy speed with the belief that he would not put off work now.


A man should!


The people who saw Lee Ji-hyeok come in came from Uruguay.

It was not someone who decided to do it, everyone got up from the spot.

"Uh, why?"

When the situation became subtle, Kim Dae – hyun put on his mouth.


"Well, yes."

Lee Ji-hyeok bowed his hand and bowed his head awkwardly and sat down.

'Come on?'

Lee Ji-hyeok turned his head, feeling an awkward mood.

Still Choi Jeong Hoon was concentrating on what he did, no matter what others did.


Man dying.

The dude 's hairstyle, the tight suit that sticks, is cool even for a man.

Besides, he's got a lot of work!

Is not it a good idea?

Lee Ji-hyeon gently smiling and approached Choi Jung-hoon slowly.

"Work is good?"


Choi Jung – hoon has ears.

Am I wrong now?

You were saying?

"Work is good."

“…Ah yes."

Choi Jeonghun looked at Lee Ji-hyeok with blank eyes.

Was this human being able to say hello?

Would not it be?

Lee Ji-hyun laughed as he watched Choi Jeong-hoon looking at himself with subtle expression.



"I'm busy."

"No, what … … "

Do you have eyes? Do not you know I'm busy now or not?

If you have snow, you should know!

Is the information in the eyeball not going to the brain?

Choi grabbed his fist tightly.

In any case, this man has a talent that makes people excited by words.

I know it, but I always get excited.

I have to calm down.

"A little."

"Not much?"


It is actually very busy. But I feel like I can not do that for some reason.

It 's the twinkling eyebrows.

"Then I have a little time to talk about it."


It's a story. … .

Finish it quickly. I have a lot of papers to file today, man!

It was a feeling that the inside and the outside of the inside were fitted with passive.

It seems like it is natural to laugh on the surface and shout inside.

"So what do you want to do?"

I had to get out of my mind without even knowing it.

Lee Ji-hyeok, however, laughed as if he did not care at all.

"Give me some time."


"Afraid not." Please pull out the day properly. "

“…why not?"

"If you make a promise, you have to keep it."

The Pact

"You decided to go to the amusement park."


Was that true? Is that true?

Were you really going to go?

What have I done to sin? At this age, should I go to an amusement park with my family?

"Are you kidding me?"

"Do you think it's a joke?"

No, it sounds like a big deal.

So it's more scary.

What the hell are you doing?

Just leave me alone!

"Do you have to go?"

"I promised."

Yes, I made a promise.


Lee Ji-hyeok's head has become tangled.

"Do you think a man is a bite?"

Choi Jung-hoon answered positively.

"I do it often?"

“…I think, too? "

I did not have to live to keep spitting words.

Yes, I did.

I lied and lived like a cook.

Yes, it was.

Lee Ji-hyeok convinced.

"Well, maybe it is. But should not we keep this time? "

“…….”"You made an appointment with me?"

Choi Jung-hoon, awkwardly laughing, realized that the implication of "I believe that your spine will be safe even if I break my promise with you".

"The promise is to keep."

I have to live.

I have to live!

"But then … … "

"Well, it's not much. Go and play with your little girl, it's over. "

"The girl?"

Lee Ji-hyeon laughed.

"I know if I go."

When Choi Jung – hoon, who has an uneasy feeling of unknown, tried to ask for help somewhere, a lifeline came to him.

"Where are you going?"

Seo was standing up and approaching them.

"An amusement park."

“…Why do you want it? "

"Do I have to go see him going to play?"


"If you go out for a year, stop!"

"Where is the annual in NDF … … "

As I was about to speak, Ayou closed his mouth. …I have.

I do not think so, I think that there was an annual.

What? Can not you keep me from annual? "

Lee Ji-hyeon looked at the victim's face with a smile and shouted.

"When was that year?"

What? Stop it? "


Seo 's eyes came on fire.

"I'll go too!"

Lee looked at Ayyun with a blank eye.

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