The Returner

By 라엘

Returner Chapter 101

Returner Chapter 101

Episode 101. Why are you here?-1 "Why are you so frigid?"

Lee Ji-hyeok trembled in a sudden freezing wave.


Lee Ji-hyeok nodded his head at the end of the meeting.

"uh. It's a weird thing. "

"It was getting colder, but not yet. Do not you think you have a body fat? "



Are you referring to a cold?

That's what Lee Ji-hyuk is going to take … … .

Oh, there you are.

Now the body is not fixed.

Ha, this is … … .

It was easy to fix. It does not get cold, nor does it grow old.

"Even so, I have the ability, the cold!"

"Usually it does not work well, but if you are not feeling well, you can get caught. Is not it imposing nowadays? "


Well, a bunch of … … .

I could not say that my conscience remained so small that I could not.

I did not do anything!

What did I do? Is he out of his mind?

"I have to leave early."

Choi Jung – hun rose from his seat.

"I have not had lunch yet!"

"I do not feel well."

"I believe the elephant is weak!"

Elephant Is not it fragile?

If you hit it, would you breathe?

"And do some lunch menu! Why not eat what you eat. "

The workers are all the same!

There is no restaurant around, so what are you going to do? Would you like a business trip buffet?

It should be a little cumbersome.

I think so.

How many days have I been sick?

"That's great! We go out to have our delicious food today! "

"This is a dead ghost from eating, why do you keep eating, why is it?"

Why not. How happy they are to eat. "

“…I heard it. "

Because it was the first time I came back to this world, I went crazy.

No, I still eat like crazy now.

I am eating like a cow, but I do not feel well.

"Oh, what is it?"

Lee Ji – hyeok grabbed his shoulders and trembled.

What is this insecurity?

Something from the beginning, people keep getting sad, what is this?

I've never done this before … … .

Something like fear of crawling on the toes rather than fear or fear, it is digging.

What, this?

Lee Ji-hyeok's eyes were shaken by anxiety.

His longing, who had been through the crisis for a long time, was warning.

Something unusual happened.

"Uh … … "

Lee, who was unsettled, rose from his seat.

"Ha, this can not be done. I will go home. "

"No! Do not choose to leave work as you like! "

If you have a million workers in the country, it would be a sound of blood!

"I'm not in good health!"

"Attach the medical certificate! What do I say while working at the top? "

"Then cut it!"

That's what I want!

If I could cut it at will, I'd already cut it!

I do not want to see your face!


Lee Ji-hyeok went out with his fingers crossed.

"Where are you going!"

"Let's go for lunch, Bob! Talk about time and see! "

"Oh, has time already been done?"

Choi Jung – hoon stood up from his position.

"Let's eat."

It is a person to eat. I will take care of it, Choi Jeonghoon sees Seo Aoyong and she wakes up.

Those who came out of the building were Lee Ji – hyeok and Jeong Hae – min, and they were.

"What do you eat?"

"I am a hamburger."

At the end of his eyes.

"What will I do again? From daylight! "

“…Is Burger supposed to eat in the evening? "

Who made that law?

"Eat burgers in the daytime! is not it?"

"I'm okay."

"I like it too?"

“…….”What? Did you get these?


Lee Ji-hyeok pulled his feet and pulled his hair out of the shadow.

"Are you okay with Burger?"


Ha, these.

It does not make sense, say!

"Then let's go to burgers."


"To Shake Burger."

“…Which country is that burger? "


“Oh, Was it really foreigner? "

I did not mean it in that sense. … .

"It's not a hamburger house in America, is it?"


“…….”Something is not right with the conversation.

When Lee Ji-hyeok tried to vocalize, Jung Hae-min countered.

"America is something special, go stop."


Are you listening?

He's a teleporter. So if you have him, can you go to Turkey, China or Paris for lunch?


"If you only go to China at lunch time, you can come and eat?"

"I do not have to be in China, you idiot."

What is that?

I sell it in a Chinese restaurant. Why is not there in China?

Why is he so stupid?

"Let's go anyway, then."

"Huh. Hand in hand. "

Lee Ji-hyeon, who caught the hand of Cho Hae-min, smacked his hand with a delicate face.

“…What is this reaction? "

"Men do not want to hold hands?"

"I do not like it either! mee too

"Then do not come this way. Ah what the hell… dirty."


Please let me hit this little bamboo shooter. I will do anything. I'm going to have a soul.

But God was not the one who listened to the wishes of being empty.

"Oh, what are you doing!"

"끙 … … "

That was the moment.

It's hot.

"Wow, Mr. Wow! Come on! "

The hand that appeared somewhere caught Lee 's hand.

Wow… What are you!"

I was surprised, shy.

Kim Sang – soom, who showed up somewhere, laughed and grasped Lee 's hand.

"Why are you here?"

"I came to bring my brother a lunch."

"You aurabi?"


Did Kim Daehyun eat lunch?

Anyway, that's not the case.

"Then why?"

"I'm hungry too."

"you too?"


okay . . . Well, if you're hungry, you should eat. But why are you here?

"Do not you have a lunch box?"


So what's in your hand?

Lee Ji-hyeok glanced at the lunch box and looked up, and Kim's eyes had already returned to the air.

Shameless years. "…What are you? "

There is a cold.

When I turn my head, I was watching Kim Dasom with a cool gaze, which the registrant could not find.

"What are you wearing?"

Tue, Pos Boso.

Is this the kind of entertainment that celebrities get out of their teens?

I rumored it, but I'm not kidding.

I think she sent her to the junior toilets. She said she was different when she was with a girl.

"I think I'd like to put it on."


"How do you order?"

Yes. it is.

"Are you in English?"

“…….”The expression of Cho Hae-min has become subtle.

The order is what the manager does, I should have done it.

"Looks like you do not speak English … … "

The nasty, overdone end of the spooky Jeong Hae-min looked at the poem Aoyong.

However, Seo Aoyong showed only the back of his head, and he did not want to face the enemy.

Poof. When Cho 's head turned downward, his head disappeared into the shadow.

"These ignorant things."

Who is it to whom?

"You know Choi Jung – hoon! Choi Jung Hoon! "

Smile rose in his mouth as Choe Hae – min showed Choi Jeong – hoon.

Yes, these people.

Dreadful things that do not speak English in the 21st century.

Recognize and worship this body.

"TOEIC is 990! Of course you will. "

"Haha, of course … … "

Gimdamom's gaze slowly turned to Choi Jeong-hoon.

Something quiet silence passed for a while, and Choi Jeonghoon hardly opened his mouth.

“…Tests and paintings are different. That's not English. "


It's a lie, Nabal!

I have to live! Did you see that look?

Wow… Wow…

I would rather be cheerful if Lee Ji –

How does that laser emerge from the human eye?

"That's how it goes."

This is the page

Lee Ji-hyeon opened his mouth momentarily.

“…Because it is good, let's go to eat rice. I'll stick my back in the back. "

Yes, I can,

I had to take the hand of Lee Ji-hyeok and confirm it.

"Did you catch everything?"

The hand jumped out of the shadows confirmed Lee Ji-hyeok's legs, and the jailer cast a teleport.


"Is this a Micor?"

Lee Ji-hyeok looked around. Something that makes you feel downtown?

I felt an exotic feeling in the appearance of buildings that were slightly different from Korea.

"It'll be that way."

As the ruling minister walked ahead, others followed him with a smile.

I came to the United States at lunch and ate a burger.

Cathy, who would have imagined this.

Teleporter! Praise! Teleporter!


The eyes of Lee Ji-hyeok boiled up.

"No, I'm sure it was right here."

Kim Daesom twisted his hair and laughed.

"Oh, just get this!"

When Lee Ji-hyeok lifted his fist, Choi grabbed his arm with a cold sweat and sagged.

If you hit, you die!

"Eh! Lee Ji-hyuk, it might be. "

Not a surprise. Can you do that? God damn it, do not you see what's going on? You have no eyes? "

Yes, it is.

But you can kill a person!

But no! You fed a burger, you fed a fuck? Your really pretty This is lunch! Is it lunch? Dinner! "

"strange. I guess it was this way … … "

Lee Ji-hyeok looked at Choi Jung-hoon with his eyes.

"Why can not you find it!"

“…Why else? "

"You should not be able to do anything! Choi Ee-mong! Is navigation a form? "

“…I take the navi and I see where it is. "

By the way…

"I do not know where we are."


Choi Jung – hoon sweated his heart.

How long! I am the leader!

I think I had this weakness!

While Choi Jung – hoon was frustrated, Kim Da – som said in an indifferent tone.

"It's useless."

"What did you say now?"

"Oh, I'm sorry. I was talking to you … Did you hear me? "

MO! Look at him? "

Lee Ji – hyeok screamed.

"When are you fighting now? Just go home! Let's eat it. "

"I think I can find a little more … … "

"That's three hours? Where's the needle? needle I have to stitch that molt out! "

It was then.

Tired of hunger and painful legs, a bunch of crowds began to draw to them.

One of them, wearing a black suit and sunglasses, threatened something threatening.


Lee Ji-hyeok had a headache.

Choi Jung Hoon took a sigh of relief.

"Why is that? What have we sinned? "

"Sin is a sin."

“What?” I can not even eat the food, I'm afraid! "

"This is illegal entry. Smuggled. "

Yes. it is.

"I do not have a visa."

What… So what is it all about, is it a crime? This woman is a big day girl? "

"You told me to go!"

Shut up.

Lee Ji-kyoung, who disregarded the rebellion of the ruling Marines, was a bit distressed as he saw the crowd of black people coming to them.

Will we just blow it off now and go back to Korea?

But I do not think there's anything threatening … … .

'Let's just say it?'

If you are wrong, you will. "Alas, diplomatic issues … … "

I'll do what's left.

One of the black suits surrounding them walked to Lee Ji-hyeok and asked.

"Is it Lee Ji-hyeok?"

"Hey, hello? Pine thank you, what are you doing? "

“…….”Choi Jeonghun wrapped his face.

Even that was wrong.

"You can do it in Korean."

"Oh, okay. Wow, what? "

Do not!


The black suit looked at the subtle gaze and said.

"There is someone who wants to see you."

What is it?


What the… … .

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