The Returner

By 라엘

Returner Chapter 17

Returner Chapter 17

Episode 17. It's a house of flour. – "Uh … … "

Lee Ji-hyeok has come back to the present age.

Seo Aoyong's micrograph, which received reports of the current trend, frowned.

"You do not come out of the house?"

"Yes. There is no sign of anything at all. "

Choi Jung Hoon was also tough. Something is happening or you have to go outside to get some trends and get some information.

"Not at all?"

"I have not moved out of the house at all since I stopped at the front desk to open my cell phone on the first day."

Seo Aye turned his head and looked at the monitor.

I can see Lee Ji-hyeok doing a computer between apartment windows.

DoGaYun muttered as he watched it.

"Voyeur, stalking, crime, abuse of power."

"Get him out."

Choi Jung – hoon has color.

"What brings me to what number?"

Do you want to draw out a competitor with a non-competitor?

"It's good to avoid an accident once … Well, if you're a mentor, you'll move. "

"I think so too."


Seo's idea was half-hit.

Surprisingly, the world did not change that much.


Lee Ji-hyeok grinned at the big guidance text on the screen.

Before he went to Vera Pro, it's surprising that his favorite game is still alive. In the past, the game he was playing only mania became the overwhelming number one player in the national game.

The graphics evolved to be a different game, and everything changed, but there was no major inconvenience in playing the game.

No. There was one thing that changed.

But no! *** Hey, what are you doing there? ** This **! This ***!

– That's too much, that.

– Let's go to Carl Sirren. Lee Ji-hyeon, who was one of the few top-ranked players in Korea at the time of season 1, was now eating a double-breasted cup at the bottom of Bronze 5.

"Why are you so good at kidding me?"

Lee Ji-hyuk laughed lightly while watching his carick lying down. It is a game that will be played only after 5 years. Fortunately, the account did not fly, so in the near future it will be back to the past.

"Now you think your hand is loose?"

촵촵 촵촵.


My mother inhaled the filled sweets and drinks and went out to the veranda and asked for a cigarette.

"Wow … … "

I do not know how much the world has changed. Five – year time is long and short. It was a short time to realize that something had changed, and it was long to say that it was similar.

There is no big difference except that Warpgate is opened and monsters are pouring out. Even the warp gate was washed away in front of the majesty of the modern firepower.

It is a thought from the time I was in Berap.

If Berap and Earth are at war, which one will win?

The answer is annihilation.

Veraff's articles, wizards, and monsters will be washed away in front of human fire. Most will be handled at the personal fire level, and the stronger ones will not cross the walls of the support firearms.

The basic firepower of this world, in which Barauf, a mysterious fireball-wielding wizard is treated by a high-ranking nobleman, and a hijab-bitter girl who blows up the magic bullet (RPG-7)

But when things get stronger, things get weird.

If the supply and demand that can withstand the firepower of the tanks come out, mankind can not stop them. 120mm When the skipjack is not eaten, only air-to-ground missiles remain. How long will it take. In the end, a bombing or land-based missile would have to be mobilized.

Even if you only barely pick up a monster … … .

When Berap end kings start to come out, it is all over. The defenses of dragon and high priests are beyond imagination. Unless you break the nucleus. When you start to shower with nuclear power, only a few dragons survive in Berap and the human race is wiped out. The rest of the dragons are not able to accept rapid changes in the environment and are violent … No, she'll die.

Humanity is not weak.

Even if the magic of jaeulmuri is great, the science achieved by modern humans is more than magic. tional outlets.

But the problem is that the weapon system of mankind is focused on genocide and human trafficking. I have a firepower enough to penetrate a tank or air defense, but can I hurt a man with more defensive power?

It will not be easy.

Fortunately, the monsters that appear now are not able to hold human firepower, and it was fortunate that the gentlemen who are capable are picking up the monsters.

In conclusion, Lee Ji-hyeok had nothing to do.

The monster blocks well, and the money is good for the parents. My brother looks like he is playing well, and all my friends are disconnected.

I thought I might have to keep busy as soon as I returned to this world, but I am surprised that a life full of awaits him.

Lee Ji-hyeok smiled at the blowing wind.

'Maybe a little rest.'

He will now live as a member of this world. But before that, you can rest a bit. It was so hard in the meantime.

Lee Ji-hyuk, who sat on the computer, turned the next game.

"Just a little rest, just a little."

Let's enjoy every aspect of the culture that we have not enjoyed while playing games, reading books, watching movies, and watching comics for a while.

The game started and Lee Ji-hye enjoyed the present.

But some people do not enjoy it.

But no! *** Hey, is there no snow? Do not see the chat window?

– It's top-notch.

– I've been doing something since I started. Let's open.

– What is open? It's been five minutes since the game started.

– Five minutes three. Look at the speed. Throwing is not easy to die.

– Where do you live?

Lee quietly shut the chat window.

Look at it! I will keep your mouth shut!

Return five days. "My son! Did you play? "

Yes, I can,

"Are you hungry? Mom will cook the rice. Let's eat quickly. "

"Yes, Mom."

"You eat a lot of sweets and drinks? it was tasty?"

"I have eaten in five years, honey taste."

"Yeah, yeah, my baby. I'm playing. My mom will cook. "

Yes. it is.

Lee Ji-hyeok's hand, which grabbed the mouse, was busy, and she watched Lee Ji-hyeok with gratitude.

Five years ago, it was a scene I did not want to see. But how long have Lee Szeok been lost as soon as he disappeared?

'Good luck.'

I did not know that I could see this sight again in my life. Mr. Park sungdeok steals tears from the eyes and turns to the kitchen.

Return 7 days. "My son! Did you play? "

"Yes, Mom!"

"Yes, hungry?"

little bit

"Mom, I'll have a meal soon."

Yes. it is.

Return 10 days. "My son! Are you playing another game? "

"Yes, Mom."

"Are you eating rice?"

"I have not eaten yet?"

Really? The game is good, but I have to take care of myself. Let's eat quickly. "

Yes, I can,

Return 15 days. "Son, are you tired of the game? Are you playing another game? Are you playing every time you see a child? I'm not going to work and continue to play games, right? "

"Yes, do something else. Looking at the book. "

Really? We should do it moderately, moderately. It is not good to do anything. "

"Huh. Keep in mind, Mom. "

Return 20 days. "I told you to come to eat! Do not you come out of here before you unplug your computer? "

"Oh, it's over! Do you think this edition will be finished soon? "

"soon? Is it over soon? Do you know when you say you'll be over soon? Do you eat me now, or do you get all the power? "

Ah what the hell… I won! "

Return 25 days. "I told him to keep the desk clean! Is this room? We're pigs! I left it in the morning and it went out in a half day! Are you a person? Are you a person? "

"I'll get rid of it. I'll get rid of it later. "

"The game of the labor! I'm going inside the monitor. Do not bother to eat or play games or talk! "


Return 30 days. "Ah ah ah ah ah! Mother ear Fallen! Mom, ears !! "

"I told you to eat rice! Is the game so good? What is it? Do you like the game? "

"Mother ah! ear Son ear! Ear off! Leave this! "

"Oh, I am my brother. My husband is a man who is a fool, and he who has one son has disappeared for five years.

Mother I fall down! "

"I do not even go out of the house, I do not have ears!"

"That's why you say so! Ahayayah ah! "

"Eat rice and eat and play!"

My son, who came back in five years after his disappearance, took only one month to become a computer parasite in rice or a celebration.

Ahh! Mother Ear off! "

"This is where the mother shouts! Do you want to see the show once today? "

"I'm falling ear!"

"I have to get my computer off, really!"

It was necessary to shift quickly.

"Mother, the device is wrong."

"Just get back home! This burns! "


On the 30th day of the return home, Lee Ji-hye regained his position perfectly before Vera Pro.

No, maybe a bit overdone.

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